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  1. BAT is 4 Years Quit Today!!

    Look who pops up at mention of Bat....I know there is something going on there....Either you two are doing it...the horizontal mumbo...or swapping spit......OR your the Same person....Batman/Ginger depending on which outfit you got on.
  2. John Is 1 Year Smoke Free Today!!

    14 posts and made it a year. That's a f u c k I n g record!
  3. BAT is 4 Years Quit Today!!

    King of the Window Lickers. Driver of the train. Jack of all trades. Congrats buddy. Hope you get a good meal and a new pistol for your reward.
  4. chicks or sticks

  5. chicks or sticks

  6. Starting Now

    No problems. No complaints on anything said. Just a slow down. Thank you all for the comments. I quit 5 years ago and have many friends here, and many friends who have left...hate to be last guy dancing.....plus there are many here now who got the same style humor to keep it rolling....maybe after a lay off....but not quiting the group...laying back. PS. Not one new friend request on buddybook.....
  7. Jetblack is 3 Months Quit Today!

    well Done
  8. Starting Now

    Couple more months. Swear I coughed today and tasted smoke. Not really but was in a smoking bar last week and bothered me at first. But I could see without education how quits get fudged up in a bar. Thanks to you animals, I am safe. Don't reply to smoking threads, out of the loop on some newbies and fear insulting someone who don't get my humor. So retired to socialize stuff, which is fun but taking a break from checking in five times a day. I will hit up for anniversary dates. Good luck to all in the year to come, may sunshine up your rear and make you warm and fuzzy. If you need to reach me anytime ask Nancy she can point you to me on buddybook. Keep Marching.
  9. Chrispy Is 5 Years Quit Today!

    Only dog picture I got. How fitting for the King of the window lickers (since burrito is rarely seen) .c Congrats. Hope you got a reward picked out like a batch of brownies. Awesome work.
  10. chicks or sticks

  11. chicks or sticks

  12. chicks or sticks

    19. Smack it joe
  13. chicks or sticks

    13 Nope. Bottom broke it
  14. chicks or sticks

  15. chicks or sticks


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