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  1. bakon

    Guess who is an egg

    Yep. Standing with Mrs bakon and a friend under Willie’s chicken place
  2. bakon

    Quitting On A Whim

    I quit on a whim too. Smoked first couple hours of day and just said duck it. Read a bunch and here we are.
  3. bakon

    Old Timer Check in

    Three posts for people over a year.... No way in those feet Bigfoot Babbles still hanging.
  4. bakon

    Old Timer Check in

    Saw Nancy, Horney Toad, bat and the Mexican in last week. Saz, jimmy the bully and Frezflops too. Anyone see meathead or burrito or any of the eggs we need an old timer check in anyone over a year with the train. Toot your horn
  5. bakon

    Starting Now

    The crazy Mexican wine drinker. Yep. Soon amigo
  6. bakon

    Starting Now

    June- still rolling. See some awful faces still here. Going to hook up with Saz next week for cocktails in New Orleans. Booger leaving town as I pass through, knew he was afraid of my shadow.
  7. bakon

    bakon visits.......

    The BbQ is in the agenda.
  8. Is that what your calling your balls...heavy bags....don't punch them too much....
  9. bakon

    Jetblack is 8 Months Smoke Free

  10. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    -6 70,000 replies! Sticks still up by a game
  11. bakon

    bakon visits.......

    Coming down the east side, Bristol and such...to get to Seiverville or Gatlinburg or .......... Fill in the place that a geographical oddity.....Could just be lunch. You can bring your dude, no funny business....at least in front of everyone
  12. bakon

    bakon visits.......

    Been there...bringing some that haven't traveled the area with us. Back of Dragon out of Virginia, Foothills Parkway and Tail of the Dragon on the Saturday....you close to anything? Nancy is in Tennessee but not the east, not the West and not the center. She is 2 1/2 hours from everywhere.
  13. bakon

    bakon visits.......

    Saz- will email...bourbon Orleans hotel. Monday and Tuesday 18/19th... Wife says I can have one hurricane as I turn Indian on rum...Not a bourbon drinker but will try one of yours too...Then beers. Boo- Saturday 16. I don't casino. I do drink and BBQ.

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