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  1. What if.... I read somewhere that the majority of the dna in our bodies isn't ours but is of the microbiome that inhabits our gut. What if there was a fungibiome that was also there that took control of our brains and was doing everything it could to control us in to maintaining the habits that are killing us for it's own purpose. Think that's irrational thinking or that it can't happen? Think that old yoda fell off his rocker and cracked his noggin? Not only is it possible but it happens in other species on this planet all the time so why couldn't it be happening to us now? Think about it and pleasant dreams... here's another interesting one....
  2. @KEL nice work being grateful for finding the will to avoid smoking. Old habits create grooves in our minds that take quite a bit of time to fill in but only one slip and they can be as deep as they ever were. Gratitude is a great tool for filling in those old ruts. Stay strong and have a beautiful restful night.
  3. that is good news Sal. Keep that momentum going.
  4. no, pens hadn't been invented yet do woodchucks chuck wood?
  5. listen with your eyes Why is it called a new moon when it's always the same one?
  6. because the Browns will never get to the Superbowl why do they make toilet paper in those little squares?
  7. @KEL That is fantastic that you can hang out with a friend that smokes and not smoke. I hope that she gets the drive to be where you are one day. When the pain of smoking becomes greater than the pain of quitting she will look to the path you are on and take those first steps. Hope you have a peaceful night as well
  8. @Boo I am slowly learning to embrace the suckage of quitting.
  9. here I am again at almost 11 pm...with some kind of gnawing crave going on that just won't let up. It's almost like a void in my being that just can't be filled. I want something but I have no idea what it could be. I do know there is no amount of food I could eat, liquid I could drink, cigarettes I could smoke or anything else I could ingest, inject or inhale that would make it go away. It's the damnedest thing. I'll get a few days of peace from it and think it's getting better and then I get blindsided with it...and it always comes back with a vengeance. I can't decide if it's a mental thing or a physical thing. It could be a mental thing manifesting as a physical thing or it could be a physical thing causing some mental strife. I could say "f*** it and go get some snack food and soda but then the bloat would drive me crazy and I would definitely be hating myself, besides, saying "f*** it" is what got me back into this addiction to begin with. Taking deep breaths and doing the air cigarettes isn't really giving me any relief. It is possible this is a side effect of getting my gut healed? I don't know anymore. Nothing to do but keep grinding it out. Anyway, the rain hasn't started here yet so I guess I'll go walk laps around the driveway and hope it goes away enough for me to go to sleep.
  10. 4. cover the dome of a home made tesla coil... @jillar (no one ever said these had to be good ideas, right?)

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