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  1. Great Job Jimmy! Can you believe its been 10 years?
  2. The faster you dismiss those thoughts the less they'll bother you. I would tell myself, "smoking is not an option, move on."
  3. Good job Kate! You're also almost at $10,000 saved.
  4. Bobo (left) and Ozzy have visitors. They all just stared at each other.
  5. The lemon and passion fruit icings sound perfect. This was the Christmas cookies for this year.
  6. Eight is great! Good job, celebrate in style.
  7. They look proud of their non-smoking mum.
  8. Paul723


    I'll have to look for My Kitchen Rules. Of course we love Poh and Julie; I liked how Poh made it on to the show in the first place. We are currently in season 4. We watched the seasons in this order (?) - 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12. Desserts seem to be much more common for people to eat there than they are here.
  9. I must have been picking up Sazerac vibes since I made chicken Bomme Femme last night for dinner. Congratulations on nine years of freedom!
  10. You have not reached the point where you have accepted that you have quit forever, you are done with smoking. You are abstaining from smoking, and this allows the struggle to continue. Please embrace your quit and congratulations on 16 months, you should be proud!
  11. Great job! Thanks for all you do to help people break free from nicotine addiction.

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