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  1. Omg...did Boo forget a Johnny Cash?....let's just blame baby brain....cos we all know he's lovin having a newborn in the house.
  2. Or-right grooves n shakers.....I'm tossing up between band camp and injuries....hmmm.... 1. I broke my nose and fractured my eye socket while batting (softball) when I hit it into my own face. 2. I broke my arm in a swimming race. 3. I broke my ankle in a judo tournament.
  3. Oh...I missed this...me again....let me think an I'll be back soon...
  4. .. .. Tangent 2....wondering why all phones have a different process for copying pics. Ok...so really came to say I'm sitting on the bus stop wondering if @boo has a playlist for his Sugar britches or is he old school and has a mix tape hmmmm....oh now I'm off to th we music threads.
  5. But @Boo...ya early...ya get 1 day mate...and I even had me theme lined up for this year..last year we did songs that featured state names in the title...this year i was thinking city names, in the title or artist....SO let's kick off early....
  6. I love marking the passage of time by your monthly posts @Jack1664.
  7. Meanwhile down under.... this one goes out to our Jo's with the extra bits (e's)... @joe, @Joe7...
  8. @Doreensfree you trend setter...pulling the votes for a win.

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