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  1. Hey there Mee!! I been gone long time too @Meebut not with your burdens! I'm sorry you lost both Mom and Dad but unfortunately this is part of the circle of life at work so focus on & enjoy the good memories you have of them both. As far as the family raiding the homestead, follow Jillar's advice! Get in touch with the executor/executrix of their will and state your complaints because that sh*t happens more often than you would think and it's actually illegal to just take assets from the deceased person's home because it's all part of the estate and the will dictates who gets what - not them! I've seen it in my own life and it sucks because it changes your view of close relatives forever but in a way, it's cleansing too because you finally know who you can really trust. Just be proud of the fact that YOU gave your all to your parents through difficult times. That's special!! If the will is being administered by one of the folks doing the looting, protest when you get the final settlement details! It will cost you some scratch for a lawyer but it will make you feel better! Always remember; YOU beat the hardest addiction that anyone can overcome, even though you doubted your ability to do so ......YOU can do anything!!! Be proud! and yeah - sh*t!! Covid seems never ending but this is the final serious wave and I know you are fully vaxxed probably with booster jab too so relax. This will soon fade into history. Better days ahead for sure Carry on strong like you know you can and remember, you've always got friends that care deeply for you and are very willing to lend support. Surprise yourself once again and go Kick some A*S
  2. Let's go for a ride. like the ole times!! Have you gained some tonnage or is it just me?
  3. BeJuses!! Is that really you Meathead (@Sonic)?
  4. Oh yeah ... that's the spot, right there! Yeah, don't stop .... Ohhhh yeah!!
  5. Nope! I want to have as many days as possible to walk the 2 blocks down my street and watch out over the water to see how the day ends!
  6. Congrats D! 8 Years is an amazing quit and look how it has changed your life for the better. If you're in the neighbourhood later, drop by. We're having a Sausage Party
  7. 2 is twice as good as 1 ! Congratulations Dianne! You're doing great so keep doing it

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