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  1. Howdy! After all these years (3 and counting) I still haven't taken the time to figure out how to post one of these neat-o memes? gifs? Here's my roll call response, as per usual, Don't judge.
  2. Lust4Life


    Those tickers are great motivators. When you wake up tomorrow and see you’ve clocked more than 24 hours- rejoice! Then know that you made it thr Day 1 and will conquer Day 2! NOPE!!
  3. Very scary stuff BKP! I’m so glad you got thr/ it! I, too, work in healthcare and am soooooo thankful I quit. One less thing to worry about. And - hello!- improved lung function!! Thanks for posting- it is important info to share! Stay well! L4L
  4. Congratulations on 4 years of smobriety, boo!
  5. Please accept my belated congratulations! How exciting! The Train has a mighty fine Mod-Squad!
  6. Congratulations on 6 months!! What a great quit you’re growing ekptr!
  7. Congratulations on 5 years of smobriety Jordan7!!
  8. Howdy! Quit cold turkey 9/26/2016. It has been one helluva ride. Made it through turbulent waters and now I'm coasting in laminar flow. Early on, I relied on (too heavily probably-)the words/poetry of Mike Piano and Bassman Two gents from another site. Newbies should find soft landing here Stay awhile and nurture your quit. Some quitters prefer a more hard-ass approach. Not me. It was not as easy as Allen Carr promised. Some days, the craves crashed over me. I nearly drowned. But I did not. Every so often I feel a twinge. An ache. A temptation. Nostalgia's whisper is a scream. I vowed NOPE from day 1 of my forever quit. I've kept that promise. As for the picture -- for those that know me, know that I haven't figured out how to post those clever mimes, gifs, crap whatever y'all call it... Yep to NOPE! L4L
  9. Holy shit Jillar!! WTF!?!? What a scary week!! I’m glad you took action. Good on hubby too for calling ambulance. Rest & recover friend! XOXO L4L

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