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  2. Spaghetti ............. and meatballs!
  3. Consider getting a ticker going, for me it really is amazing to see how many cigs I am not smoking. Sure could have run the numbers easy enough, but it is very rewarding to view while on the train. All the best, post early and often.
  4. Thanks overcome! For your support on the last post as well.
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  6. That is awesome @11better11 very happy for you!
  7. Gus

    I did it

    @11better11 8 days smoke free is awesome! I remember a couple of posts you made earlier. I’m happy that you’re doing so well! I hope that you stick around some. If not, just remember that we are here to help if you need it! Keep us updated.
  8. Bahahaha - looks like a umbrella stampede!
  9. No more rank smoke stench. No more hiding. No more shame. Ofc I am happy Thank you so much!
  10. 8 days smoke free is a huge deal. The early days smoke free are huge accomplishments and I am glad you are happy about it @11better11 Stick around and participate when you feel you need to. You are doing awesome!
  11. I do remember seeing a few posts by you. I'm glad not only that you're still quit but that you're also 'happy' about it. That's really important, a positive attitude! Stick around if you're so inclined or at least check in when you need to. Lots of knowledge & support here and it's all free
  12. Yeah. One minute you're just relaxing on the beach and the next you're defending yourself against a beach umbrella attack
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hey guys, do you remember me? I posted a while ago. Never thought I could do this, but here I am 8 days free. I am happy. Thank you all who commented on my earlier post and believed in me.
  15. I have caught countless umbrellas flying down the beach, happens all the time. First I have heard of anyone being killed though.
  16. Wow!!!!.... One of those freaky accidents ,geez it must have been windy to blow it with enough force ... Poor woman ...just lying there soaking up the sun ...
  17. Thinking maybe I'll stop going to the beach. Of all the ways I ever thought I might die, this ain't one of 'em https://globalnews.ca/news/9055639/woman-dies-impaled-beach-umbrella-south-carolina/
  18. G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min,Hour, Day as required)
  19. Aww Linda .... Life can throw out some crap sometimes .... I had a punching pillow ...maybe you could try this too....Boy did I feel good watching it fly through the air . And you won't get arrested ... Music .... Singing along to your favourite tunes ...the louder the better ...this also got me through some rough days . Your tool box is not totally empty ....you have us ..the board ...play some numbers ...we sure could do with them ...
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