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  1. notsmokinjo

    Take Two

    The rest of the world sucks...Aussies rule¡
  2. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    False...I have not bent my knee to the ground chasing a Jack or rolled a heavy arse ball down a lane avoiding the gutters. Tnp has played team sport.
  3. Fish to horses....yep on it... So the VRC gets Dazza to sing this before the Cox Plate every year .. cept one year when they got a ringing to cover it...the good ole Melbourne crowd chanted "we want Darryl" over the other singer and Noone heard a word once he stopped the crowd sang the song instead...couple of years later they tried to skip the song ...race was delayed until the crowd had finished singing it because the couldn't start the national anthem cos of the noise... Nearly 20 years later Dazza's still singing his song before the Cox plate.
  4. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    I could send ya some.... Happy to share it's greatness. False.. I think it's the whole cage thing. Tnp loves fresh fairy floss (cotton candy / candy floss) on the stick.
  5. I think I can out wierd Saz..cos this is just wrong on so many levels....oh an please none of you blokes get ya tackle out....scienery is pretty good. I kinda feel like I need to apologise for this.
  6. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    True...Sarge loves any food...his favourite is lettuce....he sits and watches me unpack the groceries and chucks a spaz when he sees the lettuce, especially iceberg...but his most favourite is Vegemite toast. Tnp has tried Vegemite and liked it.
  7. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    True ... Yeah NAH...False..I do it all at once, sometimes. TNP can ballroom dance (at least a waltz and a foxtrot)
  8. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    True...but I was pretty smashed so I only have vague memories of it. TNP...has been able to talk themselves out of a speeding fine/ticket?
  9. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    True...and an early bird. Tnp gets creeped out when underground.
  10. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    False & false....I wear 1-5 earrings, a fidget ring, a bracelet or watch and sometimes a necklace...no tattoos while my dad is alive unless the saints win the footy. TNP....has a sport team they love.

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