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  1. I did a bit of target shooting this weekend. Shot a .50 caliber Desert Eagle for the first time. That gun does have some kick to it, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. That is one beefy handgun.
  2. Whether you're feeling ripe or just ready to gripe, let it all out and have a good type.
  3. That's been our experience with Cash. We give him Heartgard Plus, a beef flavored chewable. Administering the drug is a simple matter of putting the cube near his mouth and saying "there ya go." He woofs it right down every time.
  4. As Meatloaf said: "two out of three ain't bad." Had more dirt bike and four wheeler wrecks than I care to remember. Did get bucked off a horse, not technically a bronco but rather a high spirited quarter-horse. However, didn't hurt my shoulder when I got bucked. Managed to escape that one with only a turned ankle. Throw in some old baseball injuries, farm work mishaps, accidents in and around whitewater rivers and steep creeks, a rope swing trick at the lake that went terribly wrong, and being a passenger in a Jeep that rolled three times...you get the picture. I try not to complain about the aches and pains too much. I'm just lucky to be alive.
  5. Congratulations Catlover. That's great news. Double the number of new babies to spoil.
  6. I plead the Fifth on any previous questionable behavior over there. We were just having a laugh...honest!
  7. You can. It's a simple process. Remember the two rules of quitting: (1) DON'T SMOKE! and (2) If you have any further questions, refer back to Rule #1. You don't actually have to do anything. You just refrain from smoking.
  8. I have abused my shoulders throughout my life: multiple dislocations, AC joint sprains, both collar bones broken, and recurring rotator cuff issues. Shoulder pain is just a fact of life for me at this point. However, strength training and mobility work have helped the cause. High Boy Rows (a bent-over row where the bar is brought to mid-chest or slightly above) have helped a great deal with my rotator cuff issues. I've been surprised how much better my shoulders feel since adding Dead Hangs (hanging with straight arms from a pull-up bar) to my mobility work. I wish I could hop into the WABAC machine and tell young Boo about how all of those injuries are going to accumulate over time. That's not a feasible option, so I'm left looking for ways to rehabilitate instead.
  9. Salute to the grand marshal of the NOPE parade. Yep!

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