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  1. Hey Tara! I’m 7 months into my one and only quit. I absolutely know without a doubt that I would not survive another quit. It’s the reason I will never smoke again. I just can’t. Keep your quit. At all costs. It truly will be worth it if you do. It gets so much easier, in time. I promise you that it does!
  2. Congratulations on your 4 month quit, @Kris! You’ve done splendidly! I’m thankful that you found us and that you still remain.
  3. Keep the quit! You are doing great!
  4. Taking care of the ladies! Enjoy your anniversary celebrations!
  5. You’re in the fight for and of your life! Finding what works for you and sticking to it, no matter how goofy is commendable! Keep up the good fight!
  6. Congratulations on 5 years quit @d2e8b8! I appreciate all the support you’ve given me!
  7. I can’t imagine going through this without all of you. Thank you for all the support and the zany distractions you guys are so good at. 7 months!! Yesss! And @Kris, you have great courage. I’ve followed you and have seen it myself. You have a great quit going!
  8. Welcome @JonGuirl! Great quit you have going! I’m looking forward to seeing some sage advice to be dished out by you! We newbies here are like sponges! Soaking up all the information we can!
  9. Awesome job on not caving to the crave! Keep the quit going! I hope that you are keeping a journal. One comes in handy from time to time. A real help!
  10. Couldn’t have said it any better @JustinHoot99! Every bit of that is true too. A week short of 7 months quit and I would not have made it without QuitTrain. So please, if anyone has found yourself hesitating on starting your quit just say hi and we will be glad to help in any way that we can!
  11. Way to go, @Katgirl! You’ve got an amazing quit going! And thank you for all the advice you’ve given to me along the way!
  12. Congratulations @Cbdave on 6 years! Thanks for all that you do here on the train! You are !!!
  13. Congratulations, Linda! The only thing I can compare 9 months to is a full term baby! You are doing great!
  14. Congratulations on 4 months, Steven! You are doing awesome!
  15. I’m so glad that you took that minute to think before you lit that cigarette up! It’s great that you’ve seen that for an addict the temptation never truly goes away and that we all need to remain vigilant when guarding our quits. You did great!
  16. Oh, Opah! Some of your words have certainly helped me along my quit journey these past months. I feel that I owe that same debt! I absolutely love the way we help each other along here!
  17. Awww. Love on that sweetie! I’m glad that you were able to bring her home.
  18. WooHoo! Congratulations on 8 months Ace! You’re such an inspiration to us newbies, but also the veterans!
  19. Congratulations @MarylandQuitter! And thank you for this site!!! It’s a life saver!!!
  20. Congratulations Robbie! I’ve missed seeing you on here. I hope things are going well for you.
  21. So proud of you @MLMR! Your strength and determination to succeed in this fight are amazing! I’m looking forward to your 200th day update!

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