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  1. Got to treat yourself. Nobody else knows what your going through and you earned it
  2. bakon

    See Ya Later

    Windowlicking moron.
  3. Saz and her big words, had to Google it. Cant remember exactly but it was something to do with drinking, which is what we did when meeting up. The royal wedding ....remember we were going to crash it.... Also a picnic that never happened... Babs and Sonic were the item I thought.....she was one of the first to give me grief but also one of my first posters. Nancy feet, tried several times to see them real life but still hasn't happened. Something else was cat crap. You chicks and half gay dudes with cats....
  4. I am the gay one but your quote is Pig Lover....ok Doorbell and you and the pig /sausage love thing got me little confused too I fade in and out so don’t remember it all ...
  5. Nobody remembers anything about someone else? who was your quit buddy or biggest fan? Secret crush? i had my share of eggs that were special....
  6. THat guy could talk the panties off all you chicks. Or he was gay...but married and a kid now so going with player. He talked like no other...And on subjects no man would ever comment on. Name like Action I figure he was getting some
  7. I didnt know it was a goat...then he was Goatboy….now just Booger
  8. THis thread is WHY CERTAIN THings are done in here. History of funny times, nicknames, things said or done..... Like why is Doreen called doorbell? Cause she said something dumb and was a ding dong one time. Or WHy is she called Horneytoad…...well her girlie parts were wanting some attention and she was posting some provocative thoughts.... Or why Rep....well that one could take all day So for my first I remember why post....window lickers.....I posted something about someone being so stupid they lick the windows inside the short bus while riding to school. Jimmy (the Bully- because he posted a picture of flexing with a cut off shirt) drove the little bus, because he actually drove school bus. THen someone came up with the idea of some flavor spray for the windows. SO the window lickers had some flavor..... Continue with the history of the group. What you remember about nicknames, funny things about your favorite members...things people might have forgot or might never have known... Go...

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