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  1. holy moly, 9 years quit (& 2 days) 

    1. Reciprocity


      Congrats @Wendy A whole decade next year!

    2. DenaliBlues



    3. jillar



  2. 7 (thought I was 8 days late for my 6th but then realised I'm a year out lol)  😛

    1. jillar


      Congratulations on 7 years smoke free @Wendy, that's awesome!😊

    2. Gus


      Congratulations on your 7 year quit @Wendy! I can hardly imagine being so quit that I lose a year. I would love for this to happen to me! I’m 10 months in to my quit! 🙌

  3. Balls! I missed the actual day again! Today is my birthday and it just dawned on me my quit date anniversary was 2 days ago. Thanks for the thread and the well wishes, much appreciated, especially as I'm never here. So there you go @notsmokinjo, that's what 4 years quit feels like - I don't even remember I used to smoke and quit half the time. Smoking just isn't an issue I think about anymore - except for the stink ... that will always be an issue!
  4. Bahaahahahahahhah thanks Bakon, looks delish!
  5. 3 years and one day woohoo.  Can't believe I missed the actual date again.  

  6. I just remembered today! I missed it again lmao. Thanks folks, this was a nice surprise. I came along this morning to do a feed update with a 3 years and 1 day and did a double take when I saw this thread. It's my birthday tomorrow so a double celebration tomorrow me thinks.
  7. According to my little quit app counter thingy : 999 days quit, 14,999 cigs avoided ... :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Stewie


      Great! Keep at it lad! :D

    3. NADA


      Congratulations on 1000 days!

    4. Wendy


      Thanks folks :)

  8. Me too! I don't really need the reward any more ... I just like to buy myself presents :d
  9. So sorry to read this Tracey, condolences to you and your family.
  10. When I was a tea drinker I drank Earl Grey and I am definitely NOT posh .. then I quit smoking and my taste buds said nope ... can't stand any tea now bleeeech
  11. "You can't help folk who won't help themselves" ... or something very like that ... I heard it or read it somewhere but yeah, planting that seed is all you can do and hope they catch on sooner rather than later. Nicotine addiction sucks ... I told about my brother on another thread but my sister also used to smoke and quit years ago using nicotine gum - which she is now addicted too - AND still smokes on a night out or stressful situations. She also takes drugs for high blood pressure. I've tried to help but she has head firmly in the sand ...

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