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  1. Paul723

    Relapse help

    Quit now! Jump!
  2. Paul723

    Notsmokinjo is 1 Year Smoke Free Today!!!

    You are a rare bird Jo! Congratulations on your first year and thanks for managing the celebrations threads. You seem to have tapped into an inner strength and increased it since you have quit.
  3. Paul723

    sgt.barney is 7 Years smoke free.

    Paul, he salutes the Sarge.
  4. Paul723

    Joe is 5 YEARS smoke free!

    Way to go Joe! Have some fun.
  5. Paul723

    Where does it come from?

    Free your head. 1 1 This post made with 100 % recycled advise.
  6. Paul723

    Johnny5 is 4 Years Smoke Free!!!

    Congratulations on FOUR YEARS! You do a great job helping others.
  7. A year ago you made a great decision (and may not have even realized it) and now today you get to celebrate it! Good job!
  8. Paul723

    Junkie roaring

    Stop giving smoking any of your head space. When a thought comes to you immediately dismiss it. When it came to me. I would say "not an option, move on." The faster you do this, the less these types of thoughts will bother you.
  9. Paul723

    Not sure if I can...

    The crave will pass.
  10. Paul723

    Feeling really...

    Attitude can change everything.
  11. Paul723

    Rez is 5 years Quit Today !!!!

    Good Job Buddy! Nice weather to take the bike for a ride.
  12. Paul723

    Sazerac is 5 Years Smoke Free!

    Five years! Sally has written many beautiful, splendiferous and wise words for the QuitTrain but this is my favorite thing: One of the best things I have learned by quitting smoking is how to change and this has bled into all parts of my life. How to change and groove on the good foot. Change with Grace. Changing to make myself a better person, a happier person, a more grateful person, a Clearer person, a more honest person. A more compassionate person for sure. Five music for Sally https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHdU5sHigYQ
  13. Paul723

    ArmedNAruba has 5 years Today...

    Armed with a strong quit I'd say. Good Job!
  14. Paul723

    MQ has 5 years of freedom!!

    Thank you for keeping the train on the tracks!

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