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    I am the happiest I've ever been as a non smoker. I have a husband and two girls whom I love dearly. I love to laugh and am likely to do so at the most inopportune times...Great stress reliever. Last but not least I am a proud member of this board and am grateful to MQ for creating this special place for us to rid ourselves from this addiction.

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  1. Jenny

    Hello Again!

    Welcome back Michelle Great to have you back! Remember NOPE!
  2. Jenny

    Jenny is 6 Years Smoke Free!!

    Aww, thank you all! Even after 6 years I am still amazed by how awesome life is as a non smoker. Not only did quitting have immediate positive effects on my health (no more shortness of breath, no more yearly cases of pneumonia), quitting also provided me with time. Time I used to spend smoking, looking for a place to smoke, wondering when I could smoke again. ....Just crazy the amount of time is spent just planning to smoke! To think I used to believe smoking decreased my stress! lol Just take smoking off the table and in time, you'll be so glad you did. Thanks for sharing your quit journeys with the board. xo
  3. Jenny

    Kermit is 4 months quit today

    seriously, I had the best time searching kermit gifs! Can't wait to use them as you move forward in your quit!!☺️
  4. Jenny

    Passing of the Torch!

    Thanks for all you've done in Celebrations and on the board in general Recip The time and effort you have put in has been so appreciated. It's a tough job, hard to keep up and live life too and you made it look easy. I do hope this doesn't mean we won't see you as much?! Thanks for taking this on Jo! You are a true gem and perfect choice for the role!
  5. Jenny

    Peace Train Is On The Lido Deck Today!!

    Congratulations Peace Train! It has been a pleasure to be on this journey with you. I hope you are as proud of you as we are!!
  6. Jenny

    chicks or sticks


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