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  1. I Didn't Click "Send"

    The faster you dismiss a crave, the less they will bother you. Tell yourself, "It's not an option, let's move on."
  2. The MQ once told The Sarge ...

    The Sarge, he is saluted by Paul.
  3. A crave can't kill you.
  4. Hoppin' on the QuitTrain

    Your body wants to heal itself and will when you stop, just let it. Have patience and enjoy the journey.
  5. chicks or sticks

  6. Rez has Four

    Our buddy Rez has four years today, congratulations! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BvLtNBm1yyA
  7. ArmedNArumba has 4 years today !!!

    Good Job!
  8. Sazerac has Four Years

    I want to tell a story about Sally that happens in the future. Stories that happen in someone’s future are more fun to tell because they may or may not be connected to actual events. But first, she wrote an excellent essay about the Zen of Quitting Smoking and I meant to tell her my favorite Zen saying which is, “Every snowflake falls perfectly”. When a snowfall starts with great big flakes one should go out in them and look up to follow a flake on its journey. Some zig zag on their way down before landing on a single blade of grass – perfectly, while others spin crazily before melting on the sidewalk - perfectly. As you watch the flakes fall, your mind will clear in the cold air and you will be aware of the immense quiet of a winter snow. Then I thought, what good is this to Sally in New Orleans? This winter meditation isn’t going to work often down there. I’ll change it for her to, “Every raindrop falls perfectly”. As many know, Sally gets around NOLA on foot most of the time so it is almost a certainty that she will be caught in a rain shower. She will come in soaked with pure water dripping from her hair down her back. She will blow an exquisite drop of water from the tip of her nose. She will shake like a wet dog from her head to her tail. Pooling up in a personal puddle she will remember that “Every raindrop falls perfectly”. After reading that in her past about her future, her now present will look up and say ”I could do with a little bit less perfection”. Then she will laugh with us because that is what perfection feels like.
  9. It's one of the most important things you'll ever do and it's not as hard as you think.
  10. True or False

    False, hate being hot. NP likes Chinese food
  11. chicks or sticks

  12. Have a venti to celebrate your 4 years!
  13. chicks or sticks

  14. chicks or sticks

  15. chicks or sticks