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  1. Cbdave

    You Quit. You Win.

    Gday The real cost is quite a bit more https://www.news.com.au/national/queensland/cancer-council-calls-for-workplaces-to-ban-smoking/news-story/3b3e76a8dcb37ceff1c7355d47793902 C
  2. Cbdave

    Tuesday 18th September 2018

    Gday NOPE for me C
  3. Cbdave

    Monday 17th September 2018

    Gday NOPE for me
  4. Cbdave

    Monday Double NOPE

    Gday its NOPE for me C
  5. Cbdave

    Sunday. 16th September 2018

    Gday NOPE as well C
  6. Cbdave

    Can't do this.....

    Gday 20 days..,foward then nothing. sorry are you really willing to hand them back? Ive stil got mine no bloody way am I ever going to give those back. Yes even those first days are precious really truely precious My journey is dependent on never giving in.
  7. G'day recon its NOPE again today C
  8. Cbdave

    wellbutrin or chantix

    Gday Yes I quit with Champix. Like others have said it's a tool you have to supply the motivation to remain quit. Not One Puff Ever is me. Im nearly 3 years into rest of life quit....I've gained so much and never miss trying to kill myself with smoking. C
  9. Cbdave

    Thursday 13th September 2018

    Gday NOPE again C
  10. Gday NOPE starts my day C
  11. G'day its NOPE for me C
  12. Gday NOPE for me C
  13. Cbdave

    Sunday 9th September 2018

    Gday NOPE for me too C

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