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  1. Health Freedom Wealth All good reasons to stay the course. Congrats on the first two weeks CL. Nicely done.
  2. Two months is a great reason to celebrate. Keep stayin' alive @JH63
  3. Cuchi Cuchi! Big time celebration for @Kate18!
  4. For @Kdad and all the others who are still trying. Grasshopper wasn’t able to snatch the pebble from Master Kan’s hand on the first attempt (or multiple subsequent attempts). But once he truly immersed himself in the endeavor he finally succeeded and found true freedom. Keep trying until you succeed. It really is worth the effort.
  5. One month is an amazing accomplishment @JH63. Be proud.
  6. Humongous bra may cultivate support MTUWE
  7. Happy to deny RJ Reynolds the $ from the 47,825 that I would have bought (assuming I was still around).
  8. Being virginal can decrease reproduction LMNOP
  9. Answer to this IQ test is: Amazing number of months you've been free. Congratulations!
  10. Really happy for you Roz. Congratulations and KTQ.
  11. Linda Perhaps I did not communicate very clearly or perhaps it was interpreted wrong. It doesn't matter. Let's move on now. The basic thing is I support your effort to keep this quit going. Whatever way you want to get there is perfectly fine. Just get there. Last post from me on this topic. Best of luck to you.
  12. I can assure you that quitting was one of the most difficult things I've ever done and it was often miserable. I smoked for 39 years and was as addicted as anyone else on the planet. I was simply suggesting that you try rechanneling some the negative feelings you're having into all the benefits that will come from reaching your goal of a smoke free life. As far as hardships and discomfort go, you post every day how you're having a tough time. That's all I'm referring to. I actually wish you only success.
  13. Your focus seems to be how miserable you feel. You should really be focusing on how much you want this. Hopefully you want it enough to get past any temporary hardship or discomfort.
  14. @Linda Congratulations on one month smoke free. Remember this: The things in life that are difficult to achieve are much more valuable because they are difficult*. *Also remember that it won't always be so difficult.

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