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  1. @darcy I am happy you are geeting more mobile. When I was young, I was a water baby. I was on the high school swim team. Such a relaxing way to get excersize and give you time to clear your mind, I have found a local pool where I can do lap swimming. I used to swim every week at my inlaws, they have passed now. It is hard to describe to others the peace you find in the water, your body lets go of tension and there is only the movement that makes you graceful, content with every stroke, the freedom to move without pain. You inhale the scent of chlorine, it is like a drug to a true swimmer. If you are lucky the only sound you hear is the light splash of other swimmers gliding thru the water.
  2. @Opah No need to worry, my son does the yard work now, just running behind right now due to a heavy work schedule. He has his own home to do, mine and his his MIL that also was widowed last year. I am sure I can handle the plumbing isssues, just depression is holding me down right now, if I can't get it done I will call the plumber. The truth is I just like to feel I can take care of things. If I can't I can hire help, I just don't like strangers in my home unless necessary and I don't want to pay someone else when I can do it. Yeah, I am stubborn!
  3. @Opah I have been off the board dealing with my own struggles for a week or more. It is so hard to come to grips with aging and the things that come with it. I could not have imagined a time that I could not do my own yard workl. That I could not get up a step ladder to change light bulbs and dust my cieling fans... but the reality of the situations devastate you. All my life I have done things that most women left to the husband. My husband was dedicated to his work, his job, above all things so I learned to take care of many things around the house. I was not upset about this, I saw it as things I could do so we would have more time together as a family. Now he is gone, I find that I can't do what I used to do with ease. Old age has come, sneaked up and torn away my confidence. I have to stand back and look at each thing, to see if I can do it. I can still get down but getting up is whole different thing. I have plumbing I need to deal with in a couple of bathrooms that were not a problem in the past but are a different thing with limitations that are age related. I am angry that I can not do things I have done in the past. I do not like asking for help. No one does! We are still the same person in our minds but our bodies betray us. I find that as these problems weigh on me it increases my desire to smoke again, like if, if I can only fix that toilet, dust that fan and so forth, I can take a break and have a smoke. The reality, if we get it done, we still can't have that so called reward, a smoke break on the patio. And so I live with a toilet not running well, I leave the ceiling fans on so visitors won't see the dust and I keep my quit. We have to step back and survey the landscape of our lives, what is most important. At this point I am choosing my health and a longer life so I can see my grandchildren grow up. So I can take them to the park and play without being short of breath. Yes, we are older but we at least have a choice in how we want to be older, we can recognize what is truly important. If I did not have anything else I wanted to see in my lifetime I would continue to smoke, a slow suicide. We must admit there is so much to do and see before we leave this earth, that will be our strength, determination and end goal. We want to leave our families knowing we choose them first above all things!
  4. I wish I could help but the truth is still that I want to smoke. It does make a difference that there are people here have been able to do this. You are right...it will pass. We just have to be patient.
  5. Kris

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Mass at church
  6. @Kel, You have committed to a lifestyle that many of us could not ever dream of living. Gluten free, vegan, nicotine and alcohol free. So please don't say you do not have anything to enjoy on this holiday. You have everything and are doing everything that contributes to your health and well being. You are having a true thanksgiving that many of us are jealous of. You have set goals that you are achieving, You should be proud. K
  7. Thanks @Linda I hope you are spoiling yourself as well. I may not feel good later after I over eat but I am going to enjoy it! K
  8. @Linda Thanks, that for that. This is a day we have worked hard for. It would be so much easier sometimes to give up, wave the white flag and surrender. We are not doing that. We are still in charge of the battle. K
  9. Okay the cooking has commenced. Cake is done and in the freezer for making an ice cream cake. Lobster tails prepped and steak marinating, for the grill. Rolls have been made and rising. Made myself a margarita! I have to say I would love a smoke but it is not on the menu. Realized this is my first Thanksgiving without smoking. Must say I am shocked and thrilled at the same time. If you alone this year I hope you are spoiling yourself, we are worth the time and the effort. Celebrate you! K
  10. @JustSomeGuy You are not just some guy. You are the guy that decided that his life and health are more important that cigarettes. You are working hard to get this done. Your name should be I am they guy that gave it up! Congratulations!!

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