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    Thursday 6th December 2018

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    Relapse help

    AWESOME!!! You're now a non-smoker. You quit. You're done. It's time now to be vigilant to prevent another relapse.
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    Wednesday 5 th December 2018

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    Relapse help

    You're doing this the right way; picking a date the following day. Some pick a date after the holidays, after this or that and it's just not necessary. It's like telling a {pick your drug} addict to keep on using until they're more comfortable to stop using. Either way, today is the day. BTW, I had my last cigarette at 7pm the day I quit. You should start a blog today to chronicle your quit. Use it as a journal of sorts because it's another way of keeping yourself accountable to stay nicotine free. The other way of course is one that you've already done; telling the world that you're quitting this evening at 8pm. Trust me, we'll be watching. 😎
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    Relapse help

    Welcome to the board, Sparky. It's actually quite simple and not at all unique. You already figured out the trigger which was a stressful week. There are no triggers which cause you to smoke. Triggers only cause a crave but smoking is a choice; a choice which you likely had been entertaining before you took that first puff to relapse. There are no triggers to smoke NOW because your addiction is back in full-force, regardless of how many cigarettes you're smoking on any given day. In other words, you're smoking because you're being chased by the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. You're not smoking for no reason and instead, your smoking because you're addicted to nicotine. Plain and simple. That's why you smoke. That's why you chose to pick up smoking again after not smoking for over 3 years. We will always be nicotine addicts. Always. This is why it's imperative to to never, ever take another puff OR put nicotine by any means into your body. Don't waste anymore of your time trying to figure out why you only smoke at home and why you don't think about smoking while away from home. Just quit smoking. You don't need to figure out a quit date as you're only giving yourself permission to keep smoking - you're rationalizing smoking until you quit when what you should do is stop smoking this instant and start working on recovery and let your body start purging itself of the toxins so it can work on repairing damage. This group can help you along but first, you have to make a firm choice to stop smoking and accept the fact that your can't ever smoke again because if you do, you may find yourself 10 years from now, still smoking with a new host of problems - problems much more serious than simply wondering why you only smoke at home.
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    Monday 3rd December 2018

