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  1. Hi Kate18, As others have said, smoking will surely make things worse, definitely with what you're currently going through. Remember, this moment is only temporary and even though we're spread out all over the place, you're never truly alone.
  2. It’s completely normal. Our every waking moment was guided by smoking. Your craving is actually a sign that you’re winning the battle for otherwise, you’d smoke. The strength is there because tires still a non-smoker! Great job!
  3. That's very nice that you were able to meet up with Joel. Great guy!
  4. Welcome aboard and congrats on your decision to get rid of the nicotine and deal with the addiction! First, please believe me when I tell you that you can quit smoking. There are more ex-smokers than there are smokers (yes, vaping is smoking - likely worse) and you will be an ex-smoker the INSTANT you take your LAST PUFF. Period. You seem to do a lot of planning and think you need more planning to accomplish this. What you need more than anything is to: Make a pledge right now that you will never, ever take another puff. Make a promise to yourself that you're done. You deserve to be a non-smoker and you WILL become one the instant you stop vaping nicotine. Treat nicotine as a drug addiction and learn about how it affects your body and brain. Watch the many, high-quality documentaries we have. Watching them provides perspective. Focus on The Health Benefits Timeline. Keep this timeline handy on your phone at all times and look at it even when you don't desire to smoke. Pre-respond to your own S.O.S. If you feel like smoking, read it!
  5. Nobody should ever be mocked for wearing or not wearing a mask. There are certain situations that I will always wear one and others I won’t. If it‘a mandatory to get into a store, I’ll wear one because I’d rather not have the stores closed.
  6. Yes, an update this morning did this. Grrrrr
  7. These cravings will lessen the longer that you can go without smoking.

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