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  1. There's never a time to "need" a cigarette and I promise you that the longer you stay quit the easier it is to stay quit. The battle won't begin anew. It will just be a thought that pops in your head that will be easily dismissed. It just takes time....
  2. I think it'd be best to use a pen, cut straw, licorice or like me invisible. You don't want to mimic smoking so much as you want to satisfy the hand to mouth movements....
  3. I worry about those because they look TOO much like the real thing and could defeat the purpose of an air cigarette. Maybe rethink that?...
  4. It helped me a lot @Barb63. I preferred my invisible one, mostly because I didn't have to worry about forgetting it someplace when I needed it
  5. @Barb63, I missed the motions of smoking too and used an air cigarette, my JAC (jillars air cigarette) for the bad craves. I simply pretended I was holding an actual cigarette in my fingers and then went through the motions of "smoking" it. I could not believe how well it worked at tricking my mind into thinking it was getting the real thing. I might have looked like an idiot smoking an invisible cigarette but I didn't care because it worked so well. Some people use pens or cut straws, even licorice whips! Maybe give that a try?
  6. That is wonderful news @kathleen0515, I'm really happy for you, thank you for letting us know you're ok
  7. October 30, 2016 · IP The recovered alcoholic, the heroin addict, the nicotine addict, deep down each knows the "Law of Addiction." They've heard it over and over again. Just one sip, one tiny fix, or one little puff of nicotine, just once, that's all it takes and the addict is back! They know that either immediately or in a short period of time they'll once again be slaves to their old level of drug use or greater. We know the Law of Addiction so why do we break it? There are three primary factors associated with relapse: (1) rewriting the law of addiction; (2) an excuse
  8. Hi @JH63 Jeff, I hope seeing you on tonight means you're ready to get your forever quit now. We're here for you!
  9. Hi @kathleen0515, I was just thinking of you and hoping you're doing ok and that your nodule was non cancerous....
  10. Welcome getback, sorry about health problems and cancer but glad they've been able to get it under control. Most of us struggled in our early days but we all knew from others who had been there before us that it was possible and very doable. Look at all the quitters here, some relapsed a few times before getting their forever quit but they did get there! We're not special, we all have our own reasons for quitting, mine was health related too, and all of us are here to support you in getting yours You have nothing to gain by continuing to smoke and are pretty much playing
  11. No, I don't struggle at all. And I never want one anymore. I do still rarely have a trigger come up that makes a smoking thought pop up but its easily swatted away. I quit for health reasons too and even wrote a "poor me everyone else can smoke and I can't" thread on another forum around my six month quit mark. And the good people of the forum talked me down and made me realize they didn't GET to smoke, they HAD to smoke! I had my freedom back and from then on it was easier
  12. @Barb63 you can have one you're just choosing not to! You have the power not the cigarette. I quit because I had to too and had a hard first year but it was only because I kept thinking I was missing out instead of embracing all the awesome things I was already noticing from quitting. Hang in there, things will get better I promise
  13. Hi @Tara smith, welcome aboard our train full of quitters. Congratulations on two days quit already, you're doing great As for your question, all of the current discussions are right here in this main board forum. You can see which topics have new replies by the dot or star next to the title. We also have icons at both the top or bottom of the main page that say Unread Content. If you click on that it will show you everything not yet read from all our various forums. We also have our pinned topics at the top of each forum that is filled with valuable information so be sure to check

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