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  1. MarylandQuitter

    MQ has 5 years of freedom!!

    Thank you all for the kind words! 😃
  2. MarylandQuitter

    Can't stand it

    This will pass. You're doing all of the right things and that includes pushing through this. Outsmarting this addiction - apply what you know right now - this is where it counts!
  3. MarylandQuitter

    Thursday 11th October 2018

  4. MarylandQuitter

    How long did it take?

    I don't remember how long I was irritable after I quit smoking but heck, I'm still irritable and it has nothing to do with nicotine. After I accepted that getting to the point where I no longer would think of smoking 24/7, I was going to have to put in "the time". Once I understood that the more time I put between my last cigarette, the less I would think of it. A lot of the cravings after a certain point are mental, but nonetheless are still cravings and IMO, just as powerful and if not more. However, they're very manageable because you have control over how you act or dwell on thoughts when they enter your mind. Trust me, the more time you put in, the less you think about, much less consider smoking. Remember this is going to take some time because for a long time, everything we did revolved around smoking. Everything.
  5. MarylandQuitter

    Sunday. 16th September 2018

  6. MarylandQuitter

    Kids and e-cigs

    Stanford Medicine Learning Objectives Obtain accurate knowledge about pod-based systems (e.g., JUUL, PHIX, Suorin) and how they are made to work like a cigarette Identify marketing strategies employed by pod-based system manufacturers (e.g., JUUL, PHIX, Suorin) to attract new customers Learn about the effects that nicotine in pod-based systems (e.g., JUUL, PHIX, Suorin) has on the adolescent body and brain Identify specific marketing strategies that the pod-based system manufacturers (e.g., JUUL, PHIX, Suorin) use that may increase use among adolescents Understand the appeal of pod-based systems (e.g., JUUL, PHIX, Suorin) among adolescents in order to counter the appeal Teachers should go through each unit and download the PowerPoint for class presentation. Teachers should also download the accompanying activities for in-class activities. Speakers' notes are embedded in the PowerPoint. Activities are meant to be printed for students before class begins. Each Unit has a Kahoot! Quiz linked below and can be used as a pre and post quiz to see how much students know before and after instruction. Discussion Guides found below can be assigned as take-home assignments. Click on link for all the instructional materials https://med.stanford.edu/tobaccopreventiontoolkit/E-Cigs/ECigUnit6.html
  7. MarylandQuitter

    Long time....:)

    Long time, Hockey Mom!! Good to see you!
  8. MarylandQuitter

    For the umpires teen time.

    Welcome, Zeezazz!
  9. MarylandQuitter

    Starting again

    Welcome, Sneaky!
  10. MarylandQuitter

    Monday 9th July 2018

  11. MarylandQuitter

    Video Index

    New Video: "Thank goodness it's only cigarette smoking"
  12. Yes absolutely. This is not an easy fix because we now have to use 3rd party chat apps. We've been looking into this for least 2 months now. That is the goal and one way or another, we'll get it how we want it.
  13. MarylandQuitter

    Fundraising / Sponsorship Links

    PM me with more details. We tried this early on andit didn't really take off. I'm open to it.
  14. MarylandQuitter

    What would you do?

    This is the issue; straight up junkie thinking which rationalizes making unwise choices. Being rational isn't going to get through to her but what will is your silence. Set the example by your actions because they always speak louder than words and also show truth. Great job on making the right choice to not smoke!
  15. MarylandQuitter

    Losing the quit weight

    Perfectly made too! I saved that pic. lal

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