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  1. Don't do it! I smoked again and it SUCKS! I need to get back on the train. I hate it! Not worth it!!!!
  2. So I recently joined another forum. Now it's not a support forum such as this one but more for sharing/learning about a hobby/craft. First, I couldn't read any of the posts as only members could. I had to wait over a week for someone to approve my membership so I could actually get on and read it. When I was approved, I got an email saying something like..."if you do not remain active, share, post pics, etc then your account will be deleted." (Thought that was weird.) So I went through and read everything that I was trying to learn about. Finally took some pics and posted some ques
  3. Doing ok this morning. Stupid dog barked ALL NIGHT so didn't sleep well. Don't know what she was all worked up about. And I hate waking up on day 2 but it's technically not day 2. :( Just a few more hours though. I am considering mowing because it's so cool but haven't decided yet.... :huh:
  4. No cigs here...not till hubby gets home.
  5. Thanks guys. History...well...failed quits. JK. Um...been trying to quit since Feb. Always let stress get the better of me. Been quit a month at a time, 3 weeks, etc. Been somewhat tring the last month but cave everytime hubby comes home with cigs. That's the worst part right now is having it in front of me. But I know Marti started a thread on this topic so I will be hecking that out again before the get back. Almost 5 hours in now and I am getting hungr so I guess it's time for dinner!
  6. Brush your teeth Take a shower Read the board Post on the board Read Allen Carr Listen to audio book Pet the dog Walk a dog Brush a dog Watch a Joel video Watch a documentary Weed the garden Clean something Laundry Organize something Make stepping stone Make bird feeder Pinterest Call someone
  7. Hey everyone...back again. I had picked today as a quit date last week and it kinda worked out perfectly as the family had to leave town for a couple of days. I am stuck here on dog/garden duty. So, having the house to myself and not having cigarettes right in front of me for the first 24 hours may be helpful. So it's been like two and a half hours since my last cigarette. Have I quit? Who knows? Do I want to? Hell yes.
  8. Nope...just for the rest of today. :)
  9. Congratulations, Stu. Six months is amazing!

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