  7. The recovered alcoholic, the heroin addict, the nicotine addict, deep down each knows the "Law of Addiction." They've heard it over and over again. Just one sip, one tiny fix, or one little puff of nicotine, just once, that's all it takes and the addict is back! They know that either immediately or in a short period of time they'll once again be slaves to their old level of drug use or greater. We know the Law of Addiction so why do we break it? There are three primary factors associated with relapse: (1) rewriting the law of addiction; (2) an excuse; and (3) a vague memory. It doesn't matter if it happens within two hours, two days, two weeks, two months, two years, or twenty, the factors remain the same and apply to all of us. Rewriting the law of addiction is easy and you don't need a pencil, paper or computer to do it. Amending the Law of Addition "Just one puff" and then "do not pass go, do not collect $200, but go directly to the addict's prison and surrender your freedom for good." It isn't that the recovering nicotine addict doesn't know or believe the law of addiction because we do. It's just that we begin to believe that we're the exception. We convince ourselves that we're stronger and smarter than those who discovered the law, and wiser than all addicts who came before us. We amend the law. We put ourselves above it. "Just one, it'll be ok, I can handle it, I'm stronger than the others, a little reward, it's been a while, I've earned it." I'm sorry. As soon as such thoughts begin infecting the mind they tend to start feeding on themselves and in all likelihood your body's period of healing and freedom is over. Your dreams and hard work are all being thrown into a dirty toilet that one puff of nicotine is about to flush. Instead of saying that you can handle "just one," a truthful statement would have been "I can handle them all, give them all back to me, my entire addiction, all the ashtrays, the coughs, the stink, the endless stream of 4,000 plus deadly chemicals that come with each puff (including up to 81 known cancer causing agents), the constant gradual destruction of every cell in my lungs and the gradual clogging and hardening of every blood vessel in my body, the 50/50 chance of killing myself 13-14 years early, all the money it will cost me to stay enslaved for years and years to come (together with massive future price increases designed to get me to quit), the growing social pressures that will make me feel even more like an outcast, I want it all back, all of it!" It's far easier for the junkie mind to create a one puff or one cigarette exception to the law" than admit the truth. A one pack a day addiction is 7,300 cigarettes a year. Don't picture smoking just one. Instead, picture yourself sticking at least a year's supply into your mouth all at once. Try fitting them all into your mouth because in truth that's exactly where they'll be going, year after year after year. "To thine own self be true." You deserve the truth - you paid the price - you earned it. The Perfect Excuse The excuse can be anything. Usually the addict waits for that great excuse to come along, but some get tired of waiting and any old excuse will do. Even joy! A reunion with an old smoking buddy, a few drinks with friends, a wedding, a graduation, or even a baby's birth and a free nicotine laden cigar, or trying a harmless looking new nicotine delivery device like the 27 flavors of suckers, the straw, lozenges, candy or even nicotine water or soda, why not! But joyful or even stupid nicotine relapse is harder to explain to yourself and those you love. The smart nicotine addict waits for the great excuse, the one that we know we can sell to ourselves and others. As sick as it may sound, the easiest to sell and the best of all is the death of a loved one. Although everyone we love is destined to die and it'll happen sooner or later, for the reformed addict it's the perfect excuse for relapse. I mean, who can blame us for ingesting highly addictive drugs into our bodies upon our mother's death. Anyone who does would have to be extremely insensitive or totally heartless! Right? Losing a job, the end of a relationship, serious illness, disease or financial problems are all great excuses too - it's drug time again! The addict is back! Lost Memories But an excuse doesn't work alone. It needs help. Failing memories of "why" we were willing to put ourselves through the anxieties and emotion of physical withdrawal, and weeks and weeks of psychological adjustment in order to break free, breathe fatal life into any excuse. Most of us failed to keep a detailed record of why we commenced recovery or what it was like. Instead, we are forced to rely upon our memory to accurately and vividly preserve the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But now, the memory in which we placed all our trust has failed us. It isn't that your memory is bad, faulty or doing anything wrong. In fact, it's working as it should to preserve in as much detail as possible the joyful events of life, while forgetting, as quickly as possible, all the pain and anguish that we've felt, including our disdain for the addict's life we lived. To have our brains do otherwise would make life inside our minds unbearable. If women were forced to remember the true agony and intense pain of childbirth, most would have just one. We are each blessed with the gift to forget. So how does the reformed nicotine addict who failed to keep accurate records of their journey revive their passion for freedom and recall liberty's price? If we forget the past, are we destined to repeat it? Not necessarily. It doesn't have to be. But just as any loving relationship needs nourishment to flourish, we can never take our recovery for granted or the flame will eventually die and the fire will go out. We have to want