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  1. ^what a sad deprived life.... Never have I ever kissed a girl
  2. Never have I ever seen snow falling
  3. G'day @Mac#23 and welcome. Biggest tip I have to offer any newbie is to just take it one day at a time...only focus on a single day...being 4 days in you know you can do 24 hours, you have already done it 3 times. Oh and don't worry about what others are doing with their quit, every quit us different so just do you.
  4. Yeah-nah @jillar I got that BUT never have I ever is a drinking game .....you take it in terms to say never have I ever .....something you've never done...and then the friends who have done it drink...then the next person goes.....so where you said never have I ever been sky diving....if any of us have we could like it (so instead of drinking) but if we haven't we don't put a heart.
  5. Wait....do you like it if you've done it or if you've never, evered? @jillar we need some rules...ie like if you have done it...kinda looks ke drink if you have done it. Held a firearm.
  6. ^ need a worried face. meanwhile.... I'm thinking of @Boo cos he's the only person I know in Tennessee...and this might explain why he follows the Braves which are in a completely different state...
  7. Next yule be tellin me ya went for a bit of exercise down ya local beach.....pining for the crash of waves and brine. Me...getting triggered by morons on the news who ignored facts and then claimed they weren't told...an all 7 members of the Aussie high court....Shame, shame, shame.
  8. Confessing I don't do fennel...that slight aniseed taste it has is not to my liking.
  9. Almonds are great for diabetics and an appetite suppressant. Avocado falls into that category too. So does ginger and cinnamon. Apples do but they are high in sucrose so not really that good for diabetics. Green tea, with some ginger and cinnamon is a good option. You can slice strawberries in a water jug overnight and then the water will have a strawberry hint, hardly any sugar... you can add mint leaves too. Most green leafy vegetables are appetite suppressants, not as good as walnuts and almonds though... just be careful though as often these are high in sugars. Dark chocolate (preferably bitter) is both low in sugar and also an appetite suppressant. Patchouli oil is supposed to suppress your appetite if you burn it or rub it on your pulse points. Onions have more sugar than most fruit... often diabetics think they have had a nice healthy meal and the BSL will be high because of onion. My mum is diabetic. She always has almonds and walnuts to snack on.
  10. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    ^^^^ OMG OMG OMG OMG ..... welcome back piggy. -4
  11. Don't you have $1600 fines for more than 2?
  12. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    -1...would ya look at iso bringing all the oldies outta the woodwork.

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