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  1. Congratulations on your first year of freedom! You are no longer a slave to nicotine! Celebrate yourself today!
  2. Congratulations on six years Doreen! It's been my pleasure to know you. I brought you some sausage.....
  3. One year ago you made a great decision and today you get to celebrate it! Congratulations on your first year of freedom!
  4. I come out of the Coke machine walking sideways. The planet is off its axis and I’m having trouble with orientation. I pinball down the hallway in search of bed. Women from New Orleans and their cognac, I’m sure to be hurting in the morning. Before being led astray by cognac, I put my car keys in the Coke machine.
  5. Do you like music? I listened to the same song everyday for the first month of quitting on my drive to work. You could pick a theme song to inspire you and reward yourself that way.
  6. It just happened once; I know I gave you a helpful hint. The quote you are trying to remember Boo is, "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf". I gave that advice to Tiffany, I'm not sure if she used it. It is a variation of Sarge's, "Embrace the suck". Quitters are trying to make a massive change to their lives and we naturally resist change, especially in the non-rational parts of our brain where nicotine resides. Learning to surf is working with change in a positive way. Now that you're married, you'll have plenty of surfing chances; just tell yourself, "Surf's up".
  7. This has become one of my favorite days of the year. I am able to think back to the beginnings of my quit in perfect comfort now. Six years ago I was anything but comfortable; I kept repeating to myself that a crave can’t hurt you, it will pass. I was helped along by many that gave me good advice exactly when I most needed it. The shared experience of people all trying to accomplish the same thing helped me through the process of quitting. Everyone wants to succeed and everyone wants everyone to succeed. That is the collective strength of this forum. I remember after eight months thinking I’m done with smoking, it’s over and the sudden feeling of lightness it gave me to have the struggle fall away. Doreen calls this, “the magic”. I made an interesting discovery at work this past year and I am working towards another patent. I continue to find interesting sausages and cured meats to make. I cut into a country ham that I aged for 18 months then cut into a prosciutto style ham that aged 24 months, both delicious. My garden has done well this year despite the hap-hazard attention I give it. A friend of mine calls it a Darwinian experiment, survival of the fittest. Bread making continues to improve and I make it almost every week. Beer making seems to be a steady routine of a batch per month on average. Beer drinking on pace with beer making. The health center that I go to gave me a t-shirt that said, “Exercise is Medicine”, it was not lost on me that it was a XXL. I think they are hoping that I increase the dosage. Janet723 is also doing well despite some back problems and we are planning to go to England in the fall with our granddaughter.
  8. This is thinking you need to be rid of.
  9. Here's some reading for you Diane https://www.quittrain.com/topic/2747-your-first-days-nicotine-free/ Your body is trying to rid itself or a lot of toxins; it's going to take some time but the human body has an amazing ability to heal.
  10. Celebrate in style! Congratulations!
  11. Here is a great thread for you to read: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/10921-introsucktion/ I am impressed with the honesty and the ways she was able to overcome the things that have derailed many quits. In about a month, we'll be celebrating her first year of freedom.

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