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  1. Sorry about your TIA Chris 😞 I've had a few people who have had one and they feel so much better after getting the carotid artery cleared. Glad there was no permanent damage!
  2. jillar

    Tammy is 5 Months Smoke Free!

    Congratulations on five months quit Tammy, I hope you're doing something special to celebrate today
  3. jillar

    Joe is 5 YEARS smoke free!

    Congratulations Joe, what a great quit
  4. jillar

    Need Imput Please

    That's great news @sandy1, and six pieces even, wow We'd love to see them if you get the chance
  5. jillar

    Where does it come from?

    You ARE doing good, in fact, you're doing GREAT! And you're also not a weakling, you've had a 40 year addiction to smoking and it takes time to break that habit. That's why one of our tools is the One Year Commitment. I took it as did many, many others. It's pinned to the top of this forum if you'd like to check it out
  6. jillar

    Where does it come from?

    You're in WTF week wantsit and now you know why we call it that. There's something about the 3's, 3 days, weeks, months, that get most of us. Just power through like you did today because it will get better
  7. jillar

    Game *The answer is a question*

    Maybe now that winter's coming we'll see beazel more?
  8. jillar

    California Fires - Hope all are safe and well

    Thanks @notsmokinjo, yesterday was ok but today not so good. Sure hoping for the rain, looks like Wednesday we'll get some
  9. jillar


    Yes busy is good parsley, it'll help keep your mind off the craves. Thanks for checking back in and yay you for keeping that awesome quit
  10. jillar


    How you doing parsley? Hopefully a little better now. There's something about the threes that seems to trigger a lot of us so just power through like it was day 1 because it will get better, I promise
  11. jillar

    Game *The answer is a question*

    Wasn't beazel stopping in a nice surprise?
  12. jillar

    Hello my new world !!!!

    What worked for me redemption3 was tricking my brain into thinking it was getting the real thing by smoking my JAC (jillars air cigarette). Just pretend you're holding a real cigarette in your fingers and then go through the motions of "smoking" it. It worked great for me. Some people use cut straws, pens etc. Maybe try that?
  13. jillar

    Building something

    Great post kdad, and that's what worked for me too
  14. jillar

    One Week

    YAY Lilly! you are through Hell week! And like stated above each week will get easier and easier with a few bad days scattered here and there. BUT we will help you past those bad days Have a great relaxing day, I'm super proud of you
  15. jillar

    Need Imput Please

    Hi Sandy, welcome to quittrain First, congratulations on half a year quit, that's awesome As far as not having any motivation to do anything, I can totally relate. What works for me is as Jane said above, set your mind to doing one project a day. I've been doing that since I quit and although my circumstances may be different than yours, it's been working well. And it never hurts to get a checkup after we quit. If for no other reason than to hear all the kudos on quitting

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