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  1. Tony If you caved in and smoked you'd just have to go through this all over again the next time. Might as well make this time count. Keep telling yourself you can do this.....because you're worth it.
  2. BKP

    True or False

    False. We only got to second base. (Keto was OJ's house guest, right?) TNP has been to Africa
  3. Way to go Roz! 3 years is really something to feel good about. Celebrate and KTQ!
  4. BKP

    The Last 3 Letters Game

    Rewarding orbital spaceflight
  5. I feel like the character Jack in the movie “Room”. He was a 5 year old boy born into captivity and imprisoned his entire life in a 10 x 10 foot space known as Room. When he finally escaped captivity at the age of 5 there was a sudden explosion of senses he had never experienced before. He must have realized: THIS is what the world is supposed to be like. I felt that same feeling when I quit smoking.
  6. Chariaton rebuffed alias Subsequently hidden DRANR
  7. Congratulations catlover. 2 years is amazing!
  8. nope An early congrats to catlover as I usually don't log on weekends. 2 years of NOPE is an amazing feat!
  9. S&D You will only be successful if you change your first sentence to "I don't want to smoke again." Regarding cravings....there is no magic method to completely eliminate cravings in the early going. There are ways to distract and delay cravings (as many have suggested here), but they tend to be pretty persistent in the initial stages of quitting. The key is to get your mind to the point where smoking is no longer an option. My early mantra: "I will not smoke no matter what you throw my way you bastard! So bring it on!" Get your mindset right and there's no way you'll fail.
  10. Congratulations @reciprocity. 3 years is a BIG achievement. You are missed here.....feel better!
  11. That sounds like a horrible thing you went through Jillar. Very scary. Glad you're back home now and making progress. I'm not sure that would be the case if you hadn't quit smoking a few years ago. Be sure to advocate for yourself when it comes to your medical care. It can be very frustrating, but it's your life and welfare we're talking about. Best wishes for a rapid recovery and peace of mind.
  12. Suppositories anally foster extended relief GROAN
  13. Over 3000 ft elevation gain on Saturday hike. Putting my lungs to good use.

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