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  1. Hi all finally breaking fre a bit from my winter funk.....been back at running outside again and walking....need to reign my eating habits in a bit. I gained 9lbs need to lose it. How is everyone else doing? Now if it would warm up a bit and stop being grey and rainy so I can put my hottub up and enjoy outside. Lisa
  2. Worked out today and yesterday on the d readmill as it is too damn cold outside to do anything outside without dying lol it is -8 with a real feel of -24 today...tommorrow it is supposed to be worse....high of -11 and a low of -29 with a real feel of -33 and -31 Farenheit when is winter over? Lisa
  3. Sorry haven't been on here much I am still plugging away.....winter blues got me in its hold and I am struggling but trying to keep a handle on it. I received a suntouch light for christmas and have it next to the treadmill and that does help a little but it is frickin cold out and will be for the next week, so can't get outside to walk at all. But I have been working out. This week was a good workout week as I got on the treadmill 5 out of 6 days so far. Today I did 45 on the treadmill, walking in an incline, 30 minutes of strength based exercise with my weight bench and crunches on my exercise ball. I do feel better after that. What is everyone else doing today? Lisa
  4. Haven't been here much got really busy and lazy at the same time lol.....been a struggle to get ass up and working out daily....got on the d readmill today for 50 minutes than used my weight bench for about 10 minutes. Need to be more consistent....it is just hard for me in the winter when I can get outside to walk...tried to go for a walk outside yesterday but the sidewalks were still icy from the day before and I biffed it lol. How many days until spring? Lisa
  5. Ran today for 3 miles on the treadmill....felt awesome what is everyone else doing? Lisa
  6. I have been maintaining but with winter it is harder for me to work out but I am trying.....need to work out a little more but it can't be cold forever can it?..... Lisa
  7. Frezflops


    Sorry I haven't been around lately or a lot but have lurked here and there...heres my new puppy Lucy she is getting big Lisa
  8. I have been trying to stay motivated due to the cold winter weather crap......but have joined the work gym went twice last week ....and used their adaptive motion trainer....in between I walked the dogs. I walked by myself today, it was cold but felt good to at least go outside. Going to the work gym tomorrow. So far have been maintaining but have to remain vigilant otherwise I will put it all back on again....it is a struggle. The hardest part is food and boredom but realizing it is half the battle. Keep on keeping on.... Lisa
  9. I have been mostly walking outside when I can....havent run in a couple of weeks...the weather makes it hard along with I hate running on the treadmill lol....i joined my gym at work so maybe that will help with the winter months and today I plan on leaving early for work and working out there before....we will see how that goes.... Lisa
  10. I think someone here posted this when my lady passed I am sharing it with you Lisa
  11. Sorry for your loss losing a furbaby is hard, I know. Hugs to everyone Lisa
  12. Been a busy summer and fall, I have take my workouts inside on the dreadmill sigh....its getting chilly out, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill which is a feat as I hate running inside prefer outside running...this was after I did my squats, lunge twists, and torso twists times 4. What is everyone else up to? Lisa
  13. Walked today, been mostly walking this week with one day on the treadmill due to the craptastic weather we are having.....what is up my people Lisa

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