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  1. Boo

    Free insults

    I would call you Plain Jane, but that would be an upgrade rather than an insult. Boo
  2. Boo

    Free insults

    There's no need to insult Bakon. What nature did to him is more cruel than anything I could write here. Boo
  3. Boo

    Hit and Run

    I'm a National League guy, but I just can't root for the Dodgers. It goes back to my childhood, when the Braves were in the N.L. West (which I'm fully aware doesn't make one bit of sense geographically). I hated the Dodgers. Hated 'em! I don't have the same level of vitriol in my baseball fandom as I did in my younger days. However, the seeds of hatred for all things Dodger Blue were planted in my mind early.
  4. Strength work this morning: Deadlift, Overhead Press, Chin-Ups, Hanging Leg Raises, and Sled Push and Pull(10 laps). Twenty minutes of intervals on the rower and finished up with a 15 minute mobility session.
  5. Boo

    What are you doing right now

    Efficiency. By the time I finish my trimming (weed eater) work and mowing I've spent about 2-2.5 hours working in the yard. I don't hate yardwork, but I don't want to commit a full day to it either. Plus, I like riding my mower. Gives me time to think and be left alone. Admittedly, I didn't look over everyone's tax returns before posting that. However, from simple observation I think we can safely say that wealthy people are more prone to hire out manual labor jobs than the general population. Or...Who knows? Perhaps Bill Gates spent a portion of his weekend changing the clutch on his lawnmower as well. Seems unlikely, but...
  6. Boo

    MLMR is 2 months smoke free!

    Congratulations MLMR.
  7. Boo

    What are you doing right now

    Rich folks in America pay other people to mow their grass. Ride or push?
  8. Boo

    What are you doing right now

    Not sure if "cussing" is nationwide here in the States or just a Southern term. As for riding mowers, they have a way of bringing people together.
  9. Boo

    What are you doing right now

    Not sure why, but I began to feel like I was cussing way too much. Even in idle, casual conversation. So, I made a resolution to stop using so many swear words. Then, this afternoon, I had to change a clutch on my lawnmower. So...I'm back to square one. That darn clutch was a real pain in the keester to change.
  10. Boo

    Hit and Run

    I'd like to see a great Series, lots of drama and seven games. However, I'm picking the Red Sox to win it all in five games.
  11. Boo

    Hit and Run

    I'm not calling for more violence in our culture or anything like that, but....Manny Machado kicks your first baseman and we don't have a beanball. A bench clearing brawl. Anything? Not even a heater high and tight that leaves Machado rolling in the dirt? I guess that's progress. However, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that a part of me tuned into tonight's game hoping to see some good baseball and a good ol' fashioned dust-up.
  12. Boo

    Post a Song you Like

    I've probably already posted this song, but I've had it on repeat all day so here it goes again...
  13. Strength work this morning: Snatch, Front Squat, and Bench Press. Finished up my strength work with a walk, push, pull relay: 1 rep=Farmer's Walk, Sled Pull, Sled Push, Farmer's Walk. Did five reps of that and was thoroughly exhausted at the end. Finished up the session with 20 minutes of mobility work. I've got some hiking and climbing lined up for tomorrow morning. Have a good weekend everybody.
  14. There's a lot to be said for fighting the good fight. I fought it for a while...it worked. I didn't smoke. Then I quit fighting it. The cravings pass. The thoughts have as much or as little power as you give them. I went from fighting it to simply dismissing it. Choose your own path and always remember that so long as you don't smoke, you have yourself a rock-solid quit going. Good job Pott.
  15. Strength work this morning: Clean and Jerk, Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Pull-Ups, Inverted Rows, and Sled Pulls. Finished up with 15 minutes of jump rope and a short mobility session. I'm going to tweak my program a bit to maximize my time with weighted carries and pulls. I've already mentioned how much I like Farmer's Walks and I'm really liking the sled work (pushing and pulling). There's just something about moving heavy weights that gets the job done and leaves you feeling strong.

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