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  1. bakon

    Free insults

  2. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    Chicks.cheat 3
  3. bakon

    Completing 2 days without smoking :)

    Fruit and juice will help with blood sugar levels which effect mood and headaches from lack of nicotine. Don't remember how nicotine messed with level but when you quit nicotine the levels drop
  4. bakon

    Completing 2 days without smoking :)

    Nope....learn it. Say it in every post. Say it out loud all day long. five is great. lose the gum. Forget the tea fruit juice and pieces of fruit. HEal
  5. bakon

    Free insults

  6. bakon

    Free insults

    Post your name someone will insult you.....post it again for another one... Example bakon Bakon---your so dumb you make sqealer look smart.
  7. bakon

    Cristóbal is 6 Years Smoke Free!

    My quit brother would like to thank you but h is message got stuck at the border. We had another brother from England too. Nobody could understand him. we all started about same time and were the three amigos. He always brings some excitement. When the train started rolling we poked him a bunch to get all the way over here but he wouldn't abandon his starting place. Don't think he ever said a bad word to have to get a warning point. I tried to yank his chain as much as some others here but he wouldn't have any of that. Just laugh it off. Well I hope he comes back soon to see all you wonderful people and (that ass skinny Scott) your nice words. congrats brother Bakon
  8. bakon

    MQ has 5 years of freedom!!

    bat can't scratch his ass without help...
  9. bakon

    MQ has 5 years of freedom!!

    Guy has no taste in football but that can be said for most in here. Funny how he got pissed at the establishment and started this whole.thing. Great job to the Head Window licker! Five alive..... way to go Boss!
  10. bakon

    chicks or sticks

  11. bakon

    Jet Black is 1 YEAR Smoke Free

    Wow....window licking section getting full Great job
  12. bakon

    chicks or sticks

  13. bakon

    bakon celebrates SIX years of Freedom !

    B...thanks. We all did it. Babbles....meet you in the backseat later
  14. bakon

    Lust4Life is 2 Years Smoke Free!

    Awesome. Two is huge
  15. bakon

    chicks or sticks


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