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  1. jillar

    Take Two

    I think @Jordan7 is in charge of the prize.
  2. jillar

    Take Two

    I'm not in charge of the prize so I don't know
  3. jillar


    I used to go back and read my posts from the beginning of my quit each month just so I wouldn't forget where I came from. You are doing great!
  4. jillar

    Bad day

    Oh Vivianne, I'm sorry you had such a bad day. Those feelings are normal early on as our brain adjusts to no more chemicals or nicotine. You've been given great advice and support above. Lean on us whenever you need, call your boyfriend or better yet go play the more fun version of chicks and sticks with him lol. It won't be long before your self esteem starts rising and all the emotions you're going through right now calm down
  5. jillar

    Linked Words Game

    Counter productive
  6. jillar

    Phrase Connect Game

    I don't feel like it
  7. jillar

    Phrase Connect Game

    I've got a bad feeling about that
  8. jillar

    Phrase Connect Game

    Tell me how you really feel
  9. Been out nightly kite surfing Surfs
  10. jillar

    Phrase Connect Game

    Can you feel it baby?
  11. Tired of ugly colored hair Tired
  12. That's awesome QueenB, have a great smokefree birthday
  13. Welcome Steph, sorry about you losing your last quit but happy to have you here and back on it. Let's make this your forever quit
  14. Happy birthday @Lilly and congratulations on 7 months quit, that's awesome!
  15. jillar

    Take Two

    There'll be a prize for the winner
  16. Terribly exhausting duties
  17. Lost umbilical cord in disposal Cords
  18. I would definitely consider your happiness above the money unless you really need the money. I'd also think about talking to your current boss about being compensated for overtime. Also consider the other benefits like health insurance, sick leave, vacation pay etc...

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