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  1. El Bandito

    chicks or sticks

  2. El Bandito

    Jet Black is 1 YEAR Smoke Free

    Nice work.😁
  3. El Bandito

    Monday 8th October 2018

    Porky - I stalk him on Buddybook. 😉
  4. El Bandito

    chicks or sticks

  5. El Bandito

    Monday 8th October 2018

    What’d I miss? Nope.
  6. El Bandito

    chicks or sticks

  7. El Bandito


    Hey there. Sorry to hear things are crap. Take a big deep breath and smile. Quitting smoking is a great thing. Well done. Breathe. Nice and slow
  8. El Bandito

    Really feeling like I can't do this.

    You are doing great Linda. Smile. You are winning. Every day quit gets better. I promise.
  9. El Bandito

    Does anyone still post here?

    Stay strong. You’ll be ok
  10. El Bandito

    I bought a pack :(

    Hey Katie I’m not sure we have met. You are an idiot. I know, I’m an idiot too. Idiots smoke. You and me, we’re smart, we quit. No more smoking please, you really don’t want me to get honest with you.😉 Get up, get on. s
  11. El Bandito

    My turn i guess. (trigger warnings)

    3 months woohoo! Ain't addiction fun? Your inner addict fella is kicking and screaming, because he knows its him or you...and he knows he is losing. Laugh, smile and shake your head at his melodramatics. Do it - laugh out loud. You don't smoke anymore. You know that it never gave you anything, except the desire to have another one. You quit. YOU did. Well done. Great work. Now get on with the rest of your day. ;-)
  12. El Bandito

    I smoked again!

    Well done on stopping again. Remember how you are feeling now. You will only feel that way again, if you choose to. Smoking is a choice. Choose not to smoke. Keep on keeping' on.
  13. El Bandito

    chicks or sticks

  14. El Bandito

    Tuesday 12 th December 2017

  15. El Bandito

    Please say it’ll get better..

    Hey Arynn. Congratulations on quitting smoking. That is a massive deal. Well done! The good news is yes, it does get better, and easier. Follow the advice above, and keep going, you are doing great!

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