to protect this glory until the day we die. We have to turn that "want" into action. If we do, we win. If not, our fate may be up in the air with serious risk of relapse followed by crippling disease or even a very early grave. Whether it's daily, weekly or monthly, our recovery needs care. If you don't have a detailed log to regularly review when faced with adversity, upon each anniversary of your quit, or at each birthday, do your best to create one now. Talk to those still smoking and ask for help in revitalizing your memories. Encourage them to be as truthful as possible. Although they may look like they're enjoying their addiction to smoking nicotine, the primary joy they get is in keeping their body's blood serum nicotine level within the comfort zone, so as to avoid the onset of the anxieties and craves of early withdrawal. Show them your pen and paper and invite them to help you create your list. You may even cause a spark in them. Be kind and sincere. It wasn't long ago that those were our shoes. Also, try envisioning the first week. What was it like? Can you still feel the powerful craves as your body begged and cried to be fed? Can you still feel the pain? Do you see yourself not being able to concentrate, having difficulty sleeping, feeling depressed, angry, irritable, frustrated, restless, with tremendous anxiety, a foggy mind, sweating palms, rapidly cycling emotions, irrational thinking, emotional outbursts or even the shakes? Do you remember these things? Do you remember the price you paid for freedom? Do you remember why you were willing to pay it? If you have access to a computer, you won't need a smoker's help or even to recall the early days of your own journey. You can go on-line to scores of smoking cessation support groups and find thousands of battles being fought, hear tons of cries and watch hundreds struggling for survival as they cling to the promise of the rich sense of inner calmness, quiet and comfort that lies beyond. Visit as often as possible. Make a few posts to those in need. The most important thing you can tell them is the truth about why you are there. Tell them how comfortable and complacent you've become. It's what they yearn to hear! Many smoked their entire adult life and have a difficult time believing that withdrawal isn't permanent. Fear of the unknown is frightening. Help them and in doing so help yourself. If you find yourself attempting to rewrite the law of addiction, stop, think, remember, read, revisit, revive and give to others, but most important, be honest with you. Terrible and emotional events will happen in each of our lives - such is life. Adding full-blown nicotine relapse to any situation won't fix, correct or undo your underlying concern. In your mind, plan for disaster today. How will you cope and keep your healing alive should the person you love most in this world suddenly die? What will you do? Remember, we've only traded places with our chemical dependency and the key to the cell is one puff of nicotine. As long as we stay on this side of the bars, we are the jailors and our dependency the prisoner. We only have two choices. We can complete this temporary period of adjustment and enjoy comfortable probation for life or we can smoke nicotine, relapse, and intentionally inflict cruel and unusual punishment upon these innocent bodies for the remainder of their life, together with inviting a 50/50 chance that you'll be putting yourself to death. If the first choice sounds better - comfortable lifetime probation - then we each need only follow one simple rule - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF! Breathe deep, hug hard, live long! John
  8. Let's get a good discussion going here for the holidays because as another new year is upon us, so are thousands wanting to rid their lives of this crippling and deadly addiction. We may keep this group discussion going until the end of the year so we get a large sampling of fears, experiences and why these fears are not rooted in fact and instead nicotine (drug) addiction. Many smokers are afraid to quit for various reasons. There is nothing to fear about quitting but everything to fear about not quitting. Then there are those who are new to smoking who have irrational fears about staying quit, fear of relapse, fear of failure and even the fear of succeeding. What fears did you have before you made the commitment to N.O.P.E. (not one puff, ever), what did you do to overcome those fears and how do you view those fears today? Once you actually quit smoking, did you have any fears about relapsing and if so, how did you get past them and do those fears still exist? Here a couple of videos for reference, especially for our guests who may be having some fears that are stopping them from making a commitment to N.O.P.E. The Fear Of Failure This video explains how many people are fearful of even attempting a quit because they are convinced that it is impossible for them to succeed. The attached videos examine the reasons for this fear and will help to illustrate that smokers can quit if they understand the addiction they are fighting and how to take control of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_64RhiVj9Y&list=PLCDB8BA311D538113&index=8 The Fear Of Success This video explains how many people are fearful of attempting a quit because they realize that they may actually succeed. The attached videos examine the reasons for this fear and will help smokers to understand that the fears they have of their lives being ruined are based on the false assumption that cigarettes were helping them to live as opposed to recognizing that smoking was ruining their lives in many ways. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHhWSOsWoBE&list=PLCDB8BA311D538113&index=9 The Fear Of Relapsing Video explains how many people are fearful of even attempting a quit because they are convinced that even if by some miracle they succeed, they will likely lose the quit at some future point in time. This video explains why they may have this fear and what resources we have to deal with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoWuSG8W_2E Quitting Smoking Out Of Fear Video explains how quitting smoking simply out of fear of it's consequences has its limitations and may make staying off harder than it should be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wpre2NagvY
