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  1. BKP

    Easy to quit.. easy to Start?

    I too believe that excuses are irrelevant and there is no valid reason to ever light up again. I disagree, however, that you should "internalize this" and that "no one can help you but you". I think it's very helpful to have a place to express what you're going through and hear how others overcame similar situations. Take the advice of Sarge that says you need to be accountable and resolute. But also know that there's no shame in voicing your concerns and anxieties. Most of us had them in the beginning. I
  2. BKP

    Make A Sentence from 5 Letters

    Jared undressed Melania before orange-face. FLIRT
  3. BKP

    Good cat

    My Filipino friend at work told me the most watched show in the Philippines is the annual Westminster Dog Show. Strangely, the closed captions for the title read "Top Chef".
  4. BKP


    MLMR When all other avenues have been exhausted, cuss out your craving. Many a time, night and day, I would yell at my craving: F#%& you, you piece of craving!!!!!! I'm stronger than you and I'm damned well worth living a free and healthier life!!!!! I will whoop your ass!!!!!!
  5. Jo Yup....you really are worth it. 🏆 I'm curious though. When you say we're all worth it, does that include Bakon?
  6. BKP

    Post a Song you Like

    Very creepy video...but I like the song.
  7. BKP

    "I will..."

    Good list there Sparky. There's enough motivation there to keep you smoke free for a lifetime. It's hard to put into words the "I will" statement that sums up my resolution to remain smoke free. I guess I'd simply say that quitting smoking is the one behavioral change I've made in my life that's turned a miserable, unhealthy situation into a triumphant and contented life. So, I will never go backwards.
  8. BKP

    Relapse help

    Well done Sparky. You should go to the Daily NOPE section and vow not to smoke today with the simple word "NOPE".
  9. BKP

    Linda Thomas is 4 months smoke free!

    Haven't checked in for a week or so. Missed your big day. It may not be smooth sailing all the time, but at 4 months you've built a solid foundation for a lifelong quit. Congratulations Linda! Proud of you.
  10. BKP

    Martian5 is 11 Months Smoke Free

    Awesome Martian. Great job!
  11. BKP

    Day 1 again.

    Everyone here is being very kind and supportive of you blur. I hope that works for you. I happen to think you need a little more of a kick in the tush if you've used the forum before and this is your 100th time quitting. Well no wonder you've failed 100 times. You have "awful cravings" that are hard to "resist". No one here could possibly understand how difficult it is for you. Now for a reality check. Quitting is not easy. You may have countless cravings for a long period of time. Cravings, however, are not the end of the world (whereas cancer, COPD, and heart disease often are). Millions of other people, including thousands on this website, have quit. We are not special. We quit despite cravings, unpleasantness, irritability, etc. It takes uncompromising commitment and a willingness to learn about addiction for a successful quit. It also helps to have a place to get and give support. But first and foremost, it takes your 100% dedication. Hope you don't see this as an attack, but rather a new approach. It wasn't 'til I got tough on myself that I was successful.
  12. Real proud of you Jo. It wasn't easy but you're one tough Aussie chick. Enjoy the rewards of being one YEAR smoke free.
  13. BKP

    BKP is 3 YEARS smoke free!

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the kind words. Glad to be 3 years removed from the bondage of smoking. Also glad to be part of a community that offers so much to people who want to quit this terrible addiction.

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