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  1. Lust4Life

    Avian is 8 years smoke free

    Congratulations on 8 years Avian!!!
  2. Lust4Life

    Can't do this.....

    What is it you cannot do? Stick your elbow in your ear? Neither can I. Murder someone? I can’t either. Poison yourself to commit the slowest suicide ever? Nope. I can’t either. You CANNOT give up your quit. I can’t either. Hell no! You CAN refrain from smoking RIGHT NOW! You CAN keep your quit. You CAN take control over craves. You CAN do this.
  3. Lust4Life


    Maybe seeds are planted. Don’t water them, shove them in a place void of light and they will die. You are are in control.
  4. Lust4Life

    how many attempts

    No clue how many times I tried. I do know I thought about quitting everyday - when my smoking increased to nearly 1ppd. Like sazerac - I abstained while pregnant & breastfeeding. Looking back - I never really quit. I abstained. Something clicked in in my brain & I viewed smoking as an addiction not a bad habit. It is a true addiction. I read Allen Carr’s book & quit. I had to reread it a few times. Being an active participant in a quit forum was key for me. I read, posted, played games - anything to stay distracted until the early, intense craves passed. People will offer many scenarios & quit methods/advice. Ultimately- you have to decide how you will quit, how you will stay quit & why you will stay quit for the rest of your life.
  5. Lust4Life


    @johnny5 and others that have family in Florence’s path- if you camp, have a camper or have an RV the Atlanta Motorway Speedway is opening up to house evacuees http://www.atlantamotorspeedway.com/media/news/ams-opening-camping-facilities-hurricane-florence-evacuees.html
  6. Lust4Life


    Thanks sazerac- I’m far enough inland to be spared. I’m watching this beast- hoping she is downgraded or takes a right. I’m thinking of all of you in her path.
  7. Lust4Life

    Sslip is 8 Months Smoke Free!

    Hi sslip! Congratulations on 8 months of smobriety! You’re growing a great quit and have helped so many quitters along the way! Bravo!! 👏🏽 👏🏽
  8. Lust4Life

    Do craves pop up when actors light up?

    Great movie! I haven't watched it in years.
  9. How the hell is anyone going to find Nemo in this crap? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/plastic-straw-ban-cigarette-butts-are-single-greatest-source-ocean-n903661
  10. Lust4Life

    August Roll Call !!!!

    I was there in August & missed roll call. Now I’m here in September. Howdy y’all 👋🏽 !!
  11. Lust4Life

    September.... a big month on the Lido Deck!

    I am so excited to celebrate 2 years smokefree on Sept 26! I can’t believe it. Don’t care what the deck looks like ‘jo! Just need clean glasses, plenty of ice & an assortment of drinks. Oh- and a solid dance floor w a kicks&& DJ who gladly accepts & plays requests!
  12. Lust4Life

    Do craves pop up when actors light up?

    @Wayne045- The show The Crown does not have quite as much smoking as Mad Men- Princess Margaret is a double stack chimney in Season 2. And the actress portraying her is really smoking- not sure what (tobacco vs herbal). In these types of shows- I do expect to see smoking for historical accuracy.
  13. Lust4Life

    Do craves pop up when actors light up?

    Yes- @Joe7!!! That’s it. The sparking of pleasant memories. It is not so much a crave- more of nostalgia I guess. I remember dancing, drinking, & smoking alongside friends at many festive occasions. I think seeing it in the same context on TV brings back the memory of more youthful, carefree years.
  14. I"ve just now started watching (streaming?) The Crown. What a wonderful show. Gorgeous furnishings and landscapes. Talented actors abound. They smoke. So much smoking. Somehow watching this period piece vs something like ... Singles or Reality Bites...makes the smoking so -- dare I say-- less common and more glamorous. The very trait execs and advertisers honed in upon and perfected. I know the King died of cancer, Winston Churchill suffered the strokes. I would be lying to you all if I said I watch this show without the noticing the amount of smoking and longing just a bit. A teeny bit. But I will never ever smoke again. I fear I will always yearn when it is depicted as being expected and accepted. I am confident I will never smoke again. I am confident I will always have the "what ifs.." on the cusp of romanticising the cigarette. What if I take just one drag? What if I take just one cigarette? What if I take just one pack? What if I take just one carton? What if I take one month, one year,...one decade to restart my quit? What if I die? How will my child be? I know I will never smoke again, I accept that I will never smoke again. I accept the moments of longing for it, The Hit. I accept I may always be temped. I accept and know that I am stronger. --L4L
  15. Lust4Life

    What did you use to do

    Those that remember me— I was a naive closet/secret smoker. I had a ritual that certainly masked any trace of the filth. Right? I smoked in open air if possible. I doused myself in Febreeze. I sprinkled baby powder in my hair & on my face. I applied a lightly scented lotion to my arms. I had an oversized smoking shirt in my car...toss it on over my clothes...At some point I donned a smoking glove. I existed like a anxious drug addict. The noteable difference between me & “that junkie”...? My poison was legal. It still is.

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