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  1. 8 get in here Mammy
  2. 6-8 months in was a really rough time for me. You can get through it though. There are times where it is going to pop into your head and then it will just pop right back out. All you have to say to yourself is "I am not a smoker", it really does get that simple.
  3. Take it minute by minute. Nope just for an hour, and then the next hour, and the next... You can do this.
  4. 2020 may be a dumpster fire but I am still here.
  5. @Linda This thread has saved many quits. Write something to yourself, something that will help save you when you are on the edge. When you feel weak come read ...
  6. Before you relapse @Linda just think to yourself, "If you have just one cigarette, you'll be back where you started. Where you started was desperately wishing that you were where you are today." Give it time, post an SOS, it will pass.
  7. Phoenix, the lap dog, still a puppy
  8. In the hospital that I am interning for our COVID patients are being treated with convalescent plasma and Remdesivir. We have been seeing promising results. Thank you for donating!
  9. Hi George, I am the one who answered you on your FaceBook post. Please share the information that you posted there in this forum. Our members are here to help you!

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