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  1. Well, @MLMR - that was hard to read! Likely not as hard as it was to post!! I hope you return to quitting. It is your life & your recovery... grab the reins again and take charge!! im pretty amazed I remembered what mlmr stands for since half the time I can’t remember where I put my phone.
  2. I think you do give a shit. By venting you have extended an arm. Let this place pull you out of the dark pit. Keep your quit. Keep venting.
  3. Congratulations on 2 smoke free months!! Hard work is paying off
  4. Happy 5 years of smobriety G67!!
  5. @d2e8b8 true. Good to see you here too!
  6. @johnny5 haha- yes, I think I was listening to Iggy’s L4L when I created my screen name.
  7. @jillar Happy #5!!!! Congratulations!! Five years of smobriety!!!! Yippy yahoo! I’m sorry I missed the celebration!
  8. Still smoke free & kickin’ butts!!! I finally got all user names/ passwords reset and got back in! That and life is settling back down a bit. Since it’s been forever- allow me to reintroduce myself. I’m a proud member of the 2016 Buttkickers! I love living life smoke free! Best thing ever! I huge part of my success is from this forum and one other form now defunct. Newbies- read every nugget of info here. Post post post! Thanks for leaving the light on- glad to be back! L4L
  9. G’evening JH63- Hefty thread- welcome! Nice ppl here to support your quit from tobacco.
  10. What!?!? And today I decide to pop in and say Hello! Whoa. Divine intervention? Circumstance? That's a debate for another thread. What a wonderful day to celebrate this locomotive LIFESAVER! @jillar I think I missed your 5 year this month? @johnny5 you saved me - the SOS that will never be forgotten @BKP you slapped me into reality before my sticky quit @Christian99 good narratives @beazel games kept my hands busy @Rozuki your presence @Lin-quitting yours too @Bassman - duh @Doreensfree thank you! @notsmokinjo thank you! keeping
  11. 9. Add Windex or similar to clean windows
  12. Newbies and lurkers - rest assured I did not smoke a pack of cigarettes. Way back in 2016 one of fearless leaders @jillar shared a great tool - the air cig. Put your fingers up to your mouth. Take a drag of air. I termed it pack of JACs. Jillar's Air Cigarettes. Hard to do in public these days. My security blanket was a straw, cut down to the size of a cig. That did not work for me tonight. After all these years, I dove into a pack of JACs. I'm sad to admit that this evening - all the stress of life in the USA, life in my own existance, came to a head in my own head.
  13. Lust4Life

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    I’ve always wondered about Dolly on the Island of Misfit Toys. braid

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