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  1. Even AccaDacca get into the chrissy spirit..
  2. Aussie stereo types Christmas... Now incase your wondering what happened to Perth and Darwin...that's the stereo type, they always get forgotten.
  3. It's Chrissy Time..... time to play my 36hr+ chrissy play list.....but for you, my dear, dear friends I bring you the Aussie Chrissy Playlist...gunna start it off real classy like with Kate Cebrano and Jimmy Little... this song just reminds me of christmas.
  4. Oh how exciting @Cbdave...full retirement. Are you marking the calendar yet.
  5. Hmmm...last one before chrissy music ...so.... The song of my people...an don't be fooled everyone loves a bogan.
  6. Go Weegie go.... so glad you have settled into a rhythm that's working for you. Positive can do attitude is bonza too.
  7. I need to learn the word no...and use it.
  8. So right now I'm balancing a coffee on my knee pondering my life choices that have left me pulling an all nighter ... been up going on 25hrs...and will be driving to work in the next hour...for the second time in 5 days... why??!!!.... no really, why?? So Satdee I pulled an all nighter with election commitments and celebrations and being designated driver....last night.... I spent 10 hours painting tiles to be personalised coasters for the kids teachers chrissy/eoy pressies.
  9. Must be the Aussie prison mentality. I just don't see this as bad. Don't get me wrong, I once submitted an essay proclaiming that because heroin was less damaging on a pathophysiological level it should be legalised before dope, I just don't have an issue in laws that ban toxic drugs.
  10. I'll still be here for your fifth Weeie. You got it this time. As for saving money....yeah nah the kid bleeds me dry...lol
  11. You can't smoke within 10m of a school in Victoria, Australia...even if it's not school hours. Parks/playgrounds are the same, even outdoor sporting venues. Its all about the 2nd hand smoke. Can't even smoke in pubs or clubs here. So by some of the arguments here heroin should be legal? It's personal choice right?
  12. I'll like the chrissy music after Dec 1... chrissy music shouldn't be until Dec 1... with an exception for Christmas in July...but hold on peeps 3 sleeps until Aussie Christmas Polooza....until then...
  13. 5 years... that's half a decade. I'm kinda proud of me. Don't miss it a bit either. Thanks to all who helped me on my journey.

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