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  1. Great achievement Grund. Congratulations.
  2. MLMR It's often said, "Let the chips fall where they may." I'm glad you fell here. Congrats on one year!
  3. Saw quite a bit of wildlife out there. Everything from marmots, to deer, to Golden Eagles. Saw this bear doing some fishing in Lower Paradise Valley near Mist Falls.
  4. Another pic from my Kings Canyon backpacking trip. This was on Bubbs Creek Trail leading up to the JMT (John Muir Trail).
  5. As one of three young children, I recall one of the most coveted privileges my mother bestowed upon us. Shortly after my eighth birthday, and right before Christmas the stars had aligned to give me the winter reward all 3 of us children desired. Of course my older brother who was 12 got to carry out this deed much more often than me or my sister who was 7. But tonight he was at a hockey practice with my father. My pregnant mom, sister and I were driving from our suburban home on an 18 mile trip to see the amazing Christmas lights adorning the vast Boston Common. This was one of my fondest annual childhood memories. Shortly after our journey began my opportunity to participate in the reward came. “Honey, reach into my pocketbook and grab me a cigarette and light it, would you?” You see, my mom refused to take her mittens off will driving due to her poor circulation. In her wisdom, she recognized how dangerous it would be to try to light a cigarette, while driving, with mittens. It would be much safer to have her 8 year old son light it for her. I felt like such an adult as I passed her the lit Pall Mall and blew the smoke toward the back seat where my jealous sister stewed. The only downside to this whole scenario was that my mother would not allow us to crack the window for fresh air. “Are you crazy? It’s freezing out! Roll that back up right this instant!” Looking back on this, I realize that my mother had practically no idea the danger cigarettes posed to one’s health and absolutely no concept of secondhand smoke. The Surgeon General had issued vague warnings that cigarette smoking may be harmful to your health. What’s so discouraging now is that we do know the hazards of smoking and nicotine addiction, yet we see predatory companies pushing children’s flavored vape cartridges. They even have the audacity to put a warning to keep out of reach of children on the side of Cap'n Crunch, Count Chocula, and Trix flavored flavored vape cartridges. So the battle moves from the ignorance of smoking dangers to predatory targeting of children. No one ever said it would be easy to win this war. But each individual victory is a step in the right direction. Keep up the fight and KTQ.
  6. Missed your big day but I hope it's not too late to send my heartfelt congratulations your way. You're da .
  7. Just got back from a 6 day backpacking trip on the John Muir Trail in Kings Canyon National Park. Probably the most challenging hike I've ever done, but the most beautiful too. Would not have been possible 4 years ago. This pic is at Middle Rae Lake.
  8. Congratulations Jack. Glad you made the best decision possible 2 years ago.
  9. 2 years ain't just a bunch of fluff. Congratulations on another year of freedom Wee Fluffy Me!
  10. Congratulations Linda and welcome to the Lido Deck! From someone who started out with so much doubt and fear (and let's face it, high drama) you really evolved into a solid quitter who's primary concern is supporting others through this process. You deserve a party to end all parties!
  11. I am so excited for you Linda. What a great accomplishment!
  12. I gave myself frequent rewards like a dinner at a nice restaurant or new sneakers. After some time and significant savings I'd go for bigger stuff like a new sofa or new truck. But, by far, the best reward came from my body itself. I went from a tired couch potato to an extremely active hiker and backpacker. Here's a picture of the reward I'm giving myself very soon. Two weeks of backpacking the John Muir Trail.
  13. Could we please have a little decorum at this party?!? Well that answers that question.
  14. Barfing absolves risky kitchen specialties Flute

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