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  1. There is no such thing as one cigarette, Opah. I've learned that painful lesson several times in the past. You have to commit to never taking another puff. We will always be nicotine addicts but as long as we don't feed that addiction, it will eventually become dormant. The key is never lighting up again. I'm glad you are quitting again. Stick close to this place. We are here to help you.
  2. 10 Weeks In

    I think it is great to express all of what you are going through. Ramble all you want. It helps others and it definitely helps you clear your head and stay focused on why you are quitting. Keep with it. Yes, things may suck early on but you are doing a huge thing by staying quit. Things do get much better. Keep up the great work.
  3. Losing my way

    I can't add much that everyone else hasn't already said, Fab. No Man's Land is something that most (but not all) quitters seem to hit after the first few months and that seems to be what you are going through now. Nancy put it best in talking about how the shiny has been worn off your quit. She also put it best when she said that cigarette is not your friend but your enemy that wants to kill you. Losing the safety net of QSMB and your quit buddy definitely adds to your struggles but you are doing great. 81 days smoke free is huge. You should be very proud of that. Keep with it, Fab. You are a non-smoker now. You have no use whatsoever for a cigarette.
  4. Albert is 3 Months Quit Today!!

    Great job, Albert! Congratulations!
  5. Saturday 24th March 2018

    NOPE - smoking sucks!
  6. 1 to 20,000 in pictures

  7. Feeling like an outcast in a mostly smoke-free society that has grown increasingly hostile towards smokers. There are many other things I am happy to be free of but that's a big one right there. I definitely started feeling more at peace with this once I realized I was quitting for good.
  8. Approching 2 yrs

    That's awesome, Jryan! I'm glad you are doing so well and that you stopped in to give us an update. Quitting smoking really does change your life in amazing ways.
  9. Jules1977 is 4 Months Quit Today!!

    Congratulations Jules! Keep up the awesome work!
  10. KT1973 is 6 Months Quit Today!!

    Congratulations KT! Half a year smoke-free is awesome.
  11. Friday 23rd March 2018

    NOPE - Have an awesome, smoke-free Friday, everybody.
  12. chicks or sticks

    - 2
  13. chicks or sticks

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