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  1. Wow!!! Thanks Doreeen...and,thanks to everyone! I don’t stop by too often, and was surprised to see this! I remember early in the quit that milestones were a very important part of moving forward. The final reward is that it takes something like this to even remind me that I used to be a smoker! It’s such a distant memory. I owe all my success to the wonderful people on this board for keeping me focused! And, yes, we have another grandson due to make an appearance March 1st! The numbers are still a little off, 8 granddaughters and soon to be 2 grandsons, but everyone
  2. joe

    chicks or sticks

    I coulda swore I was 18... hmmm... I think math is different on that side of the pond! (sent you a message) 8
  3. I missed checking time for a few month, but I’m here and checking in for October!.. still not lighting anything on fire and sticking it in my mouth! .
  4. I remember that day in March, many (6) years ago. Action sent me a private message letting me know about this place... I was struggling with my quit, and quite frankly, I don’t think I would have made it out the other side without the help MQ and this train was able to provide! i want to give a shout out to all of the “original” members...teaming together and getting the word out and building what is this is today! I would like to name a few, but there are way to many, and I wouldn’t want to offend anyone That I forget mention! ..... But I do want give a HUGE thank you to MQ and e
  5. And here is a formal introduction to “Nitis” He is my daughters new constant companion... He’s a full blooded Frenchie, and certainly has all the energy that comes with a pup! caution....cuteness overload!
  6. joe

    chicks or sticks

    -12 i might..sleeping at night is kinda spotty...after a couple hours, I get sore, and really don’t like the buzz from the pain killers, so I try to skip them when I can...

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