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  1. Kdad

    Kdad is 1 Month Smoke Free!

    You too TobacNO!
  2. Kdad

    Kdad is 1 Month Smoke Free!

    Made myself a great fish dinner with wine as a reward. Good stuff! The kid and wife hate fish so it was a solo meal.
  3. Kdad

    Kdad is 1 Month Smoke Free!

    It's official. 1 MONTH!!!!!!
  4. Kdad

    Kdad is 1 Month Smoke Free!

    THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! Can't say I could have done it without your support. Today I had to drive past a rest area I used to smoke at. It was definitely a trigger but I was able to get past it. You never know were triggers are hiding. I am having difficulty with the reward piece. I don't really like candy and I don't want to eat chocolate. My budget for rewards is tight as well. Any ideas?
  5. Kdad

    Missing in action this weekend

    Looks like you had a great trip! Dogs are the best. Welcome back to the train!
  6. Kdad

    Wednesday 17th October 2018

    You are right! I didn't even notice.
  7. Kdad

    3 weeks smoke free!

    Still going strong! Almost 1 month!
  8. Kdad

    3 weeks smoke free!

    Thanks for the support! Means a lot. Cold outside tonight. Looking forward to a winter where I don't need to take breaks outside.

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