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  1. Hi @JH63 Jeff, I hope seeing you on tonight means you're ready to get your forever quit now. We're here for you!
  2. Hi @kathleen0515, I was just thinking of you and hoping you're doing ok and that your nodule was non cancerous....
  3. Welcome getback, sorry about health problems and cancer but glad they've been able to get it under control. Most of us struggled in our early days but we all knew from others who had been there before us that it was possible and very doable. Look at all the quitters here, some relapsed a few times before getting their forever quit but they did get there! We're not special, we all have our own reasons for quitting, mine was health related too, and all of us are here to support you in getting yours You have nothing to gain by continuing to smoke and are pretty much playing
  4. No, I don't struggle at all. And I never want one anymore. I do still rarely have a trigger come up that makes a smoking thought pop up but its easily swatted away. I quit for health reasons too and even wrote a "poor me everyone else can smoke and I can't" thread on another forum around my six month quit mark. And the good people of the forum talked me down and made me realize they didn't GET to smoke, they HAD to smoke! I had my freedom back and from then on it was easier
  5. @Barb63 you can have one you're just choosing not to! You have the power not the cigarette. I quit because I had to too and had a hard first year but it was only because I kept thinking I was missing out instead of embracing all the awesome things I was already noticing from quitting. Hang in there, things will get better I promise

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