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  1. 3. MOMMAS & Pappas Greatest Hits
  2. 10. Brush off home plate Your fingernails
  3. Welcome to our train Loren and congrats on 4 months quit already. That's awesome! Our sense of smell is one of the first things that come back after quitting so it is possible that smoking masked allergies you didn't know you had. I would recommend getting an air purifier for your home. I bought a HEPA filter one on Amazon for a little over 100.00 and like it so much I bought another for the front part of my house.
  4. Maybe its the cough syrup, aka alcohol @reciprocity?
  5. Glad you're feeling better Jim. I also love how much less often I get sick since quitting.
  6. Oh no @reciprocity, hope its mild for you! Feel better soon
  7. Woohoo @Kris, countdown to your BIG anniversary! Congratulations!!!!
  8. @Gus, @Kris, @Katgirl, @Steven Drojenskyy, @AceWhitee, @Linda and all you other 2021 quitters.......
  9. Oh those are all good! If you guys pick a name while @Gabes is here we may be able to ask him to create a logo for it. He does awesome work as you've seen
  10. 8. Hand sanitizer In their CD stand

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