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  1. Lust4Life


    @Doreensfree- better open wide at the next appointment!
  2. Congratulations on rockin’ 9 years of smobriety!! You were a key player in my early quit days. You helped me and countless others stay the course.
  3. I read the book. It finally clicked. Cigarette to my lips to deliver smoke to my lungs was eerily similar to needle to vein to deliver heroin to blood. They both fed the demon and gave us that “ahhhhh” relief. Found some YouTube clips of him. Watched over & over. Extremely instrumental in my quit along with being active on a forum like this.
  4. Hi and Welcome! Glad you’re here. The ticker is great motivation! I noticed you used the phrase “gave up”. Remember you haven’t given up anything! You’ve regained control! This is a positive move! Congratulations on taking the leap into freedom!
  5. When was the “eureka” moment? The world wide accepted “eureka” moment that made people stop, collaborate & listen? I can confirm that through most of the 1970s/ you could smoke on a plane. Doctors thought it helped asthma. Cigars to congratulate the birth of your likely nicotine addicted child. I believe up to a point; people really did not know any better. I support that generation. That generation is dying. The rest know better. Or should. Or would if affordable rural health was available to those needing it. I, too, BKP remember those days. If my dad heard the theory of second hand smoke- he would have never smoked in the car, on the plane, or in the restaurant with me. I never lit a smoke- but I picked up the wayward one from the floor board.
  6. Welcome aboard the Lido MLMR! Have a seat, get a drink and relax. What a climb!! Congratulations on one year!! You deserve all the accolades!
  7. Belated Congratulations!! Great job Linda!! You fought like mad and made it through some downright dark times. Welcome to the Lido! You have earned every accolade given.
  8. Congratulations!! First month is a whopper of a challenge!! Glad to have you here , moving right along in your quit!
  9. You’re worth it! Congratulations on this spectacular self care! That’s something to really smile about!
  10. Wow. Hello & welcome to QT. You’re in the right place especially with all that’s going on w you health wise. It may seem like all is out of control. You still have control. To smoke or not. To eat well or not. To attend your MD appointments or not. Please find ways to nourish your body & mind.
  11. Yep. Whatever it takes. Yes pretzels. No puffs.
  12. Congratulations on wasting no time in restarting your quit. I’ve been there. It is frustrating, infuriating & heartbreaking. I’ve frequently seen you around here. Now more than ever- stay close. Life will come around and punch us in the face no matter what stage we are in our quit. Knowing this, make a plan on how to deal with crap that will thrown next time. A plan that doesn’t involve smoking. A plan that makes you better & stronger.
  13. That’s a mighty fine compliment to you beazel! Show her the way! The seas are scary but you’re an experienced Captain and will steer her to smobriety!! We all will!
  14. MLMR- I have watched you fight hard for your quit! Congratulations on 11 months! Be as proud of yourself as we are of you!!

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