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  1. Wednesday 11th April 2018

    An extra early morning NOPE to get me through the day.
  2. As the title says this is the current happening in my quit. 3 months and 10 days down the line and out of nowhere I'm getting what I would say are amazingly strong urges. I feel in control. I feel able to fight it. So many reasons to stay quit. I'm just surprised at the strength of the urges after all this time. Did anyone else get this at the 3 month mark? The urge just to start up all over again? Do the urges go away after any length of time?
  3. Tuesday 10th April 2018

    It's a NOPE isn't it.
  4. Sunday 8 April 2018

    NOPE. A fresh Nope for a fresh week. Smoke free since January 1st.
  5. Thursday 5th April 2018

    Thursday morning NOPE from me.
  6. Tuesday 3rd April 2018

    It's a NOPE!!
  7. Monday 2nd April 2018

  8. Easter Sunday 1st April 2018

    Easter Sunday NOPE!!
  9. Saturday 31st March 2018

    Late NOPE!
  10. Good Friday 30th March 2018

    A few hours late but still s resounding NOPE
  11. Thursday 29th March 2018

    A late NOPE is as good as an absent NOPE so it's a NOPE from me.
  12. Wednesday 28 March 2018

  13. Tuesday 27th March 2018

  14. Monday 26 March 2018

    Birthday Nope from me.

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