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  1. 5 houses down the road (and back) X 3 today...might fit a 4th round in today
  2. Glad you jumped back on the train PeachFuzz and successfully made it through what sounds a challenging day! You got this!!
  3. Day 17... Normally I would of bought a carton of cigs today. Today instead I bought Omega 3 supplements. I would like to say there were not a couple days of extreme anxiety on and off through the day (I hate this anxiety...I hate feeling like I so fragile and on the verge of tears) .....but there were. I keep hanging in because I believe it will get better and today has been an ok day (I will take it)
  4. I hear you Gus. The emotions seems to lay just right there at the surface. It is beyond nerve wracking to feel like that. I keep going for short walks. Am sure my neighbors think I have flipped my mind, each time I burst out the door for a short walk lol...You got this! I hope a good night of sleep will help you wake refreshed to a new day!
  5. Thank you Abby. Side note I will eventually figure out how to properly use these boards I concentrating on the safe and sane thing right now. I could not of quit had I not found this place. For me this place has been a Godsend. The educational side of it. The experience of so many who have and are going through this, Absolutely invaluable to my quit and sanity! I have been able to borrow on that strength, courage and knowledge. I needed a place where I could say out loud....I not well and want to be. I going to be a life member here. To hold onto this and keep it. Today's good news for me was
  6. Bump.... because I want more to join the train, to find freedom and encouragement! P.S. I bookmark all these so I can come back to them
  7. I walked 4 houses down (and back lol) X3 Saturday and today. I had to force myself to start doing this. I am glad I did. It has helped my mind set and anxiety greatly.
  8. Day 14 I feeling pretty good. It felt really good to go out to eat with family and not be "the smoker" who had to go out after the meal and light one up or light one before going in....or the second I got home....it felt really good to be a non-smoker today! I am glad I quit. I not going to make it sound like it has been easy. It has not and I know....I going to have to keep putting the work in. I know there will be bad days but today I am glad I am 2 weeks out from quitting and that I did it. Today it felt good to be a non-smoker!
  9. Oh I love the check in diagram!
  10. You are right Gus. Everyone sharing their journey and struggles here helps someone else to realize they not alone in this. I am thankful for each sharing here. It encourages me. You got this Gus! You do.
  11. I walked 4 houses down the street and back (I feel the back important lol) Going to sit on the front bench and get some sunshine too

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