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  1. Welcome @engravosaurus and congratulations on four months quit! I suffer from this post nasal drip condition that I acquired after quitting smoking. @jillar is correct. Smoking can mask allergies and so many other health issues. My doc prescribed the usual OTC allergy medication taken at night with Flonase nasal spray in the a.m. If there are any flare ups of heavy mucous, I can do a 7-10 day course of Mucinex. Also, I am always, always, always to stay hydrated because heavy mucous production can cause dehydration. So, unless you feel that the excessive mucous production is caused from something other than an allergen or you just don’t want to go through the process of identifying the allergen that may be something you can actually avoid, more than likely it is something that you are going to have to deal with. The nausea I was suffering from because of the excessive amount of mucous draining to my stomach is what drove me to an ENT. I still suffer with that from time to time. I do hope that you find relief soon. I’m at 14 months quit. My issue started around the fourth month and I was seeking answers with some relief by the 6th. Again, welcome aboard and I hope that you find all the support you need to maintain your quit!
  2. Ohhhh, @Gabes! Thank you! The Draggin’ Slayer logo is perfect! Great work! I’m trying to make it my profile pic now!
  3. Sorry that you were sick, but thankful that you recovered so quickly and soundly. I just knew that I was fixing to read that you had caved and smoked a cigarette. HaHa So glad that you are all about NOPE!
  4. WooHoo @Kris! Lido Deck in one month!!! You have done amazingly well. I realize that your quit was filled with some hard fought battles, but you survived them all! Thank you for being such a help to those who ask for it. You have been a great source of support since you first hopped onto the train!
  5. Your ‘small mind’ is awesome! I love ‘Guardians of Quitopia,’ but ‘Draggin’ Slayers’ is cool too! My vote is for Draggin’ Slayers!
  6. Gus

    Cure is done

    I hope that the physical therapy is coming along alright @Opah. You are missed!
  7. YAY for 10 days, @Kdad! You are doing great!
  8. Hello @Octain! It’s great to hear from you! I’ve read so many of your comments over the past year and I’m happy to see that you are still quit and doing well! I do hope that your wife eventually comes around and quits. Take care and stop in to check on us a little more often! We’d love to hear from you! At least come celebrate 5 years with us in January 2023?! I’ll still be here!
  9. Alright 2021 quitters!! We need a quit name and a logo! Two names have been submitted above. Feel free to submit your own!
  10. @jillar I remember you bringing it up. Katgirl and I made proposals for the quit name, but no one else responded so it just never went anywhere. I wish that I could remember mine. I remember thinking that it was awesome, but more than likely it wasn’t. lol *I think that it was Katgirl. I may be remembering Catlovers comment above.
  11. @Gabes 4+ years quit! You are awesome and thank you for checking in today! It is so uplifting for everyone when the vets check in. The support system found here is essential to a solid quit. I would not have survived without this site. I’m glad that you are doing so great! Take care!
  12. Welcome back @Kdad! Two days in and you are sounding good about this quit. We are all here to help!
  13. Congratulations!!! You’re doing great!
  14. Great job on your quit @JudiMD! You’ve done amazingly well!
  15. WooHoo @Katgirl! Welcome to the Lido Deck!
  16. @AceWhite: half beast, half geek. You. Are. Awesome. Take care of that jersey! HaHa
  17. I love this statement! Congratulations on your 11 month anniversary Steven! Almost one year quit! I’m so excited for you!
  18. Happy Mothers Day @notsmokinjo! Your meal sounds delicious!
  19. Welcome aboard @Georgia B.! It seems that you are well on your way to having your forever quit. There is so much help here on this site, so look around and see what’s available. We are all here to help when needed.
  20. That’s the spirit Kris! Keep fighting. You most certainly are “more than ‘that!’”
  21. Yep! Still here!
  22. Congratulations Sunnyside! Four months down! WooHoo! You are doing great!
  23. My sympathies on the passing of your father Yoda. I hope that you’ll be back on track with your dietary changes soon!
  24. Congratulations Yoda! 8 months quit is awesome and thank you for all of the contributions you have made on this site!

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