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  1. MLMR- I have watched you fight hard for your quit! Congratulations on 11 months! Be as proud of yourself as we are of you!!
  2. I read Alien Carr’s Easy Way book. It helped. What helped me the most was really adopting the philosophy/ mantra of this forum. Not one puff... I became quite the fan of an old poster on another forum & adopted his way of thinking. Just make it through the day until my head hits the pillow. Wake up and say to yourself. I did it! I’m going to do it again. Then do it. For most- myself included- it sucked. Hard. But when I fought like mad all day & made it to my pillow smoke-free another day. The joy of completing another smoke free day far outweighed the agony of fighting monster craves. Post SOS when needed. It works. So does NOPT/NOPE
  3. Welcome Diane! Congratulations on taking charge of your life & health!
  4. Pescatarians love anchovy crusted eel PIANO
  5. As smooth as silk
  6. Rock on with yo’ (your) badself! * I swear this was a common phrase used decades ago- at least down here in SE USA!
  7. Misery loves company
  8. WTF? I guess they think you’re still gambling w your health... Desperate SOBs.
  9. All for one & one for all

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