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  1. Back to hiking the less frequently used trails. It's been over a month now since my last hike. Stepped off to the side and pulled a bandanna over my face whenever I encountered anyone along the trail. California now requires that everyone wear a mask or face cover when out in public.
  2. Reciprocity spotted in the house today! Welcome back buddy. You were sorely missed. Hope you're doing well and back to full strength. Looking forward to your wit and wisdom.
  3. Super hung under these slacks Taldo
  4. Just got back from donating blood. As a person who is at least 28 days from getting COVID-19 and now fully recovered, I am eligible for donating plasma that researchers will test on people who are critically ill. Would be great if it helps....fingers crossed.
  5. BKP

    Happy Birthday bakon!

    I'm just now starting to get over my suicidal tendencies because no one acknowledged my 4 year anniversary in November . Bunch of meanie heads (including bakon)! Okay, I'm over it now. Happy Birthday Bakon
  6. I found a pack in my desk I'm stressed about coronavirus Only when you ditch the excuses and hold yourself 100% accountable will you be successful. The good news is you CAN do it Irene. Look at all the knuckleheads here who did.
  7. I quit cold turkey but I don't have an issue with people using NRT as long as they consult with a doctor and follow the manufacturer's guidelines. NRT is meant to be a bridge to eventual freedom from nicotine. I do have an issue with someone giving questionable advice to new quitters then changing their name and avatar over and over again.
  8. Great job Kate! Celebrate your amazing achievement. Stay diligent.
  9. I work in a healthcare facility that was hit hard by COVID-19 early on. I got sick on 3/5 and test results came back positive on 3/9. This was a flu like no other. I was fortunate not to require hospitalization - only needed some IV fluids. I have since made a full recovery. Home isolation was lifted yesterday after meeting all the criteria and follow up testing. I can say with absolute certainty that if I were still smoking there would have been a VERY different outcome. I hacked, coughed, and had breathing issues all the time before I quit. I truly don’t feel I would have had the fortitude to make it through the last few weeks if I started out with all those preconditions. If there were ever a reason to push you to quit smoking, this is it. DO IT NOW. Hope you all stay well.
  10. BKP


    Congrats jimmy and quita!
  11. Congratulations Jordan!
  12. What’s that? Quitting smoking may be difficult and require determination and resolve beyond 30 days? Fortunately your name is Warrior, so this shouldn’t be a problem.
  13. Tony If you caved in and smoked you'd just have to go through this all over again the next time. Might as well make this time count. Keep telling yourself you can do this.....because you're worth it.
  14. BKP

    True or False

    False. We only got to second base. (Keto was OJ's house guest, right?) TNP has been to Africa

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