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  1. G'day all NOPE to start the day C
  2. Gday 3 months after I'd quit I went to a wedding. Very afraid I'd be tempted by old smoking friends. I first started my dayly NOPE in preparation. Well I didn't smoke. And after that wedding 2 old friends gave up smoking. I couldn't be happier C
  3. Cbdave

    Sunday 27th April 2018

    G'day NOPE for me as well C
  4. Cbdave

    Friday 25th May 2018

    Gday NOPE for me C
  5. Cbdave

    Thursday 24th May 2018

    G'day NOPE for today C
  6. Cbdave

    Monday 21 May 2018

    Gday NOPE (my mornings complete) C
  7. Cbdave

    Sunday 20th May 2018

    G'day NOPE C
  8. Cbdave

    Double day

    G'day world NOPE starts this day C
  9. G'day ImI Yes you'll get that and more. It does get better.... and you get to call the shots, not the nicotine. Chris
  10. G'day The thing that most struck me about JWG is that even though he got cancer after he gave away the smokes, he never just gave in and went back and smoked! As a smoker yes I would have said , what tha. And died with a cig in my stupid head. But I'm not! A Smoker! Thanks. JWG. Chris
  11. G'day Not One Puff..... E very min when they come thick and fast. E very hour like they want from you. E very day.... EVER. I get to admit that I'm an addict and I do every day. It's bitter/ sweet. Bitter that I ever did smoke. Never forget that rage! SWEET. It really does get better. chris
  12. Gday hey sorry couldn't wait to use that pic! Seriously... I won $200 on a poker machine in 2001. It's not getting my money so I have not played a machine since, so it can't get it back! I'm a winner! I've tilted the odds in my favour. Same with smoking. I havn't smoked for 2 1/2 years. I deserved every one of those days of freedom. They are mine. YES MINE. I treasure each and every one off those days of that 2 1/2 years and I get to keep them. I Got to pay for each of those 40 years of smoking too! Im not going back. I'm not giving up those precious days. chris

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