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  1. We covered The King, now let's hear from the Godfather...
  2. Kicking off the Christmas playlist with some Elvis. It's just the right thing to do.
  3. Is an unlit light really a decoration? I tested the lights. Then hung the lights up. Did not light them up on the house until this evening. The potential for the lights to be decorative was there, but not fulfilled until the time was right. "A flute with no holes, is not a flute. A donut with no hole, is a Danish."
  4. To all who ride the Train: I hope you are able to spend time with the ones you love and have a great day. Also the perfect time to give thanks for the blessings in our lives. A little gratitude goes a long way.
  5. So, I didn't violate my own rule about no Christmas decorations going up until after Thanksgiving. I simply got out in front of things a little bit. Tested all the lights and went ahead and hung them up today. Pulled out the other outside decorations and have them laid out in the garage. I brought down the storage containers with all of the inside decorations in them. We'll take an early morning trip to the Christmas Tree farm on Friday morning and set the whole thing in motion. Operation Winter Wonderland is a go.
  6. One more from Todd Snider...
  7. Let us bow our head and say a little prayer for our fellow Southerners who didn't make it to the store for extra bread and milk. May God have mercy on them as they ride out the big storm.
  8. Hear me out...BooCoin! A nice looking piece, not quite silver but rather a nickel and copper mix. They shine up real nice though. On one side we have George Washington, the first President of these United States with the phrase "In God We Trust"...nice touch. On the other side, there is an engraving of the majestic bald eagle. You might also notice the phrase E pluribus unum. That's Latin for "One BooCoin, Much Wealth." You can be a part of the BooCoin revolution for only $1.00 per unit. **LEGAL NOTICE** I just remembered that even big shots like Tom Brady are getting pinched for their involvement with FTX. For the record, I'm only having a laugh about selling folks quarters for a dollar a pop. And that kids is how you cover your ass.
  9. I was gonna read up on this whole FTX debacle so I can sound all smart and stuff talking about the news. Talk of crypto currency, money laundering, a Ponzi scheme, assorted other shenanigans...my curiosity is piqued. Then I took a gander at the handy-dandy organizational chart.... Nope, this ain't happening. I've decided to stay in my lane and look at monkey gifs.
  10. Great job Johnny. Eight years is a great quit and in that time you've helped countless others find their way. Top-shelf!
  11. From Aussie blokes to good ol' American rednecks...Saaa-lute!
  12. Pondering on a dilemma that every husband has to face. Sugar Britches has been on me to buy a new coat. She says my favorite coat is worn out and needs to be replaced. I assured her that my coat still has some life in it and is broken in just right. It has been cold and rainy here today and my coat sprung a leak. The fabric around the left shoulder is worn just enough that water started seeping through. She was right. I was wrong. I could admit it and just take the "I told you so" in stride. Or...I could piece together a story about being attacked by a bobcat: fierce little bugger came out of the woods like greased lightning. It was quite a fight, he clawed me up pretty good. Thankfully this trusty old coat took most of the damage.
  13. Mojo Nixon played this one yesterday. Took me back to the days of going through my grandfather's record collection.
  14. I'm staying consistent with my four days-per-week workouts. Monday and Thursday: Deadlift, Overhead Press, Farmer's Walks, and 15 minutes of steady-state on the rower. Tuesday and Friday: Squat, Bench Press, Sled Pushes, and five three-minute rounds on the heavy bag. There is little to no variance in the plan other than adding a few pounds on the lifts here and there. I have been doing more power sled pushing of late. Mostly due to the fact that my two year-old daughter can sit on the plates and hold the bar while daddy takes her for a ride. Even when my legs and lungs are burning, she says: "Again!" Don't be fooled by how cute she is, that little girl is a demanding trainer.
  15. Congratulations Denali. You're doing great.
  16. Welcome aboard the Quit Train SavingMeFromMe. Many of us had to back up and take another run at it before we really stuck the quit. I was one of those people. Finding this site made an incredible difference in making my last quit my last quit. You are in the right place. Enjoy the ride.
  17. I live in a state where cigarettes are still comparably "cheap." Even at that, my addiction would be setting me back roughly $280.00 per month now. A wise man once said: You wanna end up broke as a pissed on nickel? Keep setting your money on fire and you'll end up broke as a pissed on nickel! (or something like that)
  18. So...You don't need me to create a distraction at the border?
  19. Great job Overcome. Congratulations.

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