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  2. So as my one month comes and goes. I have decided that I did it for a month. I did it by coming here and staying close to the board when I did not trust myself. So I am ready to commit for a year. I figure if I commit to the whole year then I will need to stay near the board. I will still check in daily and pledge my NOPE each an everyday. TODAY however, I pledge to be smoke-free for a year. I pledge to come here when I am having difficult times and even when I am not. I pledge to help others to the best of my ability, because honestly it does help. I pledge to go through emotional, life-changing, best decision ever and I will come here and share all the ups and the downs. I pledge that if I am ever in need I will post and S.O.S. and let this board pull me through, I pledge that for this year I will do everything in my power to beat this addiction. I know with the support of my family, and the support I get here that I can beat this addiction. So guys where's a chair and can someone pass me a cold one as I am hear for the long run...
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  4. NOPE!!! Not today you evil evil demon stick....
  5. Way to go on a 60+ year quit! Amen to that! Maybe there is a small part of you that hangs on to your smoker identity for nostalgia purposes or something.
  6. Hi, Lilley! Good on you for seeking the support that you need! You will quit when you are ready...then again, you might quit even if you're NOT ready, if you force yourself to like you're your own parent putting yourself on smoke arrest haha. Wouldn't it be neat if we could all just be our own parents and forbid ourselves to smoke...just like that! Tell ourselves that our health is our best asset and we must preserve it for as long as we can; that smoking is a dirty trick that was done to us by society, and then we got addicted but now we have to let go of the addiction because it's going to ruin our lives and wreck our health and eat up all our money! Wouldn't it be neat if we could be our own parent and pull ourselves by the ear away from smoking and just be done with it! You will quit when you are ready, or you will make yourself quit even if you're not ready because your lifelong health and fortune are more important than your addiction, and life's too short as it is. Hope to see you back on the train, Lilley!
  7. Welcome aboard .... Insomnia here too....thankfully it's all temporary....soon you will be sleeping better ... Congratulations on your fabulous quit.... Take the time to read all the great information here ,and watch Joel's video,s..... Knowledge is your weapon .... Looking forward to seeing you around ....we have some newbies fright now ...so feel at home ...
  8. Late again ....due to sleep time ... So glad you didn't go buy cigarettes..... You would have been right back where you were before your quit ..............wanting to be smoke free... Guess what ........you are ...your free ...
  9. No hanging baskets....Gunn thinks they are puppy pinyatas ....Pretty much the only thing our heathens leave alone are aggies and geraniums... agapanthas.
  10. Yay!!! Way to go, Mac!!! Keep it going! Smoking is fast becoming a distant memory...
  11. Working...all by myself...well in my department
  12. Great job, Nana20! Congratulations on putting yourself over your addiction! Keep doing it!
  13. I had a little smokers cough that was threatening to get worse...gone!!! My sense of smell is so keen! The scent of fresh cut meadow grass on a warm and sunny day. Still hating those 20 extra pounds though. Well at least I won't be a bag of bones from smoking!
  14. Hi idontsmoke! I would say definitely see a doctor if you are having breathing problems. Congratulations on quitting nicotine and sticking to your quit! The cravings will ease up the longer you don't use nicotine. I am working toward 6 months and have some days where I don't even think about smoking once. But at 3 weeks I had all kinds of cravings! Just stick around, keep posting and reading, and keep renewing your promise to yourself to stay off nicotine. Keep up the great work! You deserve to breathe!
  15. Thank you for sharing your story, C9jane. It's a great reminder of why we quit smoking. I lost my mom to COPD a year and a half ago. It's a gruesome way to go and something I don't want for my future and a huge reason why I finally quit. It's hard to understand how a person can keep smoking through lung disease, cancer, etc, especially with loved ones who care about them or depend on them still in the world. I can only guess that my mom was so depressed without her cigarettes that she just had to smoke, as nothing else successfully alleviated her depression, in her opinion. It doesn't make it better, but it helps with understanding. May we all avoid the disabilities caused by smoking by stopping now and staying quit! Lovely poem. What a heartfelt way to tell your story. Thank you.
  16. jillar

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    False thankfully! TNP called someone long distance this weekend
  17. Wait a minuet! Didn't you forget something?
  18. reciprocity

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    False TNP has had an unintended fire in their house?
  19. Truth be told ........
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