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  2. Hi and welcome .... Come into the introduction thread ,where you will receive a welcome from the members here ... Glad your here ..
  3. Never have I ever said no to a drink...
  4. I've never learnt to Dive ....
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  6. Hey Tina, So glad to have you on here. This is a wonderful place to be, and has come to be more like family for so many of us. You will not have any lack of support here, that's for sure. Quitting smoking will be the best decision you can ever take for yourself. So jump in with both feet, we're here to catch you
  7. grunt Worker with a menial, labour intensive job: "grunt work".
  8. 3 is the lie. I don't think you guys had a motorhome.
  9. ^what a sad deprived life.... Never have I ever kissed a girl
  10. Great work Darcy! The toughest month of all is behind you now and with continued focus, you will achieve your goal of a smoke free future for yourself!
  11. Hoping you can make use of all the people and resources available here to craft your forever quit Quitting is completely within your control and you can't say that about much these days so please use that control for something really beneficial for your future!
  12. Never have I ever seen snow falling
  13. Welcome aboard Suzi and congratulations on deciding to take back your life. This is a really old thread so when you get a chance why don't you introduce yourself to everyone in the Introduction forum https://www.quittrain.com/forum/3-introductions-about-us/ We have a great group here and we love supporting our fellow quitters
  14. May I join you? I'm Suzi and I plan to quit first thing in the morning, 04/10/2020 Maybe I should put a patch on tonight? Kinda scared, but my lungs, sinuses, not to mention pocketbook! Any help would be highly appreciated. God Bless You All
  15. Great post Kate, I remember when you posted about that last year and am so glad that after a few restarts you are on your forever quit
  16. A year ago I had an eye exam and the eye doctor told me that I have early-stage cataracts and glaucoma. She instructed me to absolutely quit smoking. That was April last year. It wasn't until February 21 this year that I got myself to quit for keeps. I'd quit for days or weeks, even a month a couple of times, but it was a struggle and I lapsed. Today I went back to her because I've been feeling pressure in my right eye. She asked about health changes and I was so happy to be able to tell her that I'd finally quit smoking. In spite of the moments of craving occasionally, staying quit feels for-good now. The impetus when I quit on Feb 21st was fear of getting fatal pneumonia with the virus, but saving my eyesight is another big incentive to stay quit. So many reasons to quit and stay quit.
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