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  1. 4. Improvised paint pallet
  2. Congratulations @overcome on being a half a year quit! That's fantastic Its also great to see you offer so much support to your fellow quitters. It means so much, especially to those coming behind you
  3. You're doing great @darcy, you're done with HELL week, the hardest week of all and you're also almost through HECK week already! Yay you!!!
  4. @Kerry, glad to see you're stepping down. Even if it gets a little tougher it's only temporary so hang in there. The only way past is through....
  5. 2. Use for lunch sandwich and chips
  6. Congratulations on five years quit @catlover, I hope you have a great day and thank you for sticking around and giving your support to everyone
  7. Don't feel that way @Kerry, there's no wrong way to quit our addiction so long as you have an exit plan to be off the nicotine gum, you're fine Lot's of members here have quit the same way, so no shame in that game
  8. Great to hear @Kerry, congratulations on over a month vape free! That's HUGE
  9. REZ Posted April 30, 2015 Everyone has a lot of stuff on their table and in their life. You might have job stress, lots of bills, some medical issues and a host of other things going on that makes the thought of quitting seem impossible but it's not! All those things have nothing to do with smoking. You might reach for a cigarette when your dealing with them but if you think about it, smoking doesn't help resolve any of your other problems. All it does is makes the bills more difficult to pay because your paying for your smokes with money you could be putting towards some of the bills, increases the medical issues in the long run and your job stress probably will always be there but you will be able to cope with it better! Only thing smoking does for your table is keep it cluttered with ash trays, stink and haze from the cigarettes! Once you take smoking off your table, all the other stuff will start to fall in to place and your life will be easier in the long run and you will have a clean organized table that's easier to deal with. You will smell better, have more energy, more money, no more smokers cough and look better with your pearly white teeth and that could be a factor in getting a raise or promotion at work that you were wanting and that will help with the bills! You can even save that cigarette money to help pay for that vacation you have been putting off. Everyone will see your new found pride and self confidence of what you have accomplished and people especially employer like that! You might not see some smoking friends as much anymore but that's probably because you will be hanging out with some new nonsmoking friends! By taking smoking off your table your body will immediately start to heal itself physically and mentally. You will be more active again and have a brand new attitude towards life! You will want to do the things you used to do again like going to the gym, bike hikes, sled riding, swimming, playing a sport of some kind because your energy level be way up there. You will not be so out of breath and sweaty in the summer and in the winter, not as cold or get as many colds either! Your attitude towards anything will be "OK lets do it" instead of "OK we'll see, maybe tomorrow"! How do you take smoking off the table? To be honest it's not that easy but I guess that where the pride and self confidence comes from once you quit smoking and not one way or size fit all of us either, just like everybody is a little different, every quit is a little different. The biggest thing I think is your mind set, you need to want to quit smoking more then you want to smoke! A wise man once said, Why would you put something in your mouth and light it on fire! Next you need a tool box to help build your quit, see: http://www.quittrain.com/topic/2008-quit-tool-boxes/?hl=tool Fill your tool box with what you will need to quit not necessarily what others put in there's but take a look at theirs anyway, you probably could use some of there tools and ideas. Armed with the right attitude and the right tools for the job, you can take smoking off your table or even build a whole new bigger and better one! Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/5245-take-smoking-off-your-table/
  10. 9. Make a knapkin holder
  11. Happy six years quit @reciprocity, we sure miss you around here! I hope you celebrate today
  12. Sorry you're having a hard day @darcy, unfortunately it's to be expected at this stage of your quit. It will get better though with each day and each trigger you get past. It was promised to me and I'm promising it to you About getting on with your smartphone, I just got my first smartphone last year and found that all I had to do was go to QT and in the settings of my browser there is an option to add to my home screen, now I have a pretty QT icon that gets me one click to get here
  13. 7. Tile your kitchen backsplash

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