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    Support comes in all shapes and sizes here... Some is very fluffy..hitting you with a feather duster....there there....stop it ....don't smoke ... Some use patience...keep on and on and on and on .....telling you smoking is bad for you ...please please stop.... I tend to whack you with a frying pan...if you keep wanting to smoke after you have quit ... And some come in wearing boxing gloves... Fighting ...straight talking .... It's what makes this place work ... This is your quit !!!!.....no one else's....it's your life your fighting for ....do whatever you need to , Never stick anything in your mouth and smoke it ....NOPE !!!
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    I have tried hundreds of times to quit and the only thing that has worked so far is this forum. I check it every day. I also try to nope pledge everyday. The nope pledge might be symbolic but it is a ritual that I find very useful. Rituals are not fantasy and forming new habits to replace smoking is key. I feel like rituals, habits, pledges all are part of "process", the process of not smoking.
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    I think sgt.barney might just be saying a pledge is not enough to stop someone from smoking. I'm pretty sure if you went back through every pledge thread from when this forum started you would find a lot of people who still relapsed. Everyone who gets married takes a pledge to be with that person forever but look at how many end up in divorce. I'm certainly not saying the pledge is useless because it clearly helps a lot of people. The truth is though that despite what tools we use none of them can stop us smoking. The only thing that stops us smoking is us. My humble opinion - don't let pledges, NRT, forums or anything else take any credit. The one thing actually keeping a quit is YOU.
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    ...but thought I would take a chance. I tried to bump one of his threads that was brought from QSMB and posted here, but was unable to locate them. I was reminded on Facebook today by a close friend of it being 5 years December 28 since the passing of jwg. I don't know how many remember his inspiring and funny well written posts. If you do, you would know what a special person he was. He was not only special to the members that read them, but even more special as a personal friend to some of us that kept in closer contact with him up until the very end. I just thought I would bring this up in case anyone that was touched by his writings would like to remember him once again. For me, it seems like only yesterday he was diagnosed with cancer at such a young age and the day he passed is still fresh in my mind. I will always miss him.
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    G,day N.O.P.E. Not One Puff Ever! ( beat the end of year rush and give away today) Chris
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    Sgt. Barney, I gather from the fecal matter present in your posts that you have nothing but contempt for verbalized commitments. I did quit and I did, on occasion, pledge. It can help us conceptualize what we want (or don't want) and help to renew our commitment by making it a daily, verbalized, focus of attention. By making the pledge in public we magnify the commitment as we incur social expectations and well wishes ...or disappointment. A pledge is just another tool in our arsenal. I confess that I am morbidly curious how you might value the concept of prayer in terms of its usefulness in defeating addiction as, while very similar, a prayer is an externalized plea wherein a pledge tends to be more of a internalized affirmation.
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    🙄 oh look at all the goody goody two shoes savin the fat man's fat arse.... 😝 ..oh well Father Christmas lives to fly another day.
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    Boo was going to be away until next year but that old cow mother nature decided to rain on his parade and now he is stuck at home at a loose end.... So here is our chance, let's tell Boo what he should do.
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    Oh and boo... send the frickin rain to melbourne... like now.... like before 10am tomorrow (our time not yours, and that's Melbourne Australia not Melbourne Florida)... and make it rain all frickin day, heavy, its the only thing that will save the 3rd test... a complete wash out, just like the Aussie batting order.
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    Welcome aboard Jack. Congratulations on quitting. I like the sound of that. You are not going to let cigarettes rob you of one more second of freedom. Commit to the process and enjoy the ride.
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