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  1. Hey Ya'll trying again.

    I'm getting confused with all the support groups but .... isn't that a good thing? The more support we have the better! I don;t care what the group name is only that everyone is supporting our common goal - stopping our participation in this deadly addiction! Welcome aboard the Quit Train Rusty! Stay active here - it will help you more than you may think
  2. chicks or sticks

  3. chicks or sticks

  4. chicks or sticks

  5. chicks or sticks

  6. OBX bound!

    Enjoy your time off Joe! I know I really enjoyed a little R & R recently. It's a really good break and helps you to reset your focus on return to the real world
  7. Tuesday 24 April 2017

    Crossing the street to pledge my daily NOPE! Oh, and I feel special because I have a tan and there's still snow on the ground
  8. Hit and Run

    He was a great guy to have on "your team"!! He's all in no matter where he plays I think. I'm not sure if he has anything left or not but if he does, fasten your seat belt because he will entertain you no doubt
  9. My quit must be sadder than i thought.

    Hey JB! I was just on holiday and I was watching people in smoking areas where ever I went and was glad I wasn't one of them and proud that I no longer HAD to huddle around some ashtray that was placed in that undesirable spot to catch the ash from those deadly cancer sticks but then, one day I was walking along somewhere and out of the blue, there was a crushed out cigarette on the ground, maybe only 1/4 smoked. I focused on the crushed cigarette and I momentarily wished I had a lighter so I could pick up that crushed cig. and light it up right then and there. All this was in one instantaneous thought that maybe lasted 5 seconds; if that? My point here is that those random thoughts keep happening long after we've quit. They just don't last as long and become easier and easier to dismiss the longer we stay quit. Just don't get cocky and act on them. Others have done that and you know where those stories end up. Best to just stay quit while it's relatively easy to do so
  10. Day 3

    You are in the thick of it now Sunny! Don't worry though, it's doable and you can get through this just like we all have done. Focus on your quit as the number 1 priority for now. Take it a day or even an hour at a time. I remember that lack of concentration well in my own early quit. It's debilitating but it will get better and go away. It's just a reminder of how powerful this addiction really is. It has ruled your every move and now you're denying it .... ha, ha! Good for you! Your kicking it's a*s and it doesn't like it.
  11. chicks or sticks

    I should have stayed on holiday -2
  12. Bakon´s girlfriend

  13. Hit and Run

    Or, the famous Bautista "Bat Flip" incident in the 2015 American League Division Series against Texas Rangers that fueled an ongoing feud between Toronto & Texas! It was great to see as a Blue Jays fan - not so much from the Rangers point of view - lol
  14. Hit and Run

    Probably the Toronto Blue Jay's greatest moment ever! 2nd World Series win in a row 1993 and that was the last one

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