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    Sport, food, cooking - oh and I don't mind cats !
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  1. Pippa

    babs609 is 6 Years Smoke Free

    Happy six years Babs .... thanks for all your support xx
  2. Pippa

    Pippa is 5 years smoke free today!

    Oh Johnny what a wonderful thing ... thank you so much 😊 I really appreciate you remembering me. Yes - it has been forever since I have been on the boards but they were so important for so many years and were so important for my quit ... Thank you so much for remembering me and to everyone new here _ please believe it does get easier .... love 💖 💖💖💖 to everyone.. stray strong xx
  3. Pippa

    Nancy is 5 Years Smoke Free

    Happy 5 years Nancy .... in some sort of weird way it feels like so long ago we started this journey together but also like it was only yesterday ... always knew you were the one who would be that stayed and helped everyone ... love 💕 you forever 😘
  4. Pippa

    chicks or sticks

    -2 - back for a quick visit so thought I would stop in :-)
  5. What the ??! I go away for a few days ( well ok maybe weeks / months) and you kids stop posting !?? Para me ... It has been lots of gym and running in the prep for my holidays ( vacations for most of you ) hence the lack of posting but what have the rest of you been doing ??
  6. Pippa

    Two Years for our Gemzee!

    Hey Gen - late I know - bit happy 2 years :-)
  7. Pippa

    Jenglesnew1 2 year anniversary!

    Awesome job - congratulations :-)
  8. Pippa

    chicks or sticks

  9. Pippa

    Kendra 1 Month

    Congratulations Kendra ... One month is a fantastic achievement :-). Enjoy the road trip :-)
  10. Pippa

    chicks or sticks

    7 - hi stu :-)
  11. Pippa

    chicks or sticks

    9-12 pm and all is well :-) 7
  12. Pippa

    chicks or sticks

    Still early here 7 :-)
  13. Pippa

    chicks or sticks

    lucky 7 :-)
  14. Pippa

    Cancer sticks not smoked

    Not a newbie but my 15333 makes the total 171,526 .... Scary :-)

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