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  1. Watching Little People Big World and Zac said he got to cut his daughters "biblical" cord
  2. Because people go in, get drunk and become weapons of mass stupidity Do people who say "that tastes like shit" know what shit tastes like and if so why do they know this?
  3. I hate to have to tell you this....
  4. @Boo, you got to get past that. It was a long time ago.........
  5. Still just see a couple cute Koalas making silly sounds Jo
  6. Aren't forest and woods one and the same?
  7. jillar

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Deluth Trading Company
  8. It depends on the day don't you think?
  9. Yep that's exactly right! Autumns's up there too lol so how's that for seasons?
  10. We get a super scaled back version of them if that makes sense?
  11. It's a fine line between love and hate
  12. Do you think the leaves will stay like that forever?
  13. I think that's a great idea when can you start?
  14. Not here on the central coast but I'm sure they do in northern California and in the mountain areas. I'm missing out aren't I?
  15. Not like they do back there, our leaves changing usually means too much or too little watering how sad is that?
  16. Not on my street, we have the greenest lawn on the block, how's yours looking?
  17. Oh that's too bad, do you think you're not paying enough to get more applicants in the door?
  18. No I think that's good. Now I'm worried about the new guy, do you think he's in the hospital?

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