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    My wife,daughters, and granddaughters....Classic mustangs and other old Fords...golf, and "tinkering" in the garage. And I am also interested in anything my wife wants me to be interested in ;)
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  1. I remember that day in March, many (6) years ago. Action sent me a private message letting me know about this place... I was struggling with my quit, and quite frankly, I don’t think I would have made it out the other side without the help MQ and this train was able to provide! i want to give a shout out to all of the “original” members...teaming together and getting the word out and building what is this is today! I would like to name a few, but there are way to many, and I wouldn’t want to offend anyone That I forget mention! ..... But I do want give a HUGE thank you to MQ and everyone else who help me to a successful quit!! 6 years and 4 months free! happy belated birthday, a Quit Train ( & crew)
  2. And here is a formal introduction to “Nitis” He is my daughters new constant companion... He’s a full blooded Frenchie, and certainly has all the energy that comes with a pup! caution....cuteness overload!
  3. joe

    chicks or sticks

    -12 i might..sleeping at night is kinda spotty...after a couple hours, I get sore, and really don’t like the buzz from the pain killers, so I try to skip them when I can...
  4. joe

    chicks or sticks

    -12 Thanks D coming out was ok....and so far, outside of being sore, everything’s is good... I haven’t found anything I can’t eat yet! And that’s a bonus!
  5. joe

    chicks or sticks

    -12 hey D!... popping in for a bit... Seems my gall bladder got a bit angry with me last week so , I had it out Friday... got to stay down for a bit, and I seem to remember teaching chicks how to count would pass time!
  6. I don’t log on here much, but happen to see the March roll call...soo here I am, sticking my nose in for a brief minute.... happy to see a lot of long timers and some new ones! Train keeps a rollin!
  7. Hi!!! thats all.... seriously.. been extremely busy, both with work and play., and more importantly, still smoke free!! the work part sucks, but... it allows me to play! We were in Florida in March, the Outer Banks in May, and we are headed back to the OBX in 3 weeks. We stayed in Kitty Hawk in May, this time we have a house on Hatteras Island, in Rodanthe... we are just far enough North to be clear of all the flooding caused by Dorian. The farther South you go the more devastation there is. i see a lot of the old familiar faces, and quite a few new ones! i will need to check back in when I have a little more time and report on all the girls (and grandson!) i will also need to read up on how everyone here is doing.. i hope you are all ok and life is treating you good..

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