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  1. Wayne045

    Kids and e-cigs

    I've met adults who think they've quit smoking because they switched to vape or E-Cig. No point in arguing with them, you won't win.
  2. Wayne045

    Do craves pop up when actors light up?

    Just finished binging the "Mad Men" series on Netflix. Two thirds of the characters smoked. Didn't bother me. I was born in that era and grew up with my parents and most of the adults around me smoking. As @Jetblack says, it's pretty rare to see it on TV or movies lately (unless they're the big bad). I assume we see less smoking because there are fewer smokers now (at least here in the U.S).
  3. Wayne045

    What did you use to do

    Whether you tried to cover it up or not, whether you think you didn't smell or not. I can definitely say that YES you did smell. Now that I've quit you can smell the odor even if you douse yourself in perfume/febreeze etc. I can tell a smoker now whether they just smoked 2 minutes ago or an hour ago. And if you smoked in your house/car, OF COURSE it stinks. You can have solid air fresheners in every room, have plug-in air fresheners periodically spraying the air all to no avail. Of course most people are not going to say anything about it. Why start an argument with a friend or stranger.
  4. Wayne045

    What did you use to do

    I remember those, used to use those too. I haven't seem then around lately. I don't know if it's because I'm not looking for them or they're not sold anymore.
  5. This is probably more a reflection of the modern social stigma of smoking, than in past years. Seen this guy at work who smokes cigars. He doesn't hide while smoking, so not a closet smoker. Then a few days ago, I happened to be in the restroom when he came in smelling of cigar. He washed his hands and then proceeded to wash his face and head (close cropped hair). Wouldn't have been surprised if he had mouthwash but I didn't hang around to watch. That is definitely going the whole 9 yards to cover it up. I wondered is he just being conscientious so as not offend anyone or really hates that he smells. Maybe both. What lengths did you go to to cover it up? I would always wash my hands after coming in and have a mint (if I had any), if not then get a long drink of water to sort of wash to taste out of my mouth. In colder weather I would wear this old hoodie to go out and smoke to keep the smell off my normal jacket and shirt.
  6. Wayne045

    Now Don't Get Me Wrong...

    It's obvious what you need to do... Get rid of the coffee too. Or wait till you are at work to have the coffee. Since I quit smoking I use that time I would have been smoking to oversleep. It's amazing how hard it is to wake up when you're not craving a cigarette.
  7. Wayne045

    Non Smoking Places

    Airports. I had a layover at Memphis recently and my connecting flight was delayed, so I walked around a bit (inside the security area) and discovered an actual smoking lounge. It wasn't just a non-ventilated glass fish-bowl type room that was fogged up with smoke that you usually see, if you see one at all. Instead, it was, a nicely furnished, ventilated room with a privacy wall so you wouldn't be seen by other travelers. You couldn't even smell anything from the outside. I was so shocked to see it. Felt brief disappointment that I was no longer a smoker, because prior to that I would race outside, suck down a cigarette and then have to go through the whole security screening process again. 2nd best reason to quit is not having to worry about when and where you can have the next cigarette.
  8. Wayne045

    I still own an ashtray

    My cheap plastic ashtrays are long gone. While still smoking I had been trying to find a decent one and ended with a couple cheap plastic ones that I found at a party store, where 99% of the store inventory was children's toys and balloons. Even the tobacco shop where I bought cigarettes didn't have decent one. I do still have 2 lighters though which I've used to light candles in a power outage.
  9. Wayne045

    What did you do about the odor?

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who wanted to be completely rid of the smell. It’s amazing how it persists. I have an old recliner that my dad used when he visited. And after many years and febreeze shots. You can still smell it although you have to be close to it. I couldn’t get them to go outside even with perfect weather and a covered patio. When I would visit my parents and returned home. I would just dump the entire contents of my suitcase into the washer whether they were clean or not because they all reeked.
  10. Growing up in a house where both parents smoked. The house and everything in it (including me) had a stale smoke odor, and sickly yellow tint. My mom tried to explain that yellow tint as the furnace, my dad however was under no delusions as to what caused it. When my parents had relatives/guests over for a party, most of whom smoke, the smoke would practically fog up the house and pre-teen/non-smoking me would feel slightly nauseated at the end of the night (it's hard to believe the smoke detectors didn't go off). Even after starting to smoke myself, I hated that smell/look. I always tried to smoke outside, to avoid having the odor and yellow discoloration in my home and on my stuff. I never smoke in my car either. When I quit I was thankful that there was no odor to deal with while I was in withdrawal. After my parents passed away, me and my sister rented the house, but first we did some renovations, and the first thing we did was hire a cleaning company to clean and remove the odor. They scrubbed down every accessible surface to do it, but the results were amazing. The house no longer had the stale smoke smell, the walls and windows no longer had a yellowish tint and it was a very noticeable absence to both of us. Everything else, carpet, curtains etc. was removed and trashed. We tried to sell the furniture but it was old (and smelly) and ended up in the trash also. My question is, once you quit took hold, what did you do to get rid of the odor in your house or car?
  11. Wayne045

    Increase Smoking Bans and Regulations

    Because asbestos in most uses was not a choice made by the individual. Companies used it in factories, exposing unknowing workers to it, and sold products containing asbestos as a fire proofing material. It should be and is regulated now. Anyone born after 1964 (the surgeon generals report) knows that smoking is bad for your health, it is not forced on anybody. If you want to talk about advertising and such or how tobacco companies market it, well that's a different argument.
  12. Wayne045

    A choice to be made

    Jet-black has a point. Why come here to tell us you can't quit because it's too hard. This reminds me of a topic on the former QSMB. An 80+ year old woman was essentially asking for permission to keep smoking. When you're asking that question on a support forum for quitting you already know the answer before you post, else why come here. If you want someone to tell you to keep smoking, there are plenty of pro-smoking forums that will not only tell you to continue smoking, but to increase your smoking. But you are here, not there. So I'm guessing you want to quit no?
  13. Wayne045

    Increase Smoking Bans and Regulations

    Are you asking if the number of smokers will decrease? Current smokers who will now be underage when the law changes isn't going to stop them. I would think that the already high prices plus the continual price increases will definitely cause the number of smokers to decrease, because it will become unsustainable for the average income person to smoke.
  14. Wayne045

    Quit By Vaping?

    I tried Blue, didn't like it much, I didn't get that same "hit". The only advantage is that it didn't stink up everything. Anyway, went back to smoking cigarettes, then quit about a year later. Can't say it helped me quit either as a couple of times I would "smoke" a Blue e-cig, feel unsatisfied and then immediately after light a real cigarette.
  15. Wayne045

    Tips To Get Off NRT Gum

    When I was a 11 or 12 years old, before I started smoking, my uncle gave me a "pinch" of his smokeless tobacco. you didn't chew, just put it between cheek and gum. It was just awful and I ended up gagging and spitting it out within 15 seconds and then had to go brush my teeth to get the taste out. I remember thinking how does anybody get to normal use of this. Years later I became a smoker and I had my answer. Then the question became "How stupid am I" ?

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