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  1. Nope nope nopity nope nope an just in case ya missed the memo....
  2. 9. To clean a candle to prime it so you can paint it. (It's like a fine sad paper...and no I didn't Google this...I've painted many christening candles)
  3. Tipping Little Miss is gunna head to school thinking this is how the nursery rhymes go.... One of my customers little ones headed off to kinder (preschool) and the teacher asked if anyone knew Mary Had A little Lamb...so little will sticks up his hand...the teacher asks him to sing it....he looks at her and says "I can't play guitar yet, I just play drums"
  4. 8. Making boxty. (Best way to get the water outa the trades spuds)
  5. That's right blame the retaliator....the poor little quokka was just getting his own back..he was the victim I tell you.
  6. That's a quokka shit...and the little buggers got drop kicked by the drongo zookeeper
  7. MYTH...koalas are cute and cuddle. FACT...they are vicious little buggers, with foul tempers, prone to violence and all have stds. Evidence: Fast forward to 2.50 if you want....the little fella is a quokka, which technically is in the wallaby family.
  8. Sitting here with the tens machine on me shoulder.
  9. @reciprocity and here I was thinking Ryan Reynolds was the Canadian Hemsworth. I dunno I reckon anytime not Canadian played the bieber or Celine card you could just go..."Ryan Reynolds" and rest your case.
  10. ^Oh look it's the royal carriage for the Redneck King........
  11. 10...feed them to the dog one at a time So what's 10 things you can do with... INSTANT COFFEE

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