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  1. I still belong to a pro-smoking site (the admin told me that there is no way to delete or cancel accounts). Since I can’t delete my account, I will login occasionally and post subliminal “you don’t love smoking, you’re addicted” messages or indirect “anti-smoking“ messages/replies in random threads. Who knows maybe it makes someone start thinking seriously about quitting
  2. The number of people I see vaping at work has drastically dropped since the reports of lung disease and deaths. Of course, these are adults, not kids looking to get high. But I'm sure that the sudden onset of lung illness and deaths has put some fear into them. Even seen a few that went back to smoking cigarettes.
  3. I averaged 2.5 to 3 hrs. between cigarettes while at work. At home about 90 minutes On average I smoked about 10 cigarettes per day. So glad I made it a point to never smoke in residence or vehicle, otherwise I probably would have smoked much more than I did. Still an addict though Rainy day, wait it out...still raining OK go stand in rain with my umbrella to smoke (addict) Snowing, freezing cold....put on winter coat, stocking cap, and thin gloves I bought just to smoke (addict) On a long road trip. Stop every 2-3 hrs at a rest stop to smoke (depending on how far the next one would be) Airplane...whew air travel is rough, my normal departure airport does not have a smoking lounge anywhere inside or outside the security perimeter, you have to go all the way outside. And on an especially long (6+ hrs) flight I would chew a piece of nicorette (addict). When landing rush outside to smoke, then come back in to get luggage.
  4. Have you found something to do instead of smoking? Hobby, exercise, video games? one of the things I did was go to the theater to watch a movie. As a smoker a shied away from theater because NO SMOKING for 2-3 hrs
  5. Yes. Weird is it not? I can’t remember dreaming about smoking when I was a smoker, or, maybe I did but didn’t classify it as an important part to remember because it was normal for me to smoke. Now as a non-smoker it is NOT normal for me to be smoking, so, I have a guilt trip in the dream and always remember when I wake up
  6. I like that attitude sarge! see my ticker for the current number
  7. It's just a meaningless marketing term, that sounds good, like "synergy". Lucky strikes used "it's toasted". Toasting is a process done to all tobacco (as I understand), but hey it sounded good in a jingle.
  8. Yesterday I was browsing around on amazon video and stumbled across a nostalgia video made up entirely of old time commercials from the 50s, 60s, and I believe the early 70s. There were several smoking ads included. I got to admit that the animated marching Lucky Strikes was entertaining. There were quite a few for Newport’s (which must have been new at the time, I even vaguely remember seeing those as a child) if if you want to see brazen, hard sell ads for cigarettes look no further than those old American TV commercials
  9. Is it really enforced though? When I was still smoking, I would smoke outside with impunity (unless it was a child centric area, in which case a weird looking stranger hanging around kids and smoking would trigger a different kind of response than OMG someone is smoking) Anyway though, outside I never was told to put it out, or move, or issued a citation. that included hotels or businesses that said no smoking in front of building. Heck, even the employees would stand out there to smoke. It’s kind of like my high school (early 80s). Officially there was no smoking on or in school grounds, but the teachers/staff wouldn’t enforce it if you just walked out to the school parking lot. You could smoke in the open if you were outside the building. If they caught you inside though, you might be punished (depending on who caught you) which might just be an unofficial punishment of confiscating your cigarettes and lighter or the full blown after school detention and parental notification. Although back then, the parents likely knew already and allowed it.
  10. When was this? Here in the US commercial breaks are getting longer and longer. I could go out for smoke, hit restroom coming back in and still have 2 mins of commercials to watch. Pretty bad when an hour long program only has 42 mins of actual showtime
  11. They should have an electronic sign like gas stations so they can be up to the minute when prices change I think smokers in NYC probably get their smokes from outside the city.
  12. I think a dream is just a dream. I've had smoking dreams, but I also do other stuff in dreams that I have/haven't done in real life. Like I remember this one dream that I was back working my very first job as a sacker at a grocery store and then suddenly the scene changes to me helping my old high school English teacher fix her car. The job is a real thing that happened, but hanging out with my high school English teacher, that never happened, and I've never fixed a car before (beyond changing a flat tire). I just go with the flow.
  13. Follow up story today in Washington Post: Vaping related illnesses spike I’ve been seeing advertisements for vaping products on TV from big name cigarette companies now. Go figure
  14. As someone who grew up in the 70’s. Early warnings of 2nd hand smoke were everywhere . I know my parents heard about it also, they just chose not to believe it. I can’t claim being any smarter though since I eventually became a smoker myself. Prior to when I started though I used to give my parents a lot of grief about smoking
  15. I think it’s mostly younger people getting sick because they are the ones vaping. It seems the cool thing to do now. Old timers will stick with cigarettes because that was the cool thing to do when they were young

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