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  1. 10. Use to solder things How's about glue
  2. Happy anniversary @G67, I hope you're doing well and will stop bye to say hi and let us know how you are!
  3. Fathers day is approaching, a great day to quit smoking......
  4. Sunnyside Quit Date: 02/01/22 Posted August 24, 2015 I thought I would put my thoughts out here today, my pointers that may help someone out there. If it helps at least one person then I will be happy. When I started out on this quit journey I had no confidence at all that I could pull this off. That this quit would probably go the same as all the others did, a DISASTER I always felt that smoking was apart of who I was. That is how people know me! I couldn't change surely. I went for it anyway because I knew deep down that I should. I was never a 100% about it and for a long time I thought it was a temporary thing, it was more a question of how long I would last? Than would I make it. The years of trying just kept knocking my confidence more and more. I join a forum which I had never done before, not even for anything else. I'm not the sort of person that would ever do a group session, I was the one in school that would sit in the corner all quiet. The support helped immensely and each day I would get up and say to myself I WILL NOT SMOKE TODAY Then keep ticking off the days. The days started turning into weeks, then months, then a year. Gradually things started to get easier BUT also something was gradually changing inside me too. I was starting to look at things differently. I had changed from someone that wasn't sure weather she wanted to quit to someone that no longer wanted to smoke. Someone that really doesn't see want all the fuss is anymore, that can see this addiction for what it really is. Let me just say that their is nothing special about me. I have hardly any will power at all! so if I can do it then anybody can. I know that is a cliché but you all have it in you to do this. Well I have gone on for long enough here is my list of tips. HALT - Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired Before reaching for a cigarette think is it a crave or is it something else prompting that trigger. Because our brain rewire their selves as you keep smoking to suit with the addiction when you stop it is very hard to tell the difference. So maybe you are hungry or thirsty, need a nap, stressed. STOP For a minute a think is it something else. IT DOES GET EASIER The withdrawals do not last for ever! The physical side of the addiction last about 3 weeks. If you suffer from anxiety is seems to take a bit longer, but know matter how your quit goes it gets better for everyone eventually. No one could beat off the early withdrawal forever and their are more and more people quitting. It can be done. ROMANCING A CIGARETTE This is the what can only be described as false memories. You will go through triggers throughout the year. The sunshine, going out drinking even sitting down in the morning having a cup of tea. There are times for all of us were we have trained our brains to think that not only did we enjoy a cigarette when being/doing those events but we can not cope with doing these thing without smoking or we would be miserable without one, that we are depriving our selves of something pleasurable. REMEMBER THAT STATMENT How can that be right?!? DEEP BREATHES Instead of reaching for a cigarette when the craving are bad or when you are stress, take yourself some where quiet and take some deep breathes in for a couple of minutes. A craving only lasts for about 3 mins, so if you can take yourself away and just breathe deep for those 3 mins it will pass. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Read as much information as possible, know your enemy and educate yourself. The information here is priceless but their is also such a wealth of information at your finger tips these days, so use it. If you can change your mind set in to the illusion of smoking it will help you understand what is happening. CELEBRATE YOUR MILESTONES This really worked for me and gave me my new goal everytime I completed one. It also gave me somewhere to share how proud I was with me self. Early in your quit it is a good idea to reward yourself it doesn't have to be expensive just something to focus on. HAVE NO FEAR One of the biggest reasons people don't quit is FEAR The fear that you are going to be miserable all the time that as you watch others smoke that you will always feel like you are missing out. Don't be scared! This will change on it's own eventually, there is a better life out there. The sense of freedom really is worth it. Now I can life my life how I want to, not scurrying around try to fit in a cigarette wherever I go, I'm no longer stress because I am in a place where I can not smoking and I am dying for one. I don't feel self conscious when I am out because I can see the sly looks people are giving me. I'M FREEEEEE!!!!! I hope this will help someone in their plight to be fag free. Their is a saying around these parts ONWARDS AND UPWARDS Just keep putting one foot forward and you will make your goal. Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/5873-for-anyone-that-is-struggling/
  5. @Sandi149, I drank too when I first quit and just made sure I stayed home so I had no access to cigarettes and it actually helped when I did go out, on my one monthaversary, I didn't crave a cigarette at all. But I did stay home that whole first month
  6. @Sandi149 yes it's completely normal and to be expected at this early stage. As you've already noticed though they're not as bad as week one so just keep hanging in there because the only way past is through....
  7. Well done on four weeks @Slow progress, sorry you're still feeling bad though. I hope you feel better soon. Love the ticker, look at those stats already! I have to say, you may need to change your name because you're making pretty good progress not slow at all lol

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