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    Sorry you didn't make it to your sisters today but glad you're listening to your body and taking that much needed rest. When I first quit smoking I was exhausted for months so I can't imagine going through what you are on top of that. I hope the CBD helps you get that full nights sleep you need
  2. jillar

    True or False

    False, at least I don't remember ever having one TNP has won over $1000.00 at one time
  3. jillar

    Phrase Connect Game

    The heart of the matter
  4. Angry friends take everything rudely Angry
  5. Hmmm, those all sound legit so I'll guess 3 is the lie only because it'd be great if 2 was true lol
  6. Ate before accepting your answer Drape
  7. jillar

    Non Smoking Cats

    They are so pretty!
  8. Yay for you Phil That's a great first day!!!
  9. Hi Latoya Thanks for checking in and saying Hi
  10. Congratulations @hellkatbaby on getting past the hardest month of quitting in spite of everything else going on! You should be super proud of yourself and I hope you celebrate today
  11. jillar


    Those wigs are really pretty hellkat I favor the first one best too I like Jordan's idea about your mask. Maybe crayons or magic markers? Maybe your local craft store would have some more ideas. Have fun at the lake house today and you're doing awesome on your quit too!
  12. Hmmm, I can kinda see you having horses and a couple cats to keep the mice out of their stables so I'll say 1 is the lie
  13. Stopped planning and initiated Nepal After
  14. jillar

    Phrase Connect Game

    Owner of a lonely heart
  15. Nice envisioning vacation, Europe, Rome? Sally
  16. Going over our finances, yippee Going
  17. She going with this odd dance of hers?
  18. jillar


    Hi hellkat, you've been pretty quiet today so I hope you're getting that much needed sleep, xoxo
  19. jillar

    Your Move....

    Yea, I haven't played chess in years and have forgotten most of the strategy involved but thanks for the explanation
  20. Welcome aboard mightboosh and congratulations on taking back your life! You will get all the support you need or want here. We know what you'll be going through because we've been there and made it out the other side, and so will you We have lots to do here from reading about nicotine addiction to socializing to keep your mind off the cravings so be sure to check out all our various forums

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