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  1. Unfortunately, most of Merritt's videos are blocked here in America. I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I hate the practice of Sony and UMG blocking music videos...now is not the time for that rant. Here is one video I found that those of us in the States can access...
  2. Maddie has a barnyard themed playmat. If you touch the animals they either make a noise or play a song. Push the lamb and you get "Mary had a Little Lamb." My first thought was: Not bad, but I like Stevie Ray's version better.
  3. A good reminder that anybody can quit. ANYBODY! Bakon is an idiot and even he figured it out. Good job dumbass.
  4. Five months of freedom is something to celebrate. Congratulations Mona.
  5. In the top right hand corner of the page, next to the messages and notifications indicators, there is a customizer button. One of the options is to enable the "sticky author panel." It's of no real importance. I was just looking to make a cheap joke and hypocritically point my finger at the rest of you and say that you're all a bunch of perverts. Sugar Britches is watching some awards show on television and Maddie is sleeping. So, I'm just goofing around on the internet for a bit...pay me no mind.
  6. I was just checking out the customizer function on the new look page. Who are all of these "sticky authors" we have here? Do I even want to know why they are sticky?
  7. Imagine trying to pitch Hansel and Gretel as a children's movie today. Yeah, so, there's these two kids, brother and sister. Their parents collude to abandon them in the woods. Out in the woods they are kidnapped by a witch. The witch tries to fatten them up before throwing them in the oven...did I mention that the witch is also a cannibal? You would be escorted out of the building by security.
  8. Showing off the new set of wheels I bought this morning. I don't own a top hat or cummerbund, but you know I have style when I roll up...
  9. Welcome aboard Oona. Good call on giving up the smokes. I used to enjoy smoking...at least that's what I told myself. Then I found something better: not smoking. Quitting smoking will reward you many times over and be worth every bit of the effort.
  10. I remember you. The "Post a Song You Like" thread. And there was that whole matter of me and Duck picking on you in the "Chicks or Sticks" game...all for laughs of course. Good to see you around.
  11. Heard one of those memory lane songs this morning on Willie's Roadhouse. My grandfather used to like to dance with my grandmother to this song. Good times.
  12. Feeling good about things. Hell, you might even say I'm downright giddy. My company landed a contract for a big project by the Tennessee Valley Authority today. This is a multi-year project and the TVA never runs out of money. I don't like to boast, but...

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