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  1. Take pride in the fact you won every battle to achieve one month of freedom. You’re already heading to month # 2. How great is that?!?
  2. If I had to make an educated guess as to whether vaping has: a) Helped more people completely wean off nicotine b) Caused more people to become addicted to nicotine .......I'm pretty sure "b" would win hands down.
  3. BKP


    Kdad....really hope you made it past this gloomy moment. This is a fickle and insidious addiction. You can be fine for months, then BAM! The cravings hit. You feel like your "missing out". But remember, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING redeeming about smoking. It is a horrible f%#&ing killer. There are too many people here who can testify to the misery smoking has brought upon themselves and their loved ones. That's nothing to say "whatever" to. Keep the quit.
  4. Hiking Mt. San Bernardino Peak on Saturday Could I do that if I were still smoking? nope
  5. Had a special necklace made for this occasion. Congratulations Pearlie!
  6. BKP

    when will i feel good

    When will I feel good? That, and When will I stop thinking about smoking? I asked myself and others who had quit those same questions every day for quite a long time. Just know that breaking any routine of 50 years is going to be a process. Your addict cravings won't just disappear overnight. It's the accumulation of day after day, month after month without a cigarette that begins to form a new normal in your brain. Reaching that place of comfort, better health, and ultimate freedom takes different time for different people. All I can say is, when you get there (and you will) it's rapturous.
  7. Congratulations Lilly. Taking the additional leap to becoming nicotine free is the crowning achievement to a healthier life of freedom. Great job!
  8. Michelle. I hope you're still here. I'm assuming you figured out how to make your ticker but now you need to know how to get to your signature so you can paste it there. If so, copy your ticker......then: Click on the drop down arrow next to your name in the upper right hand corner, then click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS (see below) The SETTINGS window will appear. Click on SIGNATURE (see below) Finally, paste your ticker in SIGNATURE box (see below) and click SAVE.
  9. BKP


    Congrats on 3 weeks Richard. For me personally, once I got to three weeks I felt I had crossed a threshold. That was the point where I knew I had invested a lot of effort and did not want to throw it all away. The thought of having to start over and go through those 3 weeks all over again just wasn't an option. There were still some struggles after 3 weeks, but I knew there was no going back. I'm so glad I drew that line in the sand......hope it's the same for you.
  10. Just fill in the information on the "Ticker" tab and hit Save. You don't need to paste it.
  11. When all is said and done, that belief will ensure your success. Welcome Funky.
  12. Michelle.....it ultimately doesn't matter if you're going through challenges. When is life ever trouble-free? If your commitment is solid then you will never fail no matter what life throws at you. That's the basis of NOPE.
  13. Richard Another thing that many people find helpful is creating a "ticker". If you set it up, it will appear at the bottom of all your posts. It tracks the amount of time you've quit, the money you've saved, and the number of cigarettes you've avoided smoking since you've quit. If you're interested in doing this just click on the first tab entitled "Ticker" at the top of the page (under the Quit Train logo). You'll just need to enter some basic info and save.
  14. Welcome Richard. You've made a great decision to take back your life and improve your health. Many people experience negative symptoms the first several weeks (and even months). All of these annoyances eventually go away and are replaced with positive benefits. I recall feeling tired, sleepless, and distracted. I was also prone to coughing, headaches and irritability. Those all went away and I'm now healthier than I've been in decades. So, don't let the irritations trick you into thinking it would be better to just toss your quit and smoke again. There is a huge pot at the end of the rainbow.....you just might stub your toe a few times until you get there. You're doing amazing....keep it up!

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