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  1. Hey Linda, just want to remind you you can do this. Hope the sun is shining through the clouds for you today and you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. Happy New Year everyone. Been 2023 here for nearly 4 hours now... so far so good. Hope to see lots of newbies showing up with the quits all shinny and new. On a chilling note, the kid will be 18 next year!
  3. Heading to bed after driving all the drunk fruckers home.
  4. A New Years Eve song masquerading as a chrissy song.... hurry up you mob an come join us in 2023....
  5. Public service announcement....guess who came to Australia....he's on his way all you boys n girls up North.... and now to celebrate.... here's one for all those on the train.... Merry Christmas Cobbsies, av a bloody ripper day with the fams, wither their by blood or by choice....off to finish the salads and prawns (shrimp)...
  6. Well hope you all stay safe n warm and the power stays on. It looks pretty extreme on the news down here.
  7. Wishing you mob a happy gravy day! Celebrate Gravy Day as it's intended, phone the one your missing and can't be with this Christmas.....drink a beer with some mates at ya local and sing the song with gusto in an impromptu drunken pub choir.
  8. I just offer them my clicker and say the jobs all there's... usually shuts them up. I do the little kids and I do the adult men.... guess which players are better behaved
  9. Happy Gravy Day from the Great Southern Land... The scenery here is the Melbourne I grew up in the 80s.
  10. Confession: The first batch of ginger bickies I made... did not get eaten because when it said 4 teaspoons of fresh grated ginger I decided to use the jar ginger.....except it wasn't the ginger jar I took outa the fridge...nope it was the garlic jar..
  11. I took a plate of these to the family Christmas picnic today....I couldn't have any because of the dairy (but I'm going to try a vegan version).... I drizzled half of them with lemon flavoured royal icing.... everyone loved them. Have just made a batch for work tomorrow, with passionfruit icing this time. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.
  12. I still play club Softball and compete in masters tournaments and I also umpire. Covid saw me give up both Netball and Basketball. That 2 year break in competition we had meant my broken old body was not making a comeback. I collect hobbies... so it depends on the time of year and my latest hyperfixation
  13. Oorana is an aboriginal word meaning welcome.
  14. Painting cups for the cousin's kids Chrissie presents.... watching chrissy movies...and searching the internet fir teabags that look like a goldfish is swimming in your tea.

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