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  1. I’m so sorry Doreen. I know you both fought the battle for so long. May peace be with you & free, deep, uncomplicated breaths be with him in his restful peace.
  2. Happy 9 months to you @Linda Thomas! Great job- you are so supportive here and this is a great celebration!
  3. I'm job hunting. Just FYI to lurkers- some places require a "smobriety" test. Meaning, they are a 100% tobacco and NICOTINE free company. Each applicant must consent to a blood test to detect any nicotine in their system. ANY meaning one must disclose the use of NRT or vaping. Easy peasy lemon squezzy from this sour puss.
  4. @jillar you know it! Job loss has some perks...this is the first time I've perused QT on an actual computer vs phone/tablet. What a difference! So fancy!
  5. @Linda Thomas thank you so much for your kind words. I feel like sometimes we live in a mine zone of "what ifs". Tip toe. What will detonate our sleeping bomb? Years after it fell into slumber? Nothing. We got this.
  6. Hi! I've been gone for a month or so. Living life. Loathing life. Loving life. All that jazz. During these months of living life and all that jazz, I lost my job - or rather - it lost me? Reduction in force. Workforce reduction. Position no longer needed. Blah blah yadda yadda. I have several months of severance and no job. In a haze, I ventured out to the pharmacy to get some headache remedy and some other sundries. The check out cashier was pleasant and engaging. We talked about the weather. Not the government (note the R.E.M. reference). I swiped my card. It was accepted. I still have funds. Yay! I looked past my new friend. I noticed all the packs of cigarettes. I saw my enemy; the yellow ones. Then, I felt the reality sink in. After hearing the news my job no longer existed...I did not think about smoking. I did not think about smoking. I did not think about NOT smoking. I did not think about anything having to do with smoking until I saw the packs. Then, I thought...good thing I don't smoke anymore, that crap is crazy expensive. And it is one less thing to worry about. Then, I thought...holy shit! I just lost my job and the thought of smoking never crossed my mind until I saw packs of cigs. Then, I thought...holy shit! I was not even tempted to buy any! No internal struggle, nothing, other than relief to not have to worry about it. Then, I thought...my Lust4Life took a hit but is still shining. So is yours.
  7. Yes it is. I did. Forums like QuitTrain give so much support, tolerance & knowledge. This place alone will offer you all the support you seek. I owe my quit to the support & guidance from other quitters i met online. Welcome! Post and read here often to get the post benefit.
  8. Once upon a time- Chanel No. 5. These days I smell like Vick’s Vaporub or Icy Hot. Oh so sexy. Y’all remember the drugstore Jean Nate, Love’s Baby Soft, Charlie, Jovan MuskThen the Department Store Liz Claiborne in the triangle container, Estée Lauder scents - Cinnabar, Estee- & Lancôme later on? or Enjolie- (sp?)- the “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never forget you’re a/my man ‘cause I’m a woman- Enjolie...?
  9. Welcome and congratulations on your growing quit! You’ll find lots of support here!
  10. Welcome back! You have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about regarding the relapse. You’ve acknowledged it, time to move on. Thank goodness your family is physically safe. The mental damage will take much time to heal if it ever does. I’m broken hearted over the tragedy in Christchurch. I’m so sad for NZ-heck- for all of us!
  11. Hi LT- I'm in agreement that you should get some bloodwork done. The thyroid is the the Queen gland & very well could be the cause. Still -as mentioned it could be hormones you thought were done playing the game. Could even be psychological and/or cardiac- are you stressed out, overly worried or anxious? Please report your symptoms to your doc. Menopause is banging on my door. I’m not ready to open it & face reality!!!
  12. I’m so glad you’re going to see a pulmonologist. I hope you get some answers and relief. Please keep us posted.
  13. NIcely done @Boo! Anyone else hearing a wailing saxophone?
  14. Belated Congratulations on 2 years , Lin-q! I’m so happy for you!!
  15. Sounds familiar. Yuck. Make it a memory by not smoking. Smoke & the vicious cycle continues. Peeps over poison sounds like a good plan! beazel is right- the games are a great distraction. Keep up the good work!

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