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  1. 4. Put them in a shoe box with holes in it for a cat toy
  2. It was really cool to see @Katgirl
  3. 8. I saved a baby bird in one once @Katgirl, I was the only girl in my dirt bike club for a long time and I loved it. The guys treated me like a queen lol
  4. 6. Use as a gift box @Katgirl, I have a bunch of novelty watches from back in the day
  5. jillar

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Thinking that's cool
  6. @reciprocity, we've been seeing the SpaceX starlink satellite trains go by in our night skies. Maybe they had something to do with making those clouds swirl?
  7. Can you drop off the key Lee?
  8. You are doing fantastic @Dianne, and you don't have to worry about being alone because you have us. So if you get lonely, come here and we'll do our best to cheer you up
  9. Have you not heard the song 50 ways to leave your lover?
  10. 1. I cut holes in one and stick a couple of balls for my cat to play with
  11. Sounds like a fun day Linda and for Lily too
  12. Congratulations on that great quit @IQ4me!
  13. Welcome aboard @Lawrence and congratulations on taking this first step to quit smoking. I recommend that you stop smoking in your normal areas so that when you do quit you won't associate those places with smoking and cause a trigger. You may also want to stock up on sweets. A lot of us find a craving for them in the early days of our quits. I was stuck on soft peppermint puffs my entire first year lol. I think you probably already know that cutting down doesn't work. Its really just an excuse for the junkie in us to keep getting our fix. Hope to read soon that you've quit

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