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  1. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    I am going for a walk soon, might go for a bike ride later after some homework is done. What Is everyone else doing? Lisa
  2. New Beginning

    Congrats on recognizing the need for changing things in your life that was harming you and pressing forward. Like the others have said read, take it one day at a time and you will get there. Remember deep breathing, drink lots of water and find relaxing activities to distract your mind. Also exercise or just walking is a good way to energize yourself and distract yourself from any cravings also. You got this Lisa
  3. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Hi everyone, I am 3.6 lbs below my weight goal....I will take it gives me wiggle room so to speak and of course still healthy weight for me... 3 more weeks for transition to a real diet than I will be done with hmr. I am going for....wait for it.....you know it's coming........a walk lol 😂🤣🤣🤣 What Is everyone else doing? Lisa
  4. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Did some squats etc. before my walk this am....been sitting outside with no coat on all day loving it....what is everyone else doing? Lisa
  5. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    I am 2 lbs below my goal and on my second week of transitioning to real food...this week it's 2 HMR shakes, 1 HMR cereal, 2 HMR meals and 2 servings of cooked veggies. I never realized veggies could taste soooo good lol. Going to go for a walk soon...what is everyone else doing? Lisa
  6. What are you doing right now

    At work :(
  7. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Peace it may be that you are on too low of calories or your body is craving what you are denying it. I need to get out for a walk before it snow/rains or snorain lol....what is everyone else doing today? Remember you got this!!!! Lisa
  8. What are you doing right now

    Trapped in the house due to the snowpopcolypse....will it ever end sigh Lisa
  9. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    I am below my goal....💪💪💪yay gotta get up and get on the treadmill later what is everyone else doing? Lisa
  10. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Walked on a treadmill today for an hour than did some squats, lunge twists, crunches and other strength type exercises. I am trying to do more strengthing exercises per week, min of 3 days a week. That is my goal. What Is everyone else doing today? I am down to 0.4 lb away from goal....yay 💪💪💪 Lisa
  11. What are you doing right now

    My tattoo
  12. What are you doing right now

    Getting a tattoo right now
  13. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    I need to get my but up and do something....prolly go for a walk soon. I am close to being done with this diet and onto my lifestyle changes in 5 weeks. I am 1.3 lbs away from goal.... Lisa
  14. Buddybook

    I use Facebook, it is a way to connect with family far away, if used properly, and I have "met" new people on there also. I also have a life so there is that. I do tend to scroll past or block those posts that are unnecessary or annoying...easy to do. I don't believe I post how "great" my life is or is not. But there is a fair share of drama queens on there the key is to not be their friends unless it entertains you then.... you can choose who you follow and who you don't. Lisa
  15. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Trying to get the energy to move right now, going to go for a walk outside if I can get my but off this couch....only 2 lbs away from goal. Lisa

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