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  1. Excellent! Congratulations on 20 and Happy 60th! I appreciate your words. The personal stories on this site have helped me the most and yours today have given me so much to look forward to. I’m at 6 months. Looking forward to a year! Looking forward to 20!!!
  2. Welcome OregonGirl! I’m so glad that you’ve joined us! You can do this! Keep posting! It’s like talking your way through your quit and believe me, every word you say will be read by so many others who are struggling to quit and who knows how many your words will help over time. Stay close!!!
  3. Hello Justin! Welcome aboard! It seems that you have educated yourself and are very well prepared for the mental games our addiction likes to play with us! I’m 6 months in! There are some of the best people on the planet here to help you along in your quit. I would not have made it this far without them nor from all of the posts made here over the years! I wish you the best and please do hang around for awhile!
  4. Thanks, @Kris! I think that it helped actually! Sure there was a lot stress in starting a new job and meeting so many new people, but I was also so busy that I didn’t have time to even want a cigarette, except for a few days when I got off work. I was also too tired to have actually stopped somewhere to buy them. HaHa I saw a couple of days ago that a few people had mentioned volunteering for something somewhere. That really sounds like a grand idea, if you can do it!
  5. 6 months!! I never would have actually thought I would make it this far! One thing is for sure, looking back…I’ll never go through that again!!! Smoke free for life!!! Thanks everyone for all the support and advice along the way! QuitTrain, her crew, and fellow passengers are the best!!!!
  6. Nice. Now we’re talking! What a treat this will be! I hope that you are able to locate one at a good price. Ohhhh and ammo. Good luck with that also!!!
  7. I was happy to see that you were able to work through your crave Opah. Those things come out of nowhere and happen to the best of us. I hope that you are planning something really special for that one year anniversary! You deserve it!
  8. YAY!! Congratulations on 2 years quit!
  9. Keep hanging in there Tara! It is hard. It is so very hard, but I promise you that it is so worth it if you do! Every time you ride out a crave you get stronger! In time you will look back and say, “That’s me! I kicked butt!” I wish you all the success in the world at quitting. Stay close and continue to reach out if needed!
  10. WooHoo! Happy 4th @Katgirl!!! It’s been great having you here with us!
  11. WooHoo!! 8 months!! Congratulations!!!

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