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    I am the happiest I've ever been as a non smoker. I have a husband and two girls whom I love dearly. I love to laugh and am likely to do so at the most inopportune times...Great stress reliever. Last but not least I am a proud member of this board and am grateful to MQ for creating this special place for us to rid ourselves from this addiction.

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  1. Jenny

    MQ has 5 years of freedom!!

    Congratulations MQ on 5 fabulous smoke free years. In that time you not only quit smoking but you started this site helping so many others in their quit journey. Thank you so much for taking all of us along on this great train ride with you.
  2. Jenny

    I never really gained weight.

    Well, I gained weight and lots of it. To be fair my diet was not the best anyway and when I quit I definitely ate more. Like anything results vary. If it helps I can share my diet plan with you. It comes with a weight gain guarantee!
  3. I tried to message you to see how you are and to tell you how awesome you are, but your're not able to get messages?  Have you blocked me?!:86_crying_cat_face:  Anyway, thanks for being your awesome self.  Carry on!

    1. notsmokinjo


      Thanks for the great ego boost, because I am such a delicate flower I certainly need it...LOL... Not sure why I can't get your PMs... I had 10% clear space (that can be an issue with me) and I just deleted some old stuff which freed up some more space... I don't have anyone on block but I will check just incase... I will try pm'ing you. I do know that if you tried to use an old pm we had and I had deleted it on my end then you can send and send but I will never see it... at the top of the pms its will say has left conversation.

  4. Jenny

    chicks or sticks

  5. Jenny

    chicks or sticks

    6, howdy folks.
  6. Jenny

    chicks or sticks

  7. Jenny

    chicks or sticks

  8. Jenny

    chicks or sticks

  9. Welcome back Jackie! Good to "see" you again.
  10. Jenny

    Holy Smoke!!!

    Yup, the smell is horrific. I was a closet smoker,in my mind only because I realize now that everyone knew from the smell!
  11. Jenny

    A choice to be made

    CDCB, glad you found your way here and that you have quit smoking. No need to harm yourself to get or keep a quit.. (and make me worry 😱) Quitting is easier than you think in that you just need to decide that enough is enough and do it! Stay close to the board and stay strong in your commitment and there will come a day that you won't even be able to believe you were once a smoker.
  12. Jenny

    Increase Smoking Bans and Regulations

    We just passed a law in my state moving the legal age to purchase cigarettes, including electronic, to 21. The kicker?! The legal age to smoke is still 18. So you can smoke 'em but not buy 'em. I'm disgusted with whomever wrote the bill. A fine example of what's wrong in the world. History tells us that when something is banned...it does not stop people from accessing it. It will just go under the radar and turn into a money maker for those who traffic illegally. As much as I hate smoking....and I do.....I cannot get behind laws where the Government is deciding what I can and cannot do as an adult especially when the plan is just stupid. Big Tobacco still wins with this plan. .
  13. Jenny

    chicks or sticks

  14. Jenny

    chicks or sticks

  15. Jenny

    chicks or sticks


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