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  1. 10 MONTHS....wow!! Congratulations!!!
  2. Great job Kris !!!! 7 MONTHS is fantastic!!!
  3. That's fantastic!!!! Congrats to you both!!!
  4. My sister told me the other day that cigarettes are $83 a carton in our area. Don't know why that shocked me.....but, it did. Cost was a big determining factor in my sticky quit, so I felt thankful that I went for it and quit. You find strength from within yourself that you never knew you had, so whatever your reasons are - please believe in yourself. Commit to the quit. This wonderful group of quitters is proof. We have done it. You CAN do it.
  5. Congratulations on 1 MONTH free!!! Awesome!!
  6. Congratulations on 1 YEAR! Awesome!
  7. Congratulations on 8 MONTHS!! You are doing fabulous!!!
  8. Congratulations on 7 MONTHS!! That's fantastic! Get well soon!!!!
  9. beazel

    smoke free

    Great job! Congratulations
  10. Congratulations on 11 MONTHS!! That's fantastic!!
  11. Great job Cweb! One day at a time..... Stay close, post often, and read read read. Education about the addiction was my greatest tool. The support of an online forum was exactly what I needed (believe it or not I formed some great friendships with people I will never meet)

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