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  1. Boo

    Hit and Run

    I would vote yes. The win-loss numbers are a statistical aberration. When you look at deGrom's body of work this season, his numbers are comparable to those of Clayton Kershaw in 2014. In spite of everything going on around him, Jacob deGrom has been aces this season.
  2. Boo

    Post a Song you Like

    In spite of the fact that the internet arbiters of musical tastes have decided it's sacrilege to cover a song by the Beatles...I happen to like this version. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.
  3. Boo

    Hit and Run

    The Mets aren't going to win the East, but they may well play a huge role in determining who does. For all the woes the Mets have faced this year...with deGrom, Syndergaard, and Wheeler New York is not the team you want to face if you absolutely have to have a win. And speaking as a Braves fan, I would just as soon not play any more teams from the N.L West this season either. Those left coasters are killing us this year.
  4. Boo

    No Man,s Land !!!

    I actually enjoyed my time in "No Man's Land." It took a while to fully identify as a full-fledged non-smoker, but I sorted that out in time. I found that time to be a nice respite from the obsessive thoughts and necessary affirmations of the early days of the quit. I was transitioning into a habitual non-smoker. It's a thin line between boring and peaceful.
  5. Boo

    Hello everyone

    Welcome aboard Blur. Some people do well with a detailed plan, but it is not a prerequisite for a successful quit. For instance: I spent a fair amount of time planning ahead about how I would handle being around other people that still smoke. After I quit, I wasn't bothered by being around other people smoking. It really had no effect on me whatsoever. There are many variables at play when quitting and often you don't know what to expect until you actually begin the process. Move the big rocks first. Take time to educate yourself about nicotine addiction and the truth about cigarettes. There will be times when you feel like smoking a cigarette, look into some coping mechanisms for those moments. Deep breathing exercises and physical exercise worked well for many of us and there are many other options to choose from. Above all, commit 100% to taking back your freedom and health. A steadfast resolve will allow you to sort it out as you go and take whatever the process offers up. Absolutely. Enjoy the ride.
  6. Boo

    Really feeling like I can't do this.

    You're well on your way. Most every quitter hits a point early in the process where the addiction does its best to break you. Your commitment is challenged and you have a vital decision to make. You chose wisely. It's the difficult times in the early days that forge a lifelong, rock-solid quit. Onward and upward from here Linda.
  7. Boo

    Post a Song you Like

    Changing things up a bit. Here's Elvis doing a cover of a Hank Snow song.
  8. Strength work this morning: Deadlifts, Goblet Squats, Power Cleans, and Farmer's Walks. Did a couple of supplemental lifts: Kettlebell Swings and Good Mornings. Finished up with intervals on the rower and some mobility work. Full day of whitewater paddling planned for tomorrow. Doing an Ocoee Run, upper and middle sections. Good times! Have a good weekend everybody.
  9. I knew of the health risks associated with smoking. I didn't know as much then as I thought I did. I also buried my head in the sand concerning those health risks. In spite of the fact that both of my grandfathers were smokers and both died with cancer, that was never going to happen to me. Addiction breeds a special kind of stupidity. The thing that finally pushed me to quit was the level of control cigarettes had over my life. From that first one of the day to the last one before I went to bed, cigarettes were ruling my every waking hour. I all but quit going to concerts, baseball and football games, movies, etc., as more and more places became smokefree environments. The cigarette was the alpha and omega of my life. I was just along for the ride. Got tired of being a slave to the cigarette. I said: screw this, I quit! And the rest is history.
  10. Boo

    Post a Song you Like

    Not sure if technically a cover or just a "re-mix." Not sure that it even matters. Viva Las Vegas! Viva Tres Hombres!
  11. Felt like I needed to do more unilateral work so I did all unilateral work this morning: High Box Step-Ups, Single-Leg Deadlifts, Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatch, One-Arm Floor Press, and Suitcase Carries. Finished up with twenty-minutes of steady-state on the rower.
  12. Boo

    Man. Guess what we get to do at work today?

    Back in my younger days, I briefly worked at a Duracell battery plant. During my time there, upper management all went to some quality control (ISO 9000) seminar. The only thing that changed was they put up banners with sayings like: "Zero Defects" and "Quality Is Our Mission." They hung one of the banners too low and a guy moving pallets on a forklift got caught up in it. Pallets were crashing all over the place. People on the floor were scrambling for cover. All the guy driving the forklift could do was cover his head and hope for the best. The irony of it all broke up the monotony of an otherwise dreadfully boring job.
  13. Boo

    Hello (Intro)

    Welcome aboard Christa. Good news about your medical tests. Your lungs begin repairing themselves the moment you quit. The obsessive thoughts about smoking are almost universal among quitters in the early stages of the process. With time and patience you will adapt to being a non-smoker. Congratulations on making a great choice for yourself.
  14. Boo

    Post a Song you Like

    Technically, these are both covers of songs that Elvis famously covered. Anywhoo...enjoy the music.
  15. I was pressed for time this morning. Did a superset: Front Squats, Romanian Deadlift, Military Press, Bench Press, and Bent-Over Row. Six reps of each, repeated the set five times. Cooled down with 10 minutes of mobility work. Look at her go! Good work Horny Toad.

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