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  1. @Linda I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful thread. I've had a very difficult few weeks but I've read your contributions on here every single day. These posts have got me through some very dark times and I'm not sure you know just how special these postings are. Thanks for bringing hope when sometimes it felt there was none
  2. Is it ok to ask you a medical question @Katgirl ? Just say no if I shouldn't be asking. I have no P1A1 antigen on my platelets. I hear Thrombocytopenia is part of Covid which is a standard risk for me regardless of COVID. Am I more likely to get seriously ill with Covid having that condition, or is my risk equal to anyone else. As I say don't answer if I am crossing a line here asking you that
  3. Congratulations to you both. You are one amazing lady so I'm not surprised he kept you with him all these years
  4. Paracetamol may help your head. Hope you feel better soon
  5. You are spot on. They are trialling here to see which booster shots to give this Autumn. People have talked about putting it into employment contracts that the vaccine is compulsory, but most legal experts have commented that it would never happen. My own thoughts are that if people choose not to have the vaccine the only life they are really putting in danger is their own. Vaccinated people may still be able to pass the virus on to others. It's tough because the vaccine has been rolled out before anyone really knows the answers. Will we pass it on / do we need a booster shot / how long will we be protected for / will we all grow 2 heads and and an extra boob in 6 months time? Do you get them free in Canada?
  6. We were all included in the stay at home order but were allowed to get essential food and medication. People who were shielding weren't allowed to even do that. These were serious risk patients such as people with Cystic Fibrosis etc. I never dreamt 15 months later we would still have restrictions. Now we have the Indian variant taking a hold so god knows what will happen now
  7. Our Health Department, Lung Foundation and Heart foundation all promote vaping over smoking. It is a tool for a lot of people in this Country (UK) to quit smoking and you can obtain a voucher for a starter kit in our Stop Smoking clinics. I know America feels differently and this is an American site so I'm not saying go and do it. Just saying views differ from country to country. Quitting smoking is most definitely the best thing anyone can do.
  8. Had my second one on Saturday. It doesn't stop you getting it @Abby but it does dramatically reduce your chance of dying. Were you a shielder? Not sure if you used that term in USA. It was where people who had a higher chance of dying from it were told to stay at home for months.
  9. But this is the biggest truth in this thread. That is exactly what you are doing. While you "don't give a shit" your friend is doing everything to have another day with her loved ones.
  10. Congratulations @PeachFuzz Have really loved reading your posts the last few days. Glad you're here
  11. @PeachFuzz will be trying that for sure. I like honey and mustard dressing poured over those bacon bits you get in the jar. It's not real bacon but yummy
  12. Lol - you repeated half of what I said
  13. We have a round loaf called Warburtons Milk Roll lol Why do we say deafening silence when there is no noise
  14. Lovely with some wholegrain mustard.
  15. Hmmm I'm a vegetarian but if I had to eat one it would be the steak
  16. The average size of my circle of friends is 10-12 which is 8-10 USA (according to the chart I looked at lol). Most anorexics I have met over the years have causes which are more personal. Someone at school made a throwaway comment about their weight which had a lifelong effect, their mother didn't help them with weight but made them feel ashamed of their puppy fat, a strong need for perfection and so many other reasons. I think the fashion industry does have an impact but they aren't the sole reason for eating disorders. Either way it's a very sad condition
  17. We owe so much to those brave souls
  18. A great post @Abby but tough love which works for me isn't the forums new ethos. You have to only say something positive or not say anything at all.
  19. Really pleased he settled down. I had a phone call from our office in Speke today. My god Doreen I never knew a Liverpool accent could be so strong
  20. Hi Doreen. I have someone in the family who used to work with dogs. Maybe you have already done this but he says ensure the dog has a shirt or t-shirt from his favourite family member. Apparently when they homed their puppies they would give them a bit of the mums blanket to take with them. Hope he's settled in now with you
  21. Happy 5 year anniversary and thank you for all you do here
  22. Is it not only if they are licensed to have tables outside.

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