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  1. To: Johnny5 From: Boo An ornament for your tree. Here's hoping we get a full baseball season in the new year.
  2. To: Mac From: Boo A knife set. You're handy in the kitchen and knives are a cool gift.
  3. Every December I post this song. And the tradition continues...
  4. We can't forget Bakon...Lord knows I've tried. He's getting a lump of coal.
  5. To: BKP From: Boo Ziploc bags. No one finds more uses for Ziploc bags than a hiker does.
  6. To: Cbdave From: Boo A word of the day calendar with a twist. Everyday the word is "NOPE."
  7. To: Rec From: Boo It's cold up in the Great White North. Enjoy your sweater.
  8. To: Jo From: Boo Bear spray. Gives her a fighting chance against all the critters down under.
  9. To: Doreen From: Boo Sausages! To: Jillar From: Boo Christmas cookies. They're special cookies from the dispensary, so...don't eat them all at one sitting.
  10. Good job John. Congratulations.
  11. Boo


    There were two complimentary magazines in my mailbox this afternoon: American Rifleman and Farm World. Confession: I'm a little paranoid that the United States Postal Service has profiled me as some kind of gun toting bumpkin. It's not that they're wrong, I just wonder how they found out.
  12. The Thanksgiving food hangover has passed, all that remains are the remnants of leftovers now. The Christmas tree is up and we finished the final touches on decorations this afternoon. It's time to let it rip with the holly and jolly. I always kick off the festivities with my favorite Christmas song of all-time... Those old Elvis Christmas albums were on a regular rotation at my house when I was a kid...

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