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  1. Linda...perhaps you can use the frustration of constantly having to change your ticker as motivation to keep your quit (and your ticker).
  2. One month? Wow, that happened in the wink of an eye. Congrats Steven.
  3. Great job Mac. That's definitely worthy of a celebration.
  4. The sky's the limit Kate. I'm now doing things I absolutely never would have attempted in my smoking days. You'll be running marathons before you know it!
  5. Be proud Layla...one week is a big deal.
  6. Sorry Mick. Some of our members use quite the tawdry language because they're so passionate about quitting. Ooops! I said "members". Moderators, please move this to the "Curse Thread". But seriously, good job Mick. Keep that great quit going.
  7. Your post makes me think back on how impatient I was for life to return to "normal" when I first quit. I had a friend at work who quit 2 years before I did. Nearly every day I would go to his office and ask, "When are these cravings going to disappear? When will I go a whole day without even thinking about a cigarette?" I followed this routine for months with the thought that surely I should be over it by now. The truth is that it takes a long time for your body and mind to adapt to a new life without the thousands of harmful and addictive chemicals you've been feeding it for years (mayb
  8. 3 months is pretty damn cool.
  9. Chime in if you're still on the train. Here in all my glory
  10. Unloading my backpack from a nine day hike in the Sierra Nevada. Just amazed by the beauty. Took a nice dip in this spot to reinvigorate during a long and tough ascent. It was so nice to get away from coronavirus, social unrest, and political warfare.
  11. BKP


    Doesn't that chafe your boobies and tush?
  12. I was just kidding around Jillar. I'm sure the designer of the phoenix rising from the ashes would be flipping out at it being called a pigeon. Looking forward to the unveiling of the 2020 winner. Secretly hoping that Doreen's suggestion of NicKnockers wins.
  13. I don't remember getting an opportunity to vote on the orange pigeon.
  14. Here. Doing the summer shuffle on the trails.

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