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  1. CarpeLibrum, I love your humor. The humor here helped keep me hooked on the forum and helped carry me through the tough parts of quitting. I am sure your humor will help carry you through. You have a wonderful gift and way of putting your feeling into words. I am sure your journey is going to be amazing and help inspire others.
  2. Linda, keep that beautiful quit going. Try not to romance that cigarette. It is not your friend and does nothing for you except shorten your life. Once you pick up that cigarette again, you will be right back to wanting to quit. You build strength everyday you do not smoke.
  3. Welcome CarpeLibrum, you sure have found the right place for friendship and support in quitting. Hang around, get to know us all and keep that wonderful quit going.
  4. Good going Judi. Two months is awesome!
  5. Cheer up Linda, this too will pass. Try to concentrate on how far you have come and how awesome your are. Tomorrow is alway another day and hopefully a better day.
  6. Happy 62nd Birthday Opah! Have a wonderful day!
  7. Linda it is crazy. It is the addiction. I actually smoked while I was doing radiation for breast cancer. Can we say I was killing myself while trying to save myself! I am so sorry about your friend.
  8. I have already packed my bags and I am ready to go!
  9. No! We always go out with the dogs and clean up right away. One of them just loves fudgecicles.
  10. My three girls love the snow. 20210220_130217.mp4
  11. Linda, I promise you will get stronger every day. You are doing great. Breath deep and keep that wonderful quit going.
  12. I was fearful of dying and so ashamed of smoking. My husband and I had both worked hard supporting our family and I wanted to experience our dreams in retirement together. I am now hopeful that I do not experience the consequences of my addiction and can add some wonderful years to my life!
  13. Steven, our addiction chisels away at our self esteem and tries to make us believe we are unworthy of a smoke free life. Instead of giving in to this pattern of thinking, reach out for support. I am glad you are getting back to quitting. Know that you are stronger than your next crave. You can do this!

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