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  1. I’m 26 days quit! I hope that you decide to put yours down for good. It IS a battle. I love this site so much because no one on here lies and says it’s easy. There are tears and anger, mental anguish, and physical pain involved in quitting. Today was harder than when I first quit. I do believe that it will get easier but I also believe that there will always be a time when I ‘need’ a cigarette and the battle will begin anew. I literally just made up my mind that I was done with smoking and would never light up again. Until you decide this on your own I don’t believe there is anything that will
  2. I’m still in my seat! Not giving it up either!
  3. Thanks y’all! I forget that my body has 35 years worth of chemicals to wash out.
  4. 22 days today!! I’ve discovered that if I don’t drink and drink and drink I crave a cigarette more often. Why is that? Anyway, I’ve never been a big fluid person, so it’s hard for me. It feels me up and I lose my appetite for food. I will persevere though. Think I’ll step up the carbs and protein and work out a little. I can’t afford to lose too much weight. Hope it works!
  5. Ohhh! I’ve got one! I have always loved this song since I first heard it as a little girl!https://www.bing.com/videos/search?view=detail&mid=F6CD8F7FC305E4870EF8F6CD8F7FC305E4870EF8&q=time+alan+parsons+project&shtp=GetUrl&shid=1b735014-3cc7-4db1-88b6-02d800d34f89&shtk=VGhlIEFsYW4gUGFyc29ucyBQcm9qZWN0IC0gVGltZSAoT2ZmaWNpYWwgQXVkaW8p&shdk=TXVzaWMgdmlkZW8gYnkgVGhlIEFsYW4gUGFyc29ucyBQcm9qZWN0IHBlcmZvcm1pbmcgVGltZSAoYXVkaW8pLiAoQykgMTk4MCBSQ0EgUmVjb3JkcywgYSBkaXZpc2lvbiBvZiBTb255IE11c2ljIEVudGVydGFpbm1lbnQgI1RoZUFsYW5QYXJzb25zUHJvamVjdCAjVGltZSAjVmV2bw%3D%3D&shhk=S0uVzlu
  6. Thank you and @Mac#23!!! Congratulations and I am looking forward to my first year anniversary!
  7. The mental game has been too real today. Today was a slow day. Nothing really to do. Nowhere to be. Just wanted to take it easy. I’ve read every news article that I received a notification for. I don’t know how many documentaries I’ve watched nor how many crossword puzzles I’ve done trying to keep my mind off of cigarettes! I can’t wait for bedtime. Tomorrow is going to be a busy, busy day, so I will not have to rely on just my own strength, determination, and willpower to get me through. I do hope everyone here has a Happy Easter!
  8. 11 days! I haven’t rewarded myself, yet. Going to be picky about it. HaHa I will say that when I first awakened this morning, I took a long deep breath without even thinking to and it felt so good. It was really different than any breaths I had taken in the past 35+ years. I smiled to myself and just continued on with my day!
  9. Thanks so much, EVERYONE! A little bit of a rougher day today. I persevered though! I am determined! Just reading y’all’s comments are helping so much!!! Just thank you all! Oh and I am a girl GUS! My middle name is Augustus! As in Caesar! LOL I know, I know. But who knows what goes through parents minds when they name their children?!
  10. Thanks @jillar and @reciprocity! I’ve been reading some of the older chats and forums. It’s helpful to know of others trials and how they successfully or not so successfully work through them. I plan to get into the videos tomorrow. I appreciate the welcome I’ve received from y’all!
  11. Hi y’all! I’m new here! Tonight at 11:45 EST, I will have officially been a non-smoker for 9 days! I don’t remember a time when I thought that I could go 9 hours without a cigarette. HaHa So far, I’ve been able to push through the cravings. My biggest issue are the tears. I can start crying in an instant over nothing and everything. I will not say that I am mortally depressed because I am not. I am happier and more easy going than I have been in years! I just get teary eyed. Most of the time it’s over something I would say is stupid. I feel like a blithering idiot sometimes and I haven’t told

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