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  1. Haiku Thursday

    Pain de Campagne Ham, apples - dip in fondue Quiet Sunday dinner.

    Dismiss the cravings. They can't help the situation. Take some deep breaths.
  3. Haiku Thursday

    Win, win chicken din. Rice pilaf strudel, mustard. Carrots with parsley. Weinheim carrot rye Oats' sweet to balance the wheat. Flaxseed, sunflower.
  4. how nicotine works

    Knowledge is power.
  5. Great job! The first of many more smoke free years.
  6. Empathy for addicts.
  7. Haiku Thursday

    Brioche bread weekend No knead eggs and butter treat Cold fermentation
  8. Random massive craves

    You are on the edge of accepting that you are a non-smoker. It's like the last stage of grief, it's past and there is no going back.
  9. Haiku Thursday

    Ducks molting, revolting. Cassoulet, gumbo on hold. Hurry up quack quack.
  10. Mr. Titwank Is 2 Years Quit Today!!

    Well done lad!
  11. WTF week,

    This is one of the most important things you'll ever do for yourself, keep your focus. The faster you dismiss smoking thoughts, the less they will bother you. Let your body heal itself.
  12. Dirty ashtrays in almost every room of the house. Yuk!
  13. Despair Not Reaches The Lido Deck Today!!

    Great Job! The first of many years of freedom. Do something special for yourself.
  14. Name the most re-watchable movie in history.

    You can watch "Groundhog Day" again and again.

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