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  2. Great job Darcy! I used the patches because of some anxiety and depression issues I have. I omitted Step 1 and did Step 2 and 3 in less than 2 months I believe. I had to go through withdrawal 3 times because of that. But, I know without a doubt that I would not have survived a cold turkey quit. You are doing an amazing job! KTQ!
  3. Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope all the way!!
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  5. Nicely done Darcy. Glad you are here. Glad I am here too. Seems like everyone has had a heavy Sunday (just cross-referencing with another thread) so your success is a huge celebration for all of us! I've done it both ways: NRT and cold turkey. I found that its hard initially to do the CT quit BUT the relief in being nicotine free is enormous. Just my experience. Blessings to you my dear!
  6. Thank you m mm mm m mmmy ca ca ccapu ter stuttered
  7. @darcy I am happy you are geeting more mobile. When I was young, I was a water baby. I was on the high school swim team. Such a relaxing way to get excersize and give you time to clear your mind, I have found a local pool where I can do lap swimming. I used to swim every week at my inlaws, they have passed now. It is hard to describe to others the peace you find in the water, your body lets go of tension and there is only the movement that makes you graceful, content with every stroke, the freedom to move without pain. You inhale the scent of chlorine, it is like a drug to a true swimmer. If you are lucky the only sound you hear is the light splash of other swimmers gliding thru the water.
  8. @Opah just an fyi you posted the same thing 3 times so I deleted two of them.
  9. Sounds like I could be a Brother from another mother, I would rather Buy the tools than pay. the wife was just explaining to me that it is time to hire people, but as you said I cant stand strangers in my home.
  10. This line of conversation speaks to my truth as well. I do find that when I am open and try different ideas, things do become easier again. Last year at this time I couldn't tie my own shoes and navigating our 4 flights of stairs was becoming challenging. Today, after semi dedicated efforts to a morning stretch routine, I find I easily bend, reach, turn and BALANCE. Truly grateful to have found something that affords me the belief that ageing gracefully is the way of my life. Additionally, I recently began swimming a mile a day, just because it keeps me sane, busy and is really moving meditation for me. Now I have a goal to swim 54 miles, in 1 mile increments. 43 to go. Hoping everyone finds their ways to age gracefully with all the YAYs of life intact.
  11. @Kris I can relate to what your going through!! I'm glad to see you here posting again.Depression can get you down this time of year. I'm glad you have your son to help.Also the grandson to enjoy!!
  12. To @AceWhite.....I Give you this Bicycle Pump ...
  13. @Opah No need to worry, my son does the yard work now, just running behind right now due to a heavy work schedule. He has his own home to do, mine and his his MIL that also was widowed last year. I am sure I can handle the plumbing isssues, just depression is holding me down right now, if I can't get it done I will call the plumber. The truth is I just like to feel I can take care of things. If I can't I can hire help, I just don't like strangers in my home unless necessary and I don't want to pay someone else when I can do it. Yeah, I am stubborn!
  14. Hello QT People, Have been smoke free since Thanksgiving and nicotine free less than 2 hours. Not sure how it is happening, but it is. YAY. The NRT (patches) was not overall helpful for me personally. Yet, here I am not smoking, so who am I to say it didn't work well. I am very very wobbly and feel surprised that I am smoke free. GRATEFUL grateful grateful, yet still surprised. I find that addiction is an interesting and horrible opportunity/experience. I very much admire the people who share here and their different experiences and ideas. I hope to feel as sure and confident and committed to freedom as many people are. Seems so easily obvious to choose the freedom and LIGHTNESS of breathing. Ad yet here we are..... Hope your adventures today bring you closer to living the life of your dreams. nicotine free less than 12 hours
  15. G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min,Hour, Day as required)
  16. Kris you have described a whole lot of us in chilling detail, seems it was only a couple of days ago I was tending to business, had strength and stamina. Then one morning as if a thief in the night came in an stole lively hood and self-esteem. Then our pride holds us back from asking for the assistance we now require and our quality of living starts to decay. I remember my grand parents properties things got bad, restrooms that did not work any more, the yards looking badly and me thinking Grandpa all you needed to do was ask? I went and helped with out having to be asked, returned the unconditional love that I received growing up. So before those restroom become totally non functional or the yard gets in disarray reach out to your loved ones, allow them to return the love and care that you provided them.
  17. Wow @Kris very well said!!! I know exactly what you mean. I have been struggling myself lately. I'm trying to stay positive but some days it very hard. You stay strong we can do this!!!
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