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  1. Welcome Robbie, I am also newly quit as of 2/18/21. I suffer from bipolar depression and I take medication for it. I dealt with things a long time by smoking, but the older I get, the more health problems I have due to smoking for so many years. Hang in there as it gets better over time. I still get feelings of sadness out of nowhere some days, but I know smoking will not fix them and it will only make it worse. I have been walking more lately and drinking more water. We are glad to have you here. Stick close as there is lots of supportive people around the train.
  2. Congratulations Linda, you're doing great!
  3. Sorry to hear that, Jeff. I hope you decide to come back soon because you are worth it.
  4. You don't want to smoke, Linda. Take it from me. I would've had 6 months by now if I hadn't of relapsed. It will taste terrible and you'll feel worse than you do now. Please try to keep your quit. Things get better I will tell you that.

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