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  1. I Love to see those high prices, hopefully it stops people from starting up the habit and becoming addicted!
  2. I think that you should never ever run out of toilet paper What do saw horses eat?
  3. Congratulations @JustSomeGuy on one year quit, that's AWESOME!
  4. I'm watching it too @Boo, my sister lives in Merritt Island
  5. BEER. Lots and lots of beer...........................
  6. Congratulations @Lust4Lifeon six years quit! And thank you for continuing to pay it forward when you can. I hope you have a great day today
  7. babs609 Quit Date: 07/13/2012 Posted April 23, 2014 That's what a lot of frustrated quitters feel when they are still young and fresh in their quit......water, deep breaths, walking, distracting, cleaning, exercising, posting, talking to a friend....the list is endless...but each and every one of those things are temporary...and as a new quitter...you get frustrated ya know? Yes...I tried all those things..and it never lasts...I tried the water 20 minutes ago...helped temporarily but it's back full swing now...so what should I do...I'm tired of these cravings....these things mentioned only help for the moment and i'm sick of it...why won't it just go away???????????????????? Sound familiar??? Well....of course the alternatives to smoking a cigarette are only a temporary distraction. 20 minutes later...that craving is back. But guess what? That's what you went through every 20 minutes as a smoker too. The cigarette is also a temporary fix....you smoke..and 20 minutes later...you want another. The difference between the smoker and the one who has quit is this: The Smoker continues this pattern for life. The quitter starts off with the pattern of every 20 minutes..however as the quitter continues to ward off the craving with the alternative choices (ie water, exercise..etc) the time between cravings becomes more and more. 20 minutes today...25 minutes tomorrow...45 minutes by next week....a week later it's like "wow...2 hours went by and I didn't think about smoking once" The smoker...is still feeding his addiction...every 20 minutes. Nothing has changed with that guy.... So.....the craving blocker is temporary? Temporarily it is......but continue to choose alternatives..and you will break free....you will. Choose to smoke..and be prepared for a lifetime of slavery. The only person who continues to suffer with regular cravings is the smoker....ironic isn't it? As smokers...we avoided quitting because we didn't want to suffer....turns out...the smoker is always suffering. which do you choose? Smoker or non-smoker? Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/896-temporary-fixes/
  8. Congratulations @bakon for being a decade quit! That's something to be proud of for sure Glad to read your enjoying your retirement. I see you even made the mobile home parks monthly newsletter with your dance moves, well done
  9. jillar


    Ha,ha boo, I know that one Mine was from drinking a bottle of Root beer Schnapps. I kid you not I threw up 17 times AND I was camping with my pretty new boyfriend at the lake. So to not have him see me I faced the lake to throw up. I don't know how many people saw but by the shout outs I received i'd guess it was quite a few
  10. Congratulations on a decade quit, and your retirement. Sounds like you're living the good life
  11. 8. I crave bananas when I'm low on potassium
  12. we eat opossum I found Waldo
  13. 6. Put shavings of perfume soap in a sock drawer

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