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  1. Thanks everyone, will update you soon, been in Icu all week but getting better and hoping to go home this weekend.
  2. I used my air cigarette to get past really bad craves. Just pretend you're holding an actual cigarette and then go through the motions of "smoking" it. It really helped trick my mind into thinking it was getting the real thing. Some people use cut straws, licorice, pens, etc....
  3. Congratulations on six years of freedom bat!
  4. That is a scary looking beak on that chicken @notsmokinjo!!!
  5. Forestgreen, on my kindle if I'm copying a YouTube video I bring up the video and then copy from the browser address bar and come here and paste and it works every time so you might want to try that too
  6. Great post joe, congratulations on 32 days!
  7. Congratulations on three years quit @pedro68!
  8. Nothing ever remains
  9. @forestgreen, if you look at the bottom of the reply window you will see a little paperclip. Next to it it says drag files here to attach or choose files. Click on choose files and you should be able to attach your pics
  10. If they don't eat it I will!
  11. I also think it's great that you're facing those triggers head on Phil, well done I stopped smoking in areas that I usually smoked in a month or two before I quit so that I wouldn't be triggered when I went into those areas. Just goes to show that there's no one size fits all when quitting
  12. Congratulations @Old Man Coffee, that's great!!
  13. That is fantastic sunshine, I'm so happy for you ConCongratulations!!

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