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  1. Sazerac, fennel is nice shaved across the grain and dressed with lemon and oil as a salad. Add celery cut the same way if you have it or add some carrots.
  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. Knowledge is power. You can't put that genie back in the bottle. Keep going forward.
  4. Good Job Kate! You have a lot of friends cheering you on.
  5. Congratulations Forestgreen! Celebrate your first year of freedom!
  6. Smoking will never solve any problem. It's not an option. You did well to use your rational brain to see through the lies your junkie brain was giving you.
  7. Of course you can do it. There will be some discomfort but it won't hurt you. Your body will finally have a chance to start healing itself.
  8. Breath, low and slow. It will pass. Try to relax your muscles.
  9. Celebrate in fantastic style! Congratulations on your first year of freedom!
  10. Great job Boo! It's been a genuine pleasure to see your life open up in so many ways.
  11. Paul723


    Great job Jimmy! Celebrate!
  12. I think one of these must be right.
  13. Enjoy your celebration!

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