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  1. woke feeling like a smoker and is stocking with me. more work. more food. more looping thinking. as long as I do not put anything in my mouth and light it on fire....things are great, right? many folks may have noticed I have volumes and volumes of issues..... all of them competing to collapse my hope. I just keep plodding along getting tired of not being able to remain hopeful. whine, whinge, whine....
  2. This line of conversation speaks to my truth as well. I do find that when I am open and try different ideas, things do become easier again. Last year at this time I couldn't tie my own shoes and navigating our 4 flights of stairs was becoming challenging. Today, after semi dedicated efforts to a morning stretch routine, I find I easily bend, reach, turn and BALANCE. Truly grateful to have found something that affords me the belief that ageing gracefully is the way of my life. Additionally, I recently began swimming a mile a day, just because it keeps me sane, busy and is really moving meditation for me. Now I have a goal to swim 54 miles, in 1 mile increments. 43 to go. Hoping everyone finds their ways to age gracefully with all the YAYs of life intact.
  3. Hello QT People, Have been smoke free since Thanksgiving and nicotine free less than 2 hours. Not sure how it is happening, but it is. YAY. The NRT (patches) was not overall helpful for me personally. Yet, here I am not smoking, so who am I to say it didn't work well. I am very very wobbly and feel surprised that I am smoke free. GRATEFUL grateful grateful, yet still surprised. I find that addiction is an interesting and horrible opportunity/experience. I very much admire the people who share here and their different experiences and ideas. I hope to feel as sure and confident and committed to freedom as many people are. Seems so easily obvious to choose the freedom and LIGHTNESS of breathing. Ad yet here we are..... Hope your adventures today bring you closer to living the life of your dreams. nicotine free less than 12 hours
  4. glad you made it. walking walking walking
  5. detachment. observation. giving and holding of power. intention. desire.truth. when the kindest thing I can do is remove myself and sleep. auto correct tried to insert love myself. but attached me insisted on remove. many great insight and information here.
  6. thanks everyone for the support. I am seated. though at this moment , despite having just left the doctor for covid test and to the pharmacist to treat for bronchitis, I am wrestling with myself not to get a pack. over 48 hours of semi freedom (using patches for a few days) at this juncture. hacking painfully and having this beyond insane loop in my head. sitting tight. so tight I might turn into a diamond. oooo..sparkly....
  7. found it and deleted it. without rising frustration. yahoo for small things. or not....sigh
  8. Hello QT People, I am struggling and have avoided using this train out of guilt and shame. Ridiculousness upon ridiculousness. Please advise how to delete my ticker. My frustration level with figuring out how to do it is sad , would be funny, if I wasn't trying to accomplish saving my life. I will choose to go without a ticker until I have 30 days-ish- grateful the ticker will back date. I just want to feel comfortable Being "here" and can't spend head space in what I gave away. I wouldn't even allow myself to lurk and read. Such is the level of my wobbliness in my ability and willingness. Looking forward to catching the train. Hoping I find my way aboard. Welcome and yahoo to everyone aboard. Please remain seated as catching the rain again can be a mental and emotional battle. Pretty simple in practice. Do not put anything in your mouth and light it on fire. No matter what. What is it I am telling myself these killers are doing for me? benefits 0%= deficits 100% thanks for all this site provides for all who are able and wiling to utilize it.
  9. Yahoo....way to go on a month of freedom.
  10. Hello People, bunnies, dogs, cats, too Just saying aloud, I am struggling. Keeping busy helps. It is when I am tired and/or down mentally or emotionally that there is only a thin veneer of NOPE. Grateful to be quit. Having trouble shaking the belief I had prior to picking up again. The one that said," This is your sticky quit. I don't have another come back in me." Anyway, thanks for hearing my struggle. Hoping your day brings many opportunities for belly laughing and sharing with those you hold dear.

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