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  1. Paul723

    Whip it Good.

    You poor dear! I'm glad I'm about four states away.
  2. Paul723

    Doreensfree is 5 Years Smoke Free

    Great job Doreen! I'm proud to know you!
  3. Paul723

    The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

    I think that when you accept that you are never going to smoke again, the struggle will fall away. You are very close to that Jo, the addict inside you knows it too.
  4. Welcome back Jackie! Past you left many good words of advice for present you.
  5. Paul723

    Wee Fluffy Me is on the Lido Deck!!!!!!!

    One year ago you made a great decision and today you get to celebrate it! Congratulations!
  6. Paul723

    SanDar is 4 Years Smoke Free!

    Great job SanDar! Congratulations!
  7. Paul723

    Paul723 is 5 Years Smoke Free

    Thanks everyone! I have been learning about and making sourdough bread this year. I usually make 2 – 4 loaves, keep one and give the others away. They cost about $ 0.75 to make (no value given to my time). People have been happy to get them because they taste good and it saves them $ 5.00. Giving the bread away gives me more chances to practice my bread making. Learning to quit smoking can be like learning to make bread. There are lots of things to learn about it on the Quittrain. Each day you can practice and it saves not only money but also your life. Teaching others will help you train yourself. I’ve been listening to this while I do laps at the gym. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2Wv57dzcU0
  8. Paul723

    babs609 is 6 Years Smoke Free

    She saved her Mom as well
  9. Paul723

    Pippa is 5 years smoke free today!

    Pippa learned Spanish while she quit, how's that for using the extra time not smoking. And upside down to boot.
  10. Paul723

    3 days!

    Well begun is half done!
  11. Paul723

    Nancy is 5 Years Smoke Free

    A redhead singer for you: You are great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utsw6ApVJU4
  12. Paul723

    A-Z Occupations Game

    R & D Director
  13. Paul723

    Today is the day

    Great Job, wear shoes!
  14. Paul723

    Jenny is 6 Years Smoke Free!!

    Congratulations times six!

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