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  1. tocevoD

    Monday 6th August 2017

  2. tocevoD

    Monday 30th July 2018

  3. tocevoD

    Sunday 29th July 2018

    Nope and a late nope for yesterday. Missed yesterday due to being very busy.
  4. tocevoD

    Friday 27th July 2018

  5. tocevoD

    Thursday 26th July 2018

    Checking in for my late afternoon nope.
  6. tocevoD

    Wednesday 25th July 2018

  7. tocevoD

    Tuesday 24th July 2018

  8. tocevoD

    Monday 23rd July 2018

  9. tocevoD


    Hello Cristobal. I'm doing well. Still going strong. The thoughts are still there regarding wanting to have another but I remember what I felt like when I last did and the feelings I went through when I did have them. The thoughts are happening less now and are less intense when they do happen so that's progress already. I never entered this quit thinking everything would be plain sailing although after a few months it did seem to be going that way before coming back down to earth with a bang. I'm just going to keep taking each day as it comes. Keep winning the little battles.
  10. tocevoD

    Sunday 22 nd July 2018

    Not one puff ever. I have to write the full name sometimes to remind me what it means instead of just blindly writing nope.
  11. tocevoD

    Saturday 21st July 2018

  12. tocevoD

    Friday 20th July 2018

  13. tocevoD

    Thursday 19th July 2018

  14. tocevoD

    Wednesday 18th July 2018

  15. tocevoD

    Tuesday 17th July 2018


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