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  1. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Walked 3 miles outside today thinking about going snowshoeing again tomorrow Lisa
  2. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    I went snowshoeing for about 2 hours wore myself out lol How is everyone today? Lisa
  3. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Went for a walk outside for 3 miles nice and relaxing to be under the sun even though it is a bit cold. Going to go snowshoeing this weekend and walk cody one day also. It is going to be warmer out. What Is everyone else doing? Keep moving forward Lisa
  4. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Ran 1.25 mile on the treadmill then walked on an incline the rest of the time ...21.5 lbs so far. 35 more to go. How's things with everyone else?
  5. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Did 45 on the treadmill today....what is everyone else doing?
  6. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Did not truly work out today but did shovel for 20 minutes if that counts lol
  7. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Did an hour on the treadmill today....hopefully I can keep up my exercise mojo when the semester starts....school sucks the life and the time outta me.
  8. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Need to get on treadmill today...woke up later than usual must have been tired I guess. But that always throughs me off the rest of day I think. Lisa
  9. ANOTHER snow storm approaches!

    Ick it's snowing out over the rain and ice we had and now I have to go to work sigh....glad my husband is driving me.
  10. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Took cody for a 4 mile walk since it was up to 35 degrees today....so far so good
  11. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Got my but on threadmill....ran a mile and did the rest of time walking on an incline for a total of 45 minutes. Did some lunges and squats. What Is everyone else up to Lisa
  12. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Need to get off my but and on the treadmill....
  13. Some of us are freezing !!!

    But I want to wear shorts and flip flops and bask in the warm sun😐😆
  14. Show us your pets.

    My dogs and new kitties who are growing fast.....they are 4 months now
  15. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    I ran a mile today on the treadmill...than I walked on an incline for the rest of the workout, did some squats and lunges and I bought a exercise ball so I did some crunches on that which eases the pressure on the back. 1 mile run for two more days than up to 1.25 for three days.. I got this! 💪💪💪🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ What's everyone else Doing? Lisa

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