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  1. The Goonies Harry Potter movies The Notebook Marvel movies Tombstone Schindler's List Interstellar Black Swan The Big Lebowski The Lion King American Beauty
  2. You have always been one the strongest on here. Don't give in. Times are very difficult right now. Take a step back. See what you've done. Your posts inspire people. Now inspire me.
  3. Congrats! Ya, I hardly even think about it anymore until I am pretty much reminded by a loved one. That's when you know you got this.
  4. I missed this.I log on few and far between. I WILL log on for this girl. CONGRATS DD!! There's someone else here to say, Way to go....
  5. Thanks! I owe it all to..MYSELF!! And hey yenz guys, what's alikebutton?
  6. I eat their bowls wayyyy too much than I'd care to admit. Guess I'm playing with fire. On a side note, I did finally try a Moe's and wasn't that impressed. Feel better and look at the bright side..... You lost even MORE weight to contribute to your Ketogenic diet.
  7. Just went to Kennywood and ate Potato Patch & other very fatty foods (bakon will understand). Thanks for the wishes.
  8. To one of the nicest souls on this planet. (Almost) TOO nice for this very forum. Not many people out there these days, that take such enjoyment looking out for others more than themselves. That does not go unnoticed Doreen. Happy 4 Years you little Tallywacker. I'm right behind you!
  9. Devoted a lot more of my time to my kids instead of finding an excuse to get away and smoke. That and having the "Babe of the Day" thread available for all to enjoy :wub:
  10. .....Then I certainly can't picture you at the DMV.... or on hold with your cable provider.... or waiting for your child as they finish an activity only to be seated next some annoying "Mother-of-the-year" type. Oh well, I'll to just have to wait until someone uploads YouTube's next "World's Angriest Compilation Part 9" and see if you made it in.

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