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    Gardens, Painting, Writing, Music and Cocktails and Freedom.
    Belly Laughs, Cooking, Sewing, Carving, Maps, Freedom.
    Weather, The Natural World, Science, Language, Love, Freedom.

    Art site is http://sallymae1.wixsite.com/sallymae
    Writing site is http://sally-mae-lunn.tumblr.com/
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    October 23, 2013, A Good Day to be Free.

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  1. I am so glad you quit


    1. Latoya


      Thanks i am too

  2. Monday, February 12

    N O P E forever never ever
  3. Introducing myself

    Wishing Everyone Fabulous Freedom. It is so Free also , Fun, Fascinating, Felicitous and For Real. NOPE-ly yours, S p.s. I am delighted you are here,RvQ
  4. The Significance of Rewards

    Bump for our fabulous Newbies, I am so happy y'all quit smoking. Stay strong and breathe deep glorious breaths of Freedom and Reward yourselves ! S
  5. The Journey

    quitting smoking is a Journey and another short about addiction Here called, Nuggets.
  6. No Man's Land

  7. My turn i guess. (trigger warnings)

    Congratulations on three months of Freedom. You are no longer 'pushing a new broom'' and may get blindsided by the reality of Addiction. No worries, NOPE and all will be well. You may find solace in this thread about ' I bumped it in 'discussions' also. Power to You, S
  8. Joel, I am delighted to see you have joined QTrain. You were instrumental in helping me quit smoking and deal honestly with my nicotine addiction. For this, I cannot thank you enough, Joel. Along with you, the truth, affection and camaraderie I found on QTrain has been essential in protecting my quit these last four years of freedom. Thank you, S
  9. Sazerac has Four Years

    I thought I would pop in on my Fourth year celebration and what a grand surprise ! Thank you so much, Paul, for thinking of me and hello to all you wonderful smoke free creatures. I could/would not have quit had it not been for all your care and it is inspiring to see your care carrying on here. Quitting smoking was a great decision and one I will never regret. If you are thinking of quitting, please give it an honest try. The benefits unfold forever, providing you strength and courage in all you do. I think of y'all often and send you all my best. Love, Sazarac Feels Like Rain written by John Hiatt and performed here by Aaron Neville https://youtu.be/7PqYrHSTgE4
  10. ArmedNArumba has 4 years today !!!

    Congratulations my four year buddy !
  11. Why can't I quit?

    Yes yes yes. Love s
  12. Hello

    hey now, I just popped in to see YOU. Please, learn all you can about your (and our) addiction. Addiction has no mercy. It Just IS. I am SO happy to have laid it aside. It was a serious decision to say, NO. YOU can say NO. It can be done. Love to you and to everyone here. Life is fabulous w/out addiction. Freedom Freedom Freedom. Love, S
  13. Tracey's 3 Year Quit Anniversary!

    Congratulations Tracey ! Three Years of Freedom
  14. Our joe has 3 years today !!!

    Congratulations Joe ! Three Years of Freedom

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