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  1. Slap,slap,slap slap

    Doreen does chase me around with a paddle, but what we do behind closed doors is between us. It's like 50 Shades of Grey meets The Benny Hill Show.
  2. Slap,slap,slap slap

  3. chicks or sticks

  4. chicks or sticks

  5. Peace Train Is 8 Months Smoke Free Today!

    There's no stopping the Peace Train! Awesome job PT. Congratulations.
  6. Just finished a big breakfast. One of the things I like about a running day is that I can, without even a trace of guilt, load up on carbs. Feeling good and heading for the trailhead here in about a half-hour. Have a good weekend with lots of moving around folks. Edited to add: Did my planned 11.2 miles plus an additional 1.4 miles with some bushwhacking thrown in. Lost the trail at the rock garden, but fortunately picked up another trail that intersects with the loop I was running. Some days you go looking for adventure. Other days the adventure finds you.
  7. chicks or sticks

  8. chicks or sticks

    Niner Good Saturday morning Chicks and Sticks.
  9. Two weeks

    Good work Octain. Two weeks down and a lifetime of freedom ahead. Congratulations.
  10. chicks or sticks

  11. Did some pull-ups, push-ups, and dips for upper body work. Lunges and box jumps for lower body and did an extended mobility session with some core work. Took it a bit easy today and I'm ready to hit the trail tomorrow morning.
  12. chicks or sticks

    High Five!
  13. Resting heart rate

    The benefits begin immediately and accumulate quickly. Trust the process and the process will reward you many times over.

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