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  1. You have quit smoking but your brain is having trouble accepting that fact. It is like the final stage of grieving, you will feel better when you know that you are done with cigarettes. The day this happens will be like magic. You must keep going. Read on the forum to help you get a better understanding of the process of freeing yourself from nicotine addiction.
  2. Great Job! How's the kid? Celebrate!
  3. Congratulations on your second year!
  4. Congratulations my friend! I'm so glad you decided to quit and save your feet. Here's a song you can dance to:
  5. You deserve everything quitting gives you. Congratulations!
  6. Push those thoughts out of your mind as quick as possible and they won't bother you. Do what ever you have to do to protect your quit; it's the most important thing in your life.
  7. When we told you it gets better you believed us right? Congratulations!
  8. Soon you'll have days that you don't even think about smoking. Congratulations!
  9. From my last celebration there has been a lot of loses. My assistant at work left to pursue a degree in IT. Our cat Koko died of cancer. A dear friend of ours suffered a brain aneurism two days before Christmas and died. Then a pandemic virus came along to change normal. But, I have a new assistant that I am training. We got a new kitten named Bobo. We’ve helped a widow adjust and we have adjusted to virus avoidance. I am very happy to have quit smoking, this part never goes away. Part of me feels that my chance of surviving if I were to contact the virus is vastly improved.

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