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  1. chicks or sticks

  2. Jess has two months today !!!

    You here?
  3. Hey Hey 11/20 - Joe's 4 Year!!

    Can I sit with.....
  4. chicks or sticks

    O---- yeah. Spanking on ginger for her cheats. Red head and rump
  5. chicks or sticks

    -14 YOu Wish. O
  6. Flights and condo are booked....

    We visited the Villages a month after Irma. No signs of anything. Jacksonville was a mess however. It's high in my list for moving in 4 years
  7. Awesome. Party chick who said she would wear a bikini when I move to Florida and she visits. Might have to get her some proper shoes for the party now. Nails done?
  8. Johnny5 is 3 Years Smoke Free Today!

    Way to go window licker!
  9. chicks or sticks

    Your an egg 7
  10. chicks or sticks

    -7 ginger