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  1. It’s not about how many hours that have gone by, instead, it’s about that 1 minute in front of you! Once you get past that minute, go for the next one! set your goals for what you need to achieve… not where you have been. we have all been there and at times seems impossible. But, we are proof it can be done. My strategy was to do things that I could not smoke while doing… I was very clean and well rested after my first week, since in the shower and while I was sleeping it was impossible to smoke, so that’s what I did! Do whatever you need to do to get that next minute, hour, day etc!
  2. Thanks Doreen! 10 years ago I did a thing that I am so proud of! It’s something that I will never regret! I had some pretty special people here help me through the tough times, and in the beginning there were plenty! At some point, everyone mentioned in this thread offered some kind of words or support I was able to grab hold of and get through another day (hour?) none of us were experts, but we were all able to help one another… hopefully the newbies can grasp the help that is being offered and take it a moment at a time until they too get to celebrate their own decade of fresh air! my heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped along the way…. And….Yes, even Bakon!
  3. Wow..Thanks everyone! To be quite honest, I totally forgot! i was outside on this nice sunny (But cool) day getting a head start on getting some Christmas lights up. After a couple dozen trips up and down the ladder, I was getting a bit winded! I jokingly told my wife that it was a good thing I quit smoking, because now it’s just old age and being out of shape that I can blame it on….lol.. SHE reminded me that today was the 10th anniversary of when I quit! she said she saw on Facebook where I had been tagged in a post (from Doreen) congratulating me! (I’m not too active on social media) I didn’t even realize today was the 20th… so…. This is a little lesson for all the newbies here… You CAN believe everyone here when they tell you it get easier…. I smoked almost 40 years before I quit….I did it cold turkey too… I know there are many ways that people have had success with, but I’m an advocate of cold turkey….”just do it!” again…thanks everyone!
  4. I need to introduce our newest little girl… meet JoJo! that’s the name she came with! we consider her a rescue.she came from a breeding program. She is trained VERY well! Except she hasn’t been socialized. Whenever anyone gets near her, she starts shaking and hides behind one of us. we think maybe she was kept in a room with the little ones and never around people. She only had 2 litters but the last one there was 10 in the litter! . she has come a long way and is a very affectionate pup (to us) all she wants to do is sit on a lap and snuggle!
  5. Thanks everyone! I spent all day outside working (in mid 20* temps! ). I did forget that it was my quit date, but a toad hopped onto my Facebook page and reminded me! As always….even though it’s never even a thought anymore…..it’s still 1 day at a time… to all the newbies…listen to all the advise…we have all been where you are. Something will click and your quit will grow!
  6. This is my 9th smoke free October! Still ridding the rails!
  7. Still around sometimes……
  8. Almost Feb. but here trying to stay warm! (-5*F this morning! )
  9. I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We had all the kids together for the first time in 3 years! There is now 24 of us! if I can attach a couple pics, one will be the annual “group photo” and one of our youngest granddaughter and grandson.( Laney and Nolan)
  10. I’m checking in… again! in a few days (4) I will be hitting my 8 year anniversary… couldn’t have done it without the great folks here! Thanks everyone!

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