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  1. Paul723

    Cristóbal is 6 Years Smoke Free!

    Great job, thank you again for the many people you have helped ( including me)! Take your wife out to celebrate in another week.
  2. Paul723

    I screwed up :(

    Buying a pack of cigarettes was planning to fail. You just needed a convincing opportunity. You can't smoke what you don't have, so make it so that it is not an option. Usually, people are just lazy enough (or smart enough) that they will stay quit rather than try to get some cigarettes.
  3. Paul723

    Introducing “Baby Drew”

    He'll always be known as Plus One around here.
  4. Paul723

    Jet Black is 1 YEAR Smoke Free

    Congratulations on your personal achievement, you'll always have it to draw strength from. One year of freedom!
  5. Paul723

    Holy crap

    A crave can't hurt you, it will pass. Take a quick walk or run.
  6. Paul723

    Ask Sslip ANYTHING!

    Tessco, Sainsbury or Waitrose?
  7. Paul723

    Cbdave is 3 Years Smoke Free!!!

    Good Job! Congratulations!
  8. Paul723

    *hiding won't work* .. help :-/

    Give yourself some air. Take some deep breaths. Focus only on breathing, long and slow.
  9. Paul723

    Lust4Life is 2 Years Smoke Free!

    Great Job! Smoking will become a distant memory.
  10. Paul723

    bakon celebrates SIX years of Freedom !

    I brought bacon for bakon's six year party. Where's the tomato, lettuce and bread?
  11. Paul723

    Let's tell Jo what to do....

    I think you should work on a series of lesser known superheroes. Their powers are not quite as super as some and they tend to be less flashy; there are plenty of them on the other hand – Internet pundit guy – No one knows more than all of us, except this guy. Actually… wrote Wikipedia. Stapler woman – Motto “E Pluribus Unum”. Gave up a promising career as a seamstress to work with paper. Superfly on the Wall – Deeply annoying and sometimes swatted, you should hear the things he’s heard. Spam the Dog – Down! Stop! Stop trying to lick my face! No I don’t need Viagra! Stop! Quit!!! An Australian one for you Jo – Mr. Vegemite – Adds a spoonful to every damn thing. Maligned, misguided, and misunderstood.
  12. Paul723

    Avian is 8 years smoke free

    Congratulations, I'll never forget your trashcan story. Eight's great!
  13. Paul723


  14. Paul723


    Here is some info about "brain fog": https://www.quittrain.com/topic/10324-the-great-smoke-free-mental-fog/ I told myself that it didn't matter, everything else could wait on me a bit so I could concentrate on quitting. Your mind and body will heal itself from the damage done to it by smoking. Unfortunately we smoked for years and healing takes time. Do your best to keep your attitude up.

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