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  2. This catchy video was banned from MTV. Not certain why as the lyrics are hardly explicit.
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  4. With me the brain fog lasted I would say a couple of weeks and was still there a little for a week or so after that. I have heard people say it could be that your blood-sugar level is lower than when you smoked and that drinking fruit juice can help boost your leves. Not sure if that actually works or not. General crankiness and having a short fuse was probably the longest lasting symptom for me. That lasted off and on for a good 6 months I would say. Now, that wasn't constant or all the time but it did show itself from time to time. I think that was just me being impatient with the whole adjusting to being a non-smoker process. That symptom can vary hugely based on what your personality is to begin with I think. Many say "embrace the suck"and "focus on the positives" which is very true in reality but not everyone is able to do that. It does help though to step back from time to time, take a few deep breaths and think about the big picture - your end goal of having a healthier life and one free from being a slave to your addiction. Those are pretty big prizes so it''s no wonder there's some ugliness involved. Keep going and congrats one your 1st week! There's the worst one done and in the bin!
  5. @Joe7, oops, ..lol...I never read directions!! Just jumped in started posting...sorry all!
  6. DizzyD, Congrats on getting through Hell Week! I found the 1st day, 1st week and 1st month to be the most torturous! As the days add up all the craziness starts to fade away....where's your ticker?
  7. Hi DizzyD, When I quit cold turkey several years ago, I thought the first month was pretty difficult. After that, things started to slowly get better. After one month, I still had temper tantrums and mental meltdowns once in a while, but the general everyday grumpiness was gone. It took me a while to learn how to deal with my emotions as a non-smoker. Things could improve quicker for you, we're all unique. Hang in there! Regarding brain fog, I didn't have that problem. I actually felt like the fog lifted when I quit. Mona
  8. Hello dizzyd, by your post I think you've still got your sense of humor, at least some of it Everything you're experiencing is normal at your stage of quit but the good news is that it's all temporary. As far as the brain fog, I found eating sweets helped with that. For me it lasted almost a month I'd say. My grumpiness lasted a bit longer and I think it was honestly around the six month mark that I started feeling better. It's important to remember that we are all so different in our quits so time lines for me won't necessarily be the same for you. I also quit more because I had to and not because I wanted to so that makes a huge difference in how your quit goes too. I think you're doing awesome, congratulations on being done with hell week. That's the hardest week of all!
  9. If found please return ASAP. Greatly missed by owner and family. Free to any home : Brain Fog and General Grumpiness So how long did it take for you to feel “normal” again? I know it’s not a quick fix and varies but would be interesting to know. TIA
  10. jillar

    Phrase Connect Game

    I'll head over there now..
  11. Oh go on then, just while I’m here I’ll throw in a NOPE
  12. Oh Doreen! I just reloaded the site on my phone and got FULL SIGHT of those jiggly porky butt cheeks! I can’t unsee that now, my poor eyes!!
  13. This ^ you guys made my freakin’ day with this!! I’m almost bouncing in my seat...I can’t even remember why Boo brought him out in the first place now but I do so love to see him. Too funny
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  15. ^^Roz, you may have skipped a few letters????? Crapstone, England
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