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  1. Good Job! Thanks for helping others along the way. Here's a bacon joke for you -
  2. Congratulations on one of your best decisions - to quit smoking. You've made it past the first two weeks and your body and mind are beginning to heal. The craves can't hurt you and I always give the advice to dismiss them immediately. Tell yourself "Smoking is not an option, so move on." There is a lot of information on this site to educate you about nicotine, smoking and quitting for you to take advantage of; knowledge is power.
  3. First a sausage picture for Doreen: In the first year of my quit (seems like yesterday) I wrote this: The Great Escape We were in prison. We weren’t sure of it, but we were on death row. We had seen others killed. The rules requiring a swift and humane execution were not guaranteed. In fact, the torture of slow poison was in motion. What bugged us most was not the prison or even the death sentence, but that the punishment seemed way out of proportion to our crime. It was unfair. There had been rumors of escape, but even so, our cells were solid brick. They happened somewhere else. We had run at the walls before to no avail. If we escaped, surely we would be recaptured and our imprisonment would be made even more severe. We were comfortable in our cells. It was our choice. We heard a whisper. It was so soft we could barely hear it. “If you say NOPE and laugh in Spanish like this, jajajajaja, you can walk right through the wall to freedom for ever.” That’s crazy, feel how thick and hard these walls are – there is no way we could walk through them. We’re not strong enough. What’s on the other side anyway? Tomorrow, maybe. Finally we tried it, and it worked! We ESCAPED! The wall wasn’t solid, it was made of smoke. We passed right through it. We were free. Now we help others when they escape and are blinded by sunshine and overwhelmed by fresh air. And we whisper to those still in prison, “If you say NOPE and laugh in Spanish like this, jajajajaja, you can walk right through the wall to freedom for ever.”
  4. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Corned beef and cabbage on Saturday.
  5. My best smoking dream came at about three months. Someone in my dream asked me for a cigarette, "I don't have any, I don't smoke anymore". My subconscious was giving me some truth to accept. I was really happy about this dream after I woke up.
  6. Paul723

    8 years

    Eight's great Jimmy!
  7. I had to be honest with myself and realize that I was a nicotine addict and I couldn't have any more of it. The phrase I used was, "Smoking is not an option". A lot of smokers deep down fear that they will be successful at quitting and they fear that will never smoke again. That's what frightens you? It's hard to change but it's doable and so worth it.
  8. You made a great decision to quit and to join this forum. You've made it past the worst days of quitting. Your body will need time to adjust itself to not being given a steady diet of toxins. The good news is that our bodies are remarkable in their ability to heal from the abuse. There is plenty to read on this site to help you and plenty of people willing to help you along.
  9. One year ago you made a great decision and today you get to celebrate it! Congratulations! We are so happy to see you quit for one year!
  10. Merry Christmas! Looking forward to a new year!
  11. Congratulations on three years! Good job done and dusted!
  12. But wait, there's more! This offer will save you COLD HARD CASH! That money you waste buying cigarettes will stay in your pocket and it adds up fast!
  13. Your stress and your addiction are not connected, you are only using one to excuse the other.
  14. This year Sazerac suggested that instead of thinking about a cigarette, quitters should look for: Beauty. That light on that leaf, a color, a beautiful cloud here for a moment, the face of a loved one, a special picture or painting, listening to a song that you love, reading a favorite poem or passage in a book. You know your own beauty and how to find it. Use this to your advantage. Beauty is all around us and it only takes a little focus for the happy endorphins to rush around. This is good advice for all of us. Congratulations on seven Sally!
  15. I think you're getting the hang of this quitting thing!

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