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  1. Another of the “Six Sisters Peaks” in SoCal this weekend. This time it was Mt Baldy. 10,064’.
  2. BKP

    The Saddest Place I've Ever Been

    .....there's even a song about that.
  3. BKP

    Thursday 30th August 2018

  4. I am consciously aware when someone is smoking on TV now, whereas it seemed normal when I was a smoker. Sometimes get a junkie thought that it looks relaxing or pleasant, but it's quickly squashed when I realize that they're killing themselves. It all started with that damn Wilma Flintstone!
  5. Crikey! 9 months! That's an amazing accomplishment. Keep up the great job Jo. You're an inspiration to many.
  6. Daisywheels Some people say it's all about your state of mind and the urges only last a minute. My reality was different. I couldn't get my mind to believe the urges were minor and temporary. So, I put on my big boy pants, told the urges to F off, and rode it out to eventual freedom and healthfulness. Just trying to say, no matter how strong and sustained the cravings are, you can get past them with determination, knowledge and above all, time. It's worth the effort.
  7. BKP

    Tuesday 28th August 2018

    Would I ever consider smoking again? NOPE
  8. Hiked 20 miles on Saturday. Highest mountain in SoCal. Mt San Gorgonio. 11503’ at the peak. Felt zero guilt having pancakes, eggs, bacon, home fries and toast the next morning.
  9. Hiking every day this week on my camping vacation. Ran into a fierce hailstorm near the peak, but had a blast nevertheless.
  10. Camped this weekend. Had a great time and got in some really nice hikes. Nearly 16 miles on Saturday.
  11. BKP

    ^Shelly is 3 Years Smoke Free

    Congrats to you too Divamom!
  12. BKP

    ^Shelly is 3 Years Smoke Free

    Congrats Shelly. I remember thinking of you as a wise sage with miraculous quitting skills when I first quit. You had 3-1/2 months under your belt. Kudos on your 3rd anniversary.
  13. BKP

    WOW !!! 5 years smoke free !!!!

    Not only was your life changed 5 years ago, but you’ve changed so many other’s lives. Talk about a win/win. So glad you made the leap. The only scary thing is you’ve learned all these new technology skills.

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