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  1. Thursday 11 th January 2018

  2. My turn i guess. (trigger warnings)

    Right now you're obsessing over smoking. Turn your thoughts to something else. You can't control what thoughts pop into your head but what you can do in control how you act on them and right now, you're playing right into the junkie frame of mind. You're setting yourself up for a relapse. Get out and walk/run; do something to occupy your mind until you learn to control these thoughts. What you need to believe is that you're not missing out on anything by not smoking. You're truly not and should you smoke, you'd feel like crap both physically and mentally. Dig through this because it's only temporary and by the way, kudos for writing about it here. It helps. It truly does. There is nothing that can force you to smoke; only you can willingly make that choice.
  3. Videos Addressing Relapse Prevention

    Helping Others See That Thoughts For Cigarettes Do Diminish Over Time New page set up at WhyQuit.com where former smokers who were cold turkey quitters can help others now by sharing their experience of how often they think about cigarettes after being off different lengths of time.
  4. My Life Long Smoking Friend......

    I'm so sorry, Doreen.
  5. Thursday 4 th January 2018

  6. New to Quit Train

    Hi Edie and welcome to QT!! At this stage of the game, the only quit aid you'll need is knowledge about this drug addiction that you cannot beat an addiction by using the same drug that you're trying to quit. Eventually, you'll have to quit the quit aid and then what? You're going to go through cravings ALL OVER AGAIN. Why torture yourself that way? You've already quit so the only way to stay quit is to not administer this drug back into your body.

    Glad to see that a slip didn't send you back to using nicotine again. However, there are no practice quits. This is your life and it's imperative that you keep your quit separate from all other things in your life and protect it as if your life depends on it, because it does. There is no hope, try etc., there is only a commitment that you make to yourself that you never, ever stick a cigarette between your lips, set it on fire and start puffing on it. Every day protect your quit. You can do this just like millions before you have. Trust me and trust us when we say that you can stay quit forever.
  8. Feeling Like You Are Getting Sick After Quitting Smoking Some people may start to feel as if they are getting cold or flu kind of symptoms when first quitting smoking. Some complain of burning sensations in their lungs. There is a regeneration of nerve cells throughout the larynx, trachea, and bronchi which may very well cause these kind of sensations. At the same time though, it is also always possible that the recent quitter is in fact coming down with a cold or a flu. The following resources explore the issues involved with why these symptoms may be happening from having just quit smoking, but also discusses the importance of getting them checked out if they are prolonged, intense or accompanied by other indicators of actual infection.
  9. Jan 2018 Roll Call

  10. Monday 1 st January 2018

  11. Greetings from Joel Spitzer

    Hi Joel! Thanks for registering and for all of your help over the past years. That video index is an amazing tool!!
  12. Our DD..has her 4 years Quit Today !!!

    Congrats, Jen!!!
  13. Sunday 31 st December 2017

    Nope, Nope, Nope!!!
  14. Is Quitting Smoking Harder Than Quitting Other Drugs? Many if not most people have heard that quitting smoking is harder than quitting most other drugs. If this message is true it is no wonder that most smokers feel that quitting is close to impossible and trying to quit is not really worth the effort–considering the chances of success are basically so abysmal. The good news is that while many people say that quitting smoking is harder and the chances of success are close to impossible, in reality quitting is much simpler than most smokers think and the chances of success are much higher than most have been led to believe. Related Resources Breaking free from nicotine's grip is more doable than most people think Crutches to quit smoking Just one little puff You mean you haven't had a single puff off of a cigarette? I want one Resources regarding the advantage of quitting with a positive attitude How to quit smoking Quitting smoking is a simple process People in recovery from other addictions Are doctors taught about nicotine recovery? Can people quit smoking and still drink alcohol? Are people doomed to fail if they don't get professional help to quit smoking? I can't quit because I am addicted I can't quit or I won't quit?

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