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  1. Lust4Life

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    Your resolve to keep your quit is stronger than your mother’s ability to hurt you. The power is yours. Not hers. Coming here for help and some good ears shows how much you value yourself and your quit. Let your quit grow. It will empower you.
  2. Lust4Life

    Phrase Connect Game

    I never kiss & tell ... 😊
  3. Lust4Life

    A game for Bat

    Resurrecting this ancient post because I’m Batman! Congratulations to the real Bat on 5 years!!
  4. Lust4Life

    2 Weeks Yesterday!

    I love it when lurkers take the leap! I’m so sorry about your friend’s illness. So happy you stayed the course. That is a major trigger that lost its power. Welcome to QT. You’ll be well supported here.
  5. Lust4Life

    KDAD is 4 months smoke free!!!!!

    Congratulations KDAD on 4 months! You are healthier & richer today than you were then 😀
  6. Lust4Life

    Change A Letter Game

  7. That’s some mighty fine self reflection MLMR, very encouraging. I, too, used the agony of quitting as motivation to stay quit. Hell no I’m never going through that again!!! Sound’s like you conquered some pretty big life stressors without smoking. That’s a big deal! Carry on...
  8. Lust4Life

    Nearly 4 days in

    Great job! I found great joy & relief in small victories. 1 hour to one day to one week. And ten dollars saved to twenty, thirty...thousands! Find your motivation for KTQ & cling to it as if your life depends on it...
  9. Lust4Life

    Good or bad news?

    I anticipated the forum to be flooded with newbies. I applaud those that have reclaimed their lives and health- vowing to kick the addiction in the 'butt' in 2019. I'm standing here in peddle pushers/capris/waders- waiting for the tide to roll in with a mass of new quitters. I'm taking the sunshine route- less smokers in the world these days (hallelujah!) so fewer folks will quit; therefore, less activity on forums like QT. Are you still smoking? You're a smoker. Want to quit this year? You're a wannabe. Stop smoking cigarettes right now. You will become an ex/former smoker-one of the greatest titles ever!
  10. Lust4Life

    day 3

    Day 3 will become Day 4 and will be another day to celebrate. Daily victories add up. Keep it going!!!
  11. Lust4Life

    second day second go round

    You know the drill. You know what to expect. You know it can be terrible the first days or weeks. We know you want this. Hunker down & get ‘er done this time. I know you can!!!!
  12. Lust4Life

    Phrase Connect Game

    Out of sight out of mind.
  13. Lust4Life

    New Family Member

    Lies JimH all lies! Adorable! Cutest potential “trigger” I’ve ever seen. She looks so sweet and innocent! Given the chance, I’m sure she’d help organize your closet by chewing up a Croc or two to make room for other stuff. 😆
  14. Lust4Life

    Sslip is 1 YEAR Smoke Free!

    Congratulations sslip!! You’re a great support here, a game playing champ and now a passenger sailing free up here on the Lido! Bravo!!!

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