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  1. Stay strong Michelle, you got this!
  2. Practice your deep breathing, take a walk, a shower, use your air cigarette. It will pass! Good job posting
  3. jillar


    You want laid back Linda, go to Florida. everytime we go by the time my mom and sister are ready to go anywhere it's too late better luck tomorrow lol
  4. Congratulations on your last month before the big one year anniversary MLMR, so happy for you!
  5. jillar

    True or False

    True, I'm boring that way TNP gets a haircut more than once a year
  6. Iffy The Road trip is looking pretty iffy Iffy=may or may not happen
  7. Congrats on day four Edy, that's great!
  8. @reciprocity, your a man after my own heart. Prime rib and Coors Light?! I'm having Chinese food delivered and a Coors Light
  9. Notsmokingjo made a NOPE shirt for herself every month her whole first year
  10. Unfortunately that's going to happen for a while. Stick close just like you're doing and it'll pass just like the last one.
  11. Yes Michelle, do whatever it takes. There's no shame in using NRT's
  12. You've already tried immersing yourself in something else and it always leads you back to smoking. Try sticking close this time, it worked for me and many others and it's a great way to keep your mind off the craves!
  13. What a good, honest post Michelle. Yes it is the two year old throwing a tantrum when she doesn't get what she wants. Ask yourself, would that two year old get what she wants if you knew it was going to hurt or kill her? The answer is no. Practice self discipline just like you did with your other addictions and you will succeed. None of us are special, well except me maybe

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