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  1. Do you know what triggered you to smoke at that particular time? If you can identify your triggers then you can better plan to avoid them although staying quit always comes down to commitment and sometimes sheer willpower just to get past some of the most challenging times of your early quit. Did you make sure you have no easy access to smokes when you first quit? That's a big one. You can smoke what you don't have!!
  2. That's right @Dejvis93; one day at a time; one craving at a time is how we all did it. It seems a real slog at times but the eventual prize you are fighting for is very well worth the early struggles. I get the difficulty you're finding trying to balance quit symptoms & craves while going through a busy/stressful time at work ... it ain't easy at times but no one said it was gonna be. Keep pushing forward! There's no going back now
  3. No marinade for those just a light brush with olive oil or mustard on just as a binder for the spices I add. I then sprinkle with SPG (Salt, Pepper, Garlic). The other thing I do, which I've found makes them plump up a bit and keeps them nice and juicy during the cook, is before putting the oil or mustard binder on & spices on I boil water then pour the boiling water into a bowl where I've put the wings until they're covered. Let them sit in the hot water for 5 mins. Then pull them out and put the binder on then spice them. Give that a try sometime, no matter what your cooking method is. I think you'll like the result. It takes out some of the grease from the fat layer under the skin yet premiates the meat keeping it moist through the cooking process. I use just med. heat - nothing super high heat as that dries anything out. I find the biggest issue people have with wings is over-cooking them to be safe with the internal temp. I never use a meat themometer on my wings and have never had any issues with food poisioning. A little pink on meat close to the bone is not an issue in my experience. Pink but not blood red! (Just a note: I would use a little mustard as a binder for the spices rather than oil if cooking in an oven - for safety reasons there'll be no mustard taste after cooking if you use just a thin coating painted on with a basting brush).
  4. Congrats on your 9 years quit Rajag!
  5. Don't worry @Dejvis93, everything you're experiencing is normal. Quitting is like a roller coaster for anyone. Some days you're up the the next you're down again. It just is part of the quitting territory. It WILL smooth out with more time quit. Stay focussed on the positives you're seeing. Soon there'll be more up days than down days. (I didn't even read Johnny 5's post until after i posted; great minds think alike Just goes to show we all go through similar things as we quit!) Rock on brother!
  6. Keep at it! You'll get there but be aware, this nicotine addiction thing can be really tricky at times. You'll be sailing along feeling pretty good about things then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a monster crave will hit you when you least expect it. Just be aware of that and ready to deal with it when it does happen. It's often when something else not even related to vaping happens in your life. Suddenly, your mind goes straight to what it thinks is it's comfort place (vaping). Carry on sir!
  7. Welcome back D! Glad you had a good time. Did you bring back 4 or 5 other chicks to help you out in the counting game?
  8. Congrats @Dejvis93! 3 Days is a fantastic start. I like that you're seeing the positives of quitting alread (better taste & smell). Think about all the $$ you're saving as well. That's a plus too. Keep forging ahead my friend and don't let anything get in the way of your mission to quit!
  9. Congrats at your 3 tough fought days of Smobriety @Dejvis93!! 3 days free of putting nicotine into your body means nicotine has now been flushed out of your entire body and that's a huge accomplishment. Now your mission is to keep it out! You're on the right path to do just that so keep your focus & you'll get there; no question about it.

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