  9. Synopsis: TOBACCO WARS is a comprehensive history of the cigarette, providing an in-depth, balanced, and often shocking look at the tobacco industry. The series' three one-hour episodes are organized chronologically, from the advent of the cigarette through its ascension to one of the most profitable consumer products the world has ever seen. Via first person accounts and insider documentation, TOBACCO WARS vividly portrays what the companies really knew about the link between smoking and disease, explains how mankind became seduced by such a dangerous product, provides a status report on Big Tobacco today, and looks towards the future of this most controversial of industries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iplzsMazQz4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moyJSnwEcIs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0Uk3WQjlbs
  10. While filmed on Thanksgiving 2011, video relates to how any holiday or special annual event can result in more smoking thoughts than normal, and the importance of being mentally prepared for the occurrence of such thoughts. https://whyquit.com/joels-videos/holiday-related-resources/
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    New Video: How To Help Kids Stop Vaping
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    30 years of nicotine gum A A 100% guaranteed way to successfully quit smoking A safer way to smoke? A smoking cessation expert? A thirty year success story About Joel Spitzer Acknowledge the negative but dwell on the positive Actions speak louder than words or thoughts Advantage of having a difficult time when quitting smoking After I lose weight I will quit smoking After quitting smoking is there such a thing as a quitter’s flu? Alcohol and quitting smoking Amount smoked An important choice must be made today Are additive-free cigarettes less addictive? Are doctors taught about nicotine recovery? Are people doomed to fail if they don’t get professional help to quit smoking? Are there social smokers? Are you a nicotine junkie? Are you questioning your New Year’s resolution to quit smoking? Are you smart enough for an IQ pin? Are you stronger than your cigarettes? Are your odds improved the next time you quit smoking? A 99.9% commitment to quit smoking will fail B Be prepared for confusing information Be proud that you quit smoking Because now it really hurts Being an addict for the rest of your life does not mean that you have to fight physical craves for the rest of your life Being locked up to quit smoking Blood sugar issues when quitting smoking Boy do I deserve a cigarette for that Boy do I miss smoking Breaking free from nicotine’s grip is more doable than most people think But smoking is the only vice I have left C Can people quit smoking and still drink alcohol? Can second hand smoke cause relapse Can taking a break from smoking help you “get rid of” nicotine tolerance? Can you help a person who doesn’t really want to quit smoking? Can you spare about an hour and a half to help to save your life? Carrying cigarettes Carrying mock cigarettes Change of season triggers – the fall Change of season triggers – The Spring Cigars and relapsing Cilia Closet smoker Cold turkey quitting Cold turkey quitting defined Cold turkey quitting redefined again Come share your strength, come recognize your vulnerabilities Common symptoms Comparing quits with others Complacency Craves or thoughts that occur over time Criteria of addiction Crutches to quit smoking Curiosity killed the quit Comparing quitting smoking experiences with others on YouTube blogs D Danger of using Internet quit sites as a crutch to quit smoking Dealing with people who try to undercut your quit Difference between physical and psychological urges Discussing other books at Freedom Disorientation that may occur when first quitting smoking Do whatever it takes to quit smoking Do you really need to want to quit more than you want to smoke? Does everything smell and taste better after you quit smoking? Does it take 21 days to break the smoking habit? Does nicotine withdrawal really last for months or years? Does smoking cause my headaches? Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re only human Don’t beat yourself up for smoking Don’t let a slip put you back to using Dreams of smoking Dual use of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes Dying for a cigarette E Economic costs of smoking Electronic cigarette users having a harder time when quitting smoking Electronic cigarettes as effective as nicotine patches Every quit is different Everyone is different? Everything you did as a smoker you can do as an ex-smoker Extreme nicotine tolerance Effects of second hand smoke on pets F Fallacy of good cigarettes Fan Letter Fear of failure Fear of relapsing Fear of success Fears regarding smoking and quitting Feel how smoking affects the lungs Feeling like you are getting sick after quitting smoking Finding cigarettes Finding out you have lung cancer after you quit smoking First Monday morning after having quit smoking First television ads for e-cigarettes with the theme Reclaim your freedom First weekend issues after quitting smoking Fixating on a cigarette For former smokers not celebrating a major milestone today For people celebrating their first year