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  1. It’ll come, @Slow progress. It’ll just happen and it will be magic! You are doing so well. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing. I can’t hardly believe that it’s been seven months for you already. The stress of it all will let up, I promise.
  2. Congratulations on your 5th month of being quit. It never goes away but will grow further and further apart and will definitely be a mere thought, not a craving. If I remember correctly it was around my 9th month that the craving that always came with the thoughts of smoking switched to just being a thought that never became more than that. It’s like that last barrier to feeling like I had truly quit smoking just crumbled and fell away. So very liberating. The chains were gone! You are doing great!
  3. Congratulations on your decade of being quit, Tracey!
  4. I love pumpkin pie! I prefer sweet potato though. But sweet potato casserole?! Every. Day. I could eat it every day.
  5. Congratulations on your 4 months quit! You’re doing fantastic!
  6. Congratulations on your 6th month anniversary @QuittingGirl! You are doing amazingly well. A whole half of a year!
  7. Congratulations on being 9 months quit Bri! You have had an amazing journey and you’ve set a fine example for others to follow. I’m so very happy for and proud of you.
  8. Congratulations @johnny5 9 years is awesome!
  9. A great video to save and watch periodically to remind us to stay vigilant in guarding our quits. Life is stressful. Over time out hearts soften the harsh realities of our addiction. We forget that we are addicts. We quit smoking for a year, two, or more and believe that we are bullet proof and that we can’t fall and that is precisely when we start slipping. Thanks @jillar!
  10. Congratulations @Hope2Nope! Seven years is awesome!
  11. You are doing exceptionally well @QuittingGirl. Especially for having to expose yourself to someone smoking on a daily basis. Focus on your NOPE and stay vigilant. Don’t allow yourself to romanticize smoking. Don’t become so comfortable around your mom’s home that you find yourself unthinkingly reaching out for a cigarette and lighting it. You did great by reaching out about this issue that concerns you and you got some really great advice from everyone. You talking about your mom reminded me of my Granny. LOL She lived well into her nineties and had smoked since she was a very young girl. She never had any major health issues. She was a tiny thing. She died peacefully in her sleep. She smoked filterless Camels. Grew up smoking home grown and rolled tobacco. She swore up and down that it was the filters that caused so many smokers their health problems.
  12. Thanks @jillar. Informative and sad. Not something to look forward to is it? Watching someone slowly die from it is the worst. I assume if someone is on the QuitTrain checking it out or as a seated passenger it’s too late to say ‘never start smoking.’ But I can say ‘Stop, stop smoking now!’
  13. Welcome @Jenner! A great place to start is to just trash all the stashed smokes, toss the ashtrays, the lighters and deep clean the areas in which you smoked. Stay busy, distracted, and hydrated! I hope to see you around.

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