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  1. jillar

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Venison jerky, yummy
  2. That's how successful quits are made @Tara smith
  3. Good job Justin and I too love typing and deleting
  4. jillar

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Keith Richard's old
  5. jillar

    Take Two

    I don't think you need a recipe to make lemonade, its just lemon juice and sugar I think
  6. Welcome again @JonGuirl, I was a member of qsmb until it imploded too. You may see some familiar faces as many of us landed here
  7. Welcome aboard @JonGuirl, congratulations on that awesome quit! If you get a chance why not introduce yourself in our Introductions forum so everyone can meet you?
  8. jillar

    Take Two

    I add a little sugar to my lemonade and think about my life
  9. jillar

    Who's in Charge?

    @intoxicated yoda, it took me my whole first year. It was the same as if there was a death in my family. That's why I stuck close to my support. We even have a one year pledge pinned to the top of the main forum. We smoked for a lot of years so there's just no way that we can be over it even in a years time because there will always be "firsts" that will test you but the beauty is that they are much easier to swat away then when we first quit
  10. jillar

    Take Two

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade
  11. jillar

    Who's in Charge?

    I LOVE your analogy for your quit @intoxicated yoda
  12. If you'd like a sounding board @Linda just pm me. Sometimes just getting it off your chest eases your burden...
  13. Oh @Linda, I'm so sorry your struggling but smoking will only bring you farther down. You've got nine months of craves you've successfully tackled so you know you can do it again. Don't forget your tools. Do something that you never smoked doing. Take a hot bath, eat some sweets, drag out your JAC if you have to. I'm not too proud to say I've used my JAC well past my first year quit. We do whatever we have to to keep our awesome quits! Hang in there, this too shall pass
  14. Congratulations @Cristóbal on nine years quit to you and your wife! I hope you both have a great year and hopefully you'll check in and let us know how you're doing
  15. Does it seem like some people are never satisfied?

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