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  1. Little +1 is looking great.
  2. 7 minute drive for me.
  3. I had to look this up; if they have them in Liverpool, Doreen's over/under would be 5.
  4. Super Sonic! Congratulations on Five!
  5. Enjoy your gumbo and music!
  6. Congratulations on your first year of freedom!
  7. Embrace the new better normal. Look forward instead of back. The things you think you have lost by quitting smoking are not gone, that's a lie your addicting is trying to use. The only thing you are giving up is smoking. You have a lot more self realization and self esteem and this doesn't allow for as many easy lies we used to tell ourselves. You've changed and it's good.
  8. He's found his forever home. Have you taken him out on the boat?
  9. There is a saying- "There is no extra credit for making quitting harder." I avoided places where I would smoke for the first few months of my quit.
  10. There are a lot of toxins leaving your system now Lilly; the first two weeks are the worst but they will pass. Your body will heal itself if you give it a chance to do so after years of abuse. Come here as much as you need, we are all wanting you to succeed.

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