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  1. Thanks much.....very much. I browse through here time to time and yes, celebrating my smoke freedom is important to me. Not a single puff in 5 years. I do miss writing the songs as they are just as important to me. Tks much Johnny5 for remembering. I miss many of you.... I have saved over $13,000 USD by quitting, and greatly improved my health. I will hit the big 65 this summer so another smoke free celebrating coming up. You all take care and keep NOPE in your life....Bassman :)
  2. Hi DD....Huge congratulations for your year smoke free......I wanted to say thanks for your support in helping with my quit, it was important to me and meant a lot.......... It indeed was a strange year with so much going on and you survived smoke free.....I am very happy for you. Enjoy a smoke free 2015........Bassman xxoo
  3. We are there with you ((((((((Bonnie)))))))) holding your hand, hugging, and consulting you........We will not leave your side...We cannot feel as much as you do about it, but we do feel for you and your daughter.....Prayers and waiting for further updates......Bassman
  4. Some people cannot go through something without having to put something on it or tag something to it. That makes it justified for what is going on. When I started smoking there was no one week, 2 week, monthly celebration for the start, no woopie I have been smoking for 6 months......But during many yearly anniversaries from the start of my smoking, I wished I had never started....But there is no name for that situation, just a wish that I had the power to fulfill but didn't for 35 years. When I finally did the needful and quit, I was filled with excitement and extreme joy that I
  5. Hi Tracy....Tks for responding but I was very concerned for you from your post here......I know they are taking good care of you here....We all go through life changes and smoking changes for us is an added part of it. I am glad you are doing better, and I have decided to do my final retirement from working to help get me through my time....My retired military will be enough and keep me going till I'm 66.....But I have to retire from my current company 18 years was way to long with them........anyway, tks for responding and I decided to go ahead and post here.....take care.............Bassman
  6. ...I do everything, write and record the songs, play all the instruments, and do all the singing......
  7. so let me know baffled, does the new song have any Pink Floyd in it??????????
  8. interesting. Never heard of him so I checked him out on youtube.......
  9. New no smoking Song, HonorAmoungstThieves wrote the words, I did the music and singing. Song name: At The End Of The Day I hope you all like this one, HAT did excellent job on words, very grateful to you........ Song is also posted in the pinned section of the movie book, and music section http://youtu.be/lf4npDRJg18
  10. Nope, I'm just goint to bed with NOPE for the day.........
  11. Machine messes up and squirts it in your face...edited...squirts me in the face... insert sandles
  12. Want to go to Hawaii but in 2 weeks I'll be going to Louisiana for 10 days......Yea...just need to get away for a while..... where do you want to go?
  13. Very good, and educational Markus....tks
  14. Coming To Terms The First Full Year As A Nonsmoker Note: FANS = First year As Non Smoker If no one else has seen reference to FANS before, then I just made it up and will adopt it as a new nosmoking acronym. ----------------------- We've Heard about going through the first full year of nonsmoking and greeting triggers on certain events through out that first year. While we were smokers these events triggered our smoking. We associate the first year because it includes all four seasons, holidays, and events for the first time as a NOPE smoke quitter. The most common
  15. Welcome over DJ, great to see you here. I bet MQ wouldn't even mind if you put your feet on the couch..... Looking forward to your post.........Bassman

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