nicotine free For people who think quitting smoking is the hardest thing they have ever done Freedom from Nicotine Support Board Freedom from Nicotine support board’s zero tolerance relapse policy Frequency and duration of thoughts and urges G Gallup Poll: Most quitters credit cold turkey General warning about getting colds or flu after quitting Get right back in the saddle? Getting vigilant and staying vigilant with the concept of addiction Going back to normal after quitting Going to places where you can’t smoke when first quitting smoking Good reasons to take a puff after having quit smoking General Comments About Zyban H Have you hugged a relapser today? Heart and circulatory diseases "Help me, I've relapsed” Helping others quit Helping others see that thoughts for cigarettes do diminish over time Herbal and marijuana cigarette issues Hey, I am talking to you Holiday related resources How can I be addicted, I can go hours without smoking. How can I get my family and friends to quit smoking? How can I quit if I live with a smoker? How did the former smokers you know quit smoking? How does your program compare to…? How holidays that result in three day weekends affect recent ex-smokers How I started running quit smoking clinics How long before I don’t want a cigarette? How quitting smoking is like learning to ride a bicycle How to deal with people offering you cigarettes after you have quit How to do nothing without a cigarette How To Help Kids Stop Vaping How to help your patients quit smoking How to quit smoking How would you deal with the following situations How many ways have you tried to quit smoking? Helping others see that thoughts for cigarettes do diminish over time How long does it take to become re-addicted to nicotine? I I am afraid I might get addicted to my nicotine replacement therapy I am climbing the walls because I quit smoking I am doing okay, I am not buying cigarettes I am going back to smoking when I an eighty I am the only smoker I know. I can’t quit because I am addicted I can’t quit because… I can’t afford to quit smoking I can’t quit or I won’t quit? I couldn’t have done it without you I don’t feel any better since I quit smoking! I don’t have a choice, I have to quit smoking I don’t need to smoke I don’t want to quit smoking I don’t want to see any scary pictures I don’t know if I have another quit in me I feel 100% better since I quit smoking! I gave up smoking I have heard that women don’t have much of a chance at successfully quitting smoking "I hate smoking so much that there is no way I could ever go back" I know I will quit again I know I am going to gain weight if I quit smoking I know I will quit smoking! I know too much about smoking to ever be able to relapse I liked my other support group more I quit the wrong way I smoke because I like smoking I smoke because I like the flavor I smoke because I’m self-destructive "I tried your resources once, why should I bother trying again?" I want one I went back to smoking while in the hospital with pneumonia I will control my smoking now I will not smoke today I will quit when I finish this pack I will quit when… I’d rather be a little overweight and not smoking than underweight and dead! I’ll be a nervous wreck forever if I quit smoking I’ll come for reinforcement when I need it I’ll have to use willpower for the rest of my life not to smoke. I’ll never be as productive again if I quit smoking I’ll smoke anywhere I want I’m a serial quitter and I want to help people quit smoking I’m not joining this clinic I’m trying to quit smoking I’ve got my smoking under control I’ve read so much about the dangers of smoking I’ve come to the only logical conclusion… I’ve relapsed and I hate it I’ve tried everything to lose weight but nothing works! I’ve tried everything to quit smoking and nothing works! I’m just too weak to quit smoking! I’m mad that I can’t smoke anymore I’m safe from smoking because of my genetic makeup If I relapse I’ll smoke until it kills me If they ever cure lung cancer, I would go back to smoking If this is your first time quitting If you quit smoking with a lousy attitude… Importance of quitting for yourself Incorporating exercise after quitting Index of existing replies Intentional relapses Is anyone else experiencing the symptom of…? Is cold turkey the only way to quit? Is quitting smoking harder than quitting other drugs? Is relapse a natural part of the quitting process? Is relapsing on nicotine a good learning experience? Is this a symptom of quitting smoking? (part 2) Is this an unlucky day to quit smoking? Is your New Year’s resolution to quit smoking? Is your nicotine free electronic cigarette actually nicotine free? Isn’t quitting cold turkey too dangerous? Isolation of the widowed smoker It’s inevitable, some smokers are going to relapse It's cold outside, boy do I need a cigarette It's still cold outside,--why this is a bigger problem for smokers than for non-smokers It’s only cigarette smoking, it’s not like a crime punishable by death "If I go back to smoking, I’ll just quit again" J Joel’s Halloween Fearfest Just one little puff Just think of something else K Keeping cigarettes to deal with stress Keeping NRT in case of emergency Kids just don’t get it L Law of addiction Learning how to comfortably smoke just after meals Learning how to inhale Life as a smoker is a balancing act Life goes on without smoking Limitations with Quitmeters Longer-term quitters who say they are still having bad days Lost long term quits Luck related videos Lucky ones get hooked Lung cancer: Isn’t there a cure just around the corner? Lung damages caused by smoking M Make a list of why you want to quit Make sure your quit is not contingent on others Maybe a puff isn’t that big of a deal Maybe I am different Medication adjustments that may be necessary after quitting smoking