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  1. Welcome back kazza! I’m sorry to hear of your health troubles. Get ready to get to work!! We are here to support you again every step of the way! —L4L
  2. Hi. I’m L4L and I’m a former “closet” smoker. @abbynormal I know exactly what you are referencing in this great post. Guilt? check. Shame? check. Embarrassment? check. Joy? I guess I was joyful my withdrawal craves were calmed by smoking...
  3. Great job Vivianne on 1 month of smobriety! ! Keep up the good work!
  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear you're not feeling like yourself. Whatever the ailment - I wish you an uncomplicated, speedy, and full recovery!
  5. You’re not doing it wrong. You’re doing it right!!! You posted SOS!! Keep talking yourself through this bit of darkness. Take the shower- sing & scream in the steam - NOPE!! You are stronger than that pull from the devil.
  6. Being prepared is a great start for the weekend- and you are! The first few weekends were really tough for me. I’m glad you have recognized the possible challenges you may face & have a plan to thwart the demons that often accompany nicotine withdrawal. Projects are good - so is rest. Anything but smoking! You got this...
  7. @Hope2Nope I, too, have thought about leaving. Then, I read something posted by a newbie and I’m reminded of my former self. Or, I see a celebration of some sort - especially a fellow 2016 Butt-Kicker- and I am inspired to stick around offer applause and support as I’m able. Like you- support from a forum helped my quit so much!!
  8. Hi H2N!! Congratulations on 3 years of smobriety!!
  9. I fully believe the concept of one day at a time sets the foundation for an everlasting quit. Like you- the thought of never smoking again freaked me out if I looked too far ahead. It is much more manageable to wake up and say “I will not smoke today” and then don’t smoke. Give yourself a pat on the back, go to bed. Wake up and repeat! One day becomes one week which becomes one month, two months etc... Congratulations on reclaiming your life and resetting your priorities !!
  10. The end justifies the means.
  11. Congratulations sazerac!! What a great milestone to celebrate! You share wise and meaningful words that have helped us all in one way or another! Thank you! Keep on keeping on! L4L
  12. Congratulations on 3y d2e8b8! I remember your first few weeks quit - now look at you!
  13. Icabod expects supper
  14. Hi Cristóbol! Congratulations on 7 years. I’m a QSMB refugee riding the QT. I recall reading many of your pinned & not-pinned posts in my early quit days. I, too, was a cold turkey quitter. Like your wife, I had some struggles in the beginning. Your posts, QSMB, and all levels of phartes helped me secure my forever quit. Thank you for sticking around & helping others all these years later. Bravo! -L4L

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