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  1. @Opah just an fyi you posted the same thing 3 times so I deleted two of them.
  2. 8. Hoses In their jewelry box
  3. I'm sorry to hear that @Linda, getting old sucks sometimes
  4. I hope you're feeling better @Linda
  5. Thank you @Doreensfree now I won't have to worry about running out of beer for a couple weeks And for you: New pads: For @d2e8b8:
  6. Man @intoxicated yoda sorry you're still having so many issues. I'm really glad that you're not using it as an excuse to relapse because even though it doesn't seem like it right now I promise you the day will come when you'll see it was all worth it. So use this that you're going through as a future reminder that you never want to go through it again! Nutritionally you can Google just about everything on foods to help with digestion or cause bloating, high fat etc. I wish I could have those pounds I have the opposite problem and am just as frustrated as you that I can't gain weight lol
  7. Wow @Rozuki so glad you're healing up and feeling better. I guess I didn't realize you were injured so badly. Don't push yourself too hard, the holidays are busy enough!
  8. 1. Cobwebs Fun fact: I've never had a basement

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