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  1. Ok let's start with how fat.....selfies please. I can't give advice until I know where we are starting Food vs Exercise. Gym owner/ bodybuilding type had me and wife on a program years ago...said food was 90 percent/ workouts were 10 percent . I feel workouts are little more as they are motivating and actual start to feel good when doing them. Kind of the kick. The feel good comes from improvements so start slow. Be steady and add a little each week. When I take time off I go back to gym at 50 percent of weight or time on exercises and work up slow for 4 weeks before going hard again. Slow and add a little should be a motto. Food- what booger said is right. Point is eat right. But have cheat days. Same gym owner gave his students weekends off the diet. Eat anything and do what you want. First weekend is beer and pizza. Monday you start back but notice you have lost progress, next weekend is less beer and hamburger, little less but no restrictions feels ok. Next weekend its mostly healthy and little excess of pie or a few drinks. Point is there is no rules but you are seeing improvements and don't go overboard. And when the special party happens you aren't stuck eating rabbit food and drinking water with lemons. Life is one shot. So don't miss out to save a pound. But don't eat lik e everyday is a party Now post those fat ass pictures. bakon loves a big butt.
  2. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    14 to the tard brother s 16 Old timers
  3. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    11 Turd face 10
  4. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    8 Snow was over in a day. We had cold spell but no real bad snow have a 43 for two years, nice small carry. Got rid of all 380 after getting it. 9mm on all off duty xept the old G27 from 1995. Only 40 left Nine G45 just a big grip 19
  5. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    6 Any flooding in banjo land? Got.me a g19 and liked it so much for the g45 too.
  6. Thought we did this one alrrady.... Smarti pants the nice witch...and secret egg Awesome job Post some more selfies for the new guys. Me and the older fellows can print them and hang them with the older pictures in the bathroom of our clubhouse. Hope to see you and some other eggs this summer.
  7. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    4 What's up dummy???
  8. Change your name now. Everyone getting to know someone called desperate. Your no longer that. Don’t use cat in the name either. Cat lady. Cat lover. All bad Bubbles. That’s one never used Dolly was used once...maybe. Think it might have been Daisy. Either way pick a name name you like so we get to know YOu. Not desperate
  9. Shut up whiner.....just messing. you will live and it will suck at first say NOPE a million times, it helps time will drive you crazy, you will have more on your hands and grow bored, so move around. Walk or just do laundry. Keep busy. sleep will come and go chin up Keep Marching

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