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  1. G’day NOPE starts my day C
  2. Gday Still cant get on except by borrowing the neigbours laptop. I thinks she is getting shirty with me so if I'm missing I'm running out of Options Chris
  3. G"day NOPE don't smoke no more C
  4. Gday To give you some idea of distance here. It’s 1500 km from Brisbane to Melbourne where Jo lives. Cape York where the cyclone is, 2200 km from Brisbane. Our Hope is that the cyclone will pass though the Cape York to get to sea again in the Gulf of Capentaria where it will gain strength ( and rain) then cross the coast and loss strength and become a “low system” again and head south through western Qld and into nth west NSW. South west Qld didn’t get those flooding rains like the Nth in fact it hasn’t rained there in 8 years. Hard to believe but that’s the reality of living in a country of droughts and flooding rains. C
  5. G’day NOPE starts this day C
  6. Gday ive got my functions back this morning without having to do anything! i will keep the laptop just in case.... but using the laptop has hilighted how much is missing since I started on the forum. Can’t see tickers or set one myself, can’t post pics anymore. Be nice if these functions returned C
  7. G’day NOPE starts this day C
  8. Gday the NZ navy was the last to have it. I’ve had a rum issue on a NZ ship must be 28 years ago. They put 60 mils of rum in your cup and you’ve got to down it in one go in front of the issuing officer. You dare not breath for a while till the fumes dissipate in your throat. It’s bad form to cough and splutter with your issue!
  9. Gday never ran out of beer. 2 cans of beer per man Per day per haps
  10. G’day brought up on vegemite ....still eat it today but I like promite as well. Got stuck away from aust on a ship that ran out of vegemite....
  11. g'day Toast promite smear with advocado and top with a poached egg. breakfast of champions! in fact my breakfast this morning and I wasn't at a trendy coffee joint! C

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