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  1. How are you doing?

    1. Rozuki


      Where are you, NSjo?????

  2. How are you doing?

  3. Ok...So I've bin investigatin.....an I can get these from the Indian grocer....so then I did some huntin....how exactly are they friend cos way to many variations? A.... Or B.... Why??....cos I reckon I'll have a go at it.
  4. So I was gunna cook me some biscuits an gravy tomorrow...yeah nah, it's gunna be 70+ in the morning...so with the cool change d u e Sundee I'll be cooking it then.
  5. (Thanks Jill, your good for the ego, might wanna rewind 8 years) 8. To tie up long hair in a bun.
  6. 9. Use them to make a sand pit in a kiddie park (playground)....bonus points for guessing the year.
  7. 6.. Make a lovely swan planter.
  8. 4. Make a pair of treads..the best shoes ever, well after thongs...
  9. Well I've heard it has a lubricating effect on a certain body part but technically you'd still b e using it on ya hand. Are we sure mother nature isn't really a psycho path, have You not seen the a Australian fauna and flora?
  10. Oright hears one I actually did.... 10. Nail it to the fence to create a strike zone to practice pitching at...if it gets inside the basket it's defo in the zone. So what's 10 things you can do with old car tires.
  11. Who you calling wierd shaped? AT least ya didn't say large. If sniffing the sanitizer won t give me a buzz what about licking it?
  12. 3. Store all the odd socks in it, cos one day you'll match them.
  13. 8. Seal the zips on your cases before flying internationally.
  14. Mayo, nope, Twinkies yep cos aren't they just the chemical version of a cockroach, they'd survive an atomic blast. (Have never eaten a twinkie) If I sniff the hand wash gel will I get buzzed?
  15. LIES! LIES! LIES! Marmite is totally cacky...textures wrong, colour is wrong, flavour is wrong, nothing us better than vegemite. I'm with you @Doreensfree...wouldn't know a fried okra from a pickled one. Dunno I I can even source that here. It must be good if our Mr Health n Fittness like a it. SO @Boo ... einquiring minds wanna know, what do you eat it with?

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