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  1. 2 is twice as good as 1 ! Congratulations Dianne! You're doing great so keep doing it
  2. Sorry I'm a little late to the party but wanted to add my congratulations as well. 3 Months ..... Well Done!!
  3. Nice to be out camping again I bet. Have fun!!
  4. You should by still counting the days and celebrating small milestones @Robbie At least you realized that you smelled awful after having a smoke. I never did until I stopped smoking then smelled others who had just finished one - lol
  5. I never smoke on the day in particular - NOPE!
  6. -12 I see what's happened here with the Sticks!
  7. Yeah! This is weird what's going on lately. Lost one our cats tonight as well. Strange stuff happening
  8. Thought there was a weird wind thing happening high up in the sky this evening. The day was clear then suddenly a cloud appeared from the north (over the lake we live by) and heading south. As I watched it I noticed three very odd columnar clouds hanging down from the main cloud mass. They kind of looked like mini funnel clouds of a tornado -very strange! Have a look at the pic I took and look toward the tree line from the top of the cloud where the sun is. You'll see spinning cloud formations, three or four of them with another trying to form on the left and yet there's a cloud to the right that appears to be unaffected by whatever is going on, as is the top of the cloud formation. (sorry the sun kind of interferes with the top of the cloud formation). Double left click on the pic to enlarge it. Easier to see the circular rotation of those cloud columns. Perhaps the strangest part was that within probably 30 seconds of taking this pic, the whole cloud mass dissipated into just a small, thin, wispy cirrus cloud. Weird, very weird. Never seen anything like that and I'm a bit of a cloud nerd (in case you couldn't tell).
  9. You may know them as Prawns? Basically the same thing and interchangeable in recipes. There's just some slight anatomical differences between shrimps & prawns. And yes. From what I understand, the cost of smokes down under is crazy
  10. You are no different than any of us Anita! We are all addicts but we have learned that we can bury that addiction and all those long held habits of smoking to hide from life. Now is the time to make a change. Take back YOUR life! We can help. This site can help you with all the information we have here. Stick around and heal yourself. It IS possible! There's only one rule ..... NOPE (Not One Puff Ever). Once you stop smoking, never take another puff. It's simple but not easy; if that makes sense?
  11. I feel like if I have to go out in public, I need to be packing one of these to ward off the virus people Yeah, OK. That looks like at least 2 meters

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