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  1. Amierouge three months is awesome! The rest of the journey is a breeze. Keep looking forward and don't look back.
  2. I got hooked on those darn things when I quit smoking. It was like another addiction. I can safely say that I am off them for good and shedding all the pounds I gained from them!
  3. Oh Lilley, I am so sorry you relapsed. I have a hard time understanding the quitters who relapse after a long period. I am so grateful that I quit, I never want to go back there. I do know that self esteem had a big play in my smoking. As you travel the journey of quitting, you have to build on that self esteem. Know that your life is so worth saving and you have to want to do it. Don't quit smoking thinking about the cigarette you won't get to smoke. Quit knowing that you are stronger than the next crave. You can do this.
  4. Way to go Nana. Two weeks is awesome. Nicotine is gone and no reason to go back. Just keep going forward. You've got this!
  5. Hi Sarisaac. So happy your back. I am 65 and smoked for 43 years. Never thought I could quit until I landed on this forum. You have the power to do it to. Stay close to the forum, get to know us all and and we will help guide you through.
  6. Not my favorite. Iove mine with veggies!
  7. Jane, so sad to hear of your friend but glad you popped in. I miss you lady. You were such a huge help in my quit. I hope you are all settled in you new home and surviving the pandemic. Much love linda
  8. Mee. I am in awe every day. I am so glad you appointment went well.
  9. Congratulations Nana. 11 days is awesome. Every day behind you strengthens your quit and gives you power. Just keep focused on a life without smoking!

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