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  1. Maybe it's part of your world domination strategy?
  2. He's not, he's just hiding How many swipes of underarm deodorant should you use?
  3. No unless you're watching their lips move. Then it's a solid yes Wouldn't it be easier for the sun to wear sunglasses than making all of us wear them?
  4. Eating roadkill sandwich
  5. jillar

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Oops, we must have posted at the same time Face the music
  6. Oh no, I thought it was the other way around. I guess I'll quit marking my territory now If roots are under the ground shouldn't the roots of our hair be under our scalp?
  7. Writing notes on the cool notepad app I got for my kindle, drinking a beer and setting timers
  8. jillar

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Run Forest run
  9. I prefer to be stationary to enjoy the reactions of the people nearby. The only exception would be out on a date. ALWAYS crop dust when out on a date Is it possible to out run your shadow?
  10. Could it be that you would rather fill your mouths with other things than big words?
  11. Do Aussie's have something against big words of is it more a syllable thing?
  12. It's a jogan dictionary and I believe it originated with Jo's convicts?
  13. We call it the jotionary of bogan, right @notsmokinjo?
  14. The weather vane did What did the tooth fairy do with my teeth?
  15. Don't stupid questions call for stupid answers?
  16. Congratulations koder, five years quit is fantastic!
  17. Hi Michelle, good vibes on your surgery coming your way from California. You are going to do so much better recovery wise because of your quitting. As far as the craves, yep they suck! I hated the CONSTANT thinking about smoking. It was EXHAUSTING! But, each day they really did get a little better with only a few bad days scattered here and there. My coping mechanisms were: 1. Using my JAC (jillars air cigarette) 2. Going or doing something that I never smoked while doing. 3. Posting about it like you've done and keeping my mind occupied with the various forums 4. Just going to bed and hoping tomorrow was better (and it usually was) I'm sure others will be around soon to give you their clues because as you've seen for yourself, every quit is different and what worked for me or even you before may not necessarily work again. You are doing so good Michelle and should be so proud of yourself. Sending hugs your way.....
  18. Bert and Ernie do If a picture says a thousand words where the hell are they?
  19. It's a coat FOR the house not for you to WEAR in the house so I can see your confusion. Why are they called mail BOXES when most of them are not boxes?
  20. Well you don't think you're the only one I'm being psychic with do you?
  21. It depends on what it is infused with You think my plant stand is getting tired of standing?

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