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NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever....
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It's a type of linament... like deep heat or tiger balm...except yes it's made from the fat of emus....so not vegan, at all....but it's Bush medicine, bit of a cure all, wound treatment, eczema, scars, joint pain....etc....
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Those of us, who are old enough, remember exactly what we were doing, when we heard a plane had hit the first tower. We were glued to the T.V., for the rest of the day. It is still a very vivid memory. I’m sure we smokers had a few extra cigarettes on that awful day. I lived in NJ, at the time. New Yorkers were leaving the city, in droves, crossing into NJ, to escape the carnage. Many of the people who worked in the towers were from NJ. A nurse I worked with lost her brother. He was a civilian, who worked in one of the towers. I had friends, who lived in NYC, who could see the towers falling. How traumatic that must have been. I tried to volunteer to help, but was told I wouldn’t be needed. Needless to say, it was a day none of us will ever forget. It led to my son-in-law, Tony,  deciding to enlist in the Army.  He would be killed in action on March 4, 2010., in Afghanistan, another day I’ll never forget. Let us all pause for a few moments, today, to reflect on what happened, 20 years ago, today, and pray that we never experience a similar tragedy. Also,  please pray for the souls lost on that day, and their families. Thanks for listening.
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Well kids it's time to cast your votes we've narrowed the list to 3.....Polls are anonymous, but as usual, but feel free to chat about t your choice or even campaign below.
Now, if you wanna know what's winning you either have to wait till polls close OR cast your vote....help pick the winner...or even just read the comments....most of us will tell you what we pick and why.
So while voting is not compulsory and enforced with fines like it is in the great land down under...it is highly encouraged...cos it's fun.
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