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  1. I would focus on cooking then on kitchen clean up. Can't smoke with your hands in soapy water.
  2. Thinking that dressing with a poached egg would be a good breakfast while the turkey cooks.
  3. Paul723

    The Policy of Truth

    A mantra I used was, "Smoking is not an option, so move on." I firmly believe that if you have this as a first thought it will make the process of quitting easier.
  4. Good job johnny5! Thanks for helping with the celebrations. I hope you do something fun.
  5. Now you understand why we celebrate anyone that breaks free from nicotine addiction. I've read a lot of remarkable stories on this forum.
  6. Knowledge is power. You're doing great abbynormal.
  7. Well done! Congratulations on two!
  8. Wantsit has gotsit! Congratulations on your first year of freedom!
  9. Good Job Hope2Nope! Congratulations!
  10. Great Job! One's good, two's better. Guess what I'll tell you next month? Keep going!
  11. Paul723


    I look forward to the Wednesday newspaper (am I the only one that still gets a physical copy) so I can check out the grocery store sales pages.

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