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  1. I have a phone app that enabled me to keep a quit smoking journal. I did it almost daily my first year and fairly often my second year. Here’s what I wrote just a few days shy of 4 months (the same time frame you are now experiencing). March 17, 2016 F%€£ing intense and sustained cravings all day long! #%¥& sh&t whore!!!!! I look at that now and laugh . What I do want to get across is that you will have some tough moments ahead even though you think it should be over by now. It can take a while before you stop having strong cravings that seemingly pop out of nowhere. Be assured that they do eventually disappear and life becomes infinitely better. Hang in there.
  2. The best things in life are worth fighting for. You’ve inspired many along the way. Congratulations MLMR!
  3. Great job Tammy. You should really be proud of yourself!
  4. By regulating the number of permits that are issued they are able to prevent the the park from becoming over crowded
  5. Just got my permit approval for a 4-5 day backpacking trip in August to Rae Lakes Loop in Kings Canyon National Park (near Yosemite). Very excited. This trip would not have been possible if I were still a smoker.
  6. Took a few months off, so I missed your big celebration. Really happy for you and your amazing second year anniversary. Congratulations Roz!
  7. Linda I'm going to say this out of concern for YOU. I truly hope you see it as caring advice and not criticism. You're allowing yourself to be treated like a doormat. Maybe the way to get the type of praise she bestows upon your brothers is to treat her like your brothers do. In other words, step back. She is not likely to change at age 90. You're the one who needs change. Give her the ultimatum that this constant disapproval will no longer be tolerated. Either she can stop this abusive behavior or you'll join your brothers in disregarding her. You'll never be the perfect daughter by enabling this unacceptable behavior. That said, even if you continue this relationship as you always have, please understand that your quit is the one positive gift you have given yourself. Don't let your mother damage that too. Wishing you only the best in these difficult times. Keep your beautiful quit!
  8. BKP

    Quit Smoking Sausage

    Not sure if it's the angle, but it looks perfectly fine now.
  9. BKP

    Quit Smoking Sausage

    This is so wrong.
  10. BKP

    Feeling Proud

    Wow Deanna. Look at your ticker! You've already come a long way. You have every right to feel proud. Keep that great quit going.

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