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  2. The junkie mind ...boggling !!!! We actually thought killing ourselves slowly was a Reward ....for when ever we did anything ... Quitting was to me ,like a toddler ,learning to do things for the first time ....without my pacifier.... Try some regular gum ..it keeps your mouth and your brain busy ...soon the new will become the Norm ..
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  4. thanks all Could just try the drugs mentioned up top or see an ENT doc and maybe a pulmonary doc or all of the above what's to lose? other issue is whenever I sit down at computer OR finish a signifiant task I think "it's pipe/caffeine time" to deal with this am trying drinks with serious distinctive flavor (lemonade, cranberry juice) and eating peanuts why peanuts? pipe smoking is serious hand work, fill tamp light tamp relight scrape bowl etc and peanuts is hand work, crack in the right direction, fish out the nuts, get all the parts in your mouth without dropping any, clean up the mess, etc probably will request some peanuts in my coffin will report on the doc outcomes in due time
  5. 10. Brush off home plate Your fingernails
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  7. G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min,Hour, Day as required)
  8. Welcome @engravosaurus and congratulations on 4 months smoke free. I did not have this issue but you did the right thing in seeing a doctor. As several members above posted, there can be some odd side effects when you first quit but you are doing a great thing in quitting smoking. Your overall health improves greatly once you put the cigarettes away for good. Keep up the great work with your quit.
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