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  1. You'll have to let us know how many you guys ended up collecting @Reciprocity
  2. I'm so excited for you @Doreensfree! xoxo
  3. Sirius Quit Date: May 27, 2014 Posted August 16, 2019 What?!?!?! Say again? Well according to a few studies and some peripheral observations there ARE a few benefits to regularly using tobacco products. Lower's risk of total knee replacement in men. Lower's risk of Parkinson's disease. Lower's risk of obesity. Lower's risk of unwanted pregnancy..b'cuz you ain't getting any Ashtray-breath. The Joys of momentary gratification as you feed your habit. There are suggestions that smoking alleviates ulcerative colitis. No need to plan for your 80th birthday. There is some blurriness to this list. For instance, you may not need total knee replacement because you weigh less because of smoking BUT if you DO need total knee replacement as a smoker your chance's of complications are much, much higher. In just about every other way smoking increases your risk of acquiring or worsening every other disease or medical complication, for instance (and just to name a few): Alzheimer's Dementia Glaucoma Macular degeneration Coronary Heart Disease Aneurysm Peripheral vascular disease Stroke Heartburn Peptic ulcers Vericose Veins Crohn's disease Gallstones Osteoporosis Asthma Lower respiratory tract infections Stained teeth Premature tooth-loss Various gum diseases Premature aging of the skin (your largest organ) Persistent coughing Smelly hair Yellowed fingers Bronchitis High cholesterol Weaker immune system Infertility (see benefits #4) Major diabetes complications Blood clots Early menopause COPD High blood pressure Decrease in sense of smell Pregnancy complications New born complications An increase of varying degrees of just about every kind of cancer Renal failure Increased chance of falling asleep and dying in FIRE. Yes, this has happened. Increased chance of complications and lengthened recovery periods of many medical procedures and surgeries ...and most significant of all...erectile dysfunction (see benefits #4; again). And these are just the medical disadvantages to smoking. We won't bother considering the disadvantages related to personal expenses, taxes, social stigmata, or the medical disadvantages of second hand smoke that impacts those YOU ARE CLOSEST TO YOU, or the resale value of that ashtray-on-wheels you call your car or the stench rising from your cloths. Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/12878-benefits-of-smoking/
  4. Yep, I agree with the other old pharts. The thoughts do still come every once in a while but nothing gnarly enough to use my JAC, and gone just as quickly as it showed up.
  5. Welcome aboard @jacobrose, you'll get all the support you need or want here from a great group of members in all phases of their quits. Plus topics galore about our addiction. We also have a video library if thats more your thing.
  6. @susie14 I changed the question after I realized its things you can do with and not the other game lol 2. Make garage sale signs
  7. 10. Invest it Magic markers
  8. Those are awesome pics you guys. I didn't see anything in Cali
  9. jillar


    Mee Quit Date: 08/01/2018 Posted August 31, 2019 I used to think I did not have the willpower to quit smoking. Every attempt, my thoughts would drift back to needing that cigarette and the excuses of why I could not quit. Last night, as I lay in bed, I could not get this word out of my mind. I realized that, over the past year, this word has really changed meaning for me. I always had the willpower to quit smoking, I just did not know how to do it. Stumbling across this forum was a life changer for me. We all have the power to change our lives for the better, but many times we do not feel we have the strength or "will" to do so. That has a lot to do with our self esteem. How can we not feel lowly about ourselves, when we are addicted to a behavior that is destroying ourselves. Know that you can change your life and , in my case, the meaning of this word. Now that I have quit smoking, I have the willpower to do anything I want. I have the willpower to stay in control of my life. What a wonderful feeling. Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/12930-willpower/
  10. When mine ran out the whole damn pen turned invisible and I never saw it again...
  11. It's nice to see you too @farmgirl. Thank you for your nice words.
  12. Hi @farmgirl, that puppy could absolutely be doing it and I'm sure the craves will pass as long as you don't cave to them. Triggers cause our cravings as you know and if this is a new trigger, which it sounds like it is, that's the cause. Well done posting about it. That may be all that's needed for it to pass ☺
  13. Congratulations @Mac#23 on your awesome quit! I'm so glad you've stuck around supporting those that come after you. Have a great day!

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