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  1. johnny5

    1 to 20,000 in pictures

  2. johnny5

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    I'm sorry how things are going with your mom but I'm glad you posted an SOS and fought your way through this. Lighting up a cigarette will not change the situation for the better in any way whatsoever. You are doing a truly great thing in quitting smoking. This is a huge accomplishment many people really struggle with. As Paul723 said, you should be very proud of what you have accomplished by quitting. Gain strength from that. Many smokers would love to be where you are now. Don't let anything ruin your fantastic quit.
  3. johnny5

    Friday 18th January 2019

    NOPE! Happy Friday, everybody!
  4. johnny5

    2 Weeks Yesterday!

    Welcome Abby! Congratulations on 2 weeks smober. I hate to hear about your situation with your best friend. That is really tough. But, I'm glad you didn't light back up. It would have done nothing at all positive for you. Yes, you will never regret quitting but you will regret lighting back up. Welcome to QuitTrain. Enjoy the ride. There is a lot of support you can get here as well as a lot of distracting games and socializing threads to keep your mind off of smokes. It is good to have you here.
  5. johnny5

    KDAD is 4 months smoke free!!!!!

    It is sad how much money we spent on smokes. Still, you are are quit now. More money and better health. Great stuff! Congrats on 4 months smoke free.
  6. johnny5

    Holy Vestil Virgins, BAT is 5 years Smoke Free!

    That is awesome, BAT! Congratulations!
  7. johnny5

    Five Years

    Congratulations BAT!
  8. johnny5

    judygawriluk is 4 years smoke free

    Congratulations Judy!
  9. johnny5

    1 to 20,000 in pictures

  10. You are doing great, MLMR!

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