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  1. I'm so sorry you're struggling @Kate18, I hope that the Ketamine infusions work quickly for you so that you can again see what an awesome person you are
  2. Woohoo,Congratulations @Lust4Life on five years quit now! Its amazing how fast the time flies when we were those newbies counting on each other to make it to our first year quit. So I hope my fellow Butt Kicker that you celebrate you today!
  3. Isn't everything you share personal?
  4. Is your ice cream in a bowl or cone?
  5. It depends on what you're sharing wouldn't it?
  6. And maybe WHAT you're sharing?
  7. jillar


    Unfortunately its bound to happen this whole first year quit and truth be told from time to time after the first year. We need to remind ourselves that there's just no way you're going to go through every single situation over your smoking career that made you grab a smoke in just one years time. The difference with time under your belt is that they're much more easy to get past then when you were newly quit. And you know this too shall pass and you'll keep that awesome quit you have
  8. Maybe it was your first profile pc that led me to believe that?
  9. So we can assume when you're chipper that you've had sex?
  10. jillar

    Take Two

    Luckily I had an easier time catching zzzzz last night finally
  11. You're getting rain @Opah?! Send some up to the Central Coast!
  12. What a great post @breath, thank you for sharing it. I'm sure its going to help all those just starting their new smoke free life. Have a wonderful 20th anniversary and an awesome 60th birthday!

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