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  1. Lust4Life

    True or False

    False. Have scars - but from a sports injury. TNP has played (or currently plays) cricket.
  2. Lust4Life

    Giveintowin is 7 Month's Smoke Free!

    Congratulations GITW !
  3. Lust4Life

    This or That game

    Fine- if it's a date night - drama. If it is a mama needs a break night- rom- com all the way! On the date night- dinner before movie or after movie ? Or no dinner at all 😳☺️😉🤣?
  4. Lust4Life

    Change A Letter Game

  5. Lust4Life

    Allen Carr ..The Easy Way !!!

    This book pulled the blinders off & I could finally see the true nastiness that is addiction to nicotine.
  6. Lust4Life

    Passing of the Torch!

    Thanks, reciprocity, for managing the very important Celebrations thread. Congratulations jo!
  7. Lust4Life

    Change A Letter Game

  8. Lust4Life

    Use My Word

    I can’t think of a quirky response and it’s driving me crazy! Glorious
  9. Lust4Life

    This or That game

    Japan I’ll stay with the theme India or Nepal?
  10. Lust4Life

    True or False

    True! TNP habitually cracks/pops their knuckles.
  11. Lust4Life

    Change A Letter Game

  12. Lust4Life

    The Last Letter Game

  13. Lust4Life

    Where am I?

    Hi devo! Glad to see you found QT & your quit is intact!
  14. lml - reading some of the writings of my fellow quitters is what got me through some terrible days early in my quit. Heck, even after climbing onto Lido, I went back and read the old post about the climb or the rope (?) something like that. Read and post here often. I am confident it will help you as it has helped so many of us!
  15. Lust4Life

    Kermit is 4 months quit today

    Congratulations Kermit!

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