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  2. Wee fluffy me

    ##New game## ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    A ladyboy bug..😁 How can you tell the difference between a daddy long legs and a Jenny long legs ?
  3. Wee fluffy me

    chicks or sticks

    12 So have you got a wee treat planned for yourself..??
  4. Wee fluffy me

    Linked Words Game

    ^^^ same here and only calls we got were from sales or scammers or Sky with fantastic offers if we came back.. So I unplugged it.. haha😉 Pocket rocket
  5. Tammy

    chicks or sticks

    13 Thank you my friends, it is indeed amazing. Thank you
  6. Wee fluffy me

    Not In My Living Room A-Z

    Darker cream carpet
  7. Wee fluffy me

    chicks or sticks

    14 Ooopppss it was worth a try..😉 Mornin Slippy😘
  8. Wee fluffy me

    Word Association Game

  9. WeegieWoman

    Not In My Living Room A-Z

    Cream carpet
  10. WeegieWoman

    Tammy is 2 Months Smoke Free!

    Well done Tammy! Two months is brilliant!
  11. Sslip

    Change A Letter Game

  12. Sslip

    chicks or sticks

    Fluffy 14 15 Morning all 😘 and not to forget the huge congratulations due to Tammy!
  13. Wee fluffy me

    Tammy is 2 Months Smoke Free!

    Whoop whoop Tammy... Congrats on 2 fantastic months smoke free. Hope you have a fantastic treat planned cos you deserve it 😁
  14. Sslip

    Tammy is 2 Months Smoke Free!

    Wow Tammy that is awesome. Great work on having 2 months in the bag now! Great to have you here and long may it continue.
  15. Wee fluffy me

    chicks or sticks

    13 Good morning Tammy and what a mornin it is.. whoop whoop to you on being 2 month smoke free 😁😘
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  17. Hope2Nope

    Monday 20th August 2018

  18. notsmokinjo

    Tammy is 2 Months Smoke Free!

    Congratulations @Tammy for being smoke free for 2 months!! Well done Tammy!!!! What a great quit you have started. You have worked so well to protect and grow it. its also great to see you so active around the boards and thank you for al the support you offer everyone else. It really is our pleasure to be sharing this journey with you. So rewards are important. Make sure you do something to celebrate today and definately do something to spoil yourself because you certainly deserve it.
  19. CAquitter

    Change A Letter Game

  20. G67

    chicks or sticks

  21. Jetblack

    Really feeling like I can't do this.

    three days, three weeks, and three months are times when craves tend to hit hardest. These are the hardest tests of one's willpower. But now before you go worrying about the three month mark, just when you get there (and until then), try to avoid any and all temptation to smoke. I never had the three week battle for some reason but three months - I was scrap booking some old magazines which are chock full of tobacco ads. For you - You are right at the three week mark. Yeah it will take a couple days for the nicobitch to shut her trap but then the craves will tone down to a low roar again. Junk food? Hell yeah! When I quit, I was obsessed with food. You probably won;t gain nearly the weight you are imagining. Maybe five pounds, maybe. Look, the nicobitch (voice in your head telling you to smoke) is throwing a shit fit right now. Cussing, demanding, throwing things, acting like a spoiled small child. So then, tell her to go back to hell and starve some more. You won't believe this but one day the "negotiations" with her will be more like this - Nicobitch - "Linda, you know, I was wondering if maybe, if it is ok..." Linda - "Go fcuk yourself" And the crave will go away. It won't have the energy, due to starvation, to fight or have tantrums. We have had several people who come in, have quit for several days or a few weeks and then just give up, go back to smoking, and vanish. Do not be one of them. REFUSE to give in to craves. It is hard at times but you cannot give in.
  22. Linda Thomas

    Monday 20th August 2018

  23. Tammy

    chicks or sticks

    14 Morning all
  24. Tammy

    Kermit is 7 Months Smoke Free!!

    Congratulations Kermit, amazing effort. Kudos on a great quilt.
  25. Linda Thomas

    Quitting is a journey, not an event

    Great video. Thanks for sharing. Important part of quitting is changing behaviors. Adding this one to my arsenal of weapons to keep me on this journey.
  26. Neither. They are connect the dots What is a male ladybug called?
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