Members of your site seem too happy Minimizing the Most Common Side Effects to Quitting Smoking Miracle aids for quitting smoking Money wasted on cigarettes Most recent videos My Cigarette, My Friend My first encounter with NRT My goals for the resources I produce to help people to quit smoking My personal views on Chantix My smoking helps me to breathe better My support group is responsible My work in the field of smoking prevention and cessation My YouTube Outreach Efforts N Neither side is perfect Never take another puff New reactions to anger after quitting smoking New Year's Video 2018 Nicotine addiction Nicotine is nicotine is nicotine No need to apologize for not posting for a while No one understands No thank you, I can’t have a cigarette NRT addiction NRT and Quitmeters Nicotine Tolerance O Offers for cigarettes One day at a time Only time I think of smoking is when I get one of your stupid letters Oops I had a false start Oral tobacco products and addiction Our views on the need for harm reduction P Palmolive Bottle demonstration Past successful quits People in recovery from other addictions Pitfalls of forming a buddy system to quit smoking Please don’t quit using Please don’t smoke Please help me PMS and Quitting Possible changes in caffeine tolerance Post operative complications and slower healing Power of nicotine addiction Predestined bad days after quitting Premature deaths caused by smoking President and nicotine gum Prolonging nicotine withdrawal Possible Voice Improvements After Quitting Smoking Q Quit site euphemisms that we discourage the use of at Freedom Quitting by gradual withdrawal Quitting for others Quitting in a smoking friendly society Quitting may lead to other self-improvements Quitting often results in healthier looking skin Quitting smoking can be a very lonely experience Quitting smoking can make you calmer, happier and healthier Quitting smoking is a simple process Quitting smoking is an option Quitting smoking out of fear Quitting smoking: A fate worse than death R Reading at other quit sites Real cigarette induced roller coaster ride Relapse prevention resources Relapses are not determined by how you quit smoking Resources regarding interaction between nicotine and stress Resources regarding mental health issues Resources regarding stop smoking aids Resources regarding the advantage of quitting with a positive attitude Resources regarding the fears involved with quitting smoking Resources regarding the term Nicodemon Resources related to breathing issues Resources related to diseases of the lung Resources related to facing or avoiding triggers Resources related to kids and smoking initiation and prevention Resources related to the implications of a puff once you have quit Resources related to the importance of being smarter than nicotine as opposed to having to be stronger Resources to pass along to health professionals S See how smoking destroys the lungs Setting quit dates Should I let him know that I know he is smoking? Should I reset my quit meter? Should smokers feel safer because some non-smokers get lung cancer? Showing others that there is life without smoking Smokers DON’T have to quit multiple times before they will succeed Smokers vow Smokers who face even higher risks from smoking Smoking a cigarette will help me secure my quit Smoking Benefits? Smoking breaks Smoking does not help you overcome stress Smoking is easier than not smoking Smoking is not an option Smoking triggers So I can’t run marathons… Some people won’t be happy until they relapse… Standard reply for Allen Carr inquiries Standard response to inquiries about careers in the field of smoking cessations Surgeon General says… Summer seasonal triggers T Talk to your doctor about quitting smoking Talking to others about not smoking Teaching of conventional wisdom at Freedom Tell a newbie how many seconds a day you want a cigarette Telling others that you have quit smoking Terrible 3’s "Thank goodness it's only cigarette smoking" That’s amazing that you didn’t smoke The advantage of having a difficult time when quitting smoking The closet smoker The criteria of addiction The danger of using Internet quit sites as a crutch to quit smoking The economic costs of smoking The Fallacy of Good Cigarettes The Fan Letter The fear of failure The fear of relapsing The fear of success The first Monday morning after having quit smoking The Freedom from Nicotine Support Board The Freedom from Nicotine support board’s zero tolerance relapse policy The importance of quitting for yourself The isolation of the widowed smoker The law of addiction The lucky ones get hooked The only time I think of smoking is when I get one of your stupid letters The Palmolive Bottle demonstration The pitfalls of forming a buddy system to quit smoking The power of nicotine addiction The President and nicotine gum The real cigarette induced roller coaster ride The smokers vow The Surgeon General says… The teaching of conventional wisdom at Freedom The Terrible 3’s The urge hits The use of scare tactics The ways a smoker may trick him or herself back to smoking There is no legitimate reason to relapse Thoughts for cigarettes that may seem worse than when first quitting smoking Treat quitting smoking as if you are fighting for your life The smell of relapse U Understanding the emotional loss experienced when quitting smoking Unexpected benefits after quitting Update to additional resources for my videos Update to video Premature deaths caused by smoking Urge hits Use of scare tactics Use of the terms Nicodemon and Hell Week Using cigarettes as rewards Using cigarettes to self medicate pre-existing conditions Using deep breathing as a safe and effective quitting aid V Vic Videos Video based on My cigarette, my friend? Videos related to keeping cigarettes or nicotine replacement products