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  1. Will stay by what I have said. For me only I stand by this. I do believe in addictive personality. As humans we are always looking for things to find that make us feel better in our own minds. If we started smoking in our teen years it was to fit in and feel accepted by our peers. Yes then we became addicted to a drug (nicotine). For me this was the case and I now understand this. I think for me it helps to know this and helps me in my quit. As we get older we can see our life in a different way. We do not have to see ourselves thru others eyes, we realize we have to be who we are. I am not a smoker, but my genetics led me to become a smoker to fit in. My sister never smoked but is addicted to being perfect when she goes out, dressed to the nines, full makeup and hair. I on other hand save that behavior for special occasions. I don't see the need to try to impress anyone I might see at Walmart. As Abby says her new addiction is going for a walk, that is what we need to do, replace a bad or harmful behavior to a healthful one. I don't think anyone is wasting their time trying to quit smoking, even if they have to try multiple times before they get it done. As BKP said it is worth the effort and struggle. Doreen you replaced what was bad by helping others thru the struggle. As Katgirl said we can all be come addicts by choices we made. The choice we make now is that we are not smokers and will not fall victim to this again! K
  2. Great post Abby! I do believe that some of us just have addictive genes. If not one thing is could be another. I did not know this was a thing when I was young. I have learned thru therapy some of us are naturally inclined to have depression, anxiety and addictive behaviors. If you've got it don't be ashamed just deal best you can and learn as much as you can. Will not go away but you will find ways to cope. K
  3. Why do women suffer hair thinning? (ie me?)
  4. Hi John, glad to meet you! I am only a month into my quit and I must say it has not been as hard as I thought. I have my bad days where I want to smoke but I refuse to cave. If all these people can do it we can too! I like you had a health wake up, hip replacement due to smoking killed my hip joint, then cat scan showed the start of emphysema. I did not pick a day, cried for a few days knowing what I had to do. I bought my cigs by the carton and decided when there were no more I was done. So that was it, I have been using the nicotine lozenges to help but have already been able to cut that way back. That may not be the way to go, for some no nicotine is best. I like you have been in extreme caregiving role for about 15 years and I know how much that takes out of you. I will say the last hard one was also my Mom. Moved her in with me. It came to the point after 2 years I could not keep her safe at home and had to place her in care. Please don't feel bad if you have to do that, sometimes it is the best thing/ You have had the strength to do all of those things, now you need to use it to take care of you! K
  5. I am scared of where this might go just like many of you. I am vaccinated but continue to isolate as much as possible and still wear a mask when I go out. I will continue with all the safeguards going forward. I still think things are not safe yet as so many of you feel. I am concerned about financial issues as prices continue to rise. I am building safe pantry just in case, not hoarding but making sure I have the basic needs are covered in case of another lock down. Just dry goods, flour. yeast, sugar, tea, dry beans and canned veggies and meats. I of course have bought plenty of dog food for the pets as well. We all need the TP of course. I don't think it will come to that but we never expected this in the first place. These are things I would buy anyway so they will get used. I think for those of us who live alone and on a fixed income it is better to be prepared than not. At least we are saving money not buying smokes, there was a day that would be at the top of the list but not anymore. Something good has come out of the bad. K
  6. Thanks for the support so much!!! Sorry I have been away in a dark room for a few days with migraine. I still have my quit, I am in shock that I am doing this and that I have been able to keep going. K
  7. Gus, Congratulations!!! I have been out of the loop, is your new job going well? It speaks so much about you, keeping your quit safe while starting a new job. I have no doubt you are forever quit! K
  8. Is it furry chicken chow mien?
  9. do not know how I got here, just glad I am here. I don't think I would be doing so well with giving up the smokes without having the support of others going thru the same thing. I am grateful that the site is here. K
  10. because of pets do you have to?
  11. Let's move on does anyone else have to vacuum or sweep once a day?
  12. Yes I think I can, I just get way carried away sometimes don't you agree?
  13. Don't you think we should donate to people in need in our own community? I see children that need shoes, socks and coats don't you? I donate these things to local schools don't you?
  14. Katgirl, Thought I was getting it, I will keep working on learning with everyone's help. I must say that I wanted you to change your profile pic awhile back. Now when I see your pic I am jealous of the new happy beautiful pic. You must have a secret that the rest of girls need to know to keep looking so young. Is it California, your special someone or the adventure of new things and your quit? I am happy that I don't have or know how to put a pic on, if I did you would get a pic of my pups, they are the best part of me. K

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