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  1. Today was double meat on sandwich I think tomorrow reward might be something sexual....
  2. Thank you everyone for your great friendships. Window licking morons.
  3. You big dum hillbilly. How did that first one taste- bad. We know it. Bet your getting used to that headache it gave too. Oh well. Come back soon asshat.
  4. Thats a cool tat... another day- just had a mid morning cookie. for fcks sake one cookie is not going to hurt the diet which is really me just being hungry and not losing any weight.
  5. Another day and today I made myself a big breakfast with SAUSAGE.
  6. We all know what your doing for an hour in the bed or tub.....same thing the Martian is going to be looking at on new computer.... Another day-----todays reward was a banana muffin. been watching the sweets but today said F-it and had the muffin
  7. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    Horny toad. 15
  8. Where are the newbies? Most important the first 100 days. Reward yourself everyday with a candy bar or magazine. First two weeks it should be mandatory. today my quit is a few years and a day more i had a hot tea(36 degrees out) while watching traffic go by slamming on their brakes on way to work. Funny how my car makes them reconsider their speed. also waiting for boogers family to report him missing. Sure he gets lost just playing peekaboo
  9. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    15 windowlicker posted same number
  10. I like to see Everyone post to this. Newbies, Old farts, Pretty People and the Ugly ones too. If your new- post everyday just for making it another.... 1.length of quit 2. Something positive your going to do for yourself today And here's why.... 100k posts of people just saying hi with a number, a SOS with a plan and all who responded last week, supporting a fellow member, Because you quit- dont matter how long- you quit, Nobody else in real world is really paying attention that you earned something today for being you and quitting.
  11. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    2 dum bunny did get the 100k......cheaters

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