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    Come find me on www.stuartlennon.com or www.nerosnotes.co.uk
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  1. -4 I’m doing OK Dors.
  2. -5 Awright Scouse? Watching Responder on TV. How’s Freeman’s accent? Not bad for a soft southern shite, is it?
  3. Wrap up warm and stay safe.
  4. Well - as practice quits go, those are pretty good. You can definitely quit. You know the drill. You can do nothing about the minute just passed, only the one you're in. don't put anything in your mouth and set fire to it - and you'll be fine.
  5. Sorry to hear that. sorry you chose to smoke again. How long were you smoke-free?
  6. Well - going forward, you might find the SOS board more use if you post before you smoke. Why did you smoke?
  7. Hey JH, you’re getting all the old timers out. Have a smoke. You’ll feel great. That wonderful rush of choking poison, filling your lungs, chasing away your self-respect. Oh to be back smoking again... Oh wait...smoking is crap. That’s why you stopped. Deep breaths and big girl panties on. You can absolutely do this. I did, and I’m a skirt-wearing islander, with a crush on @bakon Well done for calling yourself out. Well done for making yourself wait. Things will get better and you will realise you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Now. Keep on keepin’ on
  8. Just passing' by. Keep on keeping' on

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