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  1. Get comfortable with not knowing. Very few have all the answers right out of the gate. Most who claim to are full of shit. It's fine to wonder and wander a bit, you've got the rest of your life to figure it out.
  2. Checking the weather in Florida. The Sunshine State issued its first falling iguanas warning yesterday. I'm 400 miles north of the Florida line so these warnings are little more than a fascinating oddity to me. However, if you are in Florida...heads up!
  3. Not even a random thought. Just something I came across on the internet. A little girl playing a banjo for a dog who is clearly enjoying the show. Enjoy.
  4. Congratulations Angeleek. Good job.
  5. Round about late May or early June...it's time for peaches. I'm sure some of the peaches at the grocery store are fine. However, peach perfection is usually purchased direct from the farmer off the back of a flatbed truck. If you don't have peach juice running down your chin and aren't making m'mmm type noises...you're not doing it right.
  6. Nicotine also quickly depletes vitamin C from the body. We were all in varying states of vitamin deficiency when we were smoking. Good riddance to cigarettes.
  7. A fine cover of a Merle Haggard standard...
  8. Quitting smoking dramatically changes the absorption of caffeine. Nicotine doubles the rate at which the body depletes caffeine. Smoking has such a dramatic impact on the body that quitting did throw most of us into a state of flux in the early days. This should not be viewed as a deterrent. Rather it is an opportunity to improvise, adapt, and overcome...you'll be glad you did.
  9. I only just recently found out about T-Model Ford. He was a blues artist from Mississippi, who played a lot of juke joints and went out on the road with a few bigger named artists. He didn't record his first album until he was in his seventies, his exact birthdate is not known. Been listening to the album "Pee-Wee Get My Gun" a lot...Damn good driving music.
  10. Far too often, the movie adaptation of a book is ruined by terrible casting. Lonesome Dove nailed it. Robert Duvall as Gus and Tommy Lee Jones as Woodrow was perfect casting. In fact, most everything about that series was perfect. Finished Dead Man's Walk and Comanche Moon. Just started reading Lonesome Dove again...Feels a bit like talking to an old friend.
  11. Congratulations Linda. You fought the good fight. Now it's time to celebrate.
  12. Boo

    smoke free

    Good job Tony. Enjoy the new fishing rod.
  13. Good job Ace. Congratulations. Prepare the lido deck, we've got one coming in hot.
  14. Wise words Doreen. Regrets are best dealt with temporarily. Take what lessons you can from the things you regret. Then discard those regrets. Hanging on to regret is self-made trap. Making wise decisions today will go a long way in preventing future regrets.
  15. A friend of mine, he's an idiot but a good guy, sent me a link to this video for New Years. This morning I couldn't get that chorus out of my head. Novi, Novi, Novi, Novi Go-od...
  16. Actual headline from the New York Post: "90 Day Fiance Star Retires From Selling Farts After Heart Attack Scare." Stephanie Matto, 31, enterprising "fartepreneur" (there's a reason I always go with the New York Post on stories like this) was eating a steady diet of hardboiled eggs, beans, and protein shakes to stay in a constant state of gassiness. Say what you will, but she really committed to the bit. Long story short, her gas pains became so intense she thought she was having a heart attack and went to the hospital. Miss Matto's fart-for-pay days came to an abrupt halt following the health scare. She still makes a good dime with some online subscription service she has doing unspeakable things for thirsty boys on the internet. She was selling her farts in a jar for $1,000 a poot. Now I can't focus on anything else. So many dad jokes bouncing around in my head... These gas prices are out of control! Inflation....Am I right? Back in my day you could buy a jug of farts for ten-bucks.
  17. Fishing without cigarettes is much better than fishing with them. For one thing, I no longer waste half the day worrying about my smokes getting wet. I had a special container for my cigarettes. I would put that container inside a Ziploc bag. Then that bag went inside my dry bag. Far too much attention on cigarettes when the goal of the day was to catch fish. Smoking demands that it be front-and-center regardless of what you're doing. Take away smoking and you can really focus on the things that matter.

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