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  1. We are here for you @overcome! Just stick close to us this week and don’t forget about our SOS forum!
  2. Welcome aboard @overcome! You have come to an amazing place for support in your quit! I could not have quit without this site. There is an amazing group of quitters on here that are committed to helping others do the same. What helped me the most during my initial quit was reading all of the threads I came across on this site and they helped even more than the videos and the book, but arming yourself with knowledge about your enemy and yourself is the key to victory! I look forward to following your quit!
  3. Congratulations @JustSomeGuy! 9 months quit is awesome! You’ve done spectacularly well!
  4. Congratulations @Kris! I’m so glad that you have fought to keep your quit and succeeded this past year! I’m proud to have you up here on the Lido deck with me!
  5. Gus

    No Man's Land

  6. I’m still on the train!
  7. Congratulations Denali! You have an awesome quit going. 4 months is a long time!
  8. Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time right now Kris, but you have fought too hard to throw your quit away now. I feel for you and I’m hoping that you are able to get some sleep and that you feel so much better when you wake.
  9. WooHoo @Steven Drojensky! You made it to the Lido Deck!!! Congratulations!
  10. Congratulations on your 6 year quit @G67!
  11. Hoping your mom has a speedy recovery! I get through my worst trials always by practicing my deep breathing. It just grounds and centers me. I just focus on my ability to breathe. I notice how deeply I can breathe and I feel my lungs expanding and I release it all in an ever so slow exhale of appreciation because I did it without a cough. Smoking a cigarette would take that from me. And that just wouldn’t do because I had only one quit in me. I would never survive another quit. Keeping that list of reasons you quit smoking in the first place and the tools you used to assist yourself in your quit handy helps a lot. Getting on here to immerse yourself in reading or to vent or to SOS are also on my list. Keep fighting to keep your quit and yes, by all means, hold your quit as being sacred to you. It is a part of who you are now. It is who you are now and you’ve shown that by getting on here for support instead of lighting up. Hugs for you!
  12. It’s great to hear from you Sal! You really are doing a great job fighting this addiction. You’ve come so far. Remember how every hour was a constant battle to not light up? It gets easier and easier and easier. I promise it does. Hang in there! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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