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  1. Boo

    Post a Song you Like

    You posted "Father Christmas" by the Kinks and a couple of Johnny Cash videos. I'll let it slide that you slighted Elvis. I've posted this song every December since I joined the Train. So for the sake of consistency and the fact that it is a damn good song, here it is again...
  2. I've got to get in gear again this week. It's been cold and rainy here all weekend so I got lazy. Strange how a couple of days of doing little more than eating and sleeping can leave you feeling tired. Looking at doing some boxing and strength training starting tomorrow.
  3. Boo

    Saturday Poll: Toilet Paper... over or under?

    For what it's worth, I voted "over." No real reason, it's just how I've always put the roll on. The real reason I'm posting on this thread is for the toilet humor...
  4. Boo

    Sslip is 11 Months Smoke Free!

    Good work Slip.
  5. Boo

    Good cat

    There's a crummy looking Chinese joint in Chattanooga, rough part of town. I can't help but notice there's always an inordinate amount of pigeons around that place. Almost as if they're being baited. I'm just sayin'. There also used to be a Bar-B-Q food truck that parked in the lot next to the animal hospital over on Amnicola. I never trusted that either.
  6. Make no mistake about it...I still think you're crazy as an outhouse rat. But it's the right kind of crazy. And let's be honest, you're not the only one riding this Train that has a screw loose. Thank you for the kind words. They were so true and frankly, I don't get complimented enough around here. Seriously though, you are one of the good ones Jo. I'm happy to see you on the lido deck and hope nothing but future success awaits you down the line. This Train ride got a whole lot more interesting when you jumped aboard. Three cheers for Ol' Ozzie Looney-Bird!
  7. Boo


    There is a kinder, gentler way to proceed with the process: stop beating yourself up. You craved a cigarette...that's addiction for ya. You stated you felt guilty about putting out an S.O.S...that's exactly what this section is for. You wanted to smoke but didn't...that's how long-term quits are built. You are a non-smoker now. Congratulate yourself on that and don't let yourself be bothered by any kind of arbitrary timeline. Stay the course and I guarantee you will get there.
  8. I like gyms. I just have an aversion to 90% of the people in there. That goofball dropping the bar at the top of the deadlift. His idiot friend curling in the squat rack. There's some dipshit over there with two guys spotting him on a Smith Machine. Good call. If your schedule allows you to hit the gym during less crowded times, that's your best bet.
  9. Boo


    Why? My quit is going on three-years now and I still stick to the basics everyday. Don't smoke and your quit is good. It's basic, simple, and 100% effective.
  10. Boo

    chicks or sticks

    20! Sticks Rule!
  11. Boo

    chicks or sticks

    18 déjà vu....

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