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    My wife,daughters, and granddaughters....Classic mustangs and other old Fords...golf, and "tinkering" in the garage. And I am also interested in anything my wife wants me to be interested in ;)
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  1. joe

    chicks or sticks

  2. joe

    chicks or sticks

  3. joe

    chicks or sticks

  4. joe

    chicks or sticks

    ONE try counting....
  5. joe

    chicks or sticks

    And.. ONE!...again g'morning QT
  6. joe

    chicks or sticks

  7. joe

    Check in Roll Call and Status check

    Next week (11/20) will mark 5 years! I quit cold turkey because “ it was time” i have had 4 grandchildren since I quit! I retired from my real job, gained 25lbs and decided I was getting to fat and went back to work.... I’m still too fat., maybe i need different job. All 4 daughters, 8 granddaughters, lone grandson and various son-in-laws all doing good. I’m not saving any money since I quit smoking... I’m spending it!! Since I quit I have been to Pompano Beach, twice... Marco Island, Sanibel Island, and Fort Myers Fl.... on top of that we take at least 1 trip a year to the Outer Banks N.C... our 2019 house is reserved for May... talking about a second trip in October. There will be no inheritance for the kids! in 2016 my wife suggested we buy a new Mustang Gt... I really like that woman! 😘 i need to buy a Harley so I can ride to California with Bakon... maybe the wife will read this.. 😂
  8. joe

    sgt.barney is 7 Years smoke free.

    Congrats , Sarge! Certainly leading by example!,
  9. joe

    chicks or sticks

    1 way to go sticks!! (Again!!)
  10. joe

    chicks or sticks

    2 G'moning!
  11. Of course I'm late , Jo (no"E"), but congrats on 11 months and soon to be year! You certainly are one of the good ones! Still moving ( and paying it) forward! Well done!!!
  12. joe

    chicks or sticks

  13. joe

    chicks or sticks

  14. joe

    I Got This (T) is 1 month Smoke Free

    Congrats, "T" I'm watching and happy to see you continue to move forward! you know you got this!

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