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  1. 9. Add Windex or similar to clean windows
  2. Newbies and lurkers - rest assured I did not smoke a pack of cigarettes. Way back in 2016 one of fearless leaders @jillar shared a great tool - the air cig. Put your fingers up to your mouth. Take a drag of air. I termed it pack of JACs. Jillar's Air Cigarettes. Hard to do in public these days. My security blanket was a straw, cut down to the size of a cig. That did not work for me tonight. After all these years, I dove into a pack of JACs. I'm sad to admit that this evening - all the stress of life in the USA, life in my own existance, came to a head in my own head.
  3. Lust4Life

    Use My Word

    I’ve always wondered about Dolly on the Island of Misfit Toys. braid
  4. 5. Host a party & sell it.
  5. and @Sazerac? Need updates! @beazel too. @notsmokinjo worries me... All y’all regulars need to clear it w management before taking hiatus! Just sayin’. I’m often MIA but my presence, historically, is inconsistent.
  6. Good for you for being honest. Glad the pack is flushed. Don’t buy another. Take the advice from doreensfree. Pledge and mean it!
  7. Nicely done BKP!! Congratulations on 5 years of smobriety!!
  8. 6. Put some in moving boxes to fill in space without adding much weight.
  9. Woo-hoo!! Congratulations my friend on 6 wonderful smoke free years!! You are an inspiration to all and your support has saved many quits - mine included!! L4L

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