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  1. Excellent news in this update @intoxicated yoda! I’m so proud of you and you should be doubly proud of yourself. You’ve worked so hard and educated yourself about so many issues! You are amazing!
  2. Nice! Fresh warm sea breeze and blue water! Makes me long for the summertime! I don’t do cold very well.
  3. Thanks everyone! I have the Lido Deck in sight and it’s getting closer everyday! I do feel like a non smoker most of the time. Vigilance is my offense!
  4. Congratulations on 9 months @Dianne! I’m glad that you checked in and let us know how you are doing! That first year milestone is coming up fast! I hope that you visit with us again!
  5. I do hope that your Mom is doing better today, Opah! You take such good care of her!
  6. Hello @Edy! I hope that you decide to just go ahead and start your quit! Taking that first step IS the hardest. Quitting is not easy or pretty. It can be an ugly mess at times. But I promise it’s worth it. I promise we are all here to help you through it. Reading everything available on this site is the most helpful and those videos are helpful too. I hope to see you around!
  7. Welcome aboard @JoanD! Great start on your quit! And ohhhh! A wedding! How exciting!
  8. Why sure! The great deceiver nicotine not only creates problems it masks others. Nicotine is hell bent on killing you…that is it’s only purpose.
  9. The best we can be to ourselves is to strive daily to be the best that we can be.
  10. I discovered this early on in my quit when I was trying to figure out why I was having so much anxiety. Although I still suffer from it, my anxiety levels dropped considerably when I cut almost all of the caffeine from my diet. So yeah, if I’m not doing nicotine I can’t do caffeine.
  11. I hope that you are feeling better today Kris!
  12. Congratulations @kenzie_peyton! 1st month down!

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