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  1. BKP

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    Linda I'm going to say this out of concern for YOU. I truly hope you see it as caring advice and not criticism. You're allowing yourself to be treated like a doormat. Maybe the way to get the type of praise she bestows upon your brothers is to treat her like your brothers do. In other words, step back. She is not likely to change at age 90. You're the one who needs change. Give her the ultimatum that this constant disapproval will no longer be tolerated. Either she can stop this abusive behavior or you'll join your brothers in disregarding her. You'll never be the perfect daughter by enabling this unacceptable behavior. That said, even if you continue this relationship as you always have, please understand that your quit is the one positive gift you have given yourself. Don't let your mother damage that too. Wishing you only the best in these difficult times. Keep your beautiful quit!
  2. BKP

    Quit Smoking Sausage

    Not sure if it's the angle, but it looks perfectly fine now.
  3. BKP

    Quit Smoking Sausage

    This is so wrong.
  4. BKP

    chicks or sticks

  5. BKP

    Feeling Proud

    Wow Deanna. Look at your ticker! You've already come a long way. You have every right to feel proud. Keep that great quit going.
  6. BKP

    day 3

    Great job christine!
  7. BKP

    The Lie

    I'm not sure if there are others out there who believe that smoking and lying go hand-in-hand, but I found myself lying to people throughout my life about whether I smoked, how much I smoked, and if it was effecting my health. This is a post I wrote a few years ago. Most of us smokers began our years or decades of addiction back when we were teens. We learned to lie about smoking right from the very beginning. Usually it started with our parents asking why we smelled like a rancid ashtray. “Oh, I was at Johnny Picklefork’s house and his mom smokes like a chimney” I nervously responded. “That Bertha Picklefork really needs to cut back” my mom would chuckle. A few months later my mother met me at the door with a pack of reds in her hand as I returned from school. “Young man, what was this doing in your sock drawer?” I let out a small sigh of relief knowing that it was only the cigarettes that she found. “Um, Tammy Tamblanadana’s brother was grounded for smoking so Tammy asked if I could hold on to them for a few days”. Sometime later my dad drove by me holding a cigarette in my hand while hanging out with the neighborhood kids. When asked about this at dinner, I effortlessly told him, “I was just holding it for Jin Dong while she tied her shoe”. Once it was second nature to lie to my parents about smoking, it became just as easy to lie to myself about it. I can quit any time I want. I just do it to calm myself down. It relaxes me. It’s just a habit. The list could go on forever. It kept me in the cycle of addiction for decades until one day I called it out for what it was: Pure Bulls&@t! Not only are the health benefits endless when you quit, but it’s incredibly liberating to stop lying to yourself and others. P.S. The names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent.
  8. BKP

    The Last 3 Letters Game

    Often loses oar.
  9. BKP

    day 2

    Congratulations on day 2 christine. That's a big deal. I would like to suggest that you don't focus so much on when you'll feel "normal" again, but that would make me a hypocrite. I used to ask a friend at work every day when I would stop feeling so obsessed and deprived. He kept giving me vague answers such as "It doesn't just happen overnight. It will just evolve into better days". I'd storm off, bemoaning the fact that he didn't give me a specific date. But he was right. It just takes time. And there's no point in fixating on the magical date. Focus more on the good you're doing for your body, mind, wallet, friends and family, etc. P.S. If you must have a target date, shoot for day 3 and get back to me tomorrow. 😉
  10. There was not a DAY 1 in my 50 or so previous quits where I wasn't miserable. The real joy and freedom comes when you realize that you'll never need to go through DAY 1 ever again. Hope this is your last DAY 1 Opah. Welcome back.
  11. BKP

    Failure on day 17

    CP You have so many reasons to quit. You just need to learn that smoking is not a reward or pleasure or relaxer. It's a cold-blooded killer. And there are no valid excuses to justify smoking. Like missing Christmas, or feeling that your smoke breaks are your special time. Phooey! Time to take this bull by the horns and slam it to the ground. Fortunately, there's lot's of information right here on this forum to help you get through this. It still won't be a walk in the park (at least for the first few months). But watching videos, reading how other's coped with similar situations, and offering your help to fellow quitters will make this a much more achievable goal. It's worth the effort. You're worth it!
  12. BKP

    Saturday Poll: Who is the best Superhero?

    If I'm smart enough to base my decision on butt-steering capabilities, I'm certainly smart enough to click a polling button.
  13. BKP

    Saturday Poll: Who is the best Superhero?

    It's close....but only one can steer a car with his butt.
  14. Heavens to Betsy.....where's my Rosary!?!? Oh wait, I'm not Catholic. Carry on.

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