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  1. Hey Jo, Glad you're home and surgery was successful. Enjoy the resting up for a few days.
  2. Mending happening.... Glad you are tended to. Love and light.
  3. Hello Fabulous Quit Train People, Have been quite busy with navigating guests in my home who do not share beliefs around covid concerns. Glad to have (sort of, not really...) found a way to be okay with sharing close space and being with the people I hold deeply dear. More urgent smokey thoughts in the last few days than I have experienced in awhile. Just acknowledging the thought, announcing "I don't smoke", and moving on to the next activity. Still surprised when I spend any time thinking about it...that I am a nonsmoker. Still wondering...am I solid enough to change my patterns when the worst storms hit? Deeply enjoying gardening and learning to play pinochle. Made the BEST lemon cookies ever last week. Have been visiting the fledging owls (2) daily for more than a week. So beautiful. Grateful for my health and the health of those I love. Grateful to have resources and abundance of interesting and fulfilling opportunities. Grateful that at this juncture I do not spend much brain power or time on smoking. Hoping you are finding your way joyfully on the train. Reach out, post and share - struggling or easy street. People here will support your quit. You got this. I got this! 38 year smoker....2 months plus smoke free!
  4. nope!...glad we are all here!
  5. acceptance makes easy
  6. darcy

    4 May

    Thought about smoking, in a non-urgent barely considering it a smokey thought, for the first time today about 5 minutes ago. I am amazed, grateful, proud? (ooo, don't say that, not pride....), still hesitant to have faith and LIVING smoke free none the less. Had someone told me 2 months ago that I would have this experience in the next two moths I would have negated their reality with no hesitation. Denied the possibility with every fiber of my self knowing. Hardly ever have I been this grateful to have been potentially wrong. I am a nonsmoker. Feel like there needs to be some shoring up , some preparing for some unknown future where I will want to smoke and will give my power away, again. Really want to keep this quit for the rest of this life. I think about the things I have read on this site. The crave or smokey thought only has the power we give it. ~ this is s tough one for me... NOPE ~ this is an easy one for me. I am an addict. Nicotine is a drug. Lighting up is the choice of addiction and killing myself one breath at a time. Meanwhile, I am enjoying spring. Looking forward to my mom coming back from Arizona and concerned about her traveling. Still need to make a plan for dentist. Been utilizing vitamin I (what we call ibuprofen in our house) way more than I want to...and grateful for the management of pain. Playing around with gardening and painting and exercising....play is good for my brain and spirits. Hoping as things evolve in the next few seasons there will be work for me (I part time teach, but not in permanent position) doing something fun and creative. Hoping if you are reading this you are having a day filled with smiles and wonder. and until the next blog entry....here is a creative choreography gif
  7. darcy

    2 May - Celebrating Freedom

    planning...more like outlining a plan. caffeine is really 2-4 cups, 8oz cups, of coffee in the morning (heavily laden with cream and sugar), so more than I'd like , but many miles from the 6 Monsters a day I drank 10 years ago. You could say I have weaned over a decade...lol. and the sugar... I have been trying t be aware of how much I consume, just so I actually know....seems I randomly binge and have dessert everyday. The dessert thing started 10 years ago....used to be occasional desert, now daily. Currently, I am trying to be excited about my success in ceasing nicotine. My screwed up internal dialogue snidely comments, "so what , you still are weighing in at extremely unhealthy numbers, so why bother with one , if you're not going to fix (choose healthy) for all." My actual self realizes that progress is progress and loving myself as I am IS the HEALTHIEST choice and path I can possibly take. Your continued support and connection is deeply appreciated.
  8. Feeling much lighter of heart and head the last few days. Grateful to be able to ride out the emotional downs without being a slave to nicotine addiction. Yipee! Close call sometimes. For the most part I don't think much about smoking at all. When the urge hits to smoke it is either light and easy to bat away, or all consuming and demanding action. Through whatever grace I am free of nicotine (38 ish years a slave...no more) and trucking on. Not saying there are not other things that need tending and healing, and very grateful for the relative ease of releasing this addiction I no longer need. Enjoying the spring dazzle of greens. Enjoying walks with the cat and seeing, seemingly, right before my eyes the leafing out of the trees. No kidding...we walk our mile loop and the trees we pass on the return appear to have even more leaves. Delightful. Hoping to get a person powered boat on the water this weekend. Pretty windy at the moment. Not sure what to look forward to these days. Staying grateful for: the amazing life I am leading relationships that evolve and remain and nourish and sustain...and ones that seem stuck, so I can have the opportunity to show up with compassion, love and hope me and the things I learn, choose and give my marvelous man...a rare gift from a one of my dearest friends...in weird way laughter and long standing jokes with people who share my bents health of those I hold dear because they thrive in place, me, too BEing Free from nicotine ... coming soon to my body and brain... FREEDOM from sugar and caffine ART - am really loving the Getty Museum stay at home challenge ...just search for images of Getty museum challenge, jut squirreled up that clicking tree for a few minutes and am laughing out loud my phone....it is how I am connected to people I love and their voices...so nice to hear hope because I believe things change and there is ever more wellness and wonderfulness flowing Rolling along....

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