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  3. You have quit smoking but your brain is having trouble accepting that fact. It is like the final stage of grieving, you will feel better when you know that you are done with cigarettes. The day this happens will be like magic. You must keep going. Read on the forum to help you get a better understanding of the process of freeing yourself from nicotine addiction.
  4. Hello , It’s been almost 7 months since I quit . At first I felt like a new man ! Now , 7 months latter , every day gets worse and worse . I smoked for over 30 years at least a pack a day sometimes 2 , as the years went by I started noticing the negative effects smoking was having on me , but after I quit my breathing is much worse, but more importantly is the emptiness I feel , it’s like I have a hole in my soul and nothing can fix it . Coffee and food help a tiny bit , but I really just want to go back to smoking , I felt so much better emotionally. Of course ther
  5. Mmmmm mustard. Seed. Love to cook with it.
  6. Congratulations @bakon on 8 years free!!! Wow...8 is great! All that improved health and the $ you 've been able to spend on other goodies, too. Yooohooo!! Do you also sometimes forget that u used to smoke?
  7. Thank you @Doreensfree . I'm so sorry about your husband. Luckily you at least saved yourself in the end. Unbelievable, how high the cost of this addiction is, to individuals, entire families, communities and societies. It's too bad we can't recognize that truth as a society and make it much more difficult for anyone to profit from the sale of tobacco and nicotine products.
  8. Smoking has lost me the life I should have had ...instead of the life it gave me .... My Hubby and me both smoked ..so the cost was unthinkable...we both smoked over Fifty years ... The amount of money would be enormous..... Paying for the privilege to ruin our health .... Watching someone suffer for approx 15 years fighting for every breath with Emphysema....watching them slowly lose the ability to even go the bathroom unaided ... wash...needing 24hour care ... In and out of hospitals ...phumonia never too far away .. While this was happening I was warned by my d
  9. Horney Toad has got out of bed early ,to start your big day off... 8 Years is Mega !!!!! Try and do something good today ...in all the madness of the world ... Call in here now and again to stir things up .... Your fat backside is missed .....by some ...lol.... Well done ....
  10. Nope nope nopity nope nope an just in case ya missed the memo....
  11. Just push them How does autocorrect know which word needs correcting?
  12. 5- use to gain emergency entrance into a house or car
  13. Probably The T and the E word off on my keyboard so how do I know which is which?
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