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  1. So I have decided that tonight I will smoke my last cigarette and go to bed a non smoker. Things seem to be falling into place in my mind and tonight is definitely the night. I can't just bin what I have and get going - I'm someone who has to have a plan. What has brought me to this point is : The wonderful support in this thread. You all have invested time and effort and I need to put some time and effort into starting my quit It's shameful that I came back a year ago and I'm still flouncing around here as a smoker I can sit aro
  2. Hi @jillar and @Doreensfree and thank you for thinking of me. Will be no surprise that I haven't quit. I just don't get how I quit for a year and now I can't quit again. It should be easy considering I've done it before but I just keep putting it off. I did message Ray to say I won't be able to have a quit buddy. I thought it would help but it made me panic. What if my buddy relapsed - would I see it as an excuse to smoke What if my buddy was having a really miserable day - would it bring down the happy day I might be having What if
  3. Lilley

    Written By babs609

    1. It's not as hard as you think. Once you begin to be honest with yourself and to look at the facts about smoking, it will become a pleasure to remove this addiction from your life. 2. Square off with your smoking habit. Look at it and size it up. Ask yourself exactly what it is doing for you; then ask yourself what it is not doing for you. You can begin with your hair and work your way down to the tips of your toes. It is a medical fact that smoking affects every organ in the human body in a harmful way. 3. Look at quitting cigarettes as giving yourself a gift-a very bi
  4. Thank you Mee. Everyone is so lovely here
  5. Thank you @johnny5 In hindsight I wish I had just clung tightly to the quit I had. I agree and can honestly say the constant cycle of quitting/relapsing is absolute torture
  6. Would be lovely to have some company along the way Ray
  7. Hi @jillar It's always lovely to see you. I hear you but spur of the moment never works for me. I have to plan everything like a full military operation
  8. Hi @Ray1198 I saw from your profile you are 10 days quit today so congratulations from me. We will be two weeks apart so will be nice to have you around
  9. Well here I am again I really hope I haven't exhausted my welcome here and can book a seat on the train. I have set myself a quit date and although I have been here before, I feel like a trembling newbie
  10. The last paragraph is exactly why I'm here @Sazerac I promise you that. I will go and read the link now
  11. I hear what you're saying and I do get it but if I did it right now I would feel I wasnt making the choice. I know that probably sounds like the words of a full blown addict but it's not. I was diagnosed with OCD a couple of years ago and having a plan is essential for me.
  12. I'm still smoking @Doreensfree which is why I came here today. I thought it would be easy to quit again but it's harder than it was before. I am going to read and set my quit window. I can't just stop as I need a plan in my head. My window is quit by 01 July.
  13. @Mac#23 thank you. You are doing great and have the attitude I'm working on getting

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