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  1. Kris


    15 months have passed but today I have wild cravings to smoke! Nothing bad happened, no reason to feel this way but I kept looking for my smokes. Went to make sure they were in my purse before I went to the grocery store. Wanted one after shopping, wanted one after dinner. My brain is on overload, no worries, not going to happen. Just thought I should fess up! Don't let your guard down.
  2. You got it!! Instead of butter as your oil component, you use the sausage drippings/grease and add your flour to that. Same thing with fried chicken or chicken fried steak. Drain most of the grease you cook the meat in and reserve enough to make your roux in the desired amount. Same thing as a bechamel. Some people in the US south crumble the sausage into the gravy or cook it crumbled to be in the gravy. My family always wanted the sausage served on the side. Bechamel, sounds fancy but it is not. I use it for the base of so many things.
  3. Congratulations, it is a hard road when you first start, the walk is long and tiring. Before long you will be running full steam ahead and be able to breathe while you do it!
  4. It is a milk based gravy common in the south US. Eaten with biscuits and suasaue (sauage gravy) for breakfast, also made and served with fried chicken, chicken fried steak. We do make brown gravies, usually for beef roasts, and used to make smothered cube steak, or pork chops. It you go to a true southern restaurant or cafeteria they usually ask if you want white or brown gravy on your meat selection, mashed potatoes or rice. Even tomato based sauces can be called gravy in some areas.
  5. The day has arrived after so much work. I hope you feel proud, happy, healthy and relieved. I know I thought I could not do it, at one year I felt all those things!! I still struggle but I have the knowledge now that I did not then. What a blessing this place is and that we get to be a part of it. CONGRATULATIONS!!
  6. I am having a glass right now. Grandson here, his Mom is at work, Dad took a client to lunch. Son is going to help with the high and low stuff today, my get down and up has got up and gone. Ceiling fans, light bulbs, cleaning behind some stuff that has to be moved, he is a big help!!
  7. The funny things you do and enjoy as a parent can be a real surprise. Evevything looks different when you can see it in your childs eyes! I missed all of Disneyworld because I was looking at my son's (and my husbands) face. They had a really good time! LOL
  8. I am just glad I can breath, the rest is just gravy!!
  9. Kris

    Take Two

    I will have to try that, I always heard it was ham/candian bacon and pineapple which I do like. Never thought about trying it wil pepperoni. Doesn't take much I love pizza just no jalopenos!!
  10. Some things you just can't unsee and that was one of them!!!!
  11. See, you are seeing it all, smoking is more that one thing, it has an effect on everything. That is what makes it so tough, your brain, body, and life have been all been given over to an addiction, that most of us did not even realize would happen. There is no rehab for us like other addictions, we have to soldier through it ourselves. Those that are lucky enough to find this board have been given a major opportunity to have others that offer support, advice and friendship while we struggle. You can do this, you will be surprised once you get going. Just reach out, everyone will hold your hand!
  12. Let's pause and think about things in life that were not a choice, things we were forced to do even though we did not want to. Illness, caregiving, death those things come to us all at one point or another. That will be something each one of face not matter what. For me, I did not want my son to have to deal with it again when he is so young. He was here for the rollercoaster that was our life when his Dad got sick. I hope to spare him a long ordeal. I also want to have better health to I can be part of my grandsons life,. Once you figure out the stuff you do want for your future, you can let go of the past. You will know that smoking is not the most important thing in your life. Makes it much easier, it will be hard work but everything worth having is hard work.
  13. Just remember what an inspirtion to all you are. I have not done the cigarettes but I have my share of margaritas and chocolate malts thru the rough times. Just throw it all out, buy some tequila and chocolate ice cream and join me. LOL
  14. Sorry about that, don't smoke but still enjoy a margarita. Guess I enjoyed one to many LOL
  15. I am almost at twelve months. I know there is no way I could have done it without the people here. You can talk about anything here. We all have challenges in our everyday lives that we would like to think that we have to smoke to get thru it. That is not true, I would come here and just spew all that out. Everyone would tell me it will be okay, you will get thru it. So far, so good, and I did not even have to pay for a therapist. LOL They are all gems, they just don't know it. You will see!!

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