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  1. Gday recon its NOPE again today C
  2. Cbdave

    Sunday 18th November 2018 :)

    G'day one foot after the other and don't look back! C
  3. Gday What else for today but NOPE? C
  4. Cbdave

    Johnny5 is 4 Years Smoke Free!!!

    Congratulations.... well deserved chris
  5. G'day NOPE A simple start C
  6. Cbdave

    What are you doing right now

    Gudday Vegemite has a lot of other uses. Black toilet seating favored by government bodies are best. A quick smear of vegemite around the inner edge will leave a black greasy ring on the body of the next user. It is not possible to remove Vegemite from the skin with spit and toilet paper alone. Vegemite was included in army ration packs during WWII. It can in a small tin like a miniature sardine tin. The remaining rations were issued to school cadets during the 60s and 70s. It was always a good lark to throw a can in the fire when someone stood with thier back to the fire. It was also handy to be able to recognize the more senior officers from a distance by the black stains on thier clothing. On an Australian warship the junior officers work towards getting thier " bridge ticket" that enabled them to take over the control of the warship without the watchfully eye of a more senior officer. On their first watch by themselves there would usually be some wag who would smear Vegemite on the black eyepiece of the officer of the watches binoculars. After one use the young officer would have a fairly distinctive "panda eye" and would spend the rest of the watch trying to figure out why no one would look him in the eye! And what was all the laughing about. Foreign visitors are usually horrified to find out of the two most deadly spiders 6 of the most venomous live in Australian. And of the world top 6 most deadly snakes its really only the fourth most deadly the common brown that really kills the most people anyway. You explain to them that Australian have a natural protection in the form of large doses of vitamin B consumed over a lifetime of eating Vegemite. Of course that want to try some , some can eat it most can't. It's easy you explain to them you can get the same benifit by smearing Vegemite on your skin. Makes it easy to find any lost visitors in the bush , the smell of Vegemite travels a long way! Regards daveC
  7. Gday NOPE starts my day C
  8. Gday NOPE starts my day C
  9. Gday NOPE for today.... 100 years today since the end of WW1... wow C
  10. Cbdave

    Why a relapse after so long

    G'day And did you know that first cig tastes like crap. Doesn't give you that lift or anything that you remember. Still you go back to smoking though. Well, I'm awake to that now. I'm not forgetting and get myself robbed again. NOT ONE PUFF EVER C
  11. Gday NOPE for this day C
  12. G'day NOPE for today C

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