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  1. Hi Weegie! Glad you are back and committed to quit.
  2. beazel


    You are doing this to better your life, it takes time to get there. This is a nasty addiction. The timing doesn't feel right? It may never feel right....we are addicts and that junkie has a loud voice in our brain. Educating yourself by reading here will help you to rewire your brain. So much great info here! Commit to your quit...take smoking off the table. Post often. We understand. You can do it.
  3. Oh, I love the sound The leaves crunch as I walk by Soon trees will be bare
  4. I know a rabbit Quit smoking six years ago She's a friend to all
  5. Congratulations Jillar You are a rock star to so many - thank you for the passion you possess to help others on their quit journey Love ya
  6. So happy you got through. It's a big deal when you conquer those really tough times! There's not a thing wrong with you, beating an addiction like this can be difficult - easy to quit fighting, but showing your true inner strength by not giving up.
  7. Not here often....but I'm here today....
  8. Congratulations on 6 MONTHS!! That's fantastic!!
  9. So happy to read this Kdad! One day at a time!! KTQ
  10. Yes, I agree - Great Post!! Good job on 17 days free - be proud!! Stick around, post often and continue to read read read. KTQ
  11. Hi nicotine_free I just went back and read some of your first posts. You used the word committed and commitment a lot. That's what it takes....commit to the quit! You can do it. I know going back and reading my own words helped me, try it. You already said that work is a big trigger, boy I know how true that is. I'm assuming you can't quit your job, so.....you need a plan to get you through your work day. Try some different things until something clicks. Keep in your mind to get through today, just today. One day at a time. Pull up that strength for just today. You smoked for 42 years. That's a long time, so to rewire your brain will require some work. It's doable. Commit.

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