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  1. JWG and his posts inspired my quit. I joined QSMB the day that he passed, I quit after reading him for days. ❤️ Thank you for posting him here.
  2. Devil Doll

    Not So Smooth Sailing.... WOT THE?

    Jo, this happened to me at 8 months, and I was blindsided by it. I thought that I was crazy and I read a post from Tracey who had the same crap happen to her. It’ll pass just hold tight. ❤️
  3. Devil Doll

    chicks or sticks

  4. Devil Doll

    Sunday 15 July 2018

    Nope, Nope
  5. Devil Doll

    chicks or sticks

    12 I’m breathing Slip. How r u?
  6. Devil Doll

    True or False

    False... The only sport that I enjoy watching is baseball TNP has exciting plans this weekend
  7. Devil Doll

    QuitTrain and QSMB !!!!

    The saddest part (to me) is all of the posts from jwg are gone. The only reason that I went back there every now and again was to read him. His posts inspired my quit. I am so happy that you all found your way here. ❤️❤️
  8. Devil Doll

    Starting again

    Welcome Sneaky!
  9. Devil Doll

    For the umpires teen time.

    Welcome Zee!
  10. Devil Doll

    chicks or sticks

    11 good morning!
  11. Devil Doll

    Welcome Back to our Re-boot Quitters

    I love this thread. Never stop trying!!

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