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  1. Marmite is way inferior to Vegemite, it tastes different and gross....only 4-6month old babies and foreigners should ever spread it thin....in our house we eat it from the jar! Have you not heard of an Aussie Burger? Both Macca's and Hungry Jack's (burger king) have versions on their menus down here... ^issues with the above...pineapple should be grilled too....onion should be fried...piss orf the bbq sauce and use tomato sauce (ketchups much nicer Aussie cousin). Your welcome! Oh and any fella who loves his missus and cares about her tastebuds...the rumour about pineapple...it's true!
  2. Somewhere up the road. Just walked in the door .. 13hrs and 28 mins after walking out it... How long until they ask "what's for tea?"
  3. Googling campus boards and wondering if Boo's will be hard fixed or have a moving bar like in Arrow.
  4. Pineapple is the third greatest food given to us by the gods...it goes Vegemite, beetroot, pineapple, mango, bacon then passionfruit..... There is no burger on earth worth eating that doesn't include beetroot, pineapple, bacon and egg.
  5. notsmokinjo

    Hit and Run

    Has anyone else ever wondered if Toronto is in the comp as compensation to Canada for the hockey take over OR if they even realise they aren't the worst team in the 2019 comp.
  6. Nope Things I have learnt while walkabout... 1. I need G'day and Nope to start my day 2. I like counting backwards 3. Some of the truest and dearest friends I have exist on a screen, and there is nothing wrong with that...and 4. No matter how bad things, how chaotic and out of control NOPE kept me strong. So I may have been walkabout but my spirit was here each day.
  7. Cosi ... Cos sometimes ya need a laugh. Two Hands... Because I know these characters...and you need to laugh...
  8. Couldn't think of anything more appropriate...
  9. I am sitting in a pub not eating a shitty meal while the kid eats her much yummier looking one while I listen to some moron who thinks he is smart butcher history, facts and the meaning of words to his friends at the top of his voice as if he is the smartest man on earth...no Mozart was not deaf, that was Beethoven...and no a philistine is not someone who is uneducated....yes Australians did fight in wars before WWI....no there were not 15 boats in the first fleet.. .. argh
  10. We have a winner.... 1. She did have a Ginger Fluffball named Black Beauty....I mean this cat was high viz orange....saddly BB thought it could catch tiger snakes and survive. 2. She did have a ginger cat named Ninja, short for Ginger Ninja ( which in an Aussie accent rhymes)...Ninja was cute but not quite right upstairs, he used to chase card, well only red cars, and the car won. 3. Lie....while she did have a cat named Hunter he was a lovely soft grey colour. He was with us of over 10 years and the most beautiful thing, he just didn't come home one night ..the Ranger said we have someone in the area baiting cats but we will never know. Saz...you're up.

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