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  1. Oh well done @Sazerac....that is a huge achievement. I am still far from being caffeine free... Although I am having a beetroot latte every Arvo.
  2. This one is for our Wees wappenschawings
  3. Rewards....super, dooper important. It doesn't have to be anything big but rewards for all the little milestones are important, you don't just have to detox mate, you need to rewire your whole brain... It's all part of it....so for decades every time you did something you rewarded yourself by having a smoke..so you have conditioned your brain that the way we celebrate an achievement is we have a smoke... When I was Smokin'Jo a game if softball would go..caught a dig, came off nicked behind the dugout for a gasper, had a bat, got home, smoke behind the dugout...you get the idea...so my first season quit every time I would have smoked I had a hard lolly (boiled sweet/candy) but I made it something good...so for me they were these raspberry lollies I had to drive 100km each way to get (62 miles?)...anywho...in my early quit...I'd have one if these for all the milestones...2 hours smoke free...finished that account rec at work, won't go outside for a smoke to congratulate myself...nope I'd have a Sovereign Hill Raspberry Lolly....the thing was every time I did something other than smoke to reward myself a nicotine receptor in my brain was rewired....before I knew it all those habits and rituals I had built around smoking were changed and altered. I now don't need a treat to celebrate the milestones or little achievements but it took time. So reward yourself... It might just be a few minutes outside in the sun deep breathing, or a sit down with a cuppa ....but make sure you give yaself those well done moments.
  4. Fillin that games thread with Boobies while I play with meself....again.
  5. Larrikin ...usually only used for blokes, meaning boisterous, joker, badly behaved socially, but in an amusing and endearing way...it might be slightly annoying but you kind of want to laugh at their behaviour too. Bob Hawke was our larrikin pm.
  6. Lamb chops, gravy, steamed carrots and beans, boiled baby taytas with some low fat natural yoghurt and a sprinkle of chicken salt...
  7. He always comes late to the party.
  8. notsmokinjo

    True or False

    True...I can't play the numbers game if it's 13 or -13...I have to wear odd socks or no socks, I have to wear odd shoes to a funeral, I have walked out of a resteraunt because I had table 13 and hey wouldn't change me.....etc, etc, etc. TNP always parts their hair the same way.
  9. Jiggy jiggy Sex...often heard in SE Asia tourist traps like Bangkok... Hey mister you very nice. $5 for jiggy jiggy.

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