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  1. Sazerac

    The "PULL"

    I'm sorry you chose to smoke, Sierra and I am glad you are back. Pledging to NOPE is a great start to a successful quit but, only if you are committed to the pledge, committed to yourself and your quit. Words aren't enough. Quitting takes action or, non-action in this case...to never ever put a cigarette in your mouth and fire it up. It takes time for a non smoker to no longer 'desire or want to light up'. TIME. Time that you must take for yourself, time that allows your body to heal itself from the poisons of nicotine. Honestly, I can think of no better use of your time. Quitting smoking brings so many rewards (physically, mentally and emotionally), you will be as blown away as we are. Continue educating yourself about nicotine addiction. This will help you to succeed. You have the power to quit smoking, I have no doubt about it. You may get mighty uncomfortable but, remember quitting smoking won't kill you. 'Craves are not a command ! ' and your desire to smoke will fade slowly away, this I promise.
  2. Sazerac

    The QT Gallery

    hey @notsmokinjo, How do you make the w/c pencils permanent ? Spray with fixative ?
  3. No matter what is going on in your life, no matter what ! You must put your quit first. Protect it as you would something precious because it is...it is extraordinarily precious. Remember this wise equation from our friend, Cristóbal The Proper Sequence is: YOU --> QUIT --> LIFE.
  4. Sazerac


    Eu estou usando o Google Tradutor e disse, Que bom que seu dia foi melhor que o esperado. Beba profundamente a partir do copo de NOPE
  5. Sazerac


    Ik ben blij dat je dag beter was dan verwacht. Het spijt me te moeten zeggen dat ik geen Nederlands spreek. Ik gebruik Google Translator en hoop op het beste
  6. Sazerac


    Nice to see you happy in the rain and out of the rain, Parsley ! This is great news. I bet our Ticker Wizard, @Nancy, can help you...she has helped so many ! Send her a pm, I'm sure she'll be happy to help when she can.
  7. Sazerac

    New To This Forum!!!!

    Welcome, MwBenson ! Congratulations on quitting smoking ! THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO QUIT SMOKING ! Use whatever method works for YOU, we will support you in any way we can. There are successful quitters here who quit with the patch, and they will have more tailored information for you. 30 days is a big accomplishment, now you know how powerful you are ! Learn all you can about nicotine addiction and you will be well armed for the next phase of your quit. I am glad you chose us, we are a great support system and there is all sorts of information on the site. Please avail yourself to all we have to offer.
  8. Sazerac

    New quitter

    I am so glad you made it through the first 24 ! Please reward yourself, this will help your brain learn what true rewards are. The Significance of Rewards You are doing great, TobacNo, you are more powerful than any damn crave. Congratulations. You quit smoking ! That's marvelous, innit !
  9. Sazerac

    Day 1 Again

    Stay close. We have a slew of successful quitters and all the information you need. Please use the information to arm yourself. Congratulations on your quit. Stay with it, it will get better. I promise. If it didn't get better....nobody would quit so, as Sarge says, 'Embrace The Suck' because you are stronger than your addiction, stronger than any damn crave.
  10. Sazerac


    Drink Deep From The Bottomless Cup of NOPE Drink diep uit de bodemloze kop van NOPE
  11. Sazerac


    Ik hoop dat je dag beter was dan je had verwacht. Drink uit de bodemloze beker van NOPE !
  12. Sazerac

    this is HUGE!

    Congratulations Christa. You bet it is HUGE. Awesome too. You have such a fine strong sturdy quit going, baby. More and more power for You.
  13. Sazerac

    My brain keeps doing circles

    You are doing so well in your quit, Linda ! Every crave you beat is a huge success, please don't forget to reward yourself. Something little, something big....it matters not. Just make a ceremony out of your reward so your brain understands how to reward you. Glad you have had some distraction here today, lol. Isn't your husband a contractor ? Ummmm.....with tools ?
  14. Sazerac

    What are you doing right now

    thinking about nourishment. where is my beautiful wife ? my handsome chef ? hellooooo ! helloooooooooooooo.... savory ricotta tart ? w/basil, caramelized onions and sun dried tomatoes ? or scrambled eggs in a flour tortilla w/dollop of ricotta and build the tart tomorrow. I'll put sliced onions in the crock pot and they will be caramelized by morning. That is if I don't wake up with the awesome smell in the middle of the night and eat them. All of them.

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