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  1. Kdad

    Winter coming

    Thanks so much for the support! Feel past it now. Doesn’t last long does it?
  2. Maybe it is seasonal but I really want a cigarette.
  3. ^ HA... Just realized the PC is almost the same price as the money saved by not smoking.
  4. My oh my... what to do...what to do to celebrate. I am on a very restrictive diet so food is out I think. Unless I can make something special within the rules. I have special "Zombie" cocktail I like to make. 4 kinds of rum!! But really I want to order an Imac I have been saving for. Choices, choices.
  5. Hooooray!!!!!!!!! 1 more day. Last cigarette was Sept. 17th at 7:30 pm. Thanks for all the support. It made such a difference. I can't tell you. Congrats to @TobacNO also.
  6. Crazy. Only 15 days until my quit for a year mark and I just had the worst craving yet. I was going to the gas station for something else, then the thought, I could just buy a pack. It was that old relapse feeling of, well I"ll see how I feel at the checkout. It seems absurd now but I almost did it. Stay strong, you are never above it.
  7. Thanks all!! Still going strong.

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