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  2. Phoebe2 is 4 years smoke free today!!!

    Congratulations on your 4 years smoke free, Phoebe!! Miss you!
  3. Game *The answer is a question*

    Have you only used the drive thru @barry?
  4. Hey Ya'll trying again.

    It's not about luck, rustycolts. It's all about You and what You want. Around 80 hours ago you chose to confront your nicotine addiction. More power to you. Learn all you can, again, about nicotine addiction. This site has great resources, use them to your advantage. We're here to cheer you on and wildly celebrate your daily, hourly, weekly, monthly, yearly...milestones. I spent Katrina at home, left after 13 days when things were got even more weird. Watching Irma was horrifying, it just hung there for days, like a river, like a waterfall of GOM . Glad you are here.
  5. Game *The answer is a question*

    Do you think its we only go their for brekkie?
  6. Ice Hockey ... Need some splaining please

    Toronto Bruins 0 all after the 1st... I think a dickhead in a van just picked my team for me.... Andersen's earning his bickies in goals tonight too.
  7. Game *The answer is a question*

    does it count if I haven’t stepped foot in a McD’s in over a decade? Maybe 2?
  8. Yesterday
  9. What are you all reading ??????

    I love reading cookbooks. Elizabeth David, of course, and like an Oxford Dictionary for the caboose, Larousse Gastronomique, in my kitchen, on my Hoosier Cabinet (that has seen better days) with a handy, dandy, old ladies magnifying glass. It brings me great comfort and also inspiration.
  10. The Last 3 Letters Game

    I urge magnesium
  11. My quit must be sadder than i thought.

    Going on a card for me wallet...
  12. Hey Ya'll trying again.

    Thanks,I actually looked for the old board but could not find it?I am pretty much a hurricane vet having lived in Fl all my life.I absolutely will not use that as an excuse again.After I know my pets and house are ok its a hotel for us somewhere there is power.Sure am glad I found this board.
  13. chicks or sticks

  14. Hey Ya'll trying again.

    I'm getting confused with all the support groups but .... isn't that a good thing? The more support we have the better! I don;t care what the group name is only that everyone is supporting our common goal - stopping our participation in this deadly addiction! Welcome aboard the Quit Train Rusty! Stay active here - it will help you more than you may think
  15. There are no words. And Canada, really, everyone loves Canada... In my thoughts and prayers, those families affected, the first responders, Toronto and Canada. When will this shit stop.
  16. chicks or sticks

  17. chicks or sticks

  18. 1 to 20,000 in pictures

  19. So sad, what is wrong with these assholes who are killing innocent people?!
  20. chicks or sticks

  21. Hey Ya'll trying again.

    Hi rustycolts! Welcome!! Congratulations on your quit! Harvey & Irma were nightmares. Maria too. (I live in the Southeast). Hurricane season is fast approaching--go ahead and write up a "No-Relapse Plan" & pack it up with your extra batteries & hurricane supplies!! Glad you found your way here. The QSMB forum is no more- a lot of us jumped on the Quit Train & are grateful for the hospitality & support here!
  22. chicks or sticks

  23. chicks or sticks

  24. chicks or sticks

  25. chicks or sticks

  26. chicks or sticks

  27. Senseless. My thoughts are with those affected.
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