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  1. To @Cbdave because the one you have must be getting pretty dried out by now:
  2. Good on you for posting @Slow progress, your user name says it all. It's slow progress in the early days of our quits but with each day quit, we get stronger. Trust the process, it will get better you just need to give it time............
  3. beacon Posted November 22, 2014 Good video. This is what I struggled with. Still if I get a thought about smoking it is when I am relaxed and doing nothing and not when I am stressed. Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/3552-how-to-do-nothing-without-smoking/
  4. Thank you Doreen, here's a little something I got you ☺
  5. I would say that if you got through every single trigger from all the years you smoked then they MAY go away but I can tell you that when I get thoughts of smoking now its not a battle, not even a fist fight. Its just a thought that disappears as quickly as it appeared. You can and should expect to have cravings for the whole first year as well as any time an unexpected life event happens. It will prepare you for when it does. Depending on where you are with your quit it may be easily swatted away. You're doing great so keep it up!

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