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  1. 6. Hang a tire swing
  2. Well, you are the second purple being in my life, the first was Barney, my son's favorite. I may be crazy but I am consistent.
  3. Okay, got it, I would need the 275 paracord to hang myself. Good to know, I don't want to mess up if it comes to that LOL
  4. What the heck is a paracord, can't play if I do not know what the heck it is LOL
  5. Okay, this is embarrassing, but I dreamt of you last night. A purple walrus, what is down with that? I also dreamt of Opah? Do I just have people on my mind I don't know but care about? Is it because I am struggling too? I do not have a clue. The only thing I know for sure is that I care about how others are doing. I care about their struggles. It makes me keep fighting for sure. I am blessed to have one friend here that I talk to that listens to me bitch, whine and moan about all my troubles. I am surprised she has not sent me a bill for services rendered. The point I am trying to make is that this place works. We can come here and throw our struggles to the wind, discuss our difficulties whatever they may be, celebrate any wonderful things that come into our life. We can count on acceptance, advice, congratulations and support. I know you have had a hard time with this as have I. I want to smoke, right here, right now but I am not going to do it because I am here typing these words. I know that strength is coming, I just need to be patient for the next post that will calm my shattered nerves. Just realize it is okay to struggle, it is okay to ask for help, it is okay to be patient for strength. That is the only way to get thru this, one minute at time, I know you can do it because I am doing it. I am patient!
  6. Watching "You've got mail" Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the good old days. Good romantic comedy, Wish movies were made like this today. Fun for the family no foul language. No violence, no nude or so called inferred things, They make some and I have my head in the sand. Watched some Lonesome Dove earlier today and the pulled out my copy of John Waynes' the "Quiet Man". Trying to keep engaged to help deal with the demon cravings. Please let me know of other movies you love, I need to expand and add new favorites to my dependable list. Hope every one is doing well with their quit.
  7. You have done better than me. I just made some rotel cheese dip and had that with a few fritos. I did have a proper dinner yesterday, ribeye steak, roasted aspar agus and black eyed peas. Still in that tired don't give a darn mood but I am much better since we talked. I am counting the minutes until I think I can go to bed and sleep. How is Lily? Is she feeling better? I did manage to get enough strength to bath one dog and give him a trim. He is still mad. He will be more angry when I take him to the groomer and get everything shaved off for the summer. Have a great evening!!
  8. I am having another one of those sloth days. Need to decide what to do about dinner. I don't have the energy, like Jo, to cook at 3 AM. Maybe I could just show up at the house and beg for dinner. Naw, I can't drive that far LOL. I think it will have to be chili dogs or beanie weenies. Mind you I don't eat crap every day. I think I have been influenced by all the Naked and Afraid comments. Just find something to eat since I have stayed in the pj's all day. (my version of naked)
  9. Glad you are here. Sounds like you have been preparing for some time. I don't know much about vaping but for me it would still be smoking, inhaling nicotine. I did not use the patch, I used lozenges. None of it is easy but can be done. We all know the struggle. I think this board is a major player in my quit. They (I) will be here to help.
  10. I am okay now, Linda gave me a call and calmed the fword down. Things just build up and you think you are going to lose it. Dear sweet Linda listened to me bitch and whine. I feel so much better. THANKS FOR BEING THERE LINDA FOR THIS CRAZY OLD LADY!!!!
  11. I just dont know what is wrong with me. I have come so far but am having such a struggle. I am struggling so much. I am tired, depressed and just want to feel better. Yes, I know it is stupid. Has anyone felt this way so far into the quit?
  12. @SunnysideHappy for you, keep going, it may be tough but can be done!!
  13. @Sunnyside I like that, thanks, but I can promise you I am not going to fly again unless I can come over there to see your beautiful country.
  14. I am still here, for some reason, hanging on, really struggling, really depressed. But as I said many times, not giving up, not going back, no other option. I AM A NON SMOKER, even if I hate it. It is just an addiction that wants me to give in but I will not, I am more than that!
  15. Kris

    Take Two

    I don't have any friends, so I stay home.

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