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  1. Welcome Robbie, you came to the right place. There is a great group here and lots of info to read about the nicotine addiction. For me I just made it to my 3 month quit,so I am fairly new too. But I can tell you I was very depressed when I quit and did cry slot. It will let up after a while. Congratulations on your quit and hang in there.
  2. Oh Jeff I just answered your message and now I'm reading this. I am so sad to here this. I had a hard time over the weekend. Jump back on your quit please for yourself
  3. I will definitely do that!!!
  4. I have not smoked,but it has not been easy. Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement. Sorry I did not mean to be rude just not feeling very social today.
  5. I smoked in my car so that won't work Just running out of strength to fight this shit
  6. I was struggling last night but tonight is worse, I am almost at my three months and I am so ready to give up.Had a not so pleasant conversation with a friend and really kind of down tonight. I keep telling myself it will get better but its not working
  7. Thanks Jeff, health reasons are the reason for my quit also. But the struggle is real!!!!
  8. Well the last couple days have been a struggle. I am almost at my 3 months and that always seem to be the I don't want to do this anymore.I do know that if I give in and start smoking again I will not try again.
  9. Congratulations Jeff I knew you could do it!!!!
  10. Wow so sorry that is just crazy Nothing is going right and cases are going ever higher. Not sure what Phase we're in currently? 3 or 4 but cases are on a dramatic rise again. Then today, they've again banned Astra Zeneca vaccine for anyone under 55 years of age. A month ago they banned it for anyone over 60 years old. So I guess if you are between 55 and 60 they can shoot you up with it no problem. Wow! What a sh*t show! Meanwhile peeps are dropping left right and center and you can't gat a vaccine anywhere. Seems we've sunk to 3rd world status on this file anyway Sorry
  11. Sorry for the craziness. It is really sad how it is being handled
  12. 2 months and 20 days 22 hours Making a pie for dinner

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