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    Tornadoes in the past where I live we're not often mentioned although there were many smaller tornadoes . One tore through our farm when I was young uprooting trees , another on the way home to my dads funeral tossed cars in the ditch far away from the main highway and must have just missed us as we only saw the aftermath . We had a huge one here in the city many years ago now where many people died. The anniversary marks what is called Black Friday now . My husbands work was demolished soon after he dismissed the workers to go home . It was so rare in these parts everyone was unprepared but came together to save as many lives as possible . With technology and the times , things have changed , we are always getting weather watches on our phones now and across the waves by t.v. Radio etc. Many of the tornadoes develop into nothing but still it's always better be sky watching and cautious and beware of the alerts . Learn the safest places in your home , have a plan to reach out to family etc . I won't ever forget the big one that got my city . I can't emagine living in a place where they are of a frequent concern . Linda , I think you posted this last night , hope all is ok now and it never developed . Stay safe .
  3. Thanks for sharing this . It is awesome to hear from those especially with milestones like yours. I do hope you will drop by with with continued updates or stay too , but sounds like you are enjoying you new smoke free life , so you go girl and enjoy.
  4. Boo


    The temperature here had already reached 90 degrees at 11:30 a.m. Then a co-worker says to me: "It's supposed to get really hot by the end of the week." Tennessee is home, but I here Alaska is nice this time of year.
  5. That's awesome Amy, Congratulations! Thanks for checking it
  6. Boo

    My milestone!

    Good job Amy. Congratulations.
  7. Today
  8. Bingo. You captured the essence of addiction with that one sentence. You're doing great Steven. Good job.
  9. Am I surprised ? Not really . Smoking has a grip on especially the elderly and the youth We are responsible for our own Quits . In the country I live most places are banned from smoking although they are talking about bringing cigar lounges back . I am at that age where l have been looking at that next stage in life . I've also been looking for others who I know are also reaching that time as well . One is still a smoker who has parkinsons . I'm sure they think smoking is helping their illness but in fact is it doing quite the opposite ? I found they seem much more calm and less shaky when they have my pet beside them . Pets are gifts to the sick it seems . Anyway as I mentioned I've been looking while I'm still able to at what and where my next stage of life will be .mI was quite surprised to see some old folks homes still allow indoor smoking . It rather shocked me honestly . Why is smoking allowed ? I thought most places now banned smoking . Does end of life make a difference . The one particular place I just loved , it felt like home it was new , clean , neat , simple , friendly , ample parking , medical amenities , hair and foot care , green house , excersise rooms , theatre , music rooms , craft rooms and all the amenities within that worked well for me, even a bus to take you to events outside of the city . I thought perfect , then I read they have a smoking room and then I read they also have an out door smoking enclosure and sadness washed over me . Now I had to look at pros and cons in a different way . Will smoking there bother me , affect my quit . Will the fact there is smoking there be addictions way back into my life . Is my quit strong enough at ten years . Will I now be comfortable there . Smoking allowed there never changed my mind however about the wonderful people that seemed to be there but is smoking something I want to be around ? Yes No? The answer is flat out no . Fire is my concern as well . My sil is a fireman and the stories of apartment fires set by improperly disposed of cigarettes is frightening . I thought of my friend . What an opportunity for them as a smoker but then I thought of them and I want them around for a lot longer . Will quitting change the diagnosis they have , no it won't but it will make them proud they quit and healthier no matter what and it will help the family not worry that this elderly person may fall asleep with a cigarette in hand . I remember as a smoker how I smoked even more when others ( non smokers ) and family pressured or suggested I quit smoking ... I would immediatly reach for a cigarette . If we are going to quit for good I know I had to make the decision . I am wondering and making some inquiries if smoking cessation classes are taken to these places would it spark interest for these elderly people to quit together ? Hmmm .. As I said I can't just not move on . It is my desire and passion to help others who think they can't quit find their strength . I'd love to hear your responses . Is smoking allowed in seniors homes where you live ? P.S. In the past as a smoker I would have snapped up that place instantly . Not cared about my kids or anyone else . Smoking is a very selfish addiction .
  10. Naturally super efficient
  11. Have a good day everyone . Great day planned , and smoking is not part of the plan . Dismiss it , keep it , Entertain it , trouble .
  12. Does Mr. Rogers have a background in horticulture?
  13. Congratulations Amy, what a wonderful update!!!
  14. Did you mean Mr Rogers or the bushes?
  15. Totally offensive response
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