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  1. Once upon a time- Chanel No. 5. These days I smell like Vick’s Vaporub or Icy Hot. Oh so sexy. Y’all remember the drugstore Jean Nate, Love’s Baby Soft, Charlie, Jovan MuskThen the Department Store Liz Claiborne in the triangle container, Estée Lauder scents - Cinnabar, Estee- & Lancôme later on? or Enjolie- (sp?)- the “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never forget you’re a/my man ‘cause I’m a woman- Enjolie...?
  2. Welcome and congratulations on your growing quit! You’ll find lots of support here!
  3. Welcome back! You have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about regarding the relapse. You’ve acknowledged it, time to move on. Thank goodness your family is physically safe. The mental damage will take much time to heal if it ever does. I’m broken hearted over the tragedy in Christchurch. I’m so sad for NZ-heck- for all of us!
  4. Hi LT- I'm in agreement that you should get some bloodwork done. The thyroid is the the Queen gland & very well could be the cause. Still -as mentioned it could be hormones you thought were done playing the game. Could even be psychological and/or cardiac- are you stressed out, overly worried or anxious? Please report your symptoms to your doc. Menopause is banging on my door. I’m not ready to open it & face reality!!!
  5. I’m so glad you’re going to see a pulmonologist. I hope you get some answers and relief. Please keep us posted.
  6. NIcely done @Boo! Anyone else hearing a wailing saxophone?
  7. Belated Congratulations on 2 years , Lin-q! I’m so happy for you!!
  8. Sounds familiar. Yuck. Make it a memory by not smoking. Smoke & the vicious cycle continues. Peeps over poison sounds like a good plan! beazel is right- the games are a great distraction. Keep up the good work!
  9. Congratulations on 73!!
  10. Nine inch nails
  11. Welcome back! Sleep well tonight. Bury the demon once & for all upon rising. Glad you found your will and way. I’m a cold turkey quitter. It was horrible the first 3 weeks. I survived. You will too. Come here & vent. PLEASE POST AN SOS IF YOU’RE AT RISK FOR SMOKING AGAIN. Go go get this done. We’re with you all the way!
  12. beazel!!!!! Congratulations!!! 2 years beazel!!!!! Celebrate and cheers!!
  13. You might benefit from reading Allen Carr’s book the Easy Way to stop smoking. He advises you to continue to smoke as you read the book. Once you finish the book, that’s it. Couple his book with being active in a quit smoking forum is how I quit & have stayed quit. Set it your mind to quit and quit. Never look back. No matter what happens in life, smoking is not an option.
  14. I have seen your old posts from time to time. You grew a mighty fine quit. I’m so glad you nurtured it back to health by posting here. Look at all the folks that leaped out of nowhere to support you. I’m sorry to hear about the health of your mom & dad. Your husband will hopefully get the help he needs. For now, you take care of you so you can focus on what truly matters. Keep the gas tank full so you can escape to the country whenever. Bring your phone & post if needed.
  15. I agree it must have been minor- or they would’ve seen you in person to discuss the results or send you for further testing STAT. Nonetheless, super scary to read that news. How great is it that you are already a non-smoker?? One less thing to worry over or change. You can focus on other things. Your recommitment to stay smoke free is the best present (especially birthday) you could give yourself! Great job! Happy Birthday and cheers to many more!

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