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  1. Here are my roughly 48,452 unsmoked cigarettes burning in the bonfire. Good riddance!
  2. Congratulations on 7 years smoke free, @Lust4Life @Lust4Life2016 Glad you are still around as well as doing great in your quit. Celebrate big today.
  3. Congratulations on 2 years smoke free @JustSomeGuy Great job
  4. Congratulations Stew! You are doing great in your quit. Keep up the awesome work!
  5. Congratulations on 11 years smoke free, @bakon Fantastic job!
  6. Just got a lot of rain, not much wind. I'm near Raleigh which is fairly inland and it has just been raining all day. Thanks for asking. Things are fine, just a dreary day.

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