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  2. You better be enjoying that. It goes by so fast.
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  4. I put up the sign to stay in compliance with OSHA rules...and to brag a bit.
  5. One day at a time.....watch them add up! Set up your ticker!!
  6. Oh Lord! There IS beets and pineapple on those burgers Who'd have thunk eh?
  7. Sazerac

    chicks or sticks

    -8 I think I going to invest in a little hand crop. My hand is a little tender today from the slap slap slap.
  8. Watching my kid pick his nose and answering 80 "why" questions.
  9. Leanna


    Confession: My boyfriend isn't home, so my kid and I are breaking all the rules. Like eating pizza on the couch.
  10. Marmite is way inferior to Vegemite, it tastes different and gross....only 4-6month old babies and foreigners should ever spread it thin....in our house we eat it from the jar! Have you not heard of an Aussie Burger? Both Macca's and Hungry Jack's (burger king) have versions on their menus down here... ^issues with the above...pineapple should be grilled too....onion should be fried...piss orf the bbq sauce and use tomato sauce (ketchups much nicer Aussie cousin). Your welcome! Oh and any fella who loves his missus and cares about her tastebuds...the rumour about pineapple...it's true!
  11. I eat nothing with the word "Mite" in it!
  12. Yes .!!!....and report back to me ...
  13. Doreensfree

    chicks or sticks

    -7...getting desperate are we ...
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