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  1. What a blessing you have been to this board. First as a much loved member and now a mod! Thank you for all you do here and congrats on 4 awesome years of freedom!
  2. You'll always be my quit buddy! Miss you bunches Colleen! congrats on 7 years!
  3. Welcome back Lilley, you can do this! My advice, take smoking off the table. Get yourself into the mindset that no matter what happens you will not smoke. Life has so many ups and downs, if you base your quit on how good or bad your situation is at any point you'll never have a long term quit. Difficult days bring up thoughts of smoking because that's how we dealt with bad things for so long. Remember that just because you have the "feeling" you want to smoke does not mean you have to act on it. Good to have you back. Let us know what we can do to help.
  4. Congratulations John! You will never regret your decision to quit smoking. They key, in my opinion, is to not smoke no matter what. You have to put it in your head that smoking is not an option. Do that and you will be successful. Welcome to the QT!
  5. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much Paul! I do not remember specifically asking you to join us but make no mistake, you have always been one of the cool kids! lol Thank you all so much! Just keep swimming folks. The past 8 years went by so fast and I won't lie, it sucked in the beginning but it passes and before you know it you hardly remember you used to smoke!
  6. Thank you! The last 7 years have flown by and I am so blessed to have spent these years with you all. Keep at it folks. All of you who think you can't quit, I was one of those people too. Life is so much better as a non smoker.

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