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  1. Fatty McFat Buffet Pants

    Solution for the first few months: Pajama Jeans I gained a lot in the first few months after quitting, but lost 50+ pounds after that. Now I weigh less and am able to wash my laundry on my abs. Seriously, with better nutrition and exercise (once my quit was a bit more stable), I am now in much better shape. Inside and out.
  2. Johnny5 is 3 Years Smoke Free Today!

    Really happy for you johnny! Congratulations!
  3. What's For Dinner???

    I use a noodle splash shield to keep spaghetti sauce out of my hair.
  4. What's That Smell???!!!

    I count my blessings that my farts smell like a fresh ocean breeze after a gentle Spring rainfall.
  5. New and all that.

    Welcome Jetblack. The only rule you need to worry about at this point is not to be suckered into believing you can have "just one". Congrats on your month + quit.
  6. First month sucked the most and I feel amazing now ---- really. I too chewed cinnamon gum for the first couple of months.
  7. The MQ once told The Sarge ...

    Congratulations Sarge!
  8. Post a Song you Like

    I saw them at a taping of The Late Show with Craig Kilborn in 2003 performing an acoustic version of Times Like These. It was great! Wish I could have seen an entire concert.
  9. Friday November 10, 2017

  10. Missdixie is 6 Months Quite Today!!

    Congrats on six months smoke free MD!
  11. chicks or sticks

  12. How Did They Quit?

    According to WHO (World Health Organization) more than 7 million people quit smoking per year worldwide. Unfortunately, they quit by dying as a direct result of smoking related diseases (6 million+) or from second hand smoke (nearly one million). Knowing the consequences are deadly was probably motivation enough for countless people to quit even without online support groups. It sure is helpful though to have instant support from your peers through groups like this.
  13. First Snowfall of 2017-2018 Season - Tomorrow!

    76F here. I know what you mean about it being cold. I got a momentary chill when I got out of the pool this morning.