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  1. Soozie

    I did it......

    no you don't have much time lol ... that's the day of my 50th birthday party !!!!
  2. Here's my 473 ... throw them on
  3. Soozie


    Looks like I'll be here for the long haul ... so you're stuck with me lol
  4. Soozie

    I did it......

    belly laugh all the way from OZ
  5. Soozie

    I did it......

    how long have you got before the run ?
  6. Good heavens, that's very scary ...
  7. I've just had a really strange experience. I had an awful nightmare last night that kept me awake for quite a while afterwards. Hubby phoned me at 8am to say his flight would be delayed, he woke me up, usually I would have got straight up, but because I didn't sleep much last night I decided to go back to sleep. I woke up about half an hour ago feeling terrible. Tired, bad mood, my stomach looks like it's 7 months pregnant, and to top it all wanting a smoke for the first time in nearly two weeks. I've just sat with my coffee feeling miserable, but then I started reading on here. Reading some of the messages sent to me overnight. Reading some of the new threads, in particular the one about Paul's friend :( . Just by chance I posted my own SOS last night, so I've sat and read that, boy did that help ! Half a cup of coffee later, and 20 mins reading I'm feeling much better, the desire to smoke has vanished. This is the first time I've tried this. Everyone says come on here and read, post an SOS, but when that urge comes on sometimes it's so strong you think to yourself nothing is going to change this mindset, well to all the newbies out there it can work if you let it. I just proved it. I'm now going to have another cup of coffee, another read and plan the wonderful day ahead of me :P Sue 1 Ciggies 0 that's a win for me ! Sue x
  8. Soozie

    Help Needed

    I think it must be just a good photo Tiffany, but thanks anyway
  9. Soozie

    Help Needed

    it's compulsory dress up so if you do win the lottery don't forget your costume otherwsie I won't let you in lol the othernight I was ptactising the moves with three of our children, they were good I just looked hideous xxx
  10. Soozie

    Help Needed

    mmmmmmm ... funny you should say this ... but the darling children have offered to make me a batch with a warning attached ... lol
  11. P.S I think it's awesome that you both quit :)
  12. This is completely understandable ... we all have to approach the quit process in our own way ... I still need to be here as much as my time allows, but of course once I become more confident like you I would expect to be here less and less, but would still like to think that eventually I will be able to help newbies, as you have done ... some of the advice I have been given is that in the early days be here as often as possible and read, read, read, which is what I have been doing. I suppose it's a bit like when our children grow up and leave the nest ... we hope they are educated well enough to deal with the outside world ... lol Sue x
  13. this is going into my 'in case of emergency file' thankyou tiffany x
  14. Soozie

    Help Needed

    bread basket's??? ... that was a bit posh for the 70's wasn't it ... lol

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