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  1. 30 days today. Acknowledging the milestones. RAWR Have been grateful to not consider my demise with every breath or drag....so many breaths or drags not reek and not plan how not to reek wake slowly not avoid kissing my guy because I reek manage my time around smoking spend money on cigarettes be nicotine free
  2. darcy

    8 April

    Here I am. Experiencing one of the less than optimistic periods. Hoping it is short lived. Having a "channel 19" (read no news today) break. Will likely NEED to attend to my tooth concern with professional care. Grateful for the blood flow, grateful for tools to provide oral care. My dentist in the previous state had hoped I would get 5 yeas out of this tooth. Coming up on 2.5, so hey, a good run for a former smoker. Concerned as I had put off finding a dentist in this new state (while getting hooked up to new insurance) and now will be looking for care during these covid-19 times. Grateful in advance for finding the perfect dentist at the perfect time. Had a wild few moments earlier today where my addiction roared and drove me. Luckily it drove me into the woods with the cat vs into the car to the store. Really could've gone either way. It passed. Commitment to myself nope life nope hope nope really don't care for how that reads.... could be true. commitment to writing something here daily-ish talking to my mom daily caring for my cats ongoing sometimes it just seems so heavy, and i feel so used up....or never was....or never learned.....and hindsight is great, and sadness for what was~is wraps around the heart and squeezes like a constrictor... Any way...will end this vomiting of ick and dance
  3. darcy

    7 April

    Another day on the train. Woo Hoo! Sometimes I remember I don't smoke and am surprised. Still getting the occasional expected and occasional unexpected craving. Barely, evening NOPEing myself. Just moving along to the next thought. What a gift!!! Been feeling untethered and a decided lack of purpose ... I'm sure many are finding their way with similar feelings. So scared for so many people. Desire for information and understanding... don't think either are forthcoming. Have decided if I am smoke free, living actively, connecting as best I can with those I love and offering an ear and eye ... I am living with purpose. Have a sense social distancing will be going on for most of this year.... and take much longer to find a new operating normal for many areas of society. Sure hope I learn something and am aware of it. Be safe people. BE BOLD in LOVING on your peeps. Offer endless gratitude to those putting themselves in harms way.
  4. Hey AK47, Being a recent smoking quit myself, I am finding it useful to cultivate a few healthy skills to use when I used to use the smoking. I smoked for every event ...stress, celebration, relaxation, concentration...all lies. Considering your assessment of your situation... I hope you find wonderful ways to meet stress. I use this board to post or play games when I am stressed...distraction really. And I am not smoking!! Deep Breathing. Calling a friend. Kicking a ball against a wall. What seems like something you could try? Healthy eating passion! Hurray... do you cook? I am on an oatmeal kick lately that is delightful! Glad you are here. Do read lots of the resource materials and watch the videos. Addiction is addiction...whether you have a pack a day habit or a 3 cigarettes a day habit.
  5. Favorite are roasted. Just pop them in a 400 oven for an hour. cool slightly, skins will slither right off. Eat warm or cold. Beet and fennel salad is wonderful....cooked beets and raw fennel with a hard boiled egg, if you have one. And beet shake - a couple of ice cube sized pieces of frozen spinach, half of one of the raw beets you had diced, 10-12 dates, 1/4 cup of cocoa powder. Throw it all in blender add a cup of kombucha (if you have it) and fill the rest of the blender with whatever milky liquid you like (I use almond or coconut milk, but any kind will do). this is like a chocolate shake. Reciprocity - so glad you have come by. Yay for you and the happiness you bring. thank you.
  6. NOPE....hoping reci is really doing that sailing.
  7. Hello AK47, Way to go 6 days free from smoking slavery. Way to break free! How has it been going this week? What delightful foods are you enjoying? Glad you made your way here. Looking forward to riding the quit train with you. Welcome.
  8. darcy

    6 April

    I am trying to write at least a bit each day. Several folks have suggested that sharing my quit journey can be useful for others. Not sure I have anything worth sharing. I am/have not been a person of eternal optimism. I do have passion and temerity when it comes to new things, learning and ways to heal. I find most people are uncomfortable speaking of or listening to things that are intense, morose and/or painful, that can often be defined by the term trauma. I have found that I (and many fabulous people I have encountered along the way) have developed an array of skills/tools that have allow us to cope/survive vs. thrive....or both. Wow, life is complex. Smoking was one of my longest standing skills, serving a situation and life that no longer exists in present tense. Yes, believe it or not sometimes addiction is a tool or skill (not at all romancing here, at least I hope not).... for me, just fact, sad and true. Good riddance to the tools/skills that do not enhance the best life possible. HELLO gorgeous smoke free life....a much more delicious skill/tool for the life of my most cherished dreams. Grateful to have outsmarted this addiction Grateful to be wary and wise to the ways of complacency Grateful to have the people, resources and lightness QT offers Grateful to be smoke free Grateful for my health and the health of those I hold dear Grateful so many people are willing to provide the services they provide to help, to heal, to comfort, to feed, to sustain in this swarm of covid-19 Grateful to have a brain in my head to think for myself Grateful to be aware when I behave like sheeple and to use above mentioned brain Grateful to have a beautiful woodland on waterfront to roam and observe spring doing it's thing Grateful to have people I love and to be loved in return....in ways that feel deeply loving. Grateful to have found the correct foot pattern for the waltz and to be practicing it (read dancing) daily
  9. dear helmthermit, Congratulations! Sailing along in your new found freedom....15 days, hurray Glad you have found guidance, inspiration, information and support from the folks on QT... for your new life of freedom. A non-smoker. May each day of your life be easier and more wonderous than the one before. Glad to have a seat with you on this train.
  10. Hello iwantone, Glad you're here. Giant round of applause for your 41 days. My experience, so far, has not included the breathlessness feelings you are having. Sounds like many folks have given useful information, I'll just say again....welcome! Glad you're reaching out with questions. Keep your quit. Amazing the things that make us think we want to smoke. Breathlessness ... smoking will never improve that situation....or any situation. Deep breathing...what a gift. Glad you are finding them calming and useful.

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