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  1. Way to go Mona. You're doing great!
  2. Forrest Gump's prawns yielded rabies CHOCO
  3. Congratulations Joe. Have you considered rewarding yourself with the next generation Mustang?
  4. Congratulations on 9 years of freedom Sarge. Proof that the EZPZ method works.
  5. Congratulations Steven. You're well out of the starting gate and in this race to win it.
  6. 10 months is amazing Angeleek. Time to turn this ship around and head back to port for the big party just around the corner.
  7. Congratulations @johnny5. 6 years is a victory worth celebrating!
  8. Sorry for the lecture Jswiss. I hadn't even noticed you were from Taiwan. I just assumed you were from most of the planet that's seeing a huge spike in COVID cases. My bad. Congrats again on 2 weeks. Hang tough. You can do this.
  9. Jswiss Glad to hear you're nearing two weeks smoke free and able to overcome strong associations with your smoking past. I give you my 100% support and praise. I don't want to on your parade but I have to raise a concern. As a healthcare worker who got COVID back in early March, I loathe to see people ignoring basic, simple steps to reduce the spread of this killer virus. I'm tired of seeing people die and suffer every day at work. I find it very troubling that you're in a social gathering as COVID is raging to all-time highs. You mention that you're in a circle
  10. Similar story here. Although I did gain weight the first several months after quitting, my lung function improved so much that I began a fairly strenuous exercise routine. Also, changed to a healthy nutritional plan. Soon lost the pounds I'd packed on and more. Cholesterol dropped over 60 points without meds. All my other labs showed tremendous improvement too. I never did have high blood pressure, but every aspect of my health that was tanking prior to my quit improved to the "green" (acceptable) range. It's kinda like the hour hand on a clock. You can't see it moving while you'
  11. When my weight shot up to 225 lbs. my inny broke the plane and became a slight outty. But thanks to the fact that I had quit smoking, I was able to exercise and really change my entire lifestyle. Happy to report I've stabilized at 185 lbs. and I now have a full-on inny again. Even when I'm sitting down .
  12. BKP


    @jillar Of course I'm referring to @johnny5's anniversary on Monday!
  13. Who's still here? I'm pretty well booked, but still present....
  14. BKP


    My sources tell me we will be declaring a winner in North Carolina in 5 days. They're indicating it will be that big old baby.

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