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  1. Mee


    You've got this kdad!
  2. Mee


    Oh Kdad! You need to throw those smokes away. Let's get this quit going. I'm not quit sure how to change your ticker. If you message jillar, she probably can help.
  3. In a year of firsts, we are following guidelines and not celebrating our family feast. Instead, I am concentrating on what I am thankful for. To my wonderful quit family, I am very grateful for your friendship and guidence!
  4. Oh Jswiss, as long as you cave to the crave, you will continue to be stuck in the same rut. You can learn to power through the craves and beat the addiction.
  5. Mee


    Oh no Kdad. I always looked at you as my quit buddy. We quit about the same time. You have to just stop. I know life sucks right now with covid, but don't let it pull you down. Now is not the time to have unhealthy lungs. Concentrate on how wonderful and less costly it was when you were quit. I hope to see you noping again and coming here for support. We are hear for you.
  6. Boo, that is the cutest darn donkey I have seen. Lucky girls!
  7. That is awesome Jswiss. It is a matter of retraining your brain and how you look at smoking. Early in my quit, I was able to view smokers differently. It did not bother me to be around them. I amazingly had so much empathy for them. I would note how sad and loneyly they looked or how they were missing out on life. The addiction really robs you of so much. Stay focussed on freedom and you will succeed.
  8. I will definitely let you know. I am sure it will be a while before the borders open. In the meantime, I love the pictures and history. Oh, I just looked, you are above Maine. We loved Arcadia National Park in Maine and planned to go back there. We could add New Brunswick to the trip.
  9. Hang in there Linda. Genetics and age can play a part in blood pressure but quitting smoking will definitely improve your health. Don't obsess over putting a time limit on the health benefits. That gives you reason to fail. When I would have a crave, I would close my eyes, breath deep and imagine my body healing. I knew that I had abused it for so long and that the improvements were going to take a while.
  10. I have been thinking about her too, jillar. Hope she is busy with happiness!
  11. @reciprocity this is a great reci! Since my husband retired, we wanted so much to start our travels but the pandemic put a halt to that. I keep telling him that we should be planning a nice trip to help keep our spirits up. Our next question is alway "which way do we go, George?" Since Canada is big on my bucket list, we will check this area out!
  12. Welcome activeonly. This is a wonderful place for guidance and support in quitting. I am so glad you decided to just quit instead of waiting. The first week is the toughest because you are getting the nicotine out of your system. Once the nicotine is gone, you learn to rediret those thoughts of smoking. Stay close to the forum, educate yourself and place some games. You are strong and can do this!
  13. I'm so sorry Sirius. The elderly have suffered so much. Trying to keep them safe leaves them with such lonliness. So wish we could finally turn a corner.

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