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  1. Jess has two months today !!!

    Congratulations Jess! 2 months is great. Treat yourself to something nice today then ..... back to work
  2. Pumpkin is 7 Months Quit Today!

    Congrats Pumpkin! You're doing great and I'm sure enjoying your smoke free live. Celebrate yet another milestone today!
  3. There is no "easy way" to quit. That's my take on it. I went CT. It sucked for probably 6 weeks and then for another 3-4 months it was up and down depending on the day. In the end, I am glad I just went off it all right away. Shortest road to Rome?? Who knows. Everyone is looking for the easiest way - the least amount of difficult days while quitting. I'm not convinced that exists. In terms of the "suck factor", you can embrace it as part of the process and focus on the good things that are starting to happen or dwell on the misery you are feeling. That's a choice you can control. In the end, as far as I'm concerned, you gotta be committed fully no matter what. If you are, eventually you WILL make the transition to being comfortable as a non smoker.
  4. Smokers Anonymous.........

    It's a live chat if someone else is posting while you are. 2 or more people have to be in chat at the same time if you want to have a live chat. That's why a predetermined time is not a bad idea although, that doesn't always work with people's time zones and/or schedules.
  5. Great job John. I know you don't visit us too often but wanted to give you a shout out anyway. And, just to address Bakon's question of "John Who" well, here you go
  6. Thursday, November 16th, 2017

  7. Congrats J5 on remaining quit for 3 years now. Great Job!
  8. chicks or sticks

  9. Monday 13 th November 2017

  10. chicks or sticks

  11. Slap,slap,slap slap

    Please, please . I know we sticks are superior in the counting game but such demonstrations of your praise are almost embarrassing ...........
  12. chicks or sticks

  13. chicks or sticks