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  1. Merry Christmas! Looking forward to a new year!
  2. Congratulations on three years! Good job done and dusted!
  3. But wait, there's more! This offer will save you COLD HARD CASH! That money you waste buying cigarettes will stay in your pocket and it adds up fast!
  4. Your stress and your addiction are not connected, you are only using one to excuse the other.
  5. This year Sazerac suggested that instead of thinking about a cigarette, quitters should look for: Beauty. That light on that leaf, a color, a beautiful cloud here for a moment, the face of a loved one, a special picture or painting, listening to a song that you love, reading a favorite poem or passage in a book. You know your own beauty and how to find it. Use this to your advantage. Beauty is all around us and it only takes a little focus for the happy endorphins to rush around. This is good advice for all
  6. I think you're getting the hang of this quitting thing!
  7. Don't be afraid. You will be able to use the first two weeks as motivation to stay quit. Lean on the forum when you need strength.
  8. Most smokers are afraid that they will succeed in quitting cigarettes. They hate the thought of change. It's scary to do something you haven't done for years. So my advice is - don't be afraid. The nicotine addiction can be overcome, quitting won't kill you. Will you be uncomfortable - yes, but your attitude and understanding will help make it less so. Your body can heal from the damage smoking has done to it. Believe the people here when we try to help you succeed.
  9. You have quit smoking but your brain is having trouble accepting that fact. It is like the final stage of grieving, you will feel better when you know that you are done with cigarettes. The day this happens will be like magic. You must keep going. Read on the forum to help you get a better understanding of the process of freeing yourself from nicotine addiction.
  10. Great Job! How's the kid? Celebrate!
  11. Congratulations on your second year!
  12. Congratulations my friend! I'm so glad you decided to quit and save your feet. Here's a song you can dance to:

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