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  1. beazel

    Thursday 17th May 2018

  2. beazel

    Haiku Thursday

    Guess what I still do On Thursdays I write Haiku It's my new habit
  3. Thinking about you today my dear friend. Happy Mother's Day :) xoxo

    1. beazel


      Thank you Jilly! Thinking of your Mom, hope recovery is going well.

    2. jillar


      Beazel! Thank you, this was a very special Mother's Day for us. Very thankful she's with us still xoxo

  4. beazel

    Octain is 4 Months Quit Today!!

    Congratulations Octain on 4 months!
  5. beazel

    Post a Song you Like

    "our song" on my 42nd anniversary - May 5th 1976
  6. beazel

    The Question Game

    Woodstock What foreign language would you love to be able to speak? (that you don't already know)
  7. beazel

    A-Z Occupations Game

  8. beazel

    This or That game

    Bazooka Roller skates or Roller Blades?
  9. beazel

    ZYX Fictional Characters + Pictures

  10. beazel

    A-Z of Splendiferous Words

  11. beazel

    Make A Sentence from 5 Letters

    A single KitKat elevated weight GETUP
  12. beazel

    True or False

    false TNP blushes easily
  13. beazel

    Famous Name Game

    Debbie Gibson
  14. beazel

    A - Z Words Ending with a Vowel


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