after quitting Videos related to the benefit of developing a positive attitude Videos related to the concept that quitting is more doable than most people think Videos to watch to enhance your ability to quit smoking Videos worthy of being released on April Fool’s Day W Waiting to bottom out Watching others smoke Ways a smoker may trick him or herself back to smoking Weight related resources Well meaning offers for cigarettes Were you addicted? What about using herbal cigarettes to quit smoking? What bad habit should I replace it with? What did they do to you to make you quit smoking? What is nicotine withdrawal really like? What is your quit smoking mantra? What programs do I recommend What should I call myself? What should I do with my leftover cigarettes? What withdrawals should I expect from quitting smoking What’s the use in quitting now? Whatever you do don’t quit smoking cold turkey! When did I actually quit smoking? When you may really need to talk to your doctor about quitting smoking Who should you believe? Who wants to go back to smoking Why did I ever start smoking? Why do smokers smoke? Why I no longer conduct stop smoking clinics Why I recommend cranberry juice when first quitting smoking Why many people cough more after quitting Why my resources are free Will I eventually not like the smell of cigarette smoke? Will I ever stop thinking of cigarettes? Will my lungs ever look better? Will this get better? Wish me luck in quitting smoking Words that translate to relapse "Why should I quit smoking, I could just get run over by a truck" “Why do you even try to help THOSE people quit smoking?” “What withdrawals should I expect when quitting smoking?” Y You got this “You know smoking two or three cigarettes is better than having smoked two or three packs!” You mean you haven’t had a single puff off of a cigarette? You never smoked, how can you know what I am going through? You should retitle that video You smoke because you’re a smokeaholic You will never make it, here have a cigarette Your first allergy season after quitting smoking "You're wasting our money on cigarettes" You should retire that video You've relapsed, now what?
  13. I placed your previous account(s) on post restriction which means a moderator or myself would have to approve any content before it's posted. There never was anything waiting to be approved from any of your accounts as not only did I frequently check, but I also get email alerts if there is any content waiting for approval. You were told more than once about the duplicate accounts. This will be the last account; start another and you'll no longer be allowed to post here. When you post random thoughts they go to the top of the page which causes other members' topics to be pushed down further. Using the free blogging feature for this sort of content is best (I see you've started using it) but you can also create ONE thread to post some of your random thoughts, so long as they're smoking related or relevant to whichever board you're posting it on. This way, there won't be 10 threads all created by you which tend to drown out threads started by other members. If I see this happening, I'll simply delete them because nobody has the time to keep explaining rules and proper posting etiquette in a support group. It's kind of along the same lines of having a dinner and interrupting friends or not letting them talk and taking over the conversation. By all means, keep using the blog you created which can serve as a diary of sorts which can be very useful in your quit journey. Feel free to blog all day/night if you wish. 😎
  14. is that you may not ever quit again. This is a very realistic outcome if you choose to smoke again. We've all heard that smoking doesn't make anything better when in fact it makes it worse. It's doesn't calm you down, solve your problems and instead costs a small fortune and kills you. If you've started again, quit and right the ship. If you're thinking about smoking again, quickly get that thought under control and make a decision based on facts, not emotion. Emotion is what has always caused me to relapse. I was pissed off, stressed or in some funk. Here are a couple of videos to give you some things to think about work through this. Just hang on, before you know it these rough times will pass. :) Stay positive and stick around here. With the nuts we have here (I'm the lead nut, thank you very much) you can't help but stay at least a little bit positive. The Power Of Nicotine Addiction Video explains the full power of the grip that nicotine can take on an individual and the consequences that can be faced if a person does not quit smoking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpYRrZG5l8A Who Wants To Go Back To Smoking? This video discusses how former smokers at times think they want to go back to smoking, but if they really remind themselves of the package deal that goes along with being a smoker, it will be easy for them to stick to their quit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG9qGjf2hd8&list=PL76365B6CE2DA076B Are You Stronger Than Your Cigarettes? This video discusses the importance of understanding that you won't be able to quit smoking and stay free by becoming stronger than cigarettes but rather by becoming smarter than nicotine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxLxDuTOCT0 "It's Inevitable, Some Smokers Are Going To Relapse" If you are a member of any quit smoking support group, whether it be online or a live program, it is likely that some members of your group are going to fail. You should not interpret this fact to mean that it is likely or inevitable that you are going to fail. Video spells out the major difference between people who relapse and those who don't. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ego_dpPmfOk
  15. MarylandQuitter

