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  1. Good Job Comrade! Julie should be the 25th and Stu the 27th.
  2. Saturday starts the year of the rat! Here's what Wikipedia had to say: The Jade Emperor and the race for zodiacal place[edit] A popular modern story has it that the order of the animals in the twelve-year cycle was due to a competition between animal candidates, held by the ruler of Heaven, Earth, and Hell -- the Jade Emperor. According to one version of this tale, the emperor's advisors selected twelve candidates from among the animal types, including the rat and the cat. The winner was to be selected based upon merit, as to personal appearance, lifestyle, and contributions to the world. Before the competition, the cat asked the rat for a wake up call in order to get to the show on time; however, the rat apprehensive of the competition, especially as to the cat's apparent beauty, did not wake the cat, who then overslept (and, ever afterwards, the embittered cat became a ratter and a mouser). The Jade Emperor mystified as to why there were only eleven candidate animals to show up inquired of his servants. These servants hastily acquired the first possible replacement animal which they encountered, (a pig). After the start of the competition, the rat achieved first place by performing on the flute while upon the back of the ox. Impressed, the Jade Emperor placed the rat at the beginning of the twelve year cycle (and the ox second, for being so generous as to allow the rat to play the flute upon the ox's back). Then the other animals were placed in order according to the Jade Emperor's judgment. You and Wee fluffy are clearly in league with the cats.
  3. Paul723

    chicks or sticks

    0 Were you at the Joan of Arc parade?
  4. Not smoking is no longer alien to you now! Great job!
  5. Great Job Octain! Many more to come!
  6. Well done Sslip! Treat yourself!
  7. Have a great celebration Abby! Congratulations on your first year!
  8. Congratulations on six years DD! What an amazing change you've achieved; we're all proud and happy for you.
  9. It will ease up on you. Hold your ground! It was at about the third month when I quit that I noticed I hadn't thought about smoking at all for a whole day. We have been smoking for a long time, it takes a while for our heads to get right. Saz likes to say, "Free your head". For me, I found it best to dismiss smoking thoughts as quickly as possible.
  10. You'll feel better when you accept that you are never going to smoke again. You are not abstaining, you are done with it. You are really close to that point, please wait for it. Come back and tell us when your thinking changes.
  11. I would focus on cooking then on kitchen clean up. Can't smoke with your hands in soapy water.

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