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  1. Thank you, glad you had good results on your tests. I do have A Fib and have for sometime, and some new things going on. You are so right that the stress of that keeps us smoking, even when we know it make things worse. Keep up the good job you are doing great
  2. Thank you for your support.
  3. Well today was the 11 day of taking the chantix. I smoked my last cigarette at 5 pm last night. I am waiting for some test results to come back which are pretty serious. So I know it will be a tough day!!! So your support will be much appreciated. Thanks to all
  4. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement
  5. Yes she is. I still amazed at all the people here in the group that have become non smokers. This chantix is my last chance to do it. Seems like it gets harder not easier. I hate to even post because I'm ashamed I am having such a hard time
  6. Good for you doing the cold turkey. I am struggling with that.
  7. Plus how long have you taken the chances? How long did you take it before you stoped smoking? I started it 8 days ago have cut way down but not stopped yet
  8. Yes I did get script from doctor. Did you take it for 3 months?
  9. Kate how are you doing? You don't want to lose your quit. I know I wasn't as far as you are and I did. Just like the others said it won't help to smoke and it will only make you feel worse. Now I am struggling to get my quit back. Don't go there please!!!!!
  10. Did you take it for the 3 months?
  11. Did anyone use changed while quitting. ??? The patches are still giving you nicotine, so thought maybe better option
  12. Yes I do spend a lot of time by myself, so that makes it hard sometimes. My husband passed away a few years ago. I also have some health issues going on that are stressing me out. And maybe like Jillar said I'm not really ready
  13. Thanks for sharing this. I am not doing real good on the not smoking. There is spot of good support here. But I have remarked several times. Not giving up but not doing good

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