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  1. Jimmy's wife!!!! Hi Quita! Its a pleasure to meet you!
  2. Hi Shaun! Everyone has their own demons to deal with. We all have stress weather it be family issues or just life. The Sarge can be quite blunt but the truth is you will not likely find anyone who quit smoking without any of life stressful situations arising. People here have quit while losing family members and friends,losing pets,losing jobs,Losing their homes, and countless other stresses. We all get it. Its not easy. You are an addict and an addicts brain will ALWAYS find an excuse to smoke if you let it. I am in no way trying to belittle your family situation, because I know all too well how stressful family can be but no matter how bad it gets smoking is NEVER the answer. If you allow one persons less than cheery comment chase you away from all the help that is here for you , you will have a much rougher road ahead than needed. Just ignore him you will not be the first or last person to not like what Sarge says. You want to quit for yourself. So do it! No excuses. We will be here for you if you let us.
  3. I thought being around smokers would be hard and in the very beginning it was. For me it did not take long until I started to find the smell repulsive and it reminds me why I don't want to smoke.
  4. I wish had been as smart as you when I was 20! So many years I wasted! You can do this and you have a great community of people here to hold your hand while you do it. Reading everything I could at why quit.com over and over again and the support from the lovely people on this board is what got me through! Stay close to the board call out for help when you need it.
  5. Thanks everyone I know I won't smoke its just crazy I actually find myself thinking about it a lot even though I know better. I just really needed to vent and get a few gentle hugs. So thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent and showing me support :)
  6. Hi guys its been a while since I've posted. I come and read once in a while but being over 2 years I don't find my self here often. This week however I have been here reading a lot. I am starting to understand why long term quitters relapse. I know smoking won't fix anything right now but I can't stop thinking it will help me relax as I am going through the scariest thing have ever encountered in my life. I have not smoked, but I have been thinking about smoking like I did in my first month quit. Its maddening. Some of you might remember my daughter diagnosed with what we thought was a very large ovarian cyst. Well on Wednesday we sent her into surgery to remove the cyst only to have the surgeon close her up and tell us we need to get a different surgeon because it is not an ovarian cyst. What she has is a very rare condition. She has a HUGE cyst in her bowel and now she needs major surgery for a rare condition. And I am somehow supposed to remain calm and hide all my fears from my 15 year old daughter. I am hoping to continue to remain strong in not smoking but I gotta tell you my confidence is really low. How can I still be telling myself it will help me relax and stay calm? I know, I know better, but I am having a hard time believing it right now. I hope I can stay strong my daughter needs me.
  7. I have never had allergies, but when I first quit I could not stop sneezing. It seems more particles get into your sinuses now that all the smoke gook is no longer coating your nose hairs(ewwwww). For me the sneezing stopped after about a month.
  8. JIMMY!!! Happy 19 months! I am so glad to have you has a quit buddy and friend! Thanks for always being here for everybody!
  9. Thanks everyone! Thank you (((((Jimmy))))) For always remembering me :wub:
  10. Hi Mike nice to see you again!
  11. Its in my DVR I can't watch it without my daughter! She better hurry up!
  12. I got this from one of my friends on Facebook. I wanted to share it here because I am only lucky enough to have a couple of the good people here on my Facebook and I wanted you all to see it too :)
  13. http://www.upworthy.com/everything-wrong-with-the-world-in-25-minutes-sorry-if-this-offends-you?g=2&c=ufb1
  14. I had a ton of zits for a while, and about a weeks worth of earaches and constant sneezing. My husband had a bad sore throat.
  15. BonnieJ


    In Phoenix fall means it will start to drop down from 100+ degree temperatures. Bring on the Fall we are too hot!

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