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  3. G’day Called them chit chats for as long as I can remember cause of that noise. Little beggars get caught in the screen door when it closes. What is that smell? yep another job for Chris. Seems my lot in life is to dispose of anything dead and the spring loaded screen door closer means a paint scraper is required! I quite like having them around they certainly can clean up some insects attracted by the light on the back verandah. They seam to stick upside down on any surface easily. They are not infallible thought. They have been known to miss their footing when doing the double decker gecko passion tango. The dog used to sleep with one eye open waiting for a passionate pair to drop from the heavens. Happened every now and then but the dog had always fallen asleep by then.....waiting....
  4. Happy Straya Day! And finally our 2020 Australian of the Year....Mr Archie Roach
  5. I really enjoy being on this Quit cold turkey. I've still got my Trebor Extra Strong Mints. I still get craves but I resist against them and fight against them in order to keep my quit.
  6. Regretting my choice of hairdresser...."oops!"...oops indeed.
  7. It's not a song, it's a bit of a documentary but so interesting.
  8. I love the kissy sound geckos make.
  9. Another walrus ate sushi herring munch
  10. oops ! maths has never been my strong suit. Congratulations on your First Month of Freedom ! I have no doubt that you will be celebrating every month and every year in your fabulous nicotine free life. It is the quantum shift in mindset that is a cornerstone in a successful quit. Here is an interesting post about this Perception Shift You are building a strong and sturdy quit. Good on you. Thanks for sharing your quit with us, it is sure to inspire others. Here is another post dealing with mindset that may be helpful to you or others reading. Executive Assistant
  11. Thanks both!! really appreciate the shout out Saz although I must confess its only been a bit over a month (day 35 right now) but I;ll take it you have enough faith that I'll reach 2 months. I'm feeling... strong. The quit feels very different this time around ... I'm genuinely feeling less cravings and even when I do get cravings I can smack them down pretty quickly. I don't even romantise it anymore (which is HUGE) .. I now see the positive thoughts about cigarettes as a terrible door to door salesman trying to sell me back into a worse life and now it just makes me laugh. Honestly I find myself smiling when I get cravings. The shift in mindset has been unbelievable and I have no doubt that quitting with the support from you guys has been a huge part. I'm looking forward to building a stronger quit together with our community.
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  13. I may have and it looks like a rare sunny one. I live on the edge of the park that hosts it but I work alternate weekends so have to catch it when I'm off.
  14. Diggin Deep, Belief in yourself and a firm strong N.O.P.E helped me too. Good job
  15. "Sucking and eventually crunching up Trebor Extra Strong Mints are the reason why my Cold Turkey Quit has been so successful" I used those hard, tiny but powerful liquorice pellets during my first quit to give that hit at the back of throat.
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