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  1. Happy Straya Day! And finally our 2020 Australian of the Year....Mr Archie Roach
  2. Regretting my choice of hairdresser...."oops!"...oops indeed.
  3. I love the kissy sound geckos make.
  4. In a pinch if ya don't have any bug spray you can use extra hold hair spray..spiders are covered in hairs and it freezes them. Also with the funnel webs they are so easy to catch (listened to the man on Canberra radio explain how to do it) if you see one walking you just put a glass jar in front of it and it will walk straight in. Never knew they couldn't hurt dogs and cats with their venom. How weird.
  5. This is why I love the country I live in.... 174 Semi Trailers full of donated hay leaving in convoy from Victoria heading to drought and fire ravaged NSW to arrive on Australia Day....35km convoy.
  6. https://youtu.be/sHocMGrZqIk
  7. Not sure what they are reporting overseas but @Doreensfree the Canberra fire has flared back up. Yes they have closed the airport. I have checked the maps and your Nicky is safe where she is. If she is telling you not to worry then all is good. I'm back listening to the Canberra radio and will keep you posted. Saddly, 3 US firefighters lost their lives today when the plane they were waterbombing in crashed. Coming halfway across the world to help us to make the ultimate, that's a hero.
  8. Jo and I've been not smokin for 26 months next week. No news is good news so leaving it at that...oh wait getting a hair chop on Satdee so there's something new and I finally got glasses so the headaches have improved.
  9. Relising that there might be more than one way to push the button
  10. This is a funnel web being milked to make antivenom.... One of me cousins was bit once, said it was the most painful thing ever. We don't get funnel webs down here in Victoria (please, nobody bother to check this fact and correct me... let me live in my current belief system that they can't cross the boarder from NSW).... we have redbacks though and they frickin hurt... although I'm pretty sure with redbacks the chicks are more venomous than the blokes.
  11. Well the rain hasn't let up for 12 hours. Hope it's heading north. Rivers are looking a bit high but tide up so hard to judge. Rain knocked out the Ballarat fire (closest to me, but still 1.5hrs away) and it's moving so slow. Hasn't stopped at all. Better get to those drought spots up north.
  12. Good news @Doreensfree, the Canberra fire has been downgraded. I have been listening to Canberra radio to keep an eye on things.
  13. Batten down the hatches up north, wind down here has been horrendous all day. Canberra is copping it again...fires on the outskirts near the airport. Doreen's Nicky is safe where she.
  14. Lunch!.....at my girls favourite Melbourne restertraunts but feeling a bit sad cos last time I was here I was with Doreen. So far she has had a makeup lesson and colour matching, bought some makeup, bought a denim skirt and 2 tops....got fitted for new bras 36F can't get that size on the cheap, will need a loan just for her tit slings!....not sure if it's a good or bad thing that she's comfy walking around in just a bra and her jeans while being fitted! How is operation shaft the neighbours going?

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