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  1. Just not having to worry about the whole damn smoking routine and everything that's connected to it. Smoking ran my entire day to day life. Now, it's just not part of my life at all. In fact, it's hard for me to imagine myself as a smoker now. That's a good thing
  2. Congrats on 3 Years d2e8b8! Every year smoke free is the gift of life.
  3. reciprocity


    That's how we all do it I think QueenB - persistence wins the day
  4. Late to your party but ................... And, Congrats on passing your 7 month smoke free milestone!!
  5. reciprocity

    Hit and Run

    Yeah, I was kind of shocked that the Nats took it 4 straight I do think the wait for who they're gonna play in the World Series will hurt them though. I don't care how much you practice, you can't simulate a high level playoff game situation. Both playoff systems have their merit and both have drawbacks I think Jo. In a playoff series the best team should win because they get more chances if they have an off game. In the do or die, you never know who might have that great game and who will not. Either way, it's an exciting time to bury yourself on the sofa and be entertained. I do agree the playoff series structure is a cash grab but hey, they pay these players crazy amounts of $$ to play so it's gotta come from somewhere I suppose.
  6. Welcome to Quit Train Steph! You have found what is in my opinion the best support site for quitting smoking. It can be a rough ride at times so it helps so much to be able to talk with other quitters who really "get it". We have a NOPE page here dedicated to pledging your commitment to not take even one puff on a daily basis.There is also a wealth of information in print and videos here to help inform you about nicotine addiction so please use those resources. Knowledge is power and we have a wealth of knowledge here
  7. reciprocity

    Hit and Run

    Yanks are in tough against the Astros who are no slouches so we'll see. Also interested to see how the layoff effects Washington. I'm surprised they have come this far. Idleness for more than a day or two in playoff sports is usually not a good thing for the mental game!
  8. Why are there no polar bears in Antarctica yet there's penguins and why are there no penguins in the Arctic but there are polar bears. Seems to me the climate is similar in both places.
  9. reciprocity

    Hit and Run

    Oh my .... Deja vu with the last Braves Game but this time it's the Cards Wow! 7-0 top of 1st? I would have bet money that the Cards would have handled the Nationals. Nationals/Astros World Series? The big $$ advertising machine won't like that match-up
  10. I had a really stressful time about 6 weeks into my quit that really tested me. That was the last really big test for me. I mean, I had urges and what not after that but no real close call. You got through it and that alone will be there for you to call on in future. It's a good thing!! Sucks to have stress in your life but great to know you can get through it without even thinking about smoking - that's the silver lining to your dark cloud
  11. LOL - not likely. That's like saying a Met's & Yankee fan could call a truce
  12. reciprocity

    Hit and Run

    No sh*t eh? They look pretty like an oversize stuffed toy but they's nasty mo-fo's, especially when they're hungry and .... they're always hungry
  13. Fabulous news Juan!! Congratulations. Now, keep moving forward because things will only get better and better from here on. Stay strong and don't let down your guard. Being quit for life is your goal and you've shown you can do it

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