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  1. Let’s see, (checks calendar) it’s been over 3 yrs since I quit. So I would say, that give or take a few days, not counting holidays, was there a leap year? No leap year, good. I started feeling that the worst was behind me early last week. I’m joking of course. The worst was behind me the day I quit. The aftershocks I would say lasted about a month for me. Your mileage may vary of course. But that day will come when you don’t even think about it. You’ll be going to dinner or a movie or be getting on a plane and not even think about when and where can I smoke? You’ll stop scoping out new places for the smoking area the minute you arrive. You will feel better, smell better, and save money, and have a lot less stress in your life
  2. What about the dreams. Are you handling the dreams OK? Are you having any intense dreams? I heard tales of nightmares before I stared Chantix, but didn’t experience any myself. The dreams were the most interesting effect of using Chantix for me
  3. I've never gotten anything from Phillip Morris here in the US but then I never dealt directly with them and almost always bought a carton using cash. I imagine that there is multiple ways they could get your address 1. if you got any of their "prizes" from their catalog 2 Ever ordered cigarettes online (when it was still legal) 3. Used a credit or debit card at a tobacco shop which would record what and how often you buy. That data got shared with Philipp Morris. Always be careful what you do online folks. I did get an AARP letter almost on the day of my 50th birthday though. I joined of course do get all of the old fart senior discounts.
  4. Going to add just one. Video games Can't believe no one here is a gamer.
  5. This is a great question and I've been straining to come up with an answer and have none. I was tired of the social stigma, the smell, the cost, the fact that my day revolved around when/where I could smoke, jonesing for a smoke when on a flight or any other situation that I couldn't smoke, standing out in rain/cold to smoke. It was frustrating that I was stuck in this addiction and was dead-set on quitting and getting my freedom back and have a real peace of mind (not the false peace of mind when you finally relieve a craving by lighting up). So my answer is nothing. Don't miss it or anything about it AT ALL.
  6. At first I thought that was pretty extreme. I thought it was just a fine for smoking on a plane. Then I read through and found that it started a fire and put everybody on the plane in danger On most flights I would just deal with cravings and light up as soon as I could after getting off. On long 6+ hr flights I would use gum
  7. F*** Bright (no longer available AFAIK). This was not my regular brand, it was what I used to steal from my mother when I first started. It had a minty kind of taste, that managed to hook me.
  8. Is this similar to the great American smoke out that is on November 15
  9. Thank you @jillar and @reciprocity. My celebration today was going to work. Got a vacation planned for next week Still working on the math for my time machine, but the flux capacitor is...fluxing.
  10. Congratulations @jillar Any special celebration plans or indulgent prize you’re going to buy for yourself. You deserve it and I know you have extra cash these days
  11. I think it's a fictional TV show for made for you entertainment....or not. If that bothers you definitely don't watch Mad Men.
  12. So is it just that area you outlined or are the people in the lounge chair able to smoke? What about the people on the upper tier? Sorry I've never been on a cruise It seems that on an open air deck, maybe the rear of the ship would be an ideal smoking area.
  13. I’ve gone almost 3 years without getting those painful skin cracks on the tips of my fingers, plus my toes aren’t always freezing in winter. I think I could walk barefoot in the snow now

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