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  2. @MichelleDoesntSmokeAnymore um yep the poms probably need extra power to allow for the kettle surge..I know Melbourne allows for power surges at home time for the kettles, aircons/heating Being turned on around the same time. Did you know the water/sewerage people also allow for the 6pm get home dunny rush? Confession: I love that due to our equal saturation of UK and US tv shows I get most ofya slang/terms and take pleasure in how many of mine seem like another language to the lottaya.
  3. Stay strong Michelle ..how about a nice new book go read. To pass the time good reward ...
  4. Michelle I find it worrisome that you keep saying you can't smoke because you don't have the money or transportation to get cigarettes. Sometime soon you will have the opportunity to get some. That's when it's going to come down to your commitment not to smoke. Please work on strengthening your resolution. That, not money or a ride to the store, is what will prevent you from lighting up. You can do this. It just comes down to getting your mind in the right place.
  5. G’day NOPE... Not One Puff Ever
  6. Today
  7. You are so awesome MLMR. It is so exciting to think we are almost one year quit. It truly is behind us and we are finally living life free. Your journey will help so many others.
  8. I love your motivation also Michelle. Keep telling yourself all those things. The rewards in quitting are immense. I do think you should treat yourself a little though. There must be something you like to do that you don't always leave time for. Now is the time to pamper yourself.
  9. Stay strong Michelle, you got this!
  10. Love your motivation section -- awesome and will give you help in the future-- Keep strong and soon you will be able to fill that "something" feeling. (and yes I had the same feelings)!!!
  11. I keep getting the feeling that "Something's missing" or that I want something. Not necessarily a smoke or a vape but.....something. But theres nothing to get or have. I could go back on the sweets but I really don't want to and besides there aren't any sweets in the house. My sister and brother in law don't have sweets in the house. Yargh. I've got my ice water, gum, toothpaste and mouthwash. Motivation: My dear Michelle You have abused and neglected your body for your entire life thus far. Its time to take care of yourself. Every time you resist reaching for that smoke, vape or unhealthy food, you are doing right by yourself and you should be grateful and proud. Smoking and/or vaping and/or eating junk food will only make you feel worse and set back your healthy lifestyle committment more. Remember how you get such a carb crash after eating sweets, how it makes you feel bad about yourself etc. Remember how you want to research things that will help your skin look more youthful, like Loris. Even if you can't erase the smoker's lines, you can halt them. Think about that friend of yours who's face looks like a roadmap. That is your future if you return to smoking. Don't be a fat old lady in a wheelchair on oxygen, still smoking and overeating. NOW IS THE TIME while you still have a chance. So if you don't think of your health, think of your appearence and the quality of life you are setting yourself up for. I love you, Michelle
  12. Michelle, count with me, back from 10 to 0.... here we go: 10.... 9.... 8.... 7..... 6..... 5..... 4.... 3... 2.... 1..... 0! -edit- I actually checked if I wrote the numbers in the right order
  13. I think deep breaths of oxygen are the best reward and always available. Cool glasses of water. I also turned my smokey thoughts around and found something beautiful to look at. It could be a leaf, a cloud, a color, I studied the beauty. or a listen to a piece of music, Sit down and listen intently, yay headphones. Read a passage in a favorite book, a favorite poem. I ate a lot of satsumas as a treat. Take a luxurious nap in clean sheets. A pampering bath or a long, long shower. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure. All these things are mostly free and sugar free too. Other rewards came after one week/ one month etc. I bought a tree, can't remember when....6 months. Had a stash of ducats saved up. I put the cost of a pack in a big mason jar every day. That was inspiring and paid for little and big rewards.
  14. Yeah, completion of month 11. Thanks so much Reci ofcourse and others. I bought a little book today, as my quit reward. 'The anxiety cure'. Its based on the principles of neuroplasticity. Though I must admit some parts seem a bit simple and just too good to be true, I am going to try the exercizes the author provides in the book. I like the idea of more rewiring. I think quitting smoking is all about taking responsibility. The further I get in this proces, the more I realise how unnecessary complicated I often make things in my life. Admitted, its not the most joyfull discovery yet. It means I got to start looking at myself with compassion, humor but above all decisiveness... to do things according to what I know now. I just cant keep living life like I did. Wow shit, it's true. Like.... ahhhhhh! I bet my new book will tell me that its actually an amazing discovery and one that I can start working on right about ... now. So without further ado ... this woman will be doing some homework tonight, to once and for all be done with shittypitty anxiety! Thanks all for who you are and sharing your wonderful personal views on quitting and life with me
  15. Good idea @Sazerac IDK what to reward myself with though. My favorite reward is something sweet but I'm on a no sugar diet because losing weight is an emergency for me due to my knee injury and impending surgery. What suggestions do you guys have for a reward? I can't just go take a walk, and I don't want to get in the shower multiple times a day. Any suggestions appreciated
  16. out comes a satellite picture of a rainstorm I put in 3 frogs and a grain of rice
  17. Michelle, every crave you push through, you become stronger. Bring that monster down in size. He is only as big as you allow him to be.
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