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  1. My "go to" for that first thing in the morning cigarette - The night before, (every night) I planned a small chore (and it was something small, roughly 5 - 10 minutes) When I got out of bed, I brushed my teeth, then did the preplanned chore. It worked for me. Thinking about the quit makes it harder to start. Honestly...just do it. It's up and down, yup it's hard, but you know that going in. You will find lots of tools along the way, but if you don't start you'll never use them. Jump in. You can do it!
  2. I see lots of long term quits of people whom I remember from the early days of my quit,...... Congratulations! To all the newbies, whether you are brand new to your quit or you have already crossed many milestones.......... 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, a holiday, an anniversary, that 1st cigarette of the day, the one before bed, after eating, a stressful situation, an excuse that you powered through.....whatever it may be....I hope that you are proud.....i hope that you are so excited about the strength that you possess...I hope you know what a rock star you are for committing to your quit and making it a top priority. The only way over it is through it.....you are doing it. Congratulations!!! I may not visit the board often, but I do think of the folks here (and my former board) that were such a huge part of my success. When people ask how I finally achieved my sticky quit, I always talk about how this online group educated me and supported me. Absolutely picked me up, held me up and never gave up on me. CONGRATULATIONS TO ONE AND ALL
  3. Warm weather is here Though we still could get some snow Just enjoy the day
  4. nope (my 5th birthday SMOKE FREE)
  5. You are not a loser by any means. You are an addict. You are tough as nails or you wouldn't be here. Many of us with severe anxiety issues have successfully quit. Don't think of tomorrow or next week, that can be too overwhelming. Life hands us some pretty tough stuff at times, and we can get through them without cigarettes. It's true. Take it a day at a time, post often, read lots and lots, watch the videos. Post an SOS if you need to, it really does work!!!!!! You are doing great.
  6. My life is a book I write the pages daily Final chapter near
  7. Driving in my car was a tough spot for me on my quit journey. I didn't smoke in my house, but I did smoke in my car so I immediately lit up when I got in the car. I started off with Blow Pops (which worked great), but, I was diagnosed with diabetes 8 months into my quit, so I had to come up with another plan. I love to sing in the car and I remembered that singing while smoking burnt the crap out of my throat so I burned a CD with 3 songs on it - 1. American Pie 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. Bohemian Rhapsody. So I would sing. Honestly, American Pie was normally all it took to get me past any massive craves, but there were the rare occasions I needed to sing longer so I was prepared. **I'm an old lady so these songs may not be relevant to some (any long songs will do)** Having a plan for different situations is very helpful. For newbies and those still struggling - You can do it - You will find strength you never knew you had, so dig deep - stay committed - Smoking Is Not An Option No Matter What Everyone here understands. Reach out. Talk about how you are doing - even on those bad days. Especially on those bad days! How are you doing? What are some of your plans that are working for you? KTQ
  8. Hi Weegie! Glad you are back and committed to quit.
  9. beazel


    You are doing this to better your life, it takes time to get there. This is a nasty addiction. The timing doesn't feel right? It may never feel right....we are addicts and that junkie has a loud voice in our brain. Educating yourself by reading here will help you to rewire your brain. So much great info here! Commit to your quit...take smoking off the table. Post often. We understand. You can do it.
  10. Oh, I love the sound The leaves crunch as I walk by Soon trees will be bare
  11. I know a rabbit Quit smoking six years ago She's a friend to all

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