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  1. G'day NOPE starts the day C
  2. Cbdave

    Wednesday 18th July 2018

    G'day NOPE from me C
  3. Cbdave

    Nancy is 5 Years Smoke Free

    G'day Nancy thanks for your a star! C
  4. Cbdave

    onthemark is 3 Years Smoke Free

    G'day OTM WoW three years! Congrats doesn't really say it... You deserve this! Well deserved! regards Chris
  5. G'day NOPE for today C
  6. Cbdave

    Sunday 15 July 2018

    G'day NOPE for today C
  7. Cbdave

    Increase Smoking Bans and Regulations

    Gday Read all the comments with interest. It's not just a concept. It's very real and it's the world I live in. And I might add I like it. Ive once lived in a world full of smokers and cig butts and ashtrays and advertising and rooms full of smoke. Gone ...all gone. Smoking isn't excepted anymore. Smokers exsist still , about 12 per cent they say. They say they are a dying breed. Less and less kids are swayed to smoke. The numbers spiral down. This is what this forum is all about in the end. No more smokers. Making itself redundant. C
  8. Gday NOPE for this day C
  9. Gday NOPE starts this day C
  10. Cbdave

    Wednesday 11th July 2018

    Gdaay its NOPE for me C
  11. Cbdave

    Increase Smoking Bans and Regulations

    Gday Would the last smoker please lock the door and leave the key under the door mat.......
  12. Cbdave

    Tuesday 10th July 2018

    Gday NOPE starts my day C
  13. Cbdave

    Monday 9th July 2018

    G'day NOPE

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