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  1. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    ( . Y . Y . ) - I just went all sci fi total recall on ya arises...
  2. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    ( £ ) ( £ ) ... There he goes, some fake pommy ones
  3. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    (o)(o) ... You know, Slippy's gunna come in here and say "what are you, a 12 year old boy" seeing as I always ask if he is a 12yo girl.
  4. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    (o) (o)
  5. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    ( $ ) ( $ ) <--- they're fake, but still naughty naughty
  6. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    ( . ) ( . )
  7. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    ( * )( * )
  8. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

  9. notsmokinjo

    Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    I walked to the bus stop
  10. notsmokinjo

    Where am I?

    Hi @^Shelly ... The QSMB vanished without a trace and the lovely people at the QT (Quit Train, where you are now) have been welcoming QSMB refugees ever since. This is a completely new venue.
  11. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    00 the clouds
  12. notsmokinjo

    A-Z "Topic Of The Day"

    Switcheroo....and on flipping U.. So in honour of the northy summer approaching...its getting hot in here..and that's today's theme hot stuff.. Anything you consider hot by woyever definition you give hot.... OK... Epic - Ugly Kid Joe... When I was in highschool this was the hot song.
  13. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    00 hey G..
  14. notsmokinjo

    chicks or sticks

    00 ... and a good morning to you all too... what a nice way to wake up... not.
  15. notsmokinjo

    Monday 28th May 2018

    You all good there @catlover ? ... ??? So nothing important happening today my fellow NOPErs... the puppy who thinks he is an electrician has chewed through both the mobile and laptop chargers overnight.... he is nearly 1.. not happy Jan... So globally it is Amnesty International Day. The US and UK both have long weekends, not sure why for either... maybe someone will share. So, cos our girl @catlover has back to back double posted and seems to be needing some love today this NOPE is for you... So as the pvssy said... its a resounding NOPE cos nothing controls my life but me. Topic of the day: Hot Things... only limited by your definition of hot.

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