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  1. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    16... Omg multitasking sticks....willwo fees never cease?
  2. Kinda looks like a Fraggle....so cute. Congratulations.
  3. Congratulations @MLMR for being 7 months smoke free. Well done because you have fought to keep your quit despite what life has thrown at you. You should be super proud of yourself because you have grown so much as a person with your quit and are now so much stronger. It has been wonderful sharing your journey and I look forward to many more milestones. You bring so much to the board both to this behind and those ahead and you have become a wonderful support. Keep the quit beautiful.
  4. How can that not be your favourite smell... it is the 2nd best smell in the world, after a Bunnings sausage sizzle.
  5. Eden by Cacharel Milton Llyod - love Hot Couture by Givenchy Champs Elysees by Guerlain Most days though it's just the body wash, shampoo and deodorant cos someone in my office whinges if we wear smellies.
  6. So I'm looking at this little plastic container with the yellow lid and thinking you've had me fasting since last night, nil by mouth, and now ya want me to fill a cup???? I'm Gunna be sitting here for ages. Hmm....should I dye my hair?....bloody brilliant game of footy last night.
  7. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    1...and next should be 0
  8. No pic, but. It's ligit....and I do invoke the SLoX (Slippy's Law of X).... X=6 6th of October City, Egypt
  9. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    1... Evening Northern Gents ...you do realise the numbers are goin the wrong way? Or morning??...no the Brits are morning...you guys are evening...same as me, jus yesterdee.
  10. Crazy - Gnarls Barkley How can I improve it?
  11. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    False!!!!! TNP considers watch pro sport on the telly a firm of exercise.
  12. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    False. TNP is scared of spiders.

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