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  1. Forgive me Michelle, but..... I'm shocked (in a good way). This could really be the one. Congratulations on one month! Keep it going....you CAN do this.
  2. Congratulations Amierouge. You're like a inmate who's been released after serving a long sentence. Now what do you do? Whatever you chose is going to be infinitely better than being confined in the prison of addiction. Keep that great quit going!
  3. Coming up on July 1st Lilley. Hope you’re able to honor the goal you set for yourself.
  4. Q. What happens when you quit smoking? A. Every 1's a Winner
  5. One month is major milestone. Congratulations John Q. "Q" is for Quitter.
  6. BKP

    Checking in

    You are a winner Latoya.
  7. My advice is simple. Stop looking for an excuse why you keep failing and start looking for the commitment required to succeed.
  8. Hi Sarisaac. Remember that the discomfort you will likely feel in the early stages won't kill you. So, knowing that, there's really no reason to be anxious. Just bring bundles of determination. If you make a commitment not to smoke no matter what your addict brain is telling you, there's no way you can fail. The benefits FAR EXCEED any distress you feel in the beginning. Remind yourself on a daily basis of the health and financial gains you are making in addition to the overall sense of freedom. This may be your last chance. Make it count.
  9. Jeff - No one is going to be able to slap some sense into you. That needs to come from within. Snap out of this disastrous cycle and get this done once and for all.
  10. Great job Nana. Keep on marching.
  11. I came to the realization after a month or so of quitting that it really didn't matter how many weeks, months or even years the cravings might go on. What mattered was my resolve to overcome them whenever they reared their ugly head. It's a lot more worthwhile to focus on the benefits you are attaining than dwell on the moments of temporary discomfort.
  12. I believe that smoking (and most other addictions) often go hand-in-hand with deceiving both other people and oneself. Here is a something I wrote about that subject in 2016 and re-posted on QuitTrain in 2019: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/11725-the-lie/?tab=comments#comment-338534&ct=1592870502
  13. Duh! There’s no disputing the science. Of course smoking may kill you over the course of time. Cancer, heart disease, COPD are a few of the ways smoking may eventually do you in. But you might not have to wait years or decades for those outcomes. You may be killed much quicker simply because the act of smoking causes you to touch your face significantly more than a non-smoker. “University of New South Wales professor of respiratory medicine Christine Jenkins says smokers may be more vulnerable [to contracting COVID-19] because of the number of times they touch their mouths and inhale repeatedly.” Whether it be slow or fast, the result is bleak. You know the solution….quit now!

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