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  1. They say you are pretty safe after the first shot. I think we are only at 35% vaccinated and appts for vaccines have slowed. I hope they start the covid passport for travel. Let all those Nay sayers sit home!
  2. Way to go Peachfuzz. Stay confident and know you can do this. Stay focused on the prize (A Life Free Of Smoking) and don't look back. Make the forum your new addiction. We are here to hold you up and help you through you journey.
  3. Way to go Diane. You've got this now! That says it exactly. I had attempted many quit smoking clinics but was not successful until I found this forum.
  4. @Diane that is the way to do it - One Day At A Time! You are doing awesome. As you make it through each day, you will find yourself becoming stronger. Be sure and celebrate because you do deserve it!
  5. Welcome Janice. This is a great place for support in quitting but you do have to do the work. It is best to stay close to the forum and educate yourself. Everyone on this site has been where you are and can help you through the tough spots. Throw the cigarettes away and just get started. You can do this!
  6. Linda, I am so sorry about your friend. I am sure this is devastating news. Don't doubt yourself Linda. You are very strong and can get through this. Don't let your grief turn into regret. Concentrate on being supportive in other ways you can help. Her family may need support or meals. I will add you and your friend to my prayers.
  7. Edy, I craft. There are many craft forums on line and isolated woman, like you, that love to share what they know. Crafting keeps my mind busy and has always helped me when I was sad, alone or worrying about something. It helped get me through those tough days of quitting. I am sure much of your smoking comes from loneliness and boredom. Get addicted to this forum. You can support others, play games and make new friends. I love the fact that many here are from all over the world. We have been able to support each other during the pandemic and share our differences with food hol
  8. Because it is an addiction and you have to be vigilant against the urges to smoke. Smoking is killing you and you are so worthy of freedom. I hope you can find you final quit. You can do it!
  9. Many of us past smokers are paying the price with the damage that occurred to our teeth and gums. Not only did I throw good money away on cigarettes, the diamonds I always dreamed my husband would give me, are in my mouth, instead of around my fingers or neck.
  10. Linda this is so true. So many people give up before they can feel this strength. I never thought I could quit but now I feel I can conquer so much more in my life. Your thoughts of the day may help someone who is struggling. Keep that wisdom coming!
  11. Dianne, hang on to that thought throughout your quit. The first week is the pits while your are getting that nicotine out of your system. Now, comes the brain game. You formed the repetitive habit over 40 years, so it will take a while to learn to redirect those thoughts. Just remember that smoking is now behind you. You are strong and can push through any crave that comes your way. You go girl, you can do this.
  12. So glad you found us Diane. The first week is the toughest as you get that nicotine out of your system. After that, you have to learn to redirect those thoughts of craving. I found it was easier to hang around and get to know everyone. I read as much as I could, played some games and Posted a Nope each day. There was plenty of help and encouragement here. You can do this. Always keep the cigarettes behind you and keep moving forward to freedom.
  13. Oh Kdad. The will is apparently there or you wouldn't be showing up. The only one in control of your life is you. You have arrived at this same fork in the road before. You also know which way you have to go. We can only hope that you choose wisely. We are rooting for you. You succeeded before and we know you can do it again. C'mon Kdad lets get this final quit going!
  14. How true is this. Our battles are not futile!
  15. Hang in there Kate. You are a beautiful and awesome woman. You are so worth a life free of smoking. When everything in crashing in our lives, our self esteem is so low that we try to self destruct. Just like pushing through our craves, we have to push through those tough spots in life. Always know that you have friends here that care. I am so glad that you have reached out and let us know how difficult things have been. I will pray for your health and job. Stay in touch and keep us informed.

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