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  1. Wayne045

    Increase Smoking Bans and Regulations

    Are you asking if the number of smokers will decrease? Current smokers who will now be underage when the law changes isn't going to stop them. I would think that the already high prices plus the continual price increases will definitely cause the number of smokers to decrease, because it will become unsustainable for the average income person to smoke.
  2. Wayne045

    Quit By Vaping?

    I tried Blue, didn't like it much, I didn't get that same "hit". The only advantage is that it didn't stink up everything. Anyway, went back to smoking cigarettes, then quit about a year later. Can't say it helped me quit either as a couple of times I would "smoke" a Blue e-cig, feel unsatisfied and then immediately after light a real cigarette.
  3. Wayne045

    Tips To Get Off NRT Gum

    When I was a 11 or 12 years old, before I started smoking, my uncle gave me a "pinch" of his smokeless tobacco. you didn't chew, just put it between cheek and gum. It was just awful and I ended up gagging and spitting it out within 15 seconds and then had to go brush my teeth to get the taste out. I remember thinking how does anybody get to normal use of this. Years later I became a smoker and I had my answer. Then the question became "How stupid am I" ?
  4. Wow what a coincidence. I remember reading that article when it was first published and I was contemplating quitting. Sadly, I also remember a footnote to it that said at the time of publishing the author had relapsed and was smoking again. I hope he was able to find that final quit.
  5. On my last visit to the doctor I of course get asked "Do you smoke" and even though I've told them several times over the past two years that I had quit, they took no official notice, not even a note in my file saying that I was trying to quit. This time I was asked and answered "Just over two years quit now". I guess this was the magic number because I saw her note in my record "former smoker". Yay? I guess? Truthfully I expected more fanfare at the beginning of my quit when I proudly told them I was 2 months quit (especially from a doctor who has been telling me for years I shouldn't smoke), but I guess they were expecting a fail. I showed them though!
  6. Wayne045

    Jillar is 2 Years Quit Today

    How come our quit days are the same, but your ticker shows one less day than me?
  7. That is actually dead-on correct. My parents had the exact same remote and they would stop working after a year or so because of all the tar and ash getting into them. Once, when I was visiting my parents, the remote stopped working and dad had a new one (still wrapped in plastic) right out of the box ready to go and it was all clean and shiny just like the one on the left. I have to ask. Did you got those from my parents, and what where you doing in their house?
  8. Wayne045

    Sometimes it is depressing.

    I didn't join a forum (or lurk) until I was almost a year quit. Before quitting I was researching methods on quitting and no doubt this forum came up #1 or #2 in most searches, but I saw the word forum and passed on by as I was looking for scientific studies on Chantix, NRT, and the like. I know now that all that information could be found on these forums, plus the wisdom and experiences of people who have actually used them. This information would have been extremely helpful in preparing for my quit, but I don't think I could've joined in the daily discussions early on. If I was constantly reading about, talking about, and thinking about quiting smoking, it would make me want to smoke. Best to put it out of sight, out of mind as much as possible. So when someone disappears, I want to believe they just can't deal with the constant reminder, even if it is positive reinforcement of their quit.
  9. Wayne045

    Jillar is 2 Years Quit Today

    Congratulations! I'll give you a copy of the key to the "double-secret" Lido deck!
  10. Wayne045

    Wayne045 is 2 Years Smoke Free!!

    Thanks everyone and a shout out to @jillar for also reaching the double secret Lido deck. I have been so busy lately that the date came and went before I realized it. I did get an awesome combination birthday present and 2 years quit reward for myself. A new 2018 BMW 330i
  11. Wayne045

    Cristóbal's Quit Days % 

    You're still young, You'll easily reverse those numbers.
  12. Wayne045

    Cristóbal's Quit Days % 

    You have it backwards. Using the numbers in your post, it would be 67% smoking 33% non-smoking
  13. Wayne045

    Cristóbal's Quit Days % 

    You should also count the years before you started smoking as non-smoking years, not just the quit years. To give you a more accurate percentage of not-smoking years. Going by those numbers, I have 32% non-smoking and 68% smoking If you just go by years smoked and just quit I have 5%, there would never be a chance to break even.
  14. Wayne045

    My Quit Day!

    You're going to love being a non-smoker.
  15. Wayne045

    Somebody noticed

    I should probably get her name first. She is still smoking, but said she wants to quit.

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