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  1. Today paper was a Florida man is missing attempting to jet ski to Bahamas
  2. Thanks to everyone. Miss all you dumb asses. Hope to see all you at same mark and more.
  3. Two more days till 10 years…posting now in case I forget Saturday. Retired now, living in Florida, started golfing which is very hard, building our own pool, own a golf cart to drive around to restaurants and the public squares which have music 365 days a year. Still got the Harley and booked our house for Sturgis next year, got to see a NASCAR race in Daytona last month, going out on a boat for day on 10 year anniversary, getting little fat from eating and beer but working out and walking dogs most days of the week, own a Lincoln, Ford F-150 and still got the Mustang, house has 3 car garage but truck sits outside with cart/bike/gym equipment taking one spot. I can say Life’s Been Good to Me So Far… Didn’t mention smoking….see it here as some bars still allow outside…but not bringing it up because it is no longer in any of my thoughts, way in the past like a lifetime ago. To those struggling have strength in the thought that if I could quit, then anyone can. ‘’Keep Marching”
  4. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    0. Chicks still cheating….
  5. Some old window lickers in this room
  6. 72105. Plus another 10 percent when drinking.
  7. Horny toad, what to say…I hope your day was filled with gifts to yourself. Shoes proper for wear out and leaving under my bed, drinks cool enough to make you hot in bed, food full enough to not worry what was gain quitting…. I know many in here a long time. Many were influential to others. But you probably helped more than 99 percent of members. I wont tell any secrets…. but once we meet in person I may exaggerate our time congrats on your day, I hope to see you soon. bakon ps….don’t tell Nancy if I do get your shoes off
  8. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    It was -4. I posted. You posted -5….who cheating? Rabbit -4 mac -3 me -2

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