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  1. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

  2. reciprocity

    1 to 20,000 in pictures

  3. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

  4. reciprocity

    Tuesday 11th December 2018

    Yeah - gone at 31 😞
  5. reciprocity

    Tuesday 11th December 2018

    Lol - yeah, Good One! Your prize is, 1 Atta-girl! Carl Dean Switzer - AKA Alfalfa in the "Our Gang - Little Rascal" TV Show As with most child stars he never made it as an adult actor and ended up murdered in Jan. 1959.
  6. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    -1 Good idea - see ya
  7. reciprocity

    Christian99 is 17 Years Smoke Free Today!!!

    Oh WOW!! 17 Years. That's huge! Congrats Christian 99. Great job.
  8. reciprocity

    Smoking spouse

    I smoked for several years after my wife quit. She would comment once in awhile that she knew I just had a cig when I could not smell anything at all. She was really good about it though as she never did this in a way that made me feel bad or guilty. I always tried to be careful about smoking around her though because I respected the fact she was now a non-smoker and likely more sensitive to the smell of smoking. I'm not sure there's any way to approach this with your wife in a manner that won't have her all up in arms about it. Smokers get pretty defensive about stuff like that - I know I did and I suspect you probably did too. More and more smokers are the outcasts of society these days so when your significant other starts in on you ..... look out. If she is respecting your situation, in terms of not smoking openly around you and subjecting you to her second hand smoke on a regular basis, I would say that's probably the best you can hope for until she too is ready to quit. That may just happen too as you are setting a great example for her
  9. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

  10. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

  11. reciprocity

    Easy to quit.. easy to Start?

    Hi Zoom! Addiction to nicotine requires a strong commitment to one's self, time and patience. Taking it one day at a time in the early days is the way to go. Don't worry about days ahead - just today. It does get easier with time but it takes time to get to that point. Until then you need determination & faith in the process. As long as you fight each craving and don't smoke again, you will be smoke free for life. The educational part is to help you finally realize that smoking does absolutely noting good for you - nothing (no even relief of stress).
  12. reciprocity

    Word Association Game

  13. reciprocity

    A-Z Places with Strange Names..

  14. reciprocity

    1 to 20,000 in pictures

  15. reciprocity

    Phrase Connect Game

    You can't change the facts.

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