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  1. Thanks again everyone. Miss you all. Not much, but a little and it counts
  2. Eight years----finally the group remembered my quit date and I almost didnt. Someone on buddybook has quit date a week ago and reminded me. SO I have no desire, dont miss it, but dont see it as much anymore either. Used to hate the smell, still do. Can spot a grey walker-the color of skin of smokers, about 50 yards away. As for benefits ---all of them are work the effort. Smell, taste, teeth, lungs, and even being heavier. Just more of me to love. Hope all my quit buddies are good. See yinz around....
  3. awesome thanks you bunch of window lickers...remember nope
  4. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    Sticks rule.... 0
  5. Bump for Linda- now quit- Anyone can.
  6. Linda- dont know you but if I can quit than any window licking moron can. Its mental- you want to quit? Because your repeating the hard part. 1 million excuses dont matter- you want to then follow NOPE. Pretty simple. NOT ONE PUFF EVER. How to do this? Another million ways- simplest is sit on your hands. Cant light a cigarette without setting your face on fire if you got no hands. But still how- well you have to push through- easy for some, harder for others but not impossible for anyone. Most of the quiters here will tell you same thing, you want to quit? the
  7. you smell like a bear pooping in the woods Here
  8. Did I make the list?
  9. Anyone remember the big move to this place?
  10. Babs, Babbles, backseat babs..... awesome. One of the first to respond to my quit post. Big changes for her in 8 years.
  11. Meathead and Babbles in the backseat

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