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  1. johnny5

    Hit and Run

    Well, its official. The Dodgers have acquired Manny Machado. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/07/dodgers-to-acquire-manny-machado.html
  2. johnny5

    1 to 20,000 in pictures

  3. johnny5

    A choice to be made

    Welcome to QuitTrain, CanDoCouldBe. I'm really sorry to hear about your wife and I know it must make a big task like quitting smoking a lot more daunting. I agree with pretty much what everyone here has just told you. I'll add that I was really intimidated by the idea of quitting and thought I'd be completely miserable. Truth is, it was tough at first, but it wound up being a big life-changing event and one of the best things I feel I've ever done. Continuing to smoke is not going to make anything better and it will probably make things a lot worse. As others stated, a quick heart attack isn't the only thing that can result from continuing to smoke. There are many other painful and prolonged illnesses that can result from smoking and nobody wants to go through those. Give quitting a shot. Read up on nicotine addiction here and seek support from this place. Quitting smoking is definitely doable and you will get a lot of support here in your journey.
  4. johnny5

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  5. johnny5

    1 to 20,000 in pictures

  6. johnny5

    Wednesday 18th July 2018

    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
  7. johnny5

    Encouragement poem

    Great poem, Jane. Thanks for sharing.
  8. johnny5

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  9. johnny5

    chicks or sticks

    - 2
  10. johnny5

    chicks or sticks

    - 5
  11. johnny5

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  12. johnny5

    Suz916 is 4 months smoke free today

    Congratulations Suz!
  13. johnny5

    Back again with a new quit date

    Welcome back, Michelle. It is good to have you here.

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