    Posting an S.O.S.

    Before you take that one puff and throw your quit away, remember that everything you've gone through so far will have to be repeated. Please make a new thread in this board so we can respond and help you keep your quit. Whatever you're feeling is only temporary and nothing is worth giving up your quit over. Not one puff ever. Myself and the moderators are immediately alerted each time a post is created in this forum. Please do not smoke! "If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill
  16. MarylandQuitter

    Any Walking Dead Fans?

    I'm currently only on the 3rd season so don't spoil it for me. lol Put in big letters SPOILER at the top of your post to protect slow pokes like myself. :) When I started with the 1st season, I didn't care for the first couple of episodes and then I got bored one night and watched them all. Been hooked ever since!
  17. A thread to remember our dear quit buddy and friend. Feel free to post here or at the original blog announcing her passing. http://www.quittrain.com/blog/19/entry-660-our-precious-beth-queen-greenlover-has-passed-away/
  18. If so, check out the following video. Short video discusses key topic areas that enhance an individuals ability to quit and stay off of smoking. The following videos explore these individual areas: Topic one: Why you smoke Video: Why do smokers smoke https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9AmZ... 18 minutes 9 seconds Topic 2: Why you should quit Videos: Heart and circulatory diseases https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Xt9v... 19 minutes 19 seconds Lung cancer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFNv8... 18 minutes 49 seconds Feel what it is like to breathe with emphysema https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gf0ts... 8 minutes and 47 seconds The palmolive bottle demonstration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVbUG... 7 minutes 46 seconds Premature deaths caused by smoking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5a7D... 12 minutes 34 seconds Topic 3: How to stop How to quit smoking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l27zW... 13 minutes 47 seconds Topic 4: How to stay off Never take another puff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYNWI... 4 minutes 22 seconds Total time for all of the videos above is just around 91 minutes. :)
  19. MarylandQuitter

    MQ has 5 years of freedom!!

    Thank you all for the kind words! 😃
  20. What are some examples of thinking that should send up a red flag that somebody is romanticizing smoking? As we know, relapse is always planned and usually starts with romancing the cigarette well before conscience choice to take a puff is made. Since I will always be a nicotine addict I must expect, detect and then reject any thoughts of romancing smoking because if I start to entertain those thoughts, the seed of relapse will be planted. Any thoughts that smoking somehow benefits you in any way is a red flag. If you think that it's too hard to stay quit is another good one. It's harder to smoke and maintain the constant state of withdrawal than it is to break the addiction once and forever.
  21. How to motivate yourself to quit smoking and what steps did you take?
  22. Very, very good video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpYRrZG5l8A
  23. MarylandQuitter

    Can't stand it

    This will pass. You're doing all of the right things and that includes pushing through this. Outsmarting this addiction - apply what you know right now - this is where it counts!
  24. MarylandQuitter

    Thursday 11th October 2018

  25. It will be very interesting and encouraging to newbies as well as oldies how quitting smoking has had unexpected benefits in our lives.

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