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  1. Is it really enforced though? When I was still smoking, I would smoke outside with impunity (unless it was a child centric area, in which case a weird looking stranger hanging around kids and smoking would trigger a different kind of response than OMG someone is smoking) Anyway though, outside I never was told to put it out, or move, or issued a citation. that included hotels or businesses that said no smoking in front of building. Heck, even the employees would stand out there to smoke. It’s kind of like my high school (early 80s). Officially there was no smoking on or in school grounds, but the teachers/staff wouldn’t enforce it if you just walked out to the school parking lot. You could smoke in the open if you were outside the building. If they caught you inside though, you might be punished (depending on who caught you) which might just be an unofficial punishment of confiscating your cigarettes and lighter or the full blown after school detention and parental notification. Although back then, the parents likely knew already and allowed it.
  2. When was this? Here in the US commercial breaks are getting longer and longer. I could go out for smoke, hit restroom coming back in and still have 2 mins of commercials to watch. Pretty bad when an hour long program only has 42 mins of actual showtime
  3. They should have an electronic sign like gas stations so they can be up to the minute when prices change I think smokers in NYC probably get their smokes from outside the city.
  4. I think a dream is just a dream. I've had smoking dreams, but I also do other stuff in dreams that I have/haven't done in real life. Like I remember this one dream that I was back working my very first job as a sacker at a grocery store and then suddenly the scene changes to me helping my old high school English teacher fix her car. The job is a real thing that happened, but hanging out with my high school English teacher, that never happened, and I've never fixed a car before (beyond changing a flat tire). I just go with the flow.
  5. Follow up story today in Washington Post: Vaping related illnesses spike I’ve been seeing advertisements for vaping products on TV from big name cigarette companies now. Go figure
  6. As someone who grew up in the 70’s. Early warnings of 2nd hand smoke were everywhere . I know my parents heard about it also, they just chose not to believe it. I can’t claim being any smarter though since I eventually became a smoker myself. Prior to when I started though I used to give my parents a lot of grief about smoking
  7. I think it’s mostly younger people getting sick because they are the ones vaping. It seems the cool thing to do now. Old timers will stick with cigarettes because that was the cool thing to do when they were young
  8. Came across this in the Washington Post. Apparently vaping has been linked to a lung illness See article here: Mystery lung illness linked to vaping
  9. Anybody who was born after 1965 (surgeon general report) very likely started seeing and hearing of all the dangers in school and on TV by the time they were old enough to contemplate smoking or maybe even experimenting with smoking, I certainly did. And if you were born after 1975, you have definitely seen it all your life. Despite all of that I still started smoking . I don’t think anyone can say “I didn’t know” or even “no one told me” after the surgeon general report Personally I am not going to tell anyone that they should stop. I will gladly encourage and educate anyone who asks me though, and also sneak in a boast about myself in the process
  10. When I quit I smoked my last cigarette right after eating lunch around midday . I didn’t start counting until the next day though, but I guess if I want to pad my “total days quit” number, that half day (0.5) could be rounded up to include one more day. To be honest I’m not certain that the day in my ticker is THE date. When I had made it a month without smoking and knew this was THE quit, I tried to nail down the date. I knew it was the Memorial Day weekend just not sure if it was a Saturday or Sunday, so I’ll cal mine (current days) +/- 1.5 Seriously though just don’t smoke anymore. When you reach one year and more, does it really matter in the grand scheme of things.
  11. That is definitely my experience. Not only did both my parents smoke , most of my closer relatives smoked, at least one parent of most of my friends smoked, and heck, even my doctors office allowed smoking back in the 60s and 70s. Add to that the fact that smoking was allowed anywhere except for fire hazard areas, I never knew what a smoke free place smelled like.
  12. Let’s see, (checks calendar) it’s been over 3 yrs since I quit. So I would say, that give or take a few days, not counting holidays, was there a leap year? No leap year, good. I started feeling that the worst was behind me early last week. I’m joking of course. The worst was behind me the day I quit. The aftershocks I would say lasted about a month for me. Your mileage may vary of course. But that day will come when you don’t even think about it. You’ll be going to dinner or a movie or be getting on a plane and not even think about when and where can I smoke? You’ll stop scoping out new places for the smoking area the minute you arrive. You will feel better, smell better, and save money, and have a lot less stress in your life
  13. What about the dreams. Are you handling the dreams OK? Are you having any intense dreams? I heard tales of nightmares before I stared Chantix, but didn’t experience any myself. The dreams were the most interesting effect of using Chantix for me
  14. I've never gotten anything from Phillip Morris here in the US but then I never dealt directly with them and almost always bought a carton using cash. I imagine that there is multiple ways they could get your address 1. if you got any of their "prizes" from their catalog 2 Ever ordered cigarettes online (when it was still legal) 3. Used a credit or debit card at a tobacco shop which would record what and how often you buy. That data got shared with Philipp Morris. Always be careful what you do online folks. I did get an AARP letter almost on the day of my 50th birthday though. I joined of course do get all of the old fart senior discounts.

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