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  1. Aine

    Tuesday 24th July 2018

    No today!
  2. Aine

    Wednesday 25th July 2018

    No, just for today.
  3. Aine

    Monday, February 12

    Not today!
  4. Aine

    Friday 18 th August 2017

    Not today!
  5. Tick tock 3 years! Couldn't have done it without this board, all of you, and Joel's videos. And, of course, not smoking, no matter what. Took a bit of time(not discussing that) to lose the 20 pounds I ate after quitting but I'm back to pre smoking weight and a few less pounds even. Saying this because maybe I'm not the only shallow person hanging onto this particular excuse to not quit smoking. This year I seldom think about smoking. No real cravings, just a quick thought occasionally, but keeping the reality in my head ( constant bronchitis, insomnia, jittery, incapable of any social occasion that did not allow smoking, physical ailments, health hazard to my son, etc) neutralizes any real craving. Things I've gained: Trip to Ireland (money came from savings that would have gone towards cigarettes) plus, I wouldn't have been able to take a 12 hour flight since I couldn't smoke. I've been sick a couple of times with a minor cold since quitting but no p eumonia or bronchitis! My son is healthy. I walk more and much further now. No chest pains. NO MORE INSOMNIA (turns out my lifelong insomnia came from nicotine. Who knew??) Skin is much better. I can sit still for longer periods. Peace of mind Thank you, all.
  6. Aine

    Where is Evelyn....

    Have the nicotine patches ever worked for you in the past? I've heard they do for some, but for me, they just kept me in a permanent state of jonesing. What about withdrawing from the nicotine itself? Shorter period of suffering perhaps? Just a thought...
  7. Aine

    Throwing away a perfect quit

    If I could smoke one cigarette, one pack, one carton. . .sigh. There is never "enough" for me. One leads to 4 packs a day, just like before I quit. (or worse, if that is even possible). I'm pretty sure that first hit would taste pretty good. But, by the end of the first cigarette, my mouth is filled with that burning paper taste and I quickly will get the hacking cough back. Then, I won't be able to do the things I do now. I went to Ireland in May. I never could before because of the time spent on the plane without smoking (11 hours.). And, the money for the trip came from the money I saved from not smoking. Just now, don't smoke. It adds up, and one day, you will find yourself surprised because you hadn't been thinking about smoking at all! (When that happens is different for everyone, but it DOES happen.)
  8. Aine

    Friday 26 th February 2016

    Not today.
  9. Aine

    Two years coming up. . .

    And 2 years later, Quit Train is still a lively and supportive place. Cool, huh?
  10. Aine

    I feel like crap.

    What Evelyn said! And,
  11. "Atticus told me to delete the adjectives and I'd have the facts."

    1. Devil Doll

      Devil Doll

      RIP Harper Lee :(

  12. This is a special month for me; I celebrated 25 years clean off other substances, and in a day, I'll have 2 years off the smoke. As a 3 pack a day smoker for 40 years, I seriously had little hope I would be able to stop smoking. Fortunately, my significant other stopped smoking first, and since I didn't have a really good excuse anymore to NOT smoke (I told myself I couldn't stop if someone else was smoking in the house, even though lots of people do just that), I held my breath and went around the house and threw away all the smokes and ashtrays. I literally held my breath. I knew I had a small window of sanity before I would talk myself out of it. I was so scared. Then, I stayed really really close to the quit train forums! When I wanted to smoke, you all told me the craving would last about 3 minutes and to go walk around my office. When I wanted to smoke, you told me to look at the delusion of what I thought I would get if I smoked. It turned out that there wasn't much at all, except for illness and death. When I wanted to smoke, you said to drink lots of juices and water; that nicotine was a powerful chemical that also dehydrates the body. And, you said to send an SOS if I wanted to smoke. I did, and there were always answers. One time I had to wait at least 5 minutes! You guys rock. I don't quit anything gracefully. I've read Allan Carr, and I agree with much of what he says. Just doesn't work that way with me all the time. Joel saved my life, though. Watched so many videos those first few weeks! I found out that everyone's quit is a bit different, and what matters is that I find a way to stay quit. As long as I focus on the fact that Nicotine is an addictive drug that kills and lies to me, then today, I don't smoke. I still want to smoke occasionally. Hell, I still want to drink occasionally, too! Doesn't matter. Urges go away quickly, and I know where to go to reinforce the truth: nothing good comes from smoking. Nicotine is a powerful drug that has told me, through much of my life, that I would "feel better", look cool, calm down, perk up, you name it, I believed it. Lies. So, I'm off to Ireland in May with my sister! Tickets are bought and reservations are made at B and B's. This trip is on the bucket list, but I was never going to go because why the hell would I spend 12 hours on a flight without smoking? Torture! And, I didn't have the money. And, my sister doesn't smoke. As a result, I've never wanted to spend a whole lot of time with her! We are calling it the "sissy" trip. I have, according to my meter, saved around 4300 dollars from not smoking. I think it's more than that, but, hey, who's counting. I've got 3200 dollars saved up for the trip, and I'll have a bit more before I go. So, I'm going because I quit smoking. Cool, huh? Thanks for being here for me, all of you. You're a special bunch to have put up with me!
  13. Aine

    Thursday 25 th February

    Not today
  14. Aine

    Wednesday 24 th February

    Definitely not today!

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