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  1. Phoebe2 is 4 years smoke free today!!!

    Good on ya Pheebs!
  2. I failed

    Very sorry to hear that you started smoking again. I know you say you're looking for support and don't want to be lectured. In my mind that would be giving you carte blanche to smoke because life is really tough right now. I truly hope you get through this difficult time and come to realize that quitting smoking was a wonderful gift to yourself and you deserve that gift now, more than ever. Bonne chance.
  3. A Lucky Lady

    Rozuki Hope you’re back to full strength and health soon.
  4. justanotherme is 10 months Smoke Free!!

    Congratulations JAM. 10 months is terrific!
  5. PeaceTrain is 11 months Quit Today!!

    Congrats PT. Both you and your quit are amazing!
  6. Amazing achievement Claire.......congratulations!
  7. BKP is 877 days Smoke Free

    Thanks all for acknowledging this "special" day for me. Next one I'm excited about is day 1748. Seriously though, every day without a smoke is a day worth celebrating. P.S. You passed the test Jo.
  8. Returning to the Quit

    Welcome Sunny. You can do it.
  9. Re-quit

    Glad you've recommitted Dragonfly. That demon is a lying sack of sh!t.
  10. That the skin color between my index and middle fingers is not naturally yellow/brown.
  11. Tuesday 17th April 2018

    nope...it’s not wise to hurt yourself

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