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    Gardens, Painting, Writing, Music and Cocktails and Freedom.
    Belly Laughs, Cooking, Sewing, Carving, Maps, Freedom.
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    October 23, 2013, A Good Day to be Free.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your father's death.
  2. Sazerac

    Building something

    This is a great post, Kdad. The more you participate here, the more you document your quit the stronger it can become. Collectively, we are awesome. Thanks for this post.
  3. Sazerac

    Need Imput Please

    Welcome to our merry band of nicotine free creatures, Sandy. Congratulations on your quit ! I'm going to give you some links to some posts that you may find helpful. The first is how quitting smoking is a journey The Journey 10 Ways To Effectively Use This Forum and The Great Smoke Free Mental Fog I'm with @c9jane29 and @jillar in that I make myself get up and do something....anything and then I usually find something interesting to get into. I'm so glad you have joined us ! s
  4. Sazerac

    Sunday 18th November 2018

  5. Sazerac

    One Week

    Congratulations, Lilly, on regaining your Freedom. Two weeks is a great accomplishment. Enjoy your day and protect your beautiful quit.
  6. Sazerac

    Happy Birthday Ivy!

    Happy Birthday Ivy, fellow Scorp. Hope you have wonderful celebrations ! Now, dear Mother, Hearing Aids are not just for 'old people'. Almost ALL of my musician friends (ages ranging from 38-75) wear very cool hearing aids. They are light and look like the folks with their bluetooth contraptions. Eargo makes a cute little model, pricey but, really good reviews and don't you want to hear how much everyone loves you ?
  7. Sazerac


    I thought the voice of my addict surely gained VOLUME while laying low on frequency as the first year quit rolled around. While the whine didn't even tempt me after a while it was still an interruption that demanded attention. This infuriated me at times. All I can tell you is that the addict's voice becomes v. quiet and infrequent after time. You won't be thinking about smoking/not smoking forever. I promise. Ride it out. These are just receptors in your brain getting re-fitted. You are claiming back your brain.
  8. Sazerac

    What are you doing right now

    I never heard of Proby, googled him and, well well well....no wonder you are a fan, Madame Toady Toad ! "Proby's UK career lost momentum after controversial live concert appearances including two trouser-splitting incidents at shows in Croydon and Luton in January 1965 that scandalized the British press and public[4] and led to bans"
  9. Sazerac

    Kdad is 2 months smoke free!

    Congratulations on your Two Months of Freedom, Kdad ! I love seeing your NOPE's everyday. Not only is it inspiring to see your commitment but, your choices of op art are amazing. Thanks for taking the time to post them and thank you for being here showing us your quit. s
  10. Sazerac

    sgt.barney is 7 Years smoke free.

    Congratulations on your Seven years of freedom, Sarge. Thank you for your 'embrace the suck' philosophy. This idea was an integral part of my quit. Here is a thread where Sarge answers many questions I Am The Sarge Hope you and your wife celebrate wildly. Any new rocks to climb ? New races to enter ? New varieties to graft ?
  11. Sazerac

    Saturday 17 th November 2018

  12. Sazerac

    Check in Roll Call and Status check

    Free, just over Five years. I had a great celebration here, thank y'all. I love our batch of quitters, watching them regain their confidence and their lives from the shroud of Nicotine is mighty inspirational. My quit is feeling rock steady and there is no room, ever, for complacency. Nice to see you popping in, mister b. Love to your beautiful (and saintly) wife. S
  13. Sazerac

    Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6

    Exciting news, Lilly. Day Six. ! Please reward yourself, you are doing awesome work that will pay off big time in a short while. Already you are wrenching your brain back from the slavery of nicotine and teaching yourself what true rewards are all about. Thank for keeping current with us, we are cheering you on every step of the way. S
  14. Sazerac

    Freedom day

    Michelle, How was your day ?
  15. Sazerac

    Johnny5 is 4 Years Smoke Free!!!

    Congratulations, Johnny5 on your FOUR years of Freedom and thank you so much for all you do. Your wisdom and words make this board a great place to be.

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