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  1. With the current pandemic in the world, this video addresses how former smokers may be thinking of smoking more. In reality, people who are currently smoking or using nicotine products of any kind are likely feeling more stress and anxiety because of their current active addiction.
  2. With many people being in quarantine or locked down, some may find themselves thinking that they should use this time as an opportunity to finally quit smoking or vaping. This video discusses both the advantages and pitfalls to quitting under these kind of conditions.
  3. Welcome aboard, Gene. You came here for support, so I'm going to offer you some. I'm a little concerned with your approach. I'm not going to say that you're not going to be successful in quitting your nicotine addiction in another 5 weeks, but I seriously doubt it. You will be no further ahead then, than you are now and it matters not a single bit how much you're "stepping down" administering the drug that you're trying to get clean from. From what I can gather, you've been unsuccessful in battling this addiction for seventeen years now; seventeen years is a long time to be failing to remain nicotine-free. I suspect that the times that you did quit puffing on cigarettes that you might have replaced the puffing with NRT. You went from lozenges to the patch and once you're done with the patch, you'll probably go back to lozenges, gum or whatever delivery method you choose to feed your addiction. Obviously, the plans that you've been following have not worked. I know of a plan that will work. Stop feeding your addiction. Stop putting nicotine into your body. You can call it cold turkey or whatever you choose, but it's a wiser choice than failing for another seventeen years. NRT works for some people and we support the use of NRT for a short period of time, only. Seventeen years is hardly what I consider short-term. You're running a very high risk of smoking again which you need to lower immediately. Quit the nicotine. Let others help and support you and until you have some time under your belt, you're in no position to support others in their quits because you are unable to support your own. Get serious about it this time and listen to what others here have to say and stay nicotine-free forever. If you don't want to or don't think you can, guess what, do it anyway.
  4. Actual infection vs withdrawal: We're in the midst of flu season; don't confuse to two.Many Internet sites talk about a condition called the "quitters flu" This video discusses how in the first few days after quitting a person may experience symptoms that seem flu like, but how they are really different than actual infections and the importance of not writing off these symptoms once past the first few days of a quit.
  5. Is your New Year's resolution to quit smoking? Two videos that you need to watch...
  6. Is your New Year's Resolution To Quit Smoking? Are you questioning your New Year's resolution to quit smoking?
  7. I don't remember the tickers taking time zones into account because it wouldn't really make much difference. I just checked and was able to adjust the time (not the time zone). I checked it against a time and date calculator and it was spot on. Is the issue changing the hrs, min, am/pm?
  8. Been a lot of spam lately. They're getting tricky with it to. Thanks to all of you for noticing it and reporting it!
  9. Plus, if you smoked one, if would feel like crap; not only because you ruined your quit but also because you'd be sucking in poison.
  10. Welcome aboard, Forestgreen! Congrats on 7 months quit!
  11. It sure is seasonal! This was one of my biggest triggers when I first quit.

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