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  1. G’day NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NoPE... yer try doing that on an I/phone
  2. G’day Not One Puff Ever .....NOPE
  3. G’day guess its NOPE again today.... this is becoming a habit
  4. G’day Thats interesting..... electric. I’m looking for a replacement pressure cooker as I’m unable to get the sealing rings and saftey anymore for the pressure cooker I inherited from my Nan. It was a 1948 10 quart Namco from the cook book I got with it. The special sealing rings were made of unvulcanised rubber and they don’t make them anymore. Electric or otherwise I don’t think things change from when my Nan taught me to cook with it. Pressure cookers makes things taste too salty and they kill flavours. So the trick is to salt and pepper, herb and spice at the end not before. They do the best corned beef. The trick being is to soak for an hour before cookin in cold water changing it a couple of times.

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