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  1. Wayne045

    Smoker's To Pay More In The UK !!!

    Several years ago on a weekend trip to LuRay caverns (a small town with only one cell tower) I saw a bus pull into a small strip mall right in front of the tobacco shop and everybody headed in straight in. Don't know where the bus was from but I would wager that it was full of people from out of state.
  2. Wayne045

    Smoker's To Pay More In The UK !!!

    I just looked on-line for my state, Virginia (US). The average price here is $4.69 per pack. That's not much more than what it was when I quit almost 2.5 years ago. I think it was $4.30 or so when I quit. According to the table I saw, Virginia is the 3rd lowest in the US in terms of cost per pack.
  3. I heard this many times from smokers and in fact used to say it myself, then I realized: Yes, we have to die from something, but we don't WANT to die do we? So why hasten our death by smoking.
  4. Wayne045

    Bad dreams about smoking?

    I have the occasional one. Don't think much of them anymore, I always wake up still a non/former smoker.
  5. Wayne045

    I never really gained weight.

    I gained about 10 lbs in the 2+ years since I quit . But then I have been tall and skinny my whole life and still look tall and skinny. I can hide behind a telephone pole. (slender if you want to be polite)
  6. Strange as it sounds. Have to say I agree about the breaks. Nowadays at work, I will work straight through till lunch without hardly getting out my chair, where I used to at least take one break mid-morning, walk down the stairs and back up when finished. Now I have to keep reminding myself to get up and walk around.
  7. Wayne045

    The Saddest Place I've Ever Been

    Been there done that. Don't miss it even a little bit. I recently (as in a few months ago) did a layover in Memphis TN, and my connecting flight was of course delayed, so I got something to eat and then walked around for a while, and I was shocked stupid when I came across a well appointed smoking lounge. This was not a glass box with no ventilation, but a real lounge with more comfortable chairs than in the terminal, a privacy wall so that people couldn't see inside, and was well ventilated, because I didn't smell any telltale odor, even when I walked up close to check it out I didn't go in of course since I'm well over 2 years quit. I did feel a little pi--ed though. I mean where were these places when I was still smoking? And how is it possible in this non-smoking era that a nice lounge like that even exists?
  8. Wayne045

    Kids and e-cigs

    I've met adults who think they've quit smoking because they switched to vape or E-Cig. No point in arguing with them, you won't win.
  9. Wayne045

    Do craves pop up when actors light up?

    Just finished binging the "Mad Men" series on Netflix. Two thirds of the characters smoked. Didn't bother me. I was born in that era and grew up with my parents and most of the adults around me smoking. As @Jetblack says, it's pretty rare to see it on TV or movies lately (unless they're the big bad). I assume we see less smoking because there are fewer smokers now (at least here in the U.S).
  10. Wayne045

    What did you use to do

    Whether you tried to cover it up or not, whether you think you didn't smell or not. I can definitely say that YES you did smell. Now that I've quit you can smell the odor even if you douse yourself in perfume/febreeze etc. I can tell a smoker now whether they just smoked 2 minutes ago or an hour ago. And if you smoked in your house/car, OF COURSE it stinks. You can have solid air fresheners in every room, have plug-in air fresheners periodically spraying the air all to no avail. Of course most people are not going to say anything about it. Why start an argument with a friend or stranger.
  11. Wayne045

    What did you use to do

    I remember those, used to use those too. I haven't seem then around lately. I don't know if it's because I'm not looking for them or they're not sold anymore.
  12. This is probably more a reflection of the modern social stigma of smoking, than in past years. Seen this guy at work who smokes cigars. He doesn't hide while smoking, so not a closet smoker. Then a few days ago, I happened to be in the restroom when he came in smelling of cigar. He washed his hands and then proceeded to wash his face and head (close cropped hair). Wouldn't have been surprised if he had mouthwash but I didn't hang around to watch. That is definitely going the whole 9 yards to cover it up. I wondered is he just being conscientious so as not offend anyone or really hates that he smells. Maybe both. What lengths did you go to to cover it up? I would always wash my hands after coming in and have a mint (if I had any), if not then get a long drink of water to sort of wash to taste out of my mouth. In colder weather I would wear this old hoodie to go out and smoke to keep the smell off my normal jacket and shirt.
  13. Wayne045

    Now Don't Get Me Wrong...

    It's obvious what you need to do... Get rid of the coffee too. Or wait till you are at work to have the coffee. Since I quit smoking I use that time I would have been smoking to oversleep. It's amazing how hard it is to wake up when you're not craving a cigarette.
  14. Wayne045

    Non Smoking Places

    Airports. I had a layover at Memphis recently and my connecting flight was delayed, so I walked around a bit (inside the security area) and discovered an actual smoking lounge. It wasn't just a non-ventilated glass fish-bowl type room that was fogged up with smoke that you usually see, if you see one at all. Instead, it was, a nicely furnished, ventilated room with a privacy wall so you wouldn't be seen by other travelers. You couldn't even smell anything from the outside. I was so shocked to see it. Felt brief disappointment that I was no longer a smoker, because prior to that I would race outside, suck down a cigarette and then have to go through the whole security screening process again. 2nd best reason to quit is not having to worry about when and where you can have the next cigarette.
  15. Wayne045

    I still own an ashtray

    My cheap plastic ashtrays are long gone. While still smoking I had been trying to find a decent one and ended with a couple cheap plastic ones that I found at a party store, where 99% of the store inventory was children's toys and balloons. Even the tobacco shop where I bought cigarettes didn't have decent one. I do still have 2 lighters though which I've used to light candles in a power outage.

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