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  1. You’re right, that’s just sheer insanity
  2. I could never taste any difference between brands. I could differentiate between menthol or not but that was it.
  3. I love this tag phrase. Every smoker should see themselves desperate for their nicotine fix. I have heard so many smokers say I’m not addicted, I like smoking. Riiight, they like stopping the withdrawal that builds up between cigarettes
  4. I would recommend this site IF I knew anyone that smoked, I hardly ever even see anyone smoking theses days. a couple months back, I visited some relatives, and attended an (outdoor) 60th birthday party that probably 40+ people attended and I didn’t see one person smoking, with the exception of 3 guys who joined the birthday boy in a cigar as the party wound down (I wasn’t one of them).
  5. My experience is no, they don’t work. Talk to your dentist.
  6. Have the party catered. Lot less stress for you. My BIL hired cater for my sisters 60th. He still got all the credit for the food
  7. As of today: 20,908 That number astounds me. Hard to believe I’ve done ANYTHING 10s of thousands of times
  8. People always said that to me too. I always thought they were just being kind or had no sense of smell whatever. I could always smell it on someone, even when I was still a smoker.
  9. I did skateboard as a teenager, wouldn’t call it an addiction. I didn’t wake up in the night and have the urge to grab my skateboard and hit the streets or have to sneak out during a TV commercial to do a few spin kicks on my board.
  10. You post didn’t make clear if taxpayer money is being used to create these lounges or are they privately funded? If the latter, that’s disappointing but I wouldn’t object Is the local government rescinding existing smoking bans? Or allowing a separate smoking lounge to exist. If they are rescinding bans, I understand the outrage.
  11. I never experienced any peer pressure, nor was asked to hold cigarettes by my friends that smoked (guess that means they were real friends). I just thought it looked cool to blow smoke out of your mouth. The head rush when I first managed to inhale without coughing sealed the deal
  12. It’s almost all about diseases . Almost nothing about the social aspect, which for me anyway, turned into the major motivation after the health reason. No longer having to sneak off or be banished to a remote spot to smoke if there was a smoking area at all.
  13. We looked into one of those portable oxygen concentrators for my mom rather than dealing with tanks. But as fate would have it, she contracted pneumonia one last time and passed shortly after in the hospital. Yes she was a smoker with both COPD and also emphysema I think. she had a horrible wet sounding cough in the last 10 to 15 years. She used a large version of those portable machines in nursing home though with no issues, and they would give us small tanks when we would take her home for dinners and such. But @Katgirl is right check with doctor (as if we have to tell you to check with doctor as you’ve warned many others of this over the years)
  14. Thank you all! @jillar and I have same quit date. Information from different sites. Depending on which you believe, after 5-15 years quit: your body has healed itself enough for arteries and blood vessels to start to widen again. This widening means the blood is less likely to clot, lowering the risk of stroke. Risk of death from lung cancer has dropped by half compared to when you smoked, according to the University of North Carolina so today I’m going to start enjoying those benefits by……(fill in the blank with your favorite activity)

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