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  1. Hey Dizzy, you're 3 months quit today - congrats! You're doing a great job in ridding yourself of slavery to cigarettes. 1/4 of the way to completing your 1st year already! Keep up the great work after celebrating this milestone
  2. Congrats Kdad. You are cruising to the Lido Deck now and are 3/4 the way there with 9 months under your belt. Hope you celebrate the occasion today
  3. Today, you're 3/4 of the way to the Lido Deck TobacNO - congratulations! 9 Months is quite an accomplishment. Be sure to celebrate by doing something nice today.
  4. Wow! Look at you @Ferimeth. 2 Months smoke free already. Congratulations. With a steadfast commitment, faith and good support, you can do anything. Keep up the good work!
  5. Fantastic @Warbelian! You have now completed the hardest month of your quit journey. Hang in there as your quit base in now built and things will start to settle down more. Treat yourself to something nice today in recognition of a job well done!
  6. Wow! 2 Years already @justanotherme. A huge accomplishment and a shining light to others here just beginning their journey! Hope you celebrate YOUR day and maybe drop by and let us all know how you're enjoying your smoke free life
  7. Congrats Solo fo reaching another milestone on your quit journey! You are into serious quit territory now and only a month away from the half yesr mark so be sure to celebrate today in some way. You're doing great!
  8. Great job @freeatlast! You are officially though the hardest month of all so celebrate wildly then back to work on month 2
  9. Congrats Pearlie on your 3rd full year being smoke free! Drop by and let us know how you're enjoying that smoke free life
  10. Congrats on reaching the 3 month milestone of your quit! You're 1/4 way through your first year and have established a solid quit now. More work to do yet but first, take a little time to celebrate all your hard work!
  11. Congratulations on making it to the double digit club Christa! 10 Months is fabulous and only 2 months away from entry to the Lido Deck! keep up the great work
  12. Congratulations Kate on putting that first and hardest month behind you. Celebrate your arrival at this huge milestone because it's not easy to get there. Continue to take it a day at a time and build that quit into your forever quit
  13. 8 is Great IGT! Congrats on being two thirds of the way to the Lido Deck. Be sure to celebrate this milestone and drop by to let us know how you're doing. Haven't seen you in awhile
  14. Congrats Jayhawk on your 11 month quit. Only 1 more until you reach the Lido deck and celebrate a full year. That time will fly by so get ready And, don't forget to reward yourself today with a little something special. You've earned it!
  15. Wow G, look at you! Smoke free for 3 whole years now - congratulations. Just goes to show what can be achieved when you are focused and have a great support network at your disposal Now ..... Go celebrate your WIN!

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