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  1. Welcome! Sounds like you have just the attitude to get this done once and for all!!
  2. Nancy


    Put the damn thing down!! Do jumping jacks, scream at the top of your lungs, cry, beat up pillow, get in the shower and scream, anything but smoke! You are strong!!
  3. Thanks, everyone! And Bakon, it is the puppy!
  4. Always happy to do my part!
  5. Nancy

    chicks or sticks

    Good morning! -11
  6. Welcome to the board, SamDy, and congratulations on your decision to quit! You absolutely CAN do this, so take the "if" out of it. You just need to make the decision that there are no circumstances in which it is okay to smoke. Deciding for your whole life is hard, so just decide one day at a time, NOPE, Not One Puff Ever. We have a thread where you can pledge each day, promising you will not smoke, just for that day. A hard thing for me was to realize that there is no such thing as just having one (or even a puff) when things are stressful, or you are partying, or someone offers you one. We all started where you are now and if we can do it, you can, too!
  7. Oh, Jillar! I am so very sorry to read this! Lots of love and prayers coming your way!
  8. Nancy

    chicks or sticks

    -6, hope everyone is well!

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