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  1. I think that it would be perfectly natural to have some misapprehensions concerning your upcoming 2 weeks off when it has been years since you’d taken any time for yourself. You’ll come through it fine, but we are here to help you out if you have any problems! Enjoy your ‘me time!’
  2. Hello @Lawrence! One of my sisters drives me insane telling me all about this show she watches about this hidden treasure on Oak Island. lol It is intriguing, but she is beyond obsessed. Anyway, it’s nice to have you join our forum. If you would accept any advice I would like for you to know that this will all be so much easier if you learn what to expect when you finally quit beforehand and no matter how bad it gets, push through it; it gets better. It really does!
  3. Congratulations @IQ4me! I this!!
  4. Hello! I’m glad that you joined us here! It is a trial @Anita! I will say it’s hell! Just don’t quit your quit! 11 days is a long time! You’ve come so far! It gets better, I promise it does. And the way you feel will be so good. Being nicotine free is so worth the anguish. I hope that you will stay close to us and you can post as much as you need to. Good luck on sticking your quit!
  5. Life long, small rural town, Georgia girl here! Peaches, dirt roads, and sweet iced tea. Farm country, peace, and quiet. The closest city would be Augusta,—Home of the Masters! I quit smoking because I was so tired of the stench. I was tired of blowing all of that money into thin air. I was tired of ostracizing myself from life. I am a bit of a social misfit. Oh and I. Love. Shrimp.
  6. Congratulations @Katgirl! WooHoo!! Time sure has flown by since you’ve joined us here! A month already!
  7. You have to make an conscious effort to not light a cigarette and take a puff. It’s called a bad decision. It’s called quitting your quit.
  8. Friends and family aren’t going to get it. They aren’t going through it, so they have no clue. Here; we get it. Here; we can help you through the roughest times. Reach out. Save your quit at all cost.
  9. Congrats on 5 months quit!! Thanks for your Thought For Today! Sometimes they just ‘fit’ exactly.
  10. Day 1 it is. See you back here tomorrow? @MLMR
  11. Congrats to you!!! Thanks for all the encouragement you give us to get out there and enjoy life, nicotine free and as well as we are physically able!!!

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