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  1. Lust4Life

    Tough Day

    I’m sorry to read about the passing of your dear friend. She looks like a fun gal to pal around with; her frames are awesome! I’m glad you turned to us for comfort rather than those stinky “friends” we have all expelled from our lives. As you grieve, please be sure to find some quiet moments to take care of yourself.
  2. Lust4Life

    albert is 7 Months Smoke Free!!!!

    Congratulations on 7 mo Albert!
  3. Lust4Life

    Hope2Nope is 2 YEARS Smoke Free!

    Congratulations h2n and welcome to Lido 2.0!!!
  4. Lust4Life

    The good, the bad and the ugly

    Good to hear from you Rory-sorry to read about the blockage. Could it be contributing to the headaches and feeling off balance? Please have a physician keep an eye on it! That would make me anxious as well. What a wonderful gift you’ve given yourself with your ever growing quit! Please keep taking good care of yourself.
  5. Lust4Life

    Giveintowin is 1 YEAR Smoke Free!

    Yay GITW!! I’m sooooo happy for you! Congratulations and welcome aboard!!!
  6. Lust4Life

    Sazerac is 5 Years Smoke Free!

    Congratulations sazerac! You are a wealth of information & support to fellow quitters! Rock on, Superstar! ✊🏽🤩
  7. Lust4Life

    October Roll Call ...

  8. Lust4Life

    Barry is One Year Smoke Free Today!!!

    Congratulations barry & welcome to the Lido!
  9. Lust4Life


    @johnny5 how are things in your area? Glad to see you online = you’re OK. My friend in Greensboro said the winds were terrible- she lost power around 1pm.
  10. Lust4Life


    @johnny5 Ugh. What a beast! My family is ok; trees down in yard ; one fell on my mom’s house but did not break thr/ roof thank heavens. They are trapped in their neighborhoods due to downed power lines & trees. My friends on the coast evacuated but will come back to devastation- Mexico Beach, Port St Joe got pummeled. Winds & rain picking up in my neck of the woods now. We grilled a steak, baked a potato, poured some wine...enjoying the AC. It is raining & crazy humid outside.
  11. Lust4Life

    One less thing to worry about

    Thanks @johnny5 - I'm watching closely. You stay safe too - Carolinas will get some remnants. After he ransacks us
  12. Those of you that know me from QSMB know that I was a secret smoker. Closet smoker. Naïve smoker. Pick a label any label. I lived in constant fear. Constant worry. Fear of being outed. So much worry. Which cracks me up now because smokers stink no matter what is done to mask it. Pretty sure my smoking was the pink elephant in the room no one talked about. Yay! I had an ongoing checklist. Do I have air freshener in my car, face wipes, baby powder? Mints, gum, mouthwash?. Do I have time to drive around the block again and keep smoking? Never ending cycle of worry. Before leaving for a night out- do I have enough cigs? Better get another pack. I never bought cigs by the carton. Only real smokers bought cigarettes by the carton. Right? Hahahahaha! Oh my. When out in public; the worry of being spotted was ever present. Go outside around the building, downwind, hide behind that tree. Constant worry. When home – did I empty and hide the ashtrays? Did I sweep away the ashes in case we have a drop in visitor? Can my neighbor see or smell the smoke? Are the bugs out yet? In the South, we have some bugs. Your home can be as clean as an OR and you’ll still have some bugs inside. Outside…game on. Gigantic mutant roaches that fly. Mosquitoes that steal gallons of your blood from one bite. Hurricane Michael is knocking on the shores of my home State. I checked with family-everyone has everything. He’ll barrel through some more of the SE. We have prepared and have what we need. Gas tank is full in both cars. We have batteries. We have containers of water in the freezer. Pantry is stocked. All devices are perched on chargers until the power goes. And, it will go. Matches for candles and grills. The cigarettes are at the store. I don’t have any. I am not worried about that.
  13. Lust4Life

    Sslip is 9 Months Smoke Free!

    Congratulations sslip! We’re saving a seat for you up here on the Lido! You’ve got a great quit & do a great job supporting us all here on the train.
  14. Great pics! You have a beautiful family! Often the “vacations” NOT on the calendar are the best. Food for the soul & it looks like you got a good fill!
  15. Lust4Life


    Hi T4C- early days suck. I wish I could sugar coat it for you-say it isn’t so bad after a certain amount of time or tantrums. I can’t. It sucks. As sazerac says: embrace the suck. You have to. There are things to do to make it suck a little less. Games on this forum. Crossword puzzles. I went old school and resurrected Solitaire on my computer & devices. Mind numbing distraction. There are a bunch of reasons we all stay quit. Health. Money. Smell. Stigma. Time. A handful of us are motivated by remembering how much it sucked in the early days- and never ever wanting to go through it again (raises hand & waves 👋)... Minutes turn into hours—> to days—> to weeks—> to months —> to years. KTQ yep to NOPE

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