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  1. because the manufacturers can't believe they work either why do bears poo in the woods?
  2. intoxicated yoda

    Take Two

    three fingers does cause problems though. I can't give high fives.
  3. cause it sounds cooler in the horror flick promos why doesn't money grow on trees?
  4. to keep the nosy neighbors out why do sheep say bah?
  5. intoxicated yoda

    Take Two

    Three fingers on each hand, and that light saber ain't just for taking out dark side jedis
  6. 10- hit it with shit i can't believe y'all left this one just hanging out there. duck sauce
  7. intoxicated yoda

    Take Two

    there's nothing tastier than a steak grilled by yoda....
  8. sorry Leroy, elk's easy prey garth
  9. intoxicated yoda

    Take Two

    I can't tell though...all I see is burgers and ribeyes

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