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  1. Did you not feel that way when you pledged N.O.P.E. with smoking? Life will never be the same Yet, I expect now you are perfectly happy with not having to light up when ever there might be a trigger to do so. The same would likely be true with alcohol I expect. Tough road to get there but you WOULD get there if you wanted it badly enough! Quitting any addictive substance always has to be an individual decision. There are certain things in my life that I know aren't doing me any good health wise but I refuse to give up everything and just be miserable. These are all things only we can judge for ourselves. I hope you do what ever makes you the happiest in the long run! We can all learn to live without things we think we have to have but with me, it's not worth living if you're without everything that gives you pleasure & comfort. We all have to make those decisions for ourselves. I think it's a balancing act for all of us.

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