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  1. New Beginning

    Novo, It's simple, bebe. Either you smoke or you don't smoke. The power acquired by not smoking is crazy big, Every smoke denied turns into huge power. Get out the way, you are a super hero, you don't smoke. Love, S
  2. Tobacco Is A Noxious Weed

    tobacco used to be a ceremony
  3. Catching me by surprise.

    The benefits of being smoke free increase exponentially hourly, daily, monthly, yearly... They are important to celebrate. Any smoking body memory you break leaves you free to create body memories that will honor you. It was interesting learning how addiction turned me into Pavlov's Dog. After quitting the patterns shattered and new delights took their place. Stay clear, hold tight to your resolve, expect unexpected bumps. Soon, what you are feeling and experiencing will be a memory. Already, you can celebrate a sublime accomplishment, 'Look ! I quit smoking, this is how I did it'.
  4. Day 4

    With the dosh you are not spending on smokes, buy really good food and treat yourself like a queen ! Oranges are good for craves, you spend time peeling (try peeling leaving one unbroken peel) and you are rewarded with a rush of liquid sweet ! Peanuts or Pistacios in the shell. A carrot takes time and thoughtful chewing. Dip it in hummus for a boost of protein. Apple with a slash of nut butter. Steam an artichoke. A perfect smoothie. Think of foods that might delight you and keep your hands busy too. Foods to strengthen your body, to celebrate your freedom.
  5. Huntressd Is 10 Months Quit Today!!

    Congratulations, Huntressd ! Let us know how you are, what you've experienced, how you are feeling.
  6. Gordo is 2 Months Quit Today!!

    Congratulations Gordo ! How are you feeling ?
  7. Lord have mercy

    You are in the thick of it, Rusty, no doubt. The sooner, by sheer force of will, you begin to replace smokey thoughts with anything else, the sooner your agitation will abate. I did a lot of screaming in the shower. Each crave you beat is one more brain receptor you have captured from nicotine. That receptor will stay in your possession forever unless you smoke again. That receptor will now dole out dopamine appropriately, to make you feel good. You can hasten the wind by rewarding yourself. Treat yourself for every crave beaten, make a point of it. Replace each crave with a kindness you do for yourself. Have you read through this, Your First Days Nicotine Free ? Please add your tricks too.
  8. Smoking Leaves Lasting Marks on DNA

    Here is an article from June 2017 from Science Daily that goes into more depth. I also edited the link into the original post above. Where cigarette smoking's damage is done -- down to your DNA
  9. Day 4

    Hang in there, you two. Howl, scream and bark. Do anything except smoke. You will be feeling better, I promise.
  10. Hello from old QSMB member

    That Quit looks mighty nice on you, herminedirt !
  11. New Beginning

    Congratulations on the first week of your quit, Novo ! Life will always throw us twists and turns, we must stay vigilent about quitting. Our friend, Cristóbal, has a great post about priorities, called Your Quit & Your Life, which outlines how our quit must take precedence over anything that happens in our life. Give it a read, if you will, it has helped many of us affirm our quits and thanks for staying in touch. You are helping others in their quits by sharing your experience.
  12. so simple, so fragile

    We must protect our quits with unadulterated ferocity. The receptors in our brain are always ready to re-engage nicotine addiction. If 'they' are on alert, I must be also. Simple truths and simple resolutions, NOPEver. You have a splendid quit going, Ren, and thoughtful posts. Thank you.
  13. This is a great post, rustycolts. It reminds many of us how gnarly it was in the beginning, thanks. We need to remember. I, too, hope I haven't waited too long but, consequences may have to be addressed at some point. The best part is, I won't be craving for a smoke in hospital or smoking through a hole in my throat. Congratulations on your quit. One puff WILL hurt, it will re-ignite addiction and nothing about slavery is romantic.
  14. Smoking Leaves Lasting Marks on DNA

    found this post, way back in the crypt
  15. Hey Ya'll trying again.

    It's not about luck, rustycolts. It's all about You and what You want. Around 80 hours ago you chose to confront your nicotine addiction. More power to you. Learn all you can, again, about nicotine addiction. This site has great resources, use them to your advantage. We're here to cheer you on and wildly celebrate your daily, hourly, weekly, monthly, yearly...milestones. I spent Katrina at home, left after 13 days when things were got even more weird. Watching Irma was horrifying, it just hung there for days, like a river, like a waterfall of GOM . Glad you are here.

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