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  1. I'm not worrying about my kids and technology. With the exception of when she's sleepy, Maddie gets very little screen time. Jackson...he couldn't care less about technology. I am however worried about my parents and technology. My mom got a new phone. In trying to figure out this newfangled contraption, she accidentally calls people on her contact list. I've gotten two such calls already today. My sister gets accidental calls on a regular basis as well now. The upside is: now I know what to get mom for Christmas.
  2. Good job WeegieWoman. Congratulations.
  3. My sleigh never strays from the tracks.
  4. Who wants a peppermint candy? Seriously, help yourself. One of the guys at work brought his daughter in a few weeks ago and she was selling decorative Christmas tins filled with individually wrapped candies to raise money for her pre-school. David knew none of us would say no to a cute little girl, so we all ended up buying a tin. The Christmas tins were delivered today and none of knew how big these things were. We've got way more candy than we know what to do with. Cole was doing circus tricks earlier, throwing the candy way up in the air and trying to catch it in his mouth. Stumpy was looking for over/under bets on how many candies he could get in his mouth at one time. This crew has managed to turn Christmas candy into a workplace hazard.
  5. You've got a lot of irons in the fire. You're not going to please everyone all the time. You'll only wear yourself out trying. The folks that matter will understand if you sit one out from time-to-time. The folks who want to work you like a farm mule...f**k 'em, you don't need a lot of people like that in your life.
  6. There is a valuable lesson in that. Anxiety thrives in chaos. When we slow down and take a few deep breaths things become much clearer and more reasonable. Some times you need to slow down before moving forward. Sounds like you're in a better place now Kimberbee. Good job.

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