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  1. notsmokinjo

    Phrase Connect Game

    Would you stop mokeying around.
  2. notsmokinjo

    Game *The answer is a question*

    Does it depend on the colour of their kit?
  3. notsmokinjo

    What are you doing right now

    I have my moments.... I like to think I'm a nice mix of rules and fun... She is such a dag, her and her 3 mates are running around wearing unicorn horns. Went in the house of horrors..the little shits made me go first into every room...so funny...then when the clown chased us they were hysterical.. even the clown was laughing..thought they were going to burst my ear drums.
  4. notsmokinjo

    What are you doing right now

    Ok so nope... Not the same date it was her birthday 18th...we are on day 3 of celebrations...last night was Shakespeare in the park...Friday night was the Thai resteraunt. Happy Birthday Linda...your first smoke free birthday ...woohoo....how good does that feel??? Right now I about to eat Australia....
  5. notsmokinjo

    What are you doing right now

    Yes my baby is a teenager now😫..... This is Luna Park...national trust protected amusement park...we have our priorities right...her and 2 friends...having a blast...so far.
  6. notsmokinjo

    What are you doing right now

    Heading here for the day with the kid and her mates...
  7. Folders of the QT unite!....don't leave me sittin on the dunny seat alone😎...you know all the cool kid fold... Vote fold!
  8. That's right boys and girls its time for another hard hitting question to test just what is the right way to toilet. So there is a third option but that's for the really weird people... so no wrap n roll to choose from... so we have learnt that dunny paper needs to be OVER.. cos the people and the poll said so but there also needs to be a definitive answer ... when using said 'OVER' paper to wipe ones bum... do you scrunch the paper or fold it.... here are some early 90's Australians to explain it clearly.... So which should it be... to fold or to scrunch that is the poll for the week. Are folders uptight and anal retentive??? Are scrunchers uncultured, abusers of the environment?
  9. Hey @Cbdave, what's it like up north... I don't think Vaping is as big a thing here as it is in the northern hemisphere, I know its not in Melbourne, there are vapers bet we all think they are a littls wanky and its not that common.... how is it in the land of the banana and cane toad?
  10. Omg this was seriously a draw...a complete 3 way split..didn't see that coming....our first official tied poll.
  11. notsmokinjo

    Wendy is 4 Years Smoke Free

    Congratulations @Wendy for being 4 years smoke free. Hope you are doing something special to celebrate today and pop in to let us know how wonderful four years of smoke freedom feels.
  12. notsmokinjo

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    Definately don't be ashamed of come close, my trigger point was having to go 14 hours with coffee um..yeah that's kinda a bit pathetic...but don't be ashamed, be fricking proud, rejoice, jump for joy you stared that temptation down, flicked that monkey off ya shoulder and did not smoke... That's what you focus on, not I nearly smoke... Focus on I did not smoke...because that is the Silver lining... You were tested, you were not found wanting, you did not fail.
  13. notsmokinjo

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    We love you too Linda. OK Gunna be blunt... Your mum is a bitch, she is also ungrateful not just to you and your family but ungrateful for the blessings and advantages life bestowed upon her. Sure be angry at her, she deserves that from you and be disappointed but don't forget to pity the miserable old cow...she feels so sad with her life that her only way to feel better and safe within her self is to cut her only daughter to shreds? You don't have problems darl she does.. you, are amazing...despite the horrors of life, despite the abusive upbringing you: *Broke the cycle and became a warm, open loving, giving and caring woman. *You are rising above the scars and taking back your self worth. *You are developing a backbone of steel but still have a heart of fricking gold.
  14. notsmokinjo

    What are you doing right now

    Glad things are improving for your dad. But more glad and so proud of the way you kept your quit....and I'm glad if you hadn't been able to work through it yourself you were going to SOS.... @Linda Thomas....you smoke free wonderful creature..I love the upgrade you...and all it took was the smoke to clear for you to see yourself for the brilliant chick you are.

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