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  1. Wayne045

    Vaping Sends teen to Rehab

    I’ve seen the type. Unlike a cigarette which eventually burns out so the smoker has a stopping point, a vape can be continuously “puffed” on, is not a fire hazard and can be kept in hand always at the ready. And since it’s not real smoke, I’d imagine you would have to work it pretty hard to get the equivalent of smoke inhalation Edit: I have read that vapes explode, or burst into flames, but that’s pretty rare compared to the hazard of a lit cigarette
  2. Wayne045

    What Freedom Means to Me !!!

    A new benefit I just realized today. My skin is not as dried out. I used to get those painful skin cracks on the tips of my fingers, especially in the winter months, but this morning I realized I hadn’t had one since I quit smoking
  3. Wayne045

    You Look Sad

    Yes they are. Plus it's a long, multi-step process, Your regular dentist has to make molds of your teeth. Then dental surgery to remove the dead tooth or teeth (if you still have them) and put in the implant(s), then a 5-7 month wait while your bone and jaws heal. Then the posts are put on followed by your normal dentist to attach the bridge. If you can afford it though, it is definitely worth it.
  4. Wayne045

    You Look Sad

    I have bad genetics, long term effects of chemotherapy AND smoking. I have had root canals, crowns, and eventually extractions. I have two implants on the lower left side that holds a three tooth bridge (a process that took 6 months but was worth it). I have a traditional bridge on the lower right side along with several crowns on the upper teeth. I think I have spent more money on my teeth over the years than my regular doctor. Model of what my implant/bridge looks like. Quick edit. When I was 18 and and just started chemo, my oncologist said I need to get to the dentist for a checkup and stay on top of any issues. My Mom thought dental care was the least of my problems and wanted to put it off. We then got a lecture on the effects of chemo and dental health, which could lead to complications during treatment.
  5. Wayne045

    Smoking spouse

    I've never had a spouse so maybe not as qualified to comment, but I will anyway. I watched this scenario play out prior to when I started smoking. My Dad tried to quit way back in the mid 70's but my Mom didn't, he made it almost a week with my Mom still smoking all over the house. I think Dad would have been successful it it wasn't literally in his face the entire time. He even said that to her face when she made a comment about willpower after he caved. This was the 70's though, so of course smokers could smoke anywhere, anytime, it didn't even occur to Mom to maybe go to the garage or outside to smoke. My parents continued smoking up until their deaths, both had COPD/emphysema and both were very sedentary in their retirements. My dad went into the hospital for the first (and last) time when he developed pneumonia. He was forced to quit in the hospital, they gave him nicotine patches, but I'm sure he died wanting a cigarette. My Mom was also forced to quit when her breathing got so bad she had to have oxygen 24/7. It was a forced quit. Also a cold-turkey quit as she refused any NRT.
  6. Wayne045

    Sex, Health, Money and Time

    Somehow I'm no more attractive to women after I quit smoking than I was when smoking. What is this "sex" thing everyone is talking about?
  7. Wayne045

    DC increases cigarette taxes

    Yes it is, DC is fairly small and a 10 minute drive in any direction (notwithstanding rush hour traffic) will get you to either MD or VA, not much gas required, certainly less than a gallon, which is less than the taxes alone. Another option is to take the Metro (subway). So take train to first stop in MD or VA. Get out, hit the nearest convenience store to get your cigarettes and be back on your way in short order. As you should know as a former smoker, you will go to great lengths and justify anything to keep smoking.
  8. Wayne045

    DC increases cigarette taxes

    I guess it depends on whether you live closer to VA or MD as to where they have to get their fix.
  9. Just read that Washington DC increased the cigarette tax by $2 per pack, bringing the taxes up to $5 per pack, and the average cost of a pack to $10, which according to the article is now the highest in the US. Read the article here As the article points out though, all smokers have to do is take a quick trip to either MD or VA where the taxes are much lower.
  10. Wayne045

    Smoker's To Pay More In The UK !!!

    Several years ago on a weekend trip to LuRay caverns (a small town with only one cell tower) I saw a bus pull into a small strip mall right in front of the tobacco shop and everybody headed in straight in. Don't know where the bus was from but I would wager that it was full of people from out of state.
  11. Wayne045

    Smoker's To Pay More In The UK !!!

    I just looked on-line for my state, Virginia (US). The average price here is $4.69 per pack. That's not much more than what it was when I quit almost 2.5 years ago. I think it was $4.30 or so when I quit. According to the table I saw, Virginia is the 3rd lowest in the US in terms of cost per pack.
  12. I heard this many times from smokers and in fact used to say it myself, then I realized: Yes, we have to die from something, but we don't WANT to die do we? So why hasten our death by smoking.
  13. Wayne045

    Bad dreams about smoking?

    I have the occasional one. Don't think much of them anymore, I always wake up still a non/former smoker.
  14. Wayne045

    I never really gained weight.

    I gained about 10 lbs in the 2+ years since I quit . But then I have been tall and skinny my whole life and still look tall and skinny. I can hide behind a telephone pole. (slender if you want to be polite)
  15. Strange as it sounds. Have to say I agree about the breaks. Nowadays at work, I will work straight through till lunch without hardly getting out my chair, where I used to at least take one break mid-morning, walk down the stairs and back up when finished. Now I have to keep reminding myself to get up and walk around.

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