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  1. nope....so grateful to be FREE
  2. Hello Folks, It's been awhile since I stopped by. I am feeling wacky and grateful these days. I had a serious lapse of reason last month sometime. Bought a pack of cigarettes and smoked one. One of those wildly effed up moments when it makes sense to just make things worse. Turns out I don't smoke. It was awful and I smoked less than half the cigarette. Gratefully, my husband had already tossed the pack. Have not thought much about it since. Wondering if I will hold on to my freedom in the future. Building a solid quit takes commitment to nope. Maybe
  3. Glad you have 6 years free! Here's to a lifetime of Freedom Thanks for all you give Johnny 5. Your contributions help many QT riders! Bravo!
  4. Hello Shezi! Welcome aboard. Ever so glad you have six plus weeks off cigarettes! That is an amazing accomplishment. You spent 30 YEARS in active addiction. Referring to the above statement.... I am a bit over 6 months smoke free after 37 years of slavery and hardly ever think about it anymore. You are making a massive change. It may feel like you miss it, yet I am certain the benefits of remaining smoke free FAR exceed whatever you perceive you are missing. You got this, even when it feels wobbly. The train is a wonderful place for support, laughter and community. So
  5. Hello Quit Train Riders, Just a momentary pause to say I am still on the train. Over 6 months, $2K dollars and 3k cigarettes away from slavery. Sailing through the highs and lows with very few thoughts of smoking at all. Had a momentary major desire for a smoke earlier today and just looked at it and wondered, what the heck is this? Oral surgery went....safely. Am deeply grateful for: acres and acres to roam in glorious autumn opportunities to work the gift of health - for myself and so many I hold dear, and you dear reader! relati
  6. thanks Mona. that is funny .... Will need to ponder the possibilities.
  7. Glad to read your entry. ...your energy and manner of showing up sing to my heart, thanks for sharing.
  8. Hello jpassmore. Welcome to Quit Train. I look forward to sharing your success. I, too, tried cutting down. I went from a pack a day to half a pack and NRT for too long to recall. I DO NOT recommend this. I am now 5 months plus into my FREEDOM from nicotine and really have to laugh because all that rigamaroll in my head (smoking and patches, too hard to just quit, I have failed before, yada yada yada) was just more junkie lies and thinking form the addict brain. Seriously, I am wildly glad that you have found this site and are beginning your journey to FREEDOM. G

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