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  1. We're still the same Grund. We care about people wanting to quit. In fact we care about them as if they were our family (which they are - family of quitters )
  2. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    Think that's supposed to be in "stick of the day" thread but we'll count it as a 10. Me - 11
  3. Yup! Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Quitting never killed anyone but smoking well ,you KNOW what the end game of doing that is so why not give quitting a try? You will find that you really do have it in you to quit! We are all the same and all of us who are quit were scared to try because of the unknown. How could I possible function as a nonsmoker? What will I do with my time? How can I get through life's stressful situation without smoking. We ALL pondered these questions as I'm sure you will but we are all here to tell you; It IS possible no matter who you are!
  4. There's a lot of peeps coming to this one
  5. #3 is the lie. I'm going with #1 as being true so why would you collect religious stuff? The gospel CD's I can see because that's just good music.
  6. reciprocity

    Hit and Run

    This and the Notre Dame fight song are my two favorite sports songs ever (if you can call the chop a song?) lol
  7. I heard @bakon might be breaking out the bottomless Speedo for this one?
  8. reciprocity

    Hit and Run

    I saw some highlights from that game and yes ... I can see where there's hope for days ahead if they keep playing like they did.
  9. We have another Lido Party comin' up next week. It's a biggie so let's get in party shape. It's gonna be a blow out!!

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