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  11. this is a drone video taken by someone else, but shows a little of the beauty of the OBX...notice the lack of high rises and chain restaurants and hotels....everything is kept simple... Im not sure why I am promoting this...I like it the way it is...no crowds...lol.. One of the East coasts best kept secrets..
  12. When you drove down to the "end and back", thats where we will be staying this year...the only way to go farther is to take the ferry (to Ocracoke Island) 2 years ago when we were with all the girls, the last day there, the surf really got rough and I can see where a person could really take a pounding in something like that...however, most times we have been there, the ocean has been relatively calm, with the exception of the occasional "rouge" wave that hits unexpectedly ...lol...here are a few pics from previous years... this is the granddaughters at the beach 2 years ago...we have another addition since then...the count is now 8 this was the view from the house that year...we stayed in South Nags Head(MP18.5) this is a shot from the Northern Beaches (Carova)..its only accessible with a 4x4 truck....this is the area Bakon stayed in...its also where the wild Spanish Mustangs roam free.. last years view from the deck..something I will never get tired of...This is in Rodanthe (just south of the "Inn at Rodanthe" (Richard Geer, Diane Lane movie, Nights in Rodanthe) anyhow...Jo....I would love to be able to take a trip sometime to the Great Barrier Reef...its defiantly a bucket list item.. And Reci...you are soooo right...(..everyone is invited )...I can NOT wait to get away from this extended winter weather we have been having...its misleading on some days...I look outside and the sun is shining and looks like a great day , however, it turns out the temps are still in the 20's!! One thing at a time i guess....In Ohio, the sun goes away in Sept. and everyday seems gray and dreary until April or May when it returns...so the sun alone is a welcoming sight...lol

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