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  1. Nope! I want to have as many days as possible to walk the 2 blocks down my street and watch out over the water to see how the day ends!
  2. Congrats D! 8 Years is an amazing quit and look how it has changed your life for the better. If you're in the neighbourhood later, drop by. We're having a Sausage Party
  3. 2 is twice as good as 1 ! Congratulations Dianne! You're doing great so keep doing it
  4. Sorry I'm a little late to the party but wanted to add my congratulations as well. 3 Months ..... Well Done!!
  5. Nice to be out camping again I bet. Have fun!!
  6. You should by still counting the days and celebrating small milestones @Robbie At least you realized that you smelled awful after having a smoke. I never did until I stopped smoking then smelled others who had just finished one - lol
  7. I never smoke on the day in particular - NOPE!
  8. -12 I see what's happened here with the Sticks!
  9. Yeah! This is weird what's going on lately. Lost one our cats tonight as well. Strange